Building the Future of Brick-and-Mortar One Autonomous Shop at a Time

The pandemic has been unkind to many retailers, with customer expectations shifting seemingly overnight. During the great recession of 2008–2009, e-commerce grew, and brick-and-mortar retail declined. As the economic recovery took hold, that trend continued while off-price, discount, and emerging players succeeded by appealing to new consumer demands. For example, in January 2020, fast-paced home delivery was perceived as a unique selling point offered only by select stores.

New report: The state of mobile shopping apps in 2021

Our brand-new report examines the ever-evolving shopping industry, delving into the trends and challenges faced by mobile retailers. Read on to find out the state of the industry, the latest product trends and cutting-edge features, and the key Mobile DevOps practices used by some of the leading shopping apps.

Four Industries That Will Be Disrupted by AI in 2021

With the never-ending potential of technology to disrupt everyday processes, more and more industries are deciding to adapt to one exciting area of innovation today: artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, Global Industry Analysts Inc. predicts that AI will be worth 164.03 billion GBP by 2026, and here, we look at four industries set to be disrupted by AI. Since the healthcare sector collects and greatly depends on personal data from their patients, AI will play a crucial role in data management.

Retailers Embracing Innovation: The Top 5 Takeaways from NRF

I recently had the opportunity to attend and present at NRF’s Retail Converge Event. After a year of disruption, changing operations, and a new normaI for consumer behavior, several important topics came to the forefront for leading retailers. Here are my top five takeaways from the event: There is a heightened push to modernize supply chains.

Appian for Retail

Appian is an enterprise software company that delivers low-code automation to some of the largest organizations in the world, including 2 of the top 3 biggest retailers. Learn how Retailers are using Appian for automation initiatives, including the areas of Merchandising Management, Supply Chain Orchestration, Store Operations, Customer Experience, Safety, Risk & Compliance, and Corporate Systems. For more information, visit