Deliver pixel-perfect apps with Kobiton's test automation Steps

Kobiton is a mobile experience platform making your mobile apps work better everywhere: it lets you run your tests on a flexible and high-performing real device cloud, and based on your preferences and security requirements, they offer an on-premise solution too. Let’s see what you can achieve by implementing their Steps in your Bitrise Workflow!

Metrics in SDLC: Let the Truth Prevail

Communication is the key to managing the stakeholders. Many times, not enough efforts are made to communicate clear details, status, risks on the ongoing projects. On the other hand, not everyone can detail every important aspect or gauge what’s important to communicate without being subjective and setting aside all emotions during communication.

The Rise of Super Apps: A Win-Win or Winner Takes All Phenomenon?

A new type of app called "super apps" are gaining popularity. They combine the functionality of several different apps into one convenient package. Originated in Asia, these apps are finally coming to the west. Here's what businesses should know about this new mobile trend in 2022.

Simplifying automatic code signing on Bitrise

We are simplifying code signing on Bitrise. Now there are two ways to automate code signing on Bitrise: using Xcode Build/Archive Steps (with iOS Auto Provision Steps merged into them) and not using these Steps, but 'Manage iOS Code Signing' instead. In both cases, we've reduced the number of things that could go wrong. Let's see what has changed!

9 Mobile App Testing Trends to Look For in 2022

It’s that time of year when we turn our attention to what lies ahead in the new year and beyond. For software development teams, it helps to understand the latest trends in technology, user behavior, and the broader market, as well as how to incorporate them into your mobile app development and testing strategies. This blog post discusses the mobile application testing trends for 2022 that software development teams need to know.