Data sharing isn't optional this year - its essential

The concept that data is critical to an organization's growth is nothing new. As digital transformation takes every industry by storm, however, the types and sources of data have rapidly evolved. Relying simply on proprietary data is blinding at best. Over the last few years, innovative companies have raced to tap into new sources — often those they don’t own.

Announcing our Jira integration

Jira is one of the most popular task management products available today, and for good reason: it's been around for a long time. The team at Atlassian is constantly working to improve the way users can utilize their software, but for a long time if you wanted to integrate with Jira as a developer, your options were generally limited to the Jira API.

Growing AI Fast with ML-Ops: Breaking the barrier between research and production

AI models get smarter, more accurate, and therefore more useful over the course of their training on large datasets that have been painstakingly curated, often over a period of years. But in real-world applications, datasets start small. To design a new drug, for instance, researchers start by testing a compound and need to use the power of AI to predict the best possible permutation.

Compliance Management 101: Process, Planning, and Challenges

Compliance is required everywhere and has therefore become relevant to most businesses. Whether that’s complying with rules around data, user privacy, or even physical safety, consumers are heavily dependent on regulations and standards to protect them. When you dive into regulated industries that create sophisticated, tangible products — automotive and medical device, for example — compliance becomes quite intricate.

Building innovative and secure financial services that help users save money

In this interview, we talked to Sudeep Sidhu, Neo Financial's Lead Mobile Engineer about how to provide better features for users, how to ensure the highest levels of security in fintech app development, and what the future of mobile finance and banking looks like.

Best ETL Tools for Firebolt

Data integration is the core of digital transformation efforts. ETL (extract, transform, load) is what makes such integrations possible. It helps you move massive quantities of information efficiently between a wide variety of sources. Firebolt is a cloud data warehouse that helps companies manage huge volumes of data to support analytics for business insights. It offers high-performance storage and ease of scalability as a low-cost cloud-native solution.

How to Add Notes to your Load Test Results

We’ve added the functionality to add notes to your load test results. This functionality applies to Load Tests and JMeter Load Tests. It’s super simple to add/edit/remove notes for any of the test runs of the same test in order to caption various changes of your test runs. You can easily compare any test run with a baseline.

Extracting and Visualizing Your Shopify Data (Part 1)

As technology continues to evolve and consume our daily lives, more consumers than ever before are turning to eCommerce options. Of course, one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world is Shopify. While the Shopify platform has a lot to offer businesses, managing your Shopify store’s data alone can be quite challenging. The good news is that you don’t have to take on the complexities of data management alone.