Processing DICOM Files With Spark on CDP Hybrid Cloud

In this video, you will see how you can use PySpark to process medical images from an MRI and convert them from DICOM format to PNG. The data is read from and written to AWS S3 and we leverage numpy and the pydicom libraries to do the data transformation. We are using data from the "RSNA-MICCAI Brain Tumor Radiogenomic Classification" Kaggle competition but this approach can be used for general purpose DICOM processing.

Dimagi implements Passerelle Data Rocket to accelerate state and local COVID-19 response

Frontline healthcare providers don’t always have access to the latest and greatest technology. But when they are trying to fight a global pandemic with pen-and-paper tracking systems, something has to change. Dimagi is a tech company on a mission: to deliver scalable digital solutions for organizations to amplify their frontline impact.

How to Handle HIPAA Concerns With Cloud Data Warehouses

How to use a cloud data warehouse to achieve HIPPA compliance, reduce risk and offload some of the operational burden. How do you balance an accessible data warehouse with data protection and HIPAA Compliance? To get the most value from your data, it should be available to everyone in your organization who can benefit from the data analysis, insights and value it holds.

Accelerate Offloading to Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) with Procedural SQL Support

Did you know Cloudera customers, such as SMG and Geisinger, offloaded their legacy DW environment to Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) to take advantage of CDW’s modern architecture and best-in-class performance? In addition to substantial cost savings upon moving to CDW, Geisinger is also able to search through hundreds of million patient note records in seconds providing better treatment to their patients.

Four Industries That Will Be Disrupted by AI in 2021

With the never-ending potential of technology to disrupt everyday processes, more and more industries are deciding to adapt to one exciting area of innovation today: artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, Global Industry Analysts Inc. predicts that AI will be worth 164.03 billion GBP by 2026, and here, we look at four industries set to be disrupted by AI. Since the healthcare sector collects and greatly depends on personal data from their patients, AI will play a crucial role in data management.

Privacy & Security Rules for Healthcare Marketers

Marketing is more complex if you're engaged in the healthcare field. Whether you work with patients or market to consumers interested in healthcare products, it's important to understand HIPAA guidelines. This article explains the basics of HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, and how this legislation affects your marketing strategy.

The Ultimate Guide to HIPAA

The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has been an important federal law in healthcare since 1996. Part of its purpose was to create standards meant to protect sensitive patient information, and it took on even more important once the digitalization of patient health records became widespread. Now it’s required for certain types of businesses to protect patient health information—or face fines that range from $100 to $50,000 per violation.

Beyond Vaccinations: 3 COVID-19 Lessons for Tomorrow's Workplace

Creating a healthy workplace is not just the right thing to do for employees. It’s also essential to a successful business. Healthcare costs associated with employee illness were staggering even before the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent study, the Integrated Benefits Institute estimated that US employers spent over half a trillion dollars ($575 billion) annually on poor employee health. Out of every dollar companies spent on healthcare, they lost $0.61 due to illness or injury.