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Jan 14, 2022   |  By Ahmed Koshok
In Part 1 of this blog series, I broke down the “two generals problem” and shared how it affects IT leaders today. In this post, I will share the details of a specific battle from more modern history that exemplifies this concept.
Jan 13, 2022   |  By Kong
“DevOps” merges Development and Operations team functions through practices and tooling, all the while making continuous improvements to applications. Teams that adopt DevOps tools, culture and practices perform better and build faster. Let’s walk through each stage of DevOps and the popular DevOps tools you may want to consider in 2022.
Jan 12, 2022   |  By Ahmed Koshok
The Two Generals’ Problem is a well-known thought experiment about how asynchronous – and potentially unreliable – communications can cause, shall we say, issues. These great generals from history are facing a cunning and capable enemy. Think of someone like Khalid ibn al-Walid, Napoleon, Erwin Rommel or Sun Tzu. If the generals attack together, they will win. If they attack separately, they will lose. The problem is that they are communicating over an unreliable and slow medium.
Jan 11, 2022   |  By Jeremy Glassenberg
Application programming interfaces (APIs) are fast becoming the global standard for automated data exchange between and within companies. When a company first launches APIs, an adjacent step is to set up an effective system for automating API planning and implementation. But beyond that, as companies grow and expand their API use, the central challenge becomes figuring out how to best position APIs for scale as multiple, distributed teams build APIs across business units, often around the world.
Jan 10, 2022   |  By Kaitlyn Barnard
In this episode of Kongcast, I spoke with Grant McKeen and Jonathan White from IntegrationWorks about how open banking and BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) work with Kong Gateway to create simplicity from complexity in the banking and financial services industry. Check out the transcript and video from our conversation below, and be sure to subscribe to get email alerts for the latest new episodes.
Jan 7, 2022   |  By Viktor Gamov
Microservices have an entirely new set of problems due to their distributed service-oriented architecture. As a result, microservice design patterns have surfaced. This post will consider the specific design patterns that can help us build reliable, secure and traceable microservices.
Jan 6, 2022   |  By Simon Green
Here’s a story about a developer surviving in a world of APIs, Kubernetes and rapid application modernization. Meet Josh (a pseudonym). Josh is your typical developer. He’s good at writing code in his native language, hates documentation and REALLY hates the “drag and drop” approach to developing software found in bloated API management platforms. Josh would rather write code, weave in some docs and avoid worrying about security, networking, deployment and reliability.
Jan 4, 2022   |  By Brad Drysdale
In our last blog, we discussed the connectivity solution – Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) which was a preferred method for connecting monolithic applications. In this blog, we will discuss the role of an API gateway in today’s modern distributed world. We’ll also compare ESBs with API gateways and discuss how these connectivity solutions can co-exist to support both legacy and modern applications.
Dec 29, 2021   |  By Marco Palladino
Composable business. APIOps. Hyperautomation. Open policy agent. These are among the themes we’re expecting to hear a lot more of in 2022. Here are 12 key developments we’re beginning to see in the world of digital transformation, APIs and the cloud.
Dec 27, 2021   |  By Viktor Gamov
In this episode of Kongcast, I spoke with Jason Yee, director of advocacy at Gremlin, about the concept of chaos engineering, why even the best engineers can’t control everything, and tools and tactics to help build app resiliency. Check out the transcript and video from our conversation below, and be sure to subscribe to get email alerts for the latest new episodes.
Jan 17, 2022   |  By Kong
In this demo from Kong Summit, Michael Heap introduces Kong’s declarative configuration capabilities and how to use your CI system to lint and apply these configurations in a variety of environments. Test your changes in a staging environment, then apply exactly the same config to production with a click of a button.
Jan 10, 2022   |  By Kong
API standards and schemas have helped to automate much of API design, implementation and maintenance — and not a moment too soon. As many tech companies experienced growth spurts in the past year, they ended up with multiple teams working on new products and new APIs. Consequently, they learned that their ways to create well-designed APIs wouldn’t work so easily when multiple teams have to create them.
Jan 6, 2022   |  By Kong
In this week's Kong Builders, Viktor Gamov, Developer Advocate at Kong, will continue showing you how to test your Kong declarative configurations in different scenarios. Links.
Jan 6, 2022   |  By Kong
In this video, Simon Green, solutions engineer at Kong, shows us how we can modernize a legacy application in the most efficient way possible to improve the performance and give it a new lease on life in a multi-cloud, platform-agnostic environment like Kubernetes.
Jan 4, 2022   |  By Kong
Kong Mesh is a service mesh that is based on Kuma, an open-source, CNCF project and supports every environment, including Kubernetes and virtual machines. In this service mesh demo, we will show you how easy it is to get started (in Kubernetes) – how to install a control plane, deploy a demo application, enable basic traffic policies, and briefly touch on observability.
Jan 4, 2022   |  By Kong
In this Kongcast episode, Grant McKeen and Jonathan White from IntegrationWorks, chat with us about how open banking and BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) work with Kong Gateway to create simplicity from complexity in the banking and financial services industry.
Jan 3, 2022   |  By Kong
Building an API is just the first step. You also need to deploy that API and help your customers onboard to drive API consumption. Design APIs in Insomnia, generate configurations for Kong Gateway and publish REST, GraphQL, and gRPC services to the Kong Dev Portal to enable your audience.
Dec 30, 2021   |  By Kong
We don’t build our own ticket tracking systems or email clients, so why do we expect every person who joins a team to build their own collection of snippets for interacting with internal systems? These systems are usually not well documented, and the only way to learn how to use them is by asking someone or reading source code. Let’s learn how to use Insomnia Projects with our new collaboration features to provide a prebuilt collection of sample requests, plus documentation about the purpose of each endpoint so that your new team members can be productive on day one.
Dec 23, 2021   |  By Kong
@Viktor Gamov is a Principal Developer Advocate at Kong, a cloud connectivity company.
Dec 22, 2021   |  By Kong
In this Kongcast episode, Jason Yee, director of advocacy at Gremlin, explains the concept of chaos engineering, why even the best engineers can’t control everything and tools and tactics to help build app resiliency.
Jun 2, 2021   |  By Kong
In this eBook, Kong Co-Founder and CTO Marco Palladino illustrates the differences between API gateways and service mesh - and when to use one or the other in a pragmatic and objective way.
Oct 30, 2020   |  By Kong
In this eBook, Kong Co-Founder and CTO Marco Palladino breaks down how Kuma now supports every cloud vendor, every architecture and every platform together in a multi-mesh control plane. When deployed in a multi-zone deployment, Kuma abstracts away both the synchronization of the service mesh policies across multiple zones and the service connectivity (and service discovery) across those zones.
Dec 4, 2019   |  By Kong
We live in an exciting time for software; we are witnessing a monumental shift in how applications are built. We have the opportunity to participate in the large-scale movement from centralized applications to decentralized, highly performant software architectures.
Apr 24, 2019   |  By Kong
To better prepare for the future, it's important to get a solid understanding of this rising technology trend. In this e-book, we examine cloud native architecture, look back at the rise of cloud native app development, and explore the future of cloud native on the entire software ecosystem.
Mar 20, 2019   |  By Kong
This eBook explains how microservices can facilitate the adoption of a multi-cloud strategy. Included are a holistic overview of the multi-cloud pattern including the benefits and drawbacks, strategies for adoption, and challenges to overcome if adopting the strategy without microservices.
Feb 3, 2019   |  By Kong
This ebook explains the process for transitioning from a monolithic to a microservices-based architecture. Included are technical aspects and common mistakes to avoid.
Feb 3, 2019   |  By Kong
Performance is a critical factor when choosing an API management solution. For businesses, the need to deliver low latency and high throughput is critical to ensuring that API transaction rates keep up with the speed of business. This white paper compares the performance of Kong and Apigee to understand performance in production environments.
Feb 1, 2019   |  By Kong
This ebook explains how Kubernetes is modernizing the microservices architecture. Included are a deep dive into the history of Kubernetes and containers, the technical and organizational benefits of using Kubernetes for container orchestration, as well as considerations for adopting it.
Jan 1, 2019   |  By Kong
This eBook compares a monolithic vs microservices architectural approach to application development. It dives into the benefits and challenges of microservices and helps you determine whether a transition to microservices would be right for your organization.
Dec 1, 2018   |  By Kong
This ebook explains the role that the service mesh pattern plays in the leap towards de-centralized architectures. A novel re-packaging of the functionalities of traditional API gateways, service mesh represents the next stage in the natural evolution of microservices.

Next-Generation API Platform for Modern Architectures. Connect all your microservices and APIs with the industry's most performant, scalable and flexible API platform. Empower your developers to build and optimize APIs. Leverage the latest microservice and container design patterns.

The Service Control Platform transcends API management to intelligently broker information across all your services. With Kong’s fast, flexible, and lightweight core, you control your entire service architecture – centralized or decentralized, microservices or monolith. Kong Service Control Platform transforms your static endpoints into a dynamic network of intelligent services.

Built for Modern Architectures:

  • Connect Everything: Use plugins to extend and connect services across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, regardless of vendor.
  • Accelerate Innovation: Use Kong's robust library of plugins to reduce redundant coding tasks across teams, technologies and geographies.
  • Improve Governance: Analyze real-time data to ensure adherence to policies across teams, partners and individual endpoints.
  • Automate End-to-end: Connect Kong with automation tools. Generate custom workflows to improve efficiency and reduce errors.
  • Unlock New Ecosystems: Instantly leverage new ecosystems. Deploy Kong with Kubernetes, containers, and more out of the box.
  • Increase Compliance: Limit access with role-based access control (RBAC). Encrypt end-to-end to comply with industry regulations.

Go Beyond the Gateway. Ready for the next-generation of API platforms?