Product announcement: Say hello to the new and improved Storage UI

Keboola’s Storage UI now comes with a new - slicker - look which will improve the user experience for all Keboola veterans. (New to Keboola? Do not fear. Simply follow along with the guided tour when you sign up for free, and you can unlock all the new features after June 2nd).

Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out Storage: Tips to Consider

In the Data Age 2025 report, worldwide data is expected to grow 61% to 175 zettabytes by 2025. The enterprise sector, in particular, generates more than 30% each year. To be ready for a digital future, consider the scaling strategy of data infrastructure beforehand. Scale-up and scale-out are the main ways to add capacity to your infrastructure.

Transparent Hierarchical Storage Management with Apache Kudu and Impala

When picking a storage option for an application it is common to pick a single storage option which has the most applicable features to your use case. For mutability and real-time analytics workloads you may want to use Apache Kudu, but for massive scalability at a low cost you may want to use HDFS. For that reason, there is a need for a solution that allows you to leverage the best features of multiple storage options.