UE5 Update: How Top Studios Manage Unreal Upgrades With Perforce Streams

Unreal Engine 5 is coming. Well, it is already here! Leading studios are making the switch. This means upgrading their toolsets, retesting their codebase, and figuring out how to manage changes to the engine moving forward. For leading game studios, a UE5 update (and customizations) can be safely managed with Helix Core — the game development standard for version control. It’s the tool trusted by 95% of top AAA studios.

Game Development With the Power of Perforce

What is game development like with the Power of Perforce? Find out! #powerofperforce #gamedevelopment #devopschallenges Game creators are on a unique mission, to tell compelling stories and connect people through play. To bring their artistic vision to life, and to market, they need to innovate. Innovation requires numerous iterations, which in turn requires more of the most valuable resource in the world – time.

Lumberyard to Open3D - Amazon Game Engine 101

The rise of game engines has sparked new innovations across industries. Amazon Lumberyard — the Amazon game engine — has recently transitioned to open source. Open 3D Engine (O3DE) may be new on the scene. But as companies continue to move to the cloud, many are looking at this new Amazon game engine to transform their pipeline.

AutoCAD + Game Engines for Visualization and Innovation

Engineers across industries are using AutoCAD + game engines, like Unreal. Why? AutoCAD can be used to create comprehensive technical designs which are required for manufacturing and testing. For product visualization, game engines shine. When combined, they can maximize innovation. Learn more about this powerful duo and discover why teams are adding the Unreal game engine to their use of AutoCAD.

Game Asset Recycling - What You Need to Know

To meet the ever-increasing demand for new video games, teams need to move faster than ever. Keeping up with releases and producing new game assets can be challenging, even for the largest studios. To accelerate development without sacrificing quality, many teams look to past projects, and their corresponding game assets. Game asset recycling saves time, allowing coders and creatives to innovate using existing materials. But how can you share game assets across teams and projects? Learn how.

Transforming the Gaming Industry with AI Analytics

In 2020, the gaming market generated over 177 billion dollars, marking an astounding 23% growth from 2019. While it may be incredible how much revenue the industry develops, what’s more impressive is the massive amount of data generated by today’s games. There are more than 2 billion gamers globally, generating over 50 terabytes of data each day.

Game Development After Jira Server: Where Should Game Studios Turn?

As Atlassian has decided to deprecate their server products, including Jira Server and Confluence Server, game studios using these products have to look for alternatives, or swallow the cost to migrate to Atlassian’s other products (Cloud or Data Center). Let’s explore how life may look like after Jira, as this is something we have discussed with several game studios since Atlassian made their announcement .

Using AI/ML to Increase Gaming Monetization

Gamers are not shy about reaching into their wallets for premium content and features. They also won’t hesitate to tap the uninstall button at the first sign of trouble. It’s not uncommon for a gamer to boot up a hotly anticipated new game or revisit an old favorite only to put it down days or weeks later. The culprit is often gaming monetization issues that get in the way of what would otherwise be a long-term rewarding gaming experience.