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Jan 7, 2022   |  By StatusCake Team
The aim of your website is obviously to get potential customers to engage with it as much as possible, and ultimately, make a purchase. But as we well know, it isn’t as simple as someone landing on your website and instantly converting. 9 times out of 10, there’s a whole sequence of actions that take place before a customer makes a purchase. The best thing?
Nov 24, 2021   |  By Christopher Long
If you’re a dev you’ve no doubt, come across people talking about monolith and microservice application architecture. Perhaps you are involved in designing a new system and have been asked to consider both architectures. The conversations are often regarding how microservices are the successor to monolith architecture, but today I’m going to try and layout why it’s not as simple as one being better than the other.
Oct 28, 2021   |  By Christopher Long
The term “Design Pattern” describes a well-known and battle-tested solution to a problem that developers tend to encounter again and again when developing software. Design patterns are conceptual and can be implemented in any programming language. Design patterns generally fit into one of the following three different categories depending on the problem they address: In this blog post I’m going to cover a pattern from each of these categories in depth.
Oct 26, 2021   |  By Alexandra Moore
Ever since I started to learn how to code, CSS has excited me. As a very visually rewarding style sheet language, it has always been an instantly gratifying language to work with. The CSS landscape at the moment is ever-changing. There are many new features that have been released recently, so I thought I’d have a look around and summarise those that caught my eye, concisely in this post.
Oct 5, 2021   |  By StatusCake
Over the past few months, I’ve been redesigning and writing StatusCake’s SSL monitoring feature from Node to Go. This blog post describes one of the more subtle challenges we came across to help you master it if you find yourself with it too! Writing a Go client that fetches an SSL certificate isn’t a new problem. A common approach is to use a http.Client. This limits you to just certificates served over HTTPS, when technically anything running TLS can have a certificate.
Sep 29, 2021   |  By Mario
Affiliate marketing in 2021 continues to be a viable option for bloggers, freelancers, and social media marketers to make money online by promoting products and services via blogs and social media channels and earn high affiliate commissions while doing so working from home. Affiliate bloggers can start a profitable business online without having to spend lots of money when starting out.
Sep 22, 2021   |  By StatusCake Team
Stop what you’re doing and make your passwords more secure! How, you ask? Read on to find out. It’s become very anecdotal when we speak about passwords for our online accounts and why these might matter. We all take this very lightly and assume that no one can guess or work out what our passwords are and thus we think no one will be able to access our most sensitive information be it online bank accounts, Amazon accounts, or your emails. We are wrong.
Sep 17, 2021   |  By Christopher Long
JavaScript Object Notation or JSON is a file format that was originally derived from JavaScript. It is used for storing and exchanging data, most commonly when serving data to websites, but JSON but has become ubiquitous amongst most programming languages as it is totally language independent. These days it is common to find JSON being used for a variety of purposes where data needs to be stored or transferred.
Sep 1, 2021   |  By Alexandra Moore
In this latest frontend trend of using JavaScript frameworks (e.g. React and Vue) to split out sections of our code into components, design systems have a fantastic role to play. A design system can be thought of as a cookbook. Each recipe has a picture of the meal (or in our case, a living, interactive example of the component), an ingredients list (maybe sub-components that live within parent components), and finally the instructions (how to implement and tweak with props).
Aug 31, 2021   |  By StatusCake Team
With so many of us working from home full time for the last 16 months, VPNs have become essential tools for companies to keep their staff working in a safe environment. What we mean by “safe” is mainly about your online presence whilst performing daily tasks for your job.

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