Apache vs NGINX: How to Choose The Right One?

Web servers are the backbone of the internet. Without web server software like Apache and NGINX, the internet might not be what it is today. However, they are no longer interchangeable. The discussion between Nginx and Apache has been going on for a long time. Both of these servers are industry giants, collectively providing more than half of all web pages on the internet.

Telecom Network Analytics: Transformation, Innovation, Automation

One of the most substantial big data workloads over the past fifteen years has been in the domain of telecom network analytics. Where does it stand today? What are its current challenges and opportunities? In a sense, there have been three phases of network analytics: the first was an appliance based monitoring phase; the second was an open-source expansion phase; and the third – that we are in right now – is a hybrid-data-cloud and governance phase. Let’s examine how we got here.

Difference Between IPv4 and IPv6: Why haven't We Entirely Moved to IPv6?

IPv4 and IPv6 are the two versions of IP. IPv4 was first released in 1983 and is currently widely used as an IP address for a variety of systems. It aids in the identification of systems in a network through the use of an address. The 32-bit address, which may store multiple addresses, is employed. Despite this, it is the most widely used internet protocol, controlling the vast bulk of internet traffic. IPv6 was created in 1994 and is referred to as the "next generation" protocol.

Why you should be using a VPN when working from home

With so many of us working from home full time for the last 16 months, VPNs have become essential tools for companies to keep their staff working in a safe environment. What we mean by “safe” is mainly about your online presence whilst performing daily tasks for your job.

SMTP Ports (25, 587, 465, or 2525) - What is SMTP Port? How to Choose the Best and Right SMTP Port?

It can be difficult to choose an SMTP port. When we set up the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP Server, the first question that comes to mind is this. Which port is the best for SMTP connections? There are a variety of ports to choose from, but which one should you use? Allow me to take you on a journey through the history of each port. It will give you a good understanding of all of the ports, and then we'll talk about which one is optimal for SMTP connections.

Bigleaf with Big Problems: Does It Have the Solutions?

Your business seeks a high-performance, flexible, cost-effective, and more secure alternative to Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). Welcome to software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs)! An improvement over legacy dedicated MPLS circuits, SD-WAN solutions deliver easily manageable networks with a high quality of service (QoS). Yet, your IT team tells you that SD-WANs aren’t cloud-optimized or mobile-device friendly.

Service Connectivity Isn't Your Job, But it's Still Your Problem

As a developer, your company hired you to build incredible products that focus on your users’ and customers’ needs. Yet, in the age of microservices, producing the best products relies heavily on efficient cloud service connectivity. For example, an eCommerce marketplace is more than a front-end UI that customers access via a browser.