WebSockets Tutorial: Going Real-time with Node and React

Everyone seems to be making chat apps these days, but messaging apps are merely the tip of the iceberg. Consider this for a moment, within the real-time domain, there are a plethora of different things you can create. We'll start with some fundamental concepts and work our way up to see how to go real-time with Node and React in the following post. By the end of this article, you will have created a very simple real-time application. That will be a lengthy post!

Ably + React Hooks NPM package now out

Whether React is your favorite JavaScript framework or not, it is the most commonly used web framework. If you're building single-page apps, high fidelity frontends, or even in some cases static sites, there's a high chance that you're using React to do it. In the past it was sometimes difficult to decide on the best place to put code from libraries, such as ably-js, which can cause re-renders, and which have their own state management.

Design Systems - A Storybook & React Tutorial

In this latest frontend trend of using JavaScript frameworks (e.g. React and Vue) to split out sections of our code into components, design systems have a fantastic role to play. A design system can be thought of as a cookbook. Each recipe has a picture of the meal (or in our case, a living, interactive example of the component), an ingredients list (maybe sub-components that live within parent components), and finally the instructions (how to implement and tweak with props).

Rollbar SDKs: Using Rollbar in React

Introducing the new Rollbar for React JS Library! This new version of the Rollbar SDK features a declarative API to support the latest React API capabilities and allow greater flexibility in customizing Rollbar's behavior. This video introduces the new library's main features with an accompanying setup demo to show how to add the library to your React apps.

Build interactive analytics in your React App with ThoughtSpot Everywhere

ThoughtSpot has revolutionized access to analytics for business users through search and AI. In addition to being a general purpose analytics tool that allows unprecedented access to business users, product builders can now use ThoughtSpot to deliver search-based analytics to customers. Today, we are launching a brand new SDK that allows you to embed ThoughtSpot into your own web app in literally minutes.

React Hooks Common Mistakes

React Hooks is a new addition to React which enables you to use state and other features of the library without having to create a class. By ‘hooking into’ React’s existing features, you can significantly reduce the number of concepts you have to grapple with, and you can create custom hooks to share all kinds of non-visual logic, making your code much more reusable.