London, UK
Jan 13, 2022   |  By Marc Duiker
This post describes how I built a realtime collaboration app that scrum teams can use for planning poker. Planning poker, also known as Scrum poker, is a gamified technique for estimating the size of user stories. This helps in deciding how many stories can be put into a sprint. Usually story points in the Fibonacci scale is used as a metric, but T-shirt sizing, like small, medium, and large, is also used.
Jan 11, 2022   |  By Alex Diaconu
Standardized a decade ago through RFC 6455, WebSocket has since matured into one of the main technologies powering the modern web. Designed to be event-driven and full-duplex, and optimized for minimum overhead and low latency, WebSockets have become a preferred choice for many organizations and developers seeking to build interactive, realtime digital experiences that provide delightful user experiences.
Dec 20, 2021   |  By Alex Diaconu
Here at Ably, we constantly strive to enhance our state-of-the-art product offering and to provide an industry-leading developer experience for our users. As a testament to our ongoing efforts, we’re delighted to announce that Ably has recently won three 2021 DevPortal Awards: The DevPortal Awards aims to: This is the second year running when Ably has taken part in the DevPortal Awards. In 2020, we won two DevPortal Awards.
Dec 15, 2021   |  By Simon Woolf
Ably is a platform for pub/sub messaging. Publishes are done on named channels, and clients subscribed to a given channel have all messages on that channel delivered to them. The Ably pub/sub backend is multi-region: we run the production cluster in 7 AWS regions, and channel pub/sub operates seamlessly between them.
Dec 14, 2021   |  By Quintin Willison
Here at Ably we consider software development to be in our DNA. We write and maintain a lot of code, much of it open-source, with full public visibility, and we host and manage it using the GitHub platform. The code is segmented into numerous discrete repositories, each with a specific scope and purpose. We've been using GitHub heavily since Ably was founded in 2016, so we have plenty of history, and we're committed to the platform.
Dec 8, 2021   |  By Srushtika Neelakantam
Great user experience on the web comes from being able to provide users with exactly what they want in the most seamless way possible. Behind the scenes, some user actions may take more time to process than others. For example, showing or hiding an HTML element is a quick operation whereas making an XHR request to get data from an external API is a slower operation. JavaScript provides us with a way to handle them all without giving up that instant delight users naturally expect.
Dec 2, 2021   |  By Jo Stichbury
Anyone who's worked in technology has likely hit on the "build vs. buy" question at some point. Should you build your own custom solution to meet the exact requirements of your business? Or does it make more financial sense and save time if you use a third-party vendor? Let's use an example. You are a tech lead at a company that delivers a platform for online learning.
Nov 24, 2021   |  By James Frost
Many technology companies have an ongoing commitment to their customers to guarantee reliability and uptime, with service level agreements that guarantee to resolve or escalate incidents within a particular time frame. Engineering team members rotate shifts so that someone is always on-call to be "paged" (these days, not using an actual pager) if an issue arises. Being on-call means that you typically need to be responsive even outside of your usual office hours.
Nov 22, 2021   |  By Jo Stichbury
Livestreams allow an online audience to come together and watch a video broadcast in realtime. Globally, uptake has soared since 2020 as people come together to experience live sports and arts events; and to work, learn and play. The popularity of livestream entertainment is, in part, down to how it includes the audience. Integrated chat and other features allow viewers to interact -- with each other and the host.
Nov 18, 2021   |  By Beth Loft
Ably was the delegate sponsor at GopherCon UK this year and we had a great time. The conference was held in The Brewery, London. For many of our team members it was the first physical developer event they had been to in almost two years. Whilst I am thrilled to be returning to face-to-face interaction and the depth of conversation they enable, I certainly forgot how early a start physical events are.
Jan 12, 2022   |  By Ably
Ably and Kafka are complementary solutions Both Ably and Kafka are event-driven solutions, sharing similar guarantees, messaging semantics, and characteristics. With Ably as a broker in the middle, you can seamlessly and scalably distribute Kafka data to web, mobile, and IoT clients at the edge.
Jan 5, 2022   |  By Ably
Make an internet connected t-shirt with LEDs that respond to realtime data In summary: We will make a wearable, flexible LED array which will change colour in realtime as users draw on an app. It uses the Ably MQTT broker and the Ably Javascript SDK along with addressible RGB LEDs and an Adafruit wifi enabled microprocessor. We change the colour of individual LEDs sewn on the t-shirt, by sending realtime updates data with Ably's messaging platform to an Arduino via MQTT.
Dec 8, 2020   |  By Ably
The Ably Flutter plugin brings awesome realtime magic to the much loved Flutter ecosystem. This is a demo of a Flutter chat app using the Ably Flutter plugin for realtime.
Aug 12, 2020   |  By Ably
It makes it easy to deploy, manage, and distribute data streams to third party developers as realtime APIs - so they can consume and integrate those data streams into their own apps. As realtime API adoption increases so does complexity, cost, and friction of integration for developers wanting to consume realtime data. But with API Streamer, out-of-the-box realtime API management tools and a proven cloud distribution network mean creating self-service realtime API programs has fixed initial (near-zero) and ongoing engineering cost.
Jul 27, 2020   |  By Ably
Flappy bird multiplayer gameplay
Jul 22, 2020   |  By Ably
Hi there! In this video Ably's Dev Advocate, Srushtika Neelakantam, shows you how to build a multiplayer game of Flappy bird that you can play online with anyone. Along the way, you'll learn about the various networking strategies and realtime messaging concepts to build scalable multiplayer games over WebSockets using Ably.
Feb 27, 2020   |  By Ably
In this masterclass, Ably’s Developer Advocate, Srushtika Neelakantam, will walk you through the basics of IoT and the realtime communication protocol these devices like to use i.e. MQTT.
Jan 22, 2020   |  By Ably
In this masterclass, Ably’s Developer Advocate, Srushtika Neelakantam, will talk about realtime protocols and the various cool things you can do with them. She’ll then build a voting app from scratch that is production-ready and fully scalable. The app will show a dynamically changing graph reflecting the choices made by users on the voting questions, in realtime. Just some basic JavaScript knowledge is required to follow along.
Jan 21, 2020   |  By Ably
In this masterclass, Ably’s Developer Advocate, Srushtika Neelakantam, will walk you through the basics of IoT and the realtime communication protocol these devices like to use i.e. MQTT. She’ll then show you how to build a realtime attendance logger from scratch.
Jun 6, 2019   |  By Ably
In this video, Ably's Dev Advocate, Srushtika Neelakantam talks about Server-Sent Events (SSE) data transmission protocol, how it's different from other real-time protocols such as WebSockets and MQTT and how you can use SSE with Ably. The video ends with a quick tutorial followed by a short demo.
May 7, 2021   |  By Ably
Take a view into the universe of realtime transport APIs in 2019. How do they stack up against realtime expectations? The report looks at ten cities across the globe, scoring and ranking them on ten indicators of maturity. Learn what the pioneers are doing, what those just starting on their Realtime API journeys can do better, and find actionable recommendations for your own Realtime API program.
May 7, 2021   |  By Ably
Online gamers have the most demanding realtime expectations. Mobile gaming now the largest sector of app store purchases, accounting for 42% of a $109 billion marketplace. It's vital that game developers offer a level of mobile performance that delivers an optimum realtime experience for every user. This white paper highlights some of the UX issues that can undermine your company's ability to do this effectively.
Apr 1, 2021   |  By Ably
I watch sports for a living. I couldn't tell you the last time I watched a baseball game from beginning to end. Data is one of the most valuable resources around. But data is no longer something that languishes in a database to be looked at later. Like sports events, data is now live. The sports industry can reap and build on innovations in the realtime data space. But this is no long a nice-to-have. Driven by changing fan behaviour this is now a commercial imperative.
Apr 1, 2021   |  By Ably
Sports and gaming app users demand an uninterrupted, true realtime experience. Almost 90% of US adults now use a mobile device while watching sports. In competitive arenas with similar offerings, like betting or sports, then you absolutely cannot afford to deliver poor mobile experiences. Customer experience is the new competitive battleground and realtime mobile experiences are an essential part of that.

Ably is a pub/sub messaging platform with a suite of integrated services to deliver complete realtime functionality directly to end-users. Every day we guarantee low latency delivery of billions of messages to more than 50 million devices over a secure, reliable, and highly available global edge network.

Build, deliver and scale any realtime application without managing global infrastructure.

  • Build your realtime applications with our simple yet powerful SDKs and APIs for cross-platform, multi-protocol pub/sub messaging with device presence and stream history.
  • Deliver to your end-users no matter where they are with ordering and delivery guarantees over our global edge network.
  • Scale with confidence from day one with our fault tolerant, high-elastic infrastructure and 99.999% uptime SLAs.
  • Extend your realtime capabilities beyond simple pub/sub with our additional features and rich library of third-party integrations for services like AWS Kinesis.

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