What All Successful Mergers Share: Modern Data Integration

Market disruptions over the past two years have driven a global surge of mergers and acquisitions. According to Ernst & Young, the first six months of 2021 saw a record $2.6 trillion in M&A activity, obliterating normal levels that hovered around $1.5 trillion per six months prior to the pandemic.

Migrating Data During a Merger or Acquisition

Since I’m now migrating NodeGraph’s processes to Qlik, I thought it may be a good time to talk about migrating data during a merger or acquisition. There are many aspects to consider. Here are some of my thoughts on why companies merge or migrate data landscapes, common M&A migration pitfalls and how to avoid them, the time and cost involved migrating data during a merger or acquisition, and other topics.

Xplenty Acquires FlyData, Adding Data Replication To Our Product Suite

We're excited to announce that Xplenty has acquired the fastest real-time data replication platform on the market, FlyData. This further expands our product suite and adds database replication to our customer offering. This was the highest requested feature from our customers, so we're happy to announce that we now have CDC (change data capture) capabilities.

Lenses.io joins forces with Celonis to bring streaming data to business execution

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Lenses.io is joining Celonis, the leader in execution management. Together we will raise the bar in how businesses are run by driving them with real-time data, making the power of streaming open, operable and actionable for organizations across the world. When Lenses.io began, we could never have imagined we’d reach this moment.

Welcoming BlazeMeter to the Perforce Family

Last week, Perforce announced our 12th acquisition, the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform – a great addition to our DevOps at Scale portfolio. I’d like to welcome the Blazemeter team to the Perforce family. Throughout our conversations leading up to the acquisition, it was clear that we were dealing with a world-class product, and a world-class team. We are excited to add both to Perforce and look forward to the things we will accomplish together.

What Data Is Behind This Metric?

We all know data is the new oil. Both data and oil are valuable resources and share a common quality; if unprocessed they cannot be used. Data and oil have to be broken down and built up again to create true value for the business. There is, however, one key difference. Whereas oil is tangible, data is not. This means that the flow of low-quality oil is traceable and will be noticed in the production process. But, what happens if there is a bad data flow in your organization?