Digital Transformation

How are APIs Enabling Supply Chain Digital Transformation?

The benefits of technology in the world of business are no secret. What is driving that technology today, however, is the use of APIs in areas like supply chain management. APIs are enabling the supply chain digital transformation from improved processes to forecasting and even being able to build better supply chain relationships. Being proactive versus reactive is the key to successfully managing your supply chain.

How APIs are Powering Digital Transformation for Energy and Utilities

Energy and utilities providers are currently facing more uncertainty than ever before. Volatile prices, geopolitical instability, new technologies and more demands for going green are threatening the future of the entire industry. As a result, their IT teams are under tremendous pressure to start powering digital transformation through productivity improvements, capital efficiencies and development of new revenue streams.

Financial Services and Digital Transformation: A Conversation with Chris Skinner

The core theme at Sibos 2021 was digital transformation, its impact on the finance industry, and how financial institutions can drive this transformation. Digital transformation is wide-reaching and can mean different things for different industries. For financial services organizations, it’s about bringing technology up to par to meet client needs, adhere to regulatory requirements, and mitigate risk.

Sibos 2021: Prioritizing Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions

This year’s Sibos conference examined the theme of “recharging global finance.” Key focus areas included digital acceleration, transformative technology, managing risk, and diversity and sustainability. Financial services organizations of all sizes face the challenge of increasing volume, complexity, and velocity of change within their business.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with IoT

If your business is in the process of digital transformation, IoT technology may be factoring into your plans. IoT gives organizations across industries new opportunities to foster a more direct connection with customers. It lets them collect new data, turn that data into insights, and then turn insights into action. IoT has become so prevalent that companies in most industries can’t afford to put off adopting it.

How Lumen Technologies transformed to a Tech company to drive innovation at the cutting Edge

The telecoms industry looks significantly different from how it did at the start of the decade. New technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI, and Edge have emerged, and with that, customer needs have shifted. In light of these changes, it is not uncommon to hear players discussing their intentions to transform from telecoms to tech. But in reality, very few have. One company that took the leap and made the change is Lumen Technologies, formerly known as Century Link.

Survey: Fast, Easy Access to Good Data Drives Digital Transformation Success

We live in a world that is increasingly digital and data-driven. We have wearable devices to monitor our steps, heart rate, and sleep quality. We have Alexa, Siri, or Google ready to take our shopping orders, play our playlist, share the latest news. We can see what shows are trending on Netflix and curated suggestions for us based on what we watched. We cannot get away from data. Where does data live? Who has access to them? What do they do with them?