Load Testing

How the new k6 Cloud app plugin makes it easy to correlate QA data and system metrics in Grafana

​ One of the common challenges when doing performance testing is the difficulty of correlating the metrics of your application with your testing results. Having available QA, infrastructure, and application metrics together allows engineering teams to better understand the behavior of their systems during the testing, helping to detect and prevent potential issues in their applications.

CSS Selectors And XPath Locators In Selenium Test Automation Scripts

One of the most important aspects of automated web application testing is having a good grasp of using locators. Locators allow retrieving DOM elements from the web page. Interacting with web elements during automated tests allows to create end-to-end tests that simulate real users behavior. In this blog post, we will talk about two types of locators – CSS selectors and XPath.

Why you should start improving the images on your website

At LoadFocus, we’ve implemented an easy way to monitor the rendering of websites on desktop and mobile devices, this helps you get hints on how to improve the images that you load on your website. Your website’s or blog’s speed is a very important metric in ranking in search engines Try to keep that in mind when developing new features and adding fancy images and animatios to your pages.

Too many Cloud Testing Tools are Distracting and Addictive. Here's How to Fix It.

In this new work from home era, a lot of companies have moved more and more towards online services and new tools to keep their productivity at similar levels as before. It’s harder and harder to keep track of all the tools and services you use on a regular basis to test all your websites and API services of your business. Here at LoadFocus it gets easier and easier to make use of the integrated testing services we provide as of today.

What's new with k6 Cloud, with front-end lead Simon Legander (k6 Office Hours #36)

What's new with k6 Cloud? Today, k6 Cloud front-end developer lead Simon Legander talks to us about recent features including improved test scenarios, GRPC and WebSockets support, and a filterable breakdown in the k6 Cloud app. He is joined by Mark Meier, head of Customer Success, and Nicole van der Hoeven, Developer Advocate at k6.

What's New In Loadero (November 2021)

The busy month of November full of fun times and hard work has finished and it’s time to share the updates we made to Loadero during the month. We added new media files for participant’s webcam simulation, made various performance improvements, added browsers and published the last post in our popular series about using Javascript for test automation. Here’s a list of the main updates in Loadero this month.

How to Use CSV Data Set to Configure JMeter Tests

Apache JMeter is a Java-based, open source testing tool, which can help you create and run functional and load tests for Websites, APIs (REST and SOAP) and other web services. In this example we are going to have a look on how to create and run a JMeter test using a CSV file for our data, and consume the data in our test from that CSV file. First, let’s open JMeter and create a new JMeter test script. Add a Thread Group Inside the Thread Group add the following.

A beginner's guide to test automation with Javascript (Nightwatch.js). Part 4.

Congratulations on getting to part 4 of the “A beginner’s guide to test automation with Javascript (Nighwatch.js)” blog series! This part will help you to improve your test script (and make it cooler). We’ll explain different style suggestions and the overall script structure that we follow in Loadero to bring your script to a new level.

How to Perform Load Testing with k6 using Buddy CI/CD

In this guide, we'll look at adding performance testing to your development workflow with Buddy and k6. k6 is an open-source load testing tool for testing the performance of APIs, microservices, and websites. Developers can use k6 to test a system's performance under a particular load to catch performance regressions or errors.