How to Gain Faster Insights From Your Shopify and Klaviyo Data

The Fivetran data models for Shopify Holistic Reporting easily combines Shopify and Klaviyo data into analytic-ready models, helping analysts create a rich portrait of customer personas for marketing and much more. Join the thousands of companies using Fivetran to centralize and transform their data.

Rapid Application Modernization With Kong Konnect and Apache Camel (Part 1)

Here’s a story about a developer surviving in a world of APIs, Kubernetes and rapid application modernization. Meet Josh (a pseudonym). Josh is your typical developer. He’s good at writing code in his native language, hates documentation and REALLY hates the “drag and drop” approach to developing software found in bloated API management platforms. Josh would rather write code, weave in some docs and avoid worrying about security, networking, deployment and reliability.

Introducing Thundra Sidekick GitLab Integration

We developed Sidekick with a purpose in mind that you could debug your beloved applications in their natural habitat - live in production. We're now introducing GitLab support. Previously we were only working with GitHub but since we are constantly improving our product, we added GitLab as one of our source providers.

The 7 Major Players in Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service You Should Look Out For in 2022

Enterprise Integration Platform as a service (EiPaaS) is commonly used to describe a suite of cloud-based tools and services that are designed to support enterprise-grade integration strategy and initiatives. The hallmarks of EiPaaS products are ease-of-use, standardization and pre-built modules such as connection endpoints (usually API-based, to connect to a business application like CRM or ERP), automation flow builder and error handler.

Leverage the Power of Fivetran Business Critical on Microsoft Azure

Enterprises using Microsoft Azure can now deliver secure, automated data pipelines while boosting compliance with privacy and industry mandates using Fivetran Business Critical. Join the thousands of companies using Fivetran to centralize and transform their data.

Introducing Continual Integration for dbt

Today we’re pleased to announce Continual Integration for dbt. We believe this is a radical simplification of the machine learning (ML) process for users of dbt and presents a well-defined path that bridges the gap between data analytics and data science. Read on to learn more about this integration and how you can get started.

When to Use Webhooks vs. API To Sync Data Between Applications

Webhooks vs API, oh well. When there is a talk about what method to use in order to seamlessly sync datasets between applications, platforms and databases (in other words, to perform application integration), APIs are often named as today’s best-practices method for handling this.