Product Release

Kong Gateway 2.7 Is Here and Ready!

Today, we are welcoming another noteworthy advancement of the Kong Gateway – the general availability of version 2.7! Both Kong Gateway and Kong Gateway OSS version 2.7 downloads are available on your favorite distribution channels. This release of the Kong Gateway includes a number of important features that serve as a foundation for addressing three key areas.

What's new in npm 8?

I know, right? NPM 8 was released just a couple of months ago and you’re looking for a blog post that summarizes all the changes and new stuff in the new version because you want to be ahead of the curve or simply don’t want your app to crash when upgrading. You googled but nothing relevant appeared; only a document from Github blog that refers to this issue on the NPM organization.

What's New In Loadero (November 2021)

The busy month of November full of fun times and hard work has finished and it’s time to share the updates we made to Loadero during the month. We added new media files for participant’s webcam simulation, made various performance improvements, added browsers and published the last post in our popular series about using Javascript for test automation. Here’s a list of the main updates in Loadero this month.

Katalon Recorder 5.6: Smarter Test Execution with Dynamic Test Suites and Global Variables

Delivering quality at speed has become part of the quality assurance lexicon over the past few years. However, as manual work remains “unskippable” in different steps of our test cycles, the goal of running more tests in a shorter time might seem to be out of reach. Today’s article will walk you through the latest features of Katalon Recorder 5.6 and explain how they help reduce manual efforts and shorten your next test cycles.

Kuma 1.4 and Kong Mesh 1.5 Released With RBAC, Windows Support, 2x Performance and 25+ New Features

We are happy to announce a new major release of Kuma, and a new major release of Kong Mesh built on Kuma! Kuma 1.4 ships with 25+ new features and countless improvements, particularly when it comes to performance. As previously announced at Kong Summit 2021, Kong Mesh ships we enterprise capabilities for large scale service mesh deployments, like RBAC, and native support for Windows VMs.

Introducing Dynamic Observability: A no-code integration between Elastic and Rookout

In recent years, Observability has become a de-facto standard when discussing development and maintenance of cloud-native applications. The need to develop an observable system and ensure that as it runs in production, engineers will be able to detect performance issues, downtimes, and service disruptions, has evolved into a rich ecosystem of tools and practices.

Appian 21.4: Further Extend the Reach and Impact of Your Organization

As digital transformation continues full steam ahead across all industries, organizations are challenged by limited resources in a setting where speed to market is essential. We’re excited to announce Appian 21.4, which has new capabilities that extend the reach of your organization, delivering powerful mobile, AI, and data capabilities that let you connect with your customers anywhere. Only have a few minutes?

More Throughput and Faster Execution for Interactive Use Cases: Now in Public Preview

Snowflake is the data backbone for thousands of businesses, enabling data access and governance needed to deliver value. Interactive use cases in some data applications and embedded analytics, however, pose a particular challenge. Traditionally, you needed an additional caching layer to provide the required speed and throughput these solutions require—which also increased costs and architectural complexity.