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Five steps towards better software for A11Y accessibility

The A11Y movement is an important one, because it refers to how accessible software is to everyone, ensuring that apps can be used by the maximum number of people to ensure inclusivity. The A11Y is a numeronym, with 11 referring to the number of letters that the word 'accessibility' contains between 'a' and 'y'. Nor is this just about reaching the most potential customers: with increasing numbers of websites and apps being used for healthcare, government and more, A11Y has become a must. After all, in many countries, accessibility is a right protected by law.

BDD with CucumberStudio and TestComplete - Sergey Sammal - TestComplete Community Day 2021

This video describes how SmartBear CucumberStudio and TestComplete can be combined together for implementing the BDD approach in your test automation. Including Jenkins into this set will complete your solution with full orchestration. We will show a step-by-step guide using our example project on how to achieve this goal and what benefits you will have using SmartBear tools.

Write Great Cucumber Tests

Behavior-driven development (BDD) is an Agile software development process encouraging collaboration between developers, QA and non-technical participants in a software project. Cucumber is an example of a JavaScript (JS) methodology that enables BDD. It helps to lay a test automation foundation by embracing coding standards and design patterns that will be used in the automation development process.

Starting your BDD journey in Jira with Zephyr Squad

In this 60-minute session, our experts will provide an overview of what is #BDD, and why it’s gaining popularity with #Agile teams around the world. If you have been on the fence about combing BDD and test management, this session will provide you with ample reasons why Zephyr Squad (formerly Zephyr for Jira) is your best companion in your BDD journey in Jira.

The Engineering Manager's Dilemma

In this talk, we’ll examine the trade-offs around adopting #BDD. While the benefits can be enormous, it doesn’t come for free, and it pays for everyone to be prepared to make this investment wholeheartedly, with your eyes open. We’ll explore some of the benefits people have enjoyed as they adopt BDD, and look at where the investment costs come, and how soon they start to amortize.

Understanding the benefits of test management and BDD

Teams have been testing software for as long as software has existed. With the increased adoption of continuous integration and delivery, automated tests are becoming essential. Behaviour-driven development (BDD) is a modern approach to developing software that grew out of Agile and test-driven development. Most teams/organisations can benefit from test management and BDD, but BDD adoption is much more than simply managing tests – automated or manual.