Vue.js and Node.js tutorial: a realtime collaboration app hosted in Azure Static Web Apps

This post describes how I built a realtime collaboration app that scrum teams can use for planning poker. Planning poker, also known as Scrum poker, is a gamified technique for estimating the size of user stories. This helps in deciding how many stories can be put into a sprint. Usually story points in the Fibonacci scale is used as a metric, but T-shirt sizing, like small, medium, and large, is also used.

Securing your Applications in Node.js - Part 2/3

If you haven’t checked out the first part of Securing your Applications in Node.js, click here. This is a 3-part blog series on Node.js. This article aims to establish a Node.js security roadmap by addressing security challenges comprehensively and consistently for large infrastructures. Let’s begin! 🚀

Express vs. Hapi: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Express and Hapi are frameworks based on Node.js, an open-source server environment that runs on various platforms, using JavaScript as the language of choice. Since both frameworks are Nodejs-based and popularly used for web and mobile application development, let’s compare them and see which is more suitable for your needs as a developer.

Multi-Thread in Node.js: What are Worker Threads?

Node.js is a free, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment, while single-threaded in nature, executes asynchronous code using several threads in the background. Because of its design, Node.js has received a lot of flak. It seems unusual that Node.js doesn't have direct access to threads when compared to programming languages like Java, C, or Python. The worker_thread module in Node.js 11 allows us to launch many threads on a single core.

What's new in npm 8?

I know, right? NPM 8 was released just a couple of months ago and you’re looking for a blog post that summarizes all the changes and new stuff in the new version because you want to be ahead of the curve or simply don’t want your app to crash when upgrading. You googled but nothing relevant appeared; only a document from Github blog that refers to this issue on the NPM organization.

Happy #26 Anniversary JavaScript!

On the 26th anniversary of JavaScript, it's hard to fully measure the impact of this "open-source, cross-platform language for enterprise networks and the internet." It has transformed the landscape of computing by becoming the top language in development. Its community has grown significantly and taken a vital role in the evolution and, of course, support of JavaScript. It's a tremendous achievement!

7 Ways to Improve Node.js Performance at Scale

Performance is one of the most important aspects of web application development. A fast application will make its users, developers, and business stakeholders happy, while a slow one is sure to frustrate all three parties. In this article, we will consider some practices that you should adopt to scale your Node.js servers. Your servers will then be able to handle high traffic workloads without a degraded user experience.