Upcoming Feature Changes - Q1 2022

Here at Ghost Inspector, we’re continually rolling out changes that we think make our customer's lives better. Occasionally that means undoing some bit of logic we created or allowed in the past in order to move the product in a direction that makes it more powerful for everyone. We have a couple of changes coming next month that we think are going to be helpful to our customers, but they do change how some logic currently works.

Quality is Everyone's Responsibility

My grandmother used to say, ‘There’s more than one way to bake a cake.’ It’s a softer version of the more famous idiom involving feline taxidermy, but for our purposes, it’s a better metaphor. You can bake a cake without some of the key ingredients like sugar or eggs and it is still technically a cake. It just won’t taste as good as my grandmother’s cake did.

Episode 10: Quality Is Everyone's Responsibility

In this new series from Sauce Labs, Marcus Merrell addresses ten things he wishes CIOs and CTOs understood about testing. In episode ten, Marcus wraps up the series by reiterating why we test in the first place, to instill digital confidence...and who is responsible for delivering that quality user experience? Everyone. Come along on this ten-episode journey to learn some best practices while Marcus dispels some myths about the testing space.