Simplifying automatic code signing on Bitrise

We are simplifying code signing on Bitrise. Now there are two ways to automate code signing on Bitrise: using Xcode Build/Archive Steps (with iOS Auto Provision Steps merged into them) and not using these Steps, but 'Manage iOS Code Signing' instead. In both cases, we've reduced the number of things that could go wrong. Let's see what has changed!

Getting Started with CI/CD and Continual

While CI/CD is synonymous with modern software development best practices, today’s machine learning (ML) practitioners still lack similar tools and workflows for operating the ML development lifecycle on a level on par with software engineers. For background, follow a brief history of transformational CI/CD concepts and how they’re missing from today’s ML development lifecycle.

Thundra Foresight's CircleCI Plugin for Seamless Test Monitoring and Debugging

Today we are announcing the CircleCI Orb for Thundra Foresight and the integration between two products. Thundra Foresight is a test monitoring tool that gives the ability to watch your tests closely. If you're new to the CI/CD world, you can think of an orb as a reusable workflow that can be used with a single line of configuration. A lot of products use this capability to give their users ease of integration in their CI runs. For Thundra Foresight, giving this option to our users was a must.

Meet Thundra Foresight V2: Your CI Pipeline & Test Observability Tool!

As continuous integration (CI) becomes the standard practice for software development life cycles, observability into CI pipelines is evolving into an indispensable step to monitor modern applications. With its products, Thundra provides critical visibility into your organization’s CI/CD workflows, both for production and pre-production. Thundra offers a wide selection of debugging tools to debug Kubernetes, serverless, and on-prem workloads, from tests to customer-facing applications.