Case Study

How Bayer Crop Science uses BigQuery and geobeam to improve soil health

Bayer Crop Science uses Google Cloud to analyze billions of acres of land to better understand the characteristics of the soil that produces our food crops. Bayer’s teams of data scientists are leveraging services from across Google Cloud to load, store, analyze, and visualize geospatial data to develop unique business insights. And because much of this important work is done using publicly-available data, you can too!

How to migrate an on-premises data warehouse to BigQuery on Google Cloud

Data teams across companies have continuous challenges of consolidating data, processing it and making it useful. They deal with challenges such as a mixture of multiple ETL jobs, long ETL windows capacity-bound on-premise data warehouses and ever-increasing demands from users. They also need to make sure that the downstream requirements of ML, reporting and analytics are met with the data processing.

Telpark: Automating a reconciliation process with over 330,000 transactions per year

Telpark is a leader in the parking and mobility sector in Spain and Portugal, and a leading international company. The Appian solution that Deloitte and Telpark's finance department developed to optimize the reconciliation process perfectly coordinates human and robotic efforts in a unified workflow. Hear from a number of representatives how 70% of items are reconciled in an automated way.

Qlik Cloud Enables Buyk To Rapidly Spin Up Online Grocery Shopping Operations in New York City

The phenomenon of web-based, at-your-door-in-minutes, restaurant food-delivery service is widespread and commonplace nowadays, with various apps and platforms, such as Grubhub or DoorDash, providing diners with an at-home eating experience – look up a restaurant, choose what you want to eat, and your food is on its way. The same can be said about grocery shopping.

Fast-growing SaaS Scales Log Analytics While Saving 30% per Month

Transeo is a mobile-friendly platform enabling students, counselors, and administrators to share community service opportunities and hours served — online and in real-time. With one goal in mind, eliminate time-consuming administrative overhead and shift the focus from paperwork to people, Transeo turned to ChaosSearch to help them bring order to the massive quantity of disparate, log data output.