The 4 Most Common Data Automation Techniques

In today's increasingly data-driven world, automation is a crucial skill for any professional. Data professionals can automate repetitive tasks and free up their time to focus on more valuable work. This article will discuss the four most common data automation techniques you can utilize in your own business and the automation tools that help your ETL process.

Automated Functional Testing 101: How & When to Start

Manually testing an application is time-consuming, costly, and difficult to scale as your application grows: as you add more features to your application, you have to add more functional tests. And getting those additional tests done usually means adding headcount. Automated functional testing can speed up the testing process, provide more consistent results, and give one person the ability to manage the testing workload of five or more manual testers.

Low-Code Automated Web Testing Offered by Sauce Labs

Intelligent low-code systems are beginning to take hold across the software development lifecycle and Sauce Labs is excited to be helping companies along this journey. Low-code automated testing simplifies and accelerates web application testing by enabling non-technical team members to create, run, and manage tests on Sauce Labs Virtual Device Clouds. Teams can now leverage Sauce Connect to execute their low-code tests behind a firewall, removing any friction presented with knowing how to code.

Automation Trends for 2022: Gartner Predictions for Hyperautomation

It’s that time again, when everyone is making their predictions for what the hot new trends will be in the coming year. What colors will we be wearing and painting our living room walls? How will we be working? What will we be doing when we’re not at work or at home?

The Screenplay Pattern Better Interactions for Better Automation - CTM Online

Automating interactions for tests is hard. For the past decade, the primary way to automate web UI interactions has been the Page Object Model. Unfortunately, page objects do not scale well because, by design, they allow lots of code duplication and unsafe activity. The Screenplay Pattern is a much better pattern for handling interactions. In Screenplay, Actors use Abilities to perform Interactions.

API Automation: What You Need to Know

IT automation is an essential business best practice that has enabled countless organizations to become more efficient. According to a survey by Salesforce, 95 percent of executives and directors see the value of automation, and 88 percent want to pursue automation as a key investment for their business. This general tenet holds for the specific case of API automation as well. APIs are a highly underrated, yet critical, technology that underpins the modern digital ecosystem.