Chaos Engineering

Embracing Failure With Gremlin Chaos Engineering

In this episode of Kongcast, I spoke with Jason Yee, director of advocacy at Gremlin, about the concept of chaos engineering, why even the best engineers can’t control everything, and tools and tactics to help build app resiliency. Check out the transcript and video from our conversation below, and be sure to subscribe to get email alerts for the latest new episodes.

Chaos testing with k6, Prometheus, and Grafana (Schrödinger's Pokémon)

In this presentation, Nicole van der Hoeven talks about what chaos engineering is, what it has to do with testing, and how to run chaos experiments and load tests in the same script, using k6. She also talks about how to set up Grafana and Prometheus for observability during chaos testing.

How to get started with chaos engineering (k6 Office Hours)

Chaos engineering and performance testing ultimately have the same goal: improving software reliability. But chaos engineering hasn't really been picked up by many testers yet. Nicole shares her experiences in running her first chaos experiments using k6 and New Relic. k6 Office Hours is a weekly livestream hosted by Nicole van der Hoeven and Simon Aronsson to talk about performance and reliability testing, best practices, and all things k6.