Deliver pixel-perfect apps with Kobiton's test automation Steps

Kobiton is a mobile experience platform making your mobile apps work better everywhere: it lets you run your tests on a flexible and high-performing real device cloud, and based on your preferences and security requirements, they offer an on-premise solution too. Let’s see what you can achieve by implementing their Steps in your Bitrise Workflow!

A Better Approach to Controlling Modern Data Cloud Costs

As anyone running modern data applications in the cloud knows, costs can mushroom out of control very quickly and easily. Getting these costs under control is really all about not spending more than you have to. Unfortunately, the common approach to managing these expenses—which looks at things only at an aggregated infrastructure level—helps control only about 5% of your cloud spend.

Open Source API Gateway Roundup

API-first companies rely on a broad suite of services to build their APIs and generate value for their customers. Multiple teams may develop APIs using different technologies. Through processes and tools, you want those APIs to be consistent with your API consumers (whether internal or external). One tool companies employ to bring multiple APIs together is an API gateway.

TurinTech's evoML reduces AI's carbon emissions by 50% with multi-objective optimisation

TurinTech, the UK company which empowers businesses to build efficient and scalable AI by automating the whole data science lifecycle, has announced its greener AI platform- evoML- which reduces AI's carbon emissions by 50%.

Redshift vs BigQuery

Choosing the right data warehouse is a critical component of your general data and analytic business needs. One of the biggest questions that businesses ask when choosing their data warehouse providers is this: Should you use Snowflake, Amazon RedShift, or Google's BigQuery data warehouse for your business needs? We've already covered Amazon RedShift vs. Snowflake and Google BigQuery vs. Snowflake, but what about Amazon RedShift vs. Google BigQuery?

7 Common Cloud Integration Challenges

When it comes to cloud data integration there are many benefits. However, although there are many benefits of cloud data integration for your company, it also comes with its own set of challenges. In the business world of today, cloud technologies have become increasingly more important in the evolving business and IT landscapes. Cloud technologies are used more and more because of the convenience, performance and cost-effectiveness they provide to companies compared to on-premises solutions.