2021 Recap: Too Fast Too Productive!

Our motto is “Observability for all!”. This has multiple meanings. We provide observability products for all the phases of the software development life cycle from development to post production. And we believe that observability is a basic need so we provide our products and services forever for free up to a pretty generous level of usage.

Coding Java Applications the Serverless Way

Serverless Java applications use modern cloud computing to let developers focus on business logic rather than infrastructure. In a serverless environment, the infrastructure provider takes care of scaling, runtimes, resource management, security and other specifics. Concerns such as number of instances to run and which OS to use are managed by Function as a Service (FaaS) platforms, allowing developers to focus on application code.

How requests flow from the Edge to the Core and through our Service Mesh

Here at Koyeb, we're kind of crazy about providing the fastest way to deploy applications globally. As you might already know, we're building a serverless platform exactly for this purpose. We recently wrote about how the Koyeb Serverless Engine runs microVMs to host your Services but we skipped a big subject: Global Networking. Global Networking is a big way of saying "How are my requests processed?".

Database-driven realtime architectures: building a serverless and editable chat app - Part 2

Hello again! Welcome to Part 2 of this article series where we go through database-driven architectures by understanding the nitty gritties of a chat app where you can edit messages. Here's the Part 1 of this article series, if you missed it: Database-driven realtime architectures: building a serverless and editable chat app - Part 1 Check out the editable chat app or explore the project on GitHub.

Database-driven realtime architectures: building a serverless and editable chat app - Part 1

Database-driven realtime architectures are becoming more and more common as evidenced by key backers and widespread use of software like Firebase and Supabase. The two key priorities for an app following database-driven realtime messaging are long-term storage and change data capture (CDC) updates from the database. In this two part article series, we’ll take a detailed look at a fully serverless chat app where you can edit previously published messages.

Why you need to build globally distributed applications

Today's users of web and mobile applications and services expect fast and outstanding experiences. Delivering successful web services and applications means meeting these baseline expectations: In this blog post, we dive into why these three goals are vital to modern web applications and services. Then, we will look at how building global and distributed architectures achieve these goals.