Monorepo Javascript Projects with Yarn Workspaces and Lerna

Typically, every project that you do will have its own git repository. This approach can be cumbersome when those projects are closely tied. Monorepos promise a more convenient alternative. In this article, Saiharsha Balasubramaniam shows how to set up and manage a monorepo for a JS project using Yarn Workspaces and Lerna.

How to Migrate Your Blog from Gatsby to Next.js

A while back, you were probably looking for a great solution to create your blog, and Gatsby was the most popular solution floating around at the time. Now that some time has passed, a new player has risen to fame on the scene: Next.js has taken developer blogs by storm. Whatever your reasons for switching, we will explain how to switch from the Gatsby stack over to Next.js in this post.

The Ably async/await post we promised

Great user experience on the web comes from being able to provide users with exactly what they want in the most seamless way possible. Behind the scenes, some user actions may take more time to process than others. For example, showing or hiding an HTML element is a quick operation whereas making an XHR request to get data from an external API is a slower operation. JavaScript provides us with a way to handle them all without giving up that instant delight users naturally expect.

Resolving TypeError: "X" is Not a Constructor in JavaScript

A constructor is a special function that creates and initializes an object instance of a class. In JavaScript, a constructor gets called when an object is created using the new keyword. The purpose of a constructor is to create a new object and set values for any existing object properties.

A beginner's guide to test automation with Javascript (Nightwatch.js). Part 4.

Congratulations on getting to part 4 of the “A beginner’s guide to test automation with Javascript (Nighwatch.js)” blog series! This part will help you to improve your test script (and make it cooler). We’ll explain different style suggestions and the overall script structure that we follow in Loadero to bring your script to a new level.

What are Script Errors and How Can We Address Them?

Imagine that a customer reports an error on one of your websites. When you check the logs or tracking tool, it just says script error and nothing else. Does it sound familiar? Such errors are difficult to debug because they do not contain additional information about what and where they went wrong.

Top 5 Free Tools for JavaScript Developers

JavaScript is an awesome language to create fantastic client-side apps. You can use it to drive interactive elements and create engaging single-page applications to woo your customers. More importantly, most developers are familiar with JavaScript and can provide you top expertise for your project. Most of the JavaScript developers at hiring platforms like Reintech are adept at crafting innovative solutions for your unique business problems.