December 2021

Top 8 Moesif Competitors and Alternatives in 2022

Moesif offers self-service analytics for everyday use, as well as features that aid with cost-effective analytics expansion. Customers use it to monitor features to better understand when there are API difficulties, and there are extra features to determine who is using the API, how often they use it, and who is likely to discontinue using it based on how they use it.

How to Choose the Best API Management Platform

An API or Application Programming Interface is how two applications communicate with one another; it is also the way users access an application. All websites and applications use some form of API through an API gateway, which serves as an entry point to a service. Unfortunately, over 90% of businesses have suffered from a security problem related to their APIs, making API security a top concern. For this reason and more, many businesses require a dedicated API management platform.

2021 - The Year of Innovations for "Jobs to be Done"

While COVID-19 continues to cause devastating disruption to the global economy more than two years into the pandemic, it is also continuing to force remarkable innovation across different industries. Companies have found new ways to sell, service and operate during the crisis. For me, there is one common theme for these innovative companies, including Qlik, and it is “Jobs to be Done.”

Heroku Private Space and mTLS

Due to the increasing number of ransomware and security breaches, premiums for cyber-insurance have gone up by 10 to 40 percent in recent years. Ara Aslanian, CEO of Inverselogic says “Minimum security requirements have definitely changed, especially the way insurers review the companies," Aslanian says. “Previously, the checking process was mostly conducted by self-assessment, which meant the insurers would send companies self-assessment sheets for them to check the boxes.

Insomnia Projects: API Collaboration and Documentation

We don’t build our own ticket tracking systems or email clients, so why do we expect every person who joins a team to build their own collection of snippets for interacting with internal systems? These systems are usually not well documented, and the only way to learn how to use them is by asking someone or reading source code. Let’s learn how to use Insomnia Projects with our new collaboration features to provide a prebuilt collection of sample requests, plus documentation about the purpose of each endpoint so that your new team members can be productive on day one.

CSS Selectors And XPath Locators In Selenium Test Automation Scripts

One of the most important aspects of automated web application testing is having a good grasp of using locators. Locators allow retrieving DOM elements from the web page. Interacting with web elements during automated tests allows to create end-to-end tests that simulate real users behavior. In this blog post, we will talk about two types of locators – CSS selectors and XPath.

Looking into 2022: Predictions for a New Year in MLOps

In an era where the passage of time seems to have changed somehow, it definitely feels strange to already be reflecting on another year gone by. It’s a cliche for a reason–the world definitely feels like it’s moving faster than ever, and in some completely unexpected directions. Sometimes it feels like we’re living in a time lapse when I consider the pace of technological progress I’ve witnessed in just a year.

SQL Performance Tuning: 9 Best Practices for Developer

SQL performance tuning is a difficult task, especially when working with large amounts of data, where even slight changes can have a significant (positive or negative) influence on performance. A Database Administrator (DBA) will be in charge of most SQL performance adjustments in mid-sized and large businesses. However, believe me when we say that there are plenty of developers that have to perform DBA-like jobs.

How to Fix the Unsupported Operation Exception Error in Java

An UnsupportedOperationException is a runtime exception in Java that occurs when a requested operation is not supported. For example, if an unmodifiable List is attempted to be modified by adding or removing elements, an UnsupportedOperationException is thrown. This is one of the common exceptions that occur when working with Java collections such as List, Queue, Set and Map. The UnsupportedOperationException is a member of the Java Collections Framework.

Moving At DevOps Speed With In Sprint Automation

From the traditional Waterfall model to more iterative approaches like Agile and DevOps, software testing is constantly evolving. And while teams have worked their way to deliver quality at speed, there seems to be something holding them back. Read on to learn about in-sprint automation and why it’s the key to moving at DevOps speed.

Connecting to MySQL With Python

The MySQL database is a popular option for storing data. It's powerful, reliable, and easy to use. However, it can be challenging to work with if you don't have the right tools. Luckily, Python has an API for MySQL that makes working with this database simple. Connecting to MySQL with Python code is a great way to build a rich set of data through programming and to create database content quickly.

Introducing Thundra Sidekick GitLab Integration

We developed Sidekick with a purpose in mind that you could debug your beloved applications in their natural habitat - live in production. We're now introducing GitLab support. Previously we were only working with GitHub but since we are constantly improving our product, we added GitLab as one of our source providers.

How to Handle the Incompatible Types Error in Java

Variables are memory containers used to store information. In Java, every variable has a data type and stores a value of that type. Data types, or types for short, are divided into two categories: primitive and non-primitive. There are eight primitive types in Java: byte, short, int, long, float, double, boolean and char. These built-in types describe variables that store single values of a predefined format and size.

Migrating Data During a Merger or Acquisition

Since I’m now migrating NodeGraph’s processes to Qlik, I thought it may be a good time to talk about migrating data during a merger or acquisition. There are many aspects to consider. Here are some of my thoughts on why companies merge or migrate data landscapes, common M&A migration pitfalls and how to avoid them, the time and cost involved migrating data during a merger or acquisition, and other topics.

G2 Winter 2022 Fastest Implementation: DreamFactory Awarded!

DreamFactory is proud to announce its achievement in the G2 Winter Quarter 2022 Fastest Implementation report. Our accomplishment in the Winter 2022 quarter shows not only the hard work our team has put in over the last quarter, but also reflects how satisfied our customers are with our product.

9 Expert Tips for Using Snowflake

Snowflake is a robust data warehouse that has changed the data science game for many organizations. Snowflake lets you analyze your data using the most sophisticated query engine available today with its cloud-native architecture. But using Snowflake is not always as simple as using other products on the market. Below are nine expert tips to help you master the Snowflake platform.

Redshift vs Snowflake: 6 Key Differences

About five years ago, there was plenty of hype surrounding big data and analytics. Today, the industry has mainly lived up to the hype and transformed into the underlying force that drives businesses forward. Over the years, the sheer amount of data generated every second has grown exponentially. This has led to the emergence of enterprise cloud data warehouse technology that’s highly efficient in handling analytics workloads.

Security Risks On Rails: Misconfiguration and Unsafe Integrations

In the third and final article of our series on the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks, we’ll explore the lesser-known risks associated with the development of web applications on Rails when it comes to threats involving security misconfiguration, JSON escaping, etc.

Embracing Failure With Gremlin Chaos Engineering

In this episode of Kongcast, I spoke with Jason Yee, director of advocacy at Gremlin, about the concept of chaos engineering, why even the best engineers can’t control everything, and tools and tactics to help build app resiliency. Check out the transcript and video from our conversation below, and be sure to subscribe to get email alerts for the latest new episodes.

Webhooks Explained - What are they & Which tools are best to create them?

As project needs evolve and expand, people need tools or software to enhance business operations and improve productivity. Over the past few years, several frameworks have been designed to aid the development of such tools and software, and among them webhooks are prominent ones. Webhooks are essentially tools used to automate business processes and allow organizations to provide interactive capabilities to customers.

Six testing insights to optimize your 2022 QA strategy

Modern QA strategies go beyond bug hunting best practices and have become in-depth philosophical, methodological cultures precisely crafted to an individual business’s goals. For brands that want high-quality digital products, QA is a critical tool in all parts of the dev cycle and the CI/CD pipeline. As a new year promises new challenges, products, and shifting consumer demands, technicality, functionality, and thorough QA will be critical to business success.

G2 Winter 2022: DreamFactory awarded Best Estimated ROI

DreamFactory is proud to announce G2 has recognized us as the Best Estimated ROI in the API Management category for the G2 Winter 2022 quarter! Our accomplishment in the Winter 2022 quarter shows not only the hard work our team has put in over the last quarter, but also reflects how satisfied our customers are with our product.

How to Start E-Commerce Integration

As the world’s number one CRM provider, Salesforce has been transforming customer relationship management for the last two decades across various e-commerce platforms and e-commerce websites. From increased communication to improved customer relationships to better business plans, the Salesforce platform has helped countless organizations move a step above their competitors.

Web Security Attacks You Must Know - Part 2

The world is a digital place today. We fulfil most of our work, social and family tasks virtually, using the internet. The technology is now so universal, with so few barriers to entry, that practically anyone can connect to this global grid, no matter their technical skills. However, there is a flip side. Many people lack security awareness and knowledge, which can have drastic impacts on their social and financial life.

The Ultimate Guide to Logging in Python

Logging is used to track events that happen when an application runs. Logging calls are added to application code to record or log the events and errors that occur during program execution. In Python, the logging module is used to log such events and errors. An event can be described by a message and can optionally contain data specific to the event. Events also have a level or severity assigned by the developer. Logging is very useful for debugging and for tracking any required information.

Java Guides: How to Handle the Unclosed String Literal Error

Strings are a fundamental data type in most modern general-purpose programming languages. In Java, strings are defined as character sequences and are represented as immutable objects of the class java.lang.String which contains various constructors and methods for creating and manipulating strings . Below is an example of the string literal "rollbar" being assigned to two different variables a and b which both reference the same (automatically interned) String object.

Syslog Tutorial: Everything You Need to Know

Syslog is a protocol that allows you to transmit and receive notifications in a predefined format from various network devices. Timestamps, event messages, severity, host IP addresses, diagnostics, and other information are included in the messages. It may transmit a range of severity levels, including level 0, which is an emergency, level 5, which is a warning, System Unstable, critical, and levels 6 and 7, which are Informational and Debugging.

Operationalize Your Data Warehouse With Reverse ETL

Data warehousing aggregates data from disparate sources so you can run real-time reports for greater business intelligence. However, a data warehouse does more than generate big data analytics. How about using it as a data source rather than just a destination? You can move data from your warehouse to other systems in your networks, such as Salesforce or Zendesk, and improve existing operations.

What to gift your software tester friend if you are the secret Santa?

No matter how old we are, we still love gifts!! When Christmas is around the corner, we can only think of secret Santa and the gifts he brings along. And a thought arises: what would you give your software tester friend as a gift, if you were the secret Santa. Or maybe if you are a tester, you can buy a gift for yourself on Christmas and be your own Santa. Excited? Let’s find out some interesting gifts which can be gifted to a tester, and they will adore you for that.

Pinpoint Application Failures with Distributed Tracing

When building modern software architectures there can be many moving parts that while adding to the flexibility of software, can also make them more complex than ever before. With software now being built in smaller, more discrete components, issues can occur at many different layers across the stack, making them more difficult to track down.

What is Code Profiling? - A Detailed Explanation

Few lines of code, no matter how great your development team is, run at peak performance when they're originally developed. To discover the most effective technique to make code run quicker, it must be evaluated, debugged, and reviewed. How can software engineers and quality assurance engineers ensure that their code is fast, efficient, and ultimately valuable? The approach is to evaluate an application's code and discover and resolve performance bottlenecks using code profiling.

Why Log Data Retention Windows Fail

If you’re using Elasticsearch as part of an ELK stack solution for log analytics, you’ll need to manage the size of your indexed log data to achieve the best performance. Elasticsearch indices have no limit to their size, but a larger index takes longer to query and is more costly to store. Performance degradation is often observed with large Elastic indices and queries on large indices can even crash Elasticsearch when they use up all of the available heap memory on the node.

The 7 Major Players in Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service You Should Look Out For in 2022

Enterprise Integration Platform as a service (EiPaaS) is commonly used to describe a suite of cloud-based tools and services that are designed to support enterprise-grade integration strategy and initiatives. The hallmarks of EiPaaS products are ease-of-use, standardization and pre-built modules such as connection endpoints (usually API-based, to connect to a business application like CRM or ERP), automation flow builder and error handler.

Why You Need a Salesforce Uploader Today!

With more than 150,000 customers and millions of users, Salesforce processes a lot of data — accounts, contacts, activities, leads, opportunities, you name it. And people are adding more data to Salesforce all the time. As organizations realize the benefits of customer relations, Salesforce has become the number one destination for sales, marketing, eCommerce, and field service data. That's even more accounts, contacts, activities, leads, and opportunities.

Your Perforce Cloud Hosting Options

Cloud hosting unburdens teams from maintaining physical hardware. It’s great for teams with small office spaces or limited IT resources. It also allows teams to access their data anywhere, making remote collaboration simpler and faster. It allows them to scale their computing power as needed, which can offer significant cost savings. Read on to learn about solutions for teams looking to deploy Perforce Helix Core to the cloud.

Performance Comparison between Selenium-3 and Selenium-4

Selenium-4 was officially released On October 13, 2021, and brought lots of upgrades with this release. The most prominent change in this release is the deprecation of JSON wire Protocol. It changed Selenium architecture in a significant way. Besides that, there are also lots of standardizations and stabilizations about the Selenium domain. In this article, we are going to compare coding practices between Selenium-3 and Selenium-4, and we will make a performance comparison between them.

Three reasons you need modern cloud analytics now

Data is everywhere. As the sheer volume and number of data sources continue to explode, so do new opportunities for modern businesses to create and act on insights. That is if they are equipped with the right analytics technology. Historically, many businesses have settled for “good enough” analytics tools, putting up with lackluster bundles from full-stack vendors in an attempt to minimize cost or risk.

Automated Functional Testing 101: How & When to Start

Manually testing an application is time-consuming, costly, and difficult to scale as your application grows: as you add more features to your application, you have to add more functional tests. And getting those additional tests done usually means adding headcount. Automated functional testing can speed up the testing process, provide more consistent results, and give one person the ability to manage the testing workload of five or more manual testers.

Achieving Maximum API Platform Security With Kong

Before exposing your company’s APIs, your highest priority should be to assure the security, governance and reliability of those APIs. To do so, you’ll need to use an API gateway as a single secure entry point for API consumers rather than allowing direct access to APIs. Kong Gateway can help manage the full lifecycle of services and APIs as well as secure and govern the access to those APIs within an API platform.

A Beginner's Guide to Managing Projects with Wrike

Project management is the process of completing the set objectives of a project, coordinating the team members, and ensuring that the right methods are used. Good project management involves working within the confines of a budget as well as time constraints and ensuring that the right people are working on the right areas.

Best Kong Alternatives for 2022

Many companies are beginning to adopt speed and agility as a differentiator with regard to their API management solution. A solid API strategy is a key to supporting those goals. However, as new feature requests come in and customer needs change, an API catalogue can grow out of control. Kong is just one of many API management tools to help you bring order to your API development and management process. However, this is not the only option.

API Infrastructure: ESB Versus API Gateway (Part 1)

For the modern enterprise, the focus on customer obsession—an endeavor shown by research to bring better revenue growth and customer retention—requires connectivity across all of an organization’s resources. Back in the day, the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) was the primary provider of connectivity for a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

How to Learn Python Scripting in 7 Simple Steps

Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages in the world — and for good reason. Knowing how to code has never been so valuable thanks to the expanding world of tech and focus on data science. From landing high-paying jobs to improving your skillset, learning Python scripting can bring you many opportunities to succeed. However, while these opportunities are robust, many challenges come with learning Python.

Top 15 Data Visualisation Tools

If you have been trying to compare all of the best data visualisation tools you may have found it difficult to find a detailed list that includes both open-source and proprietary solutions to help you compare and make an informed decision on what you need going forward. In this guide, you will find out everything you need to know about the leading solutions for data visualisation to help you get started with your next analysis project.

Applause vs Rainforest QA vs Testlio vs Test IO: Crowdtesting Guide

If you're looking to scale up your manual software testing without hiring a whole team of in-house testers, there are several outsourced software testing services that use crowd testers to provide affordable results. Many of these providers look similar on the surface—most offer exploratory testing, some version of scripted testing, and claim to integrate into your team's workflow.

Cloudera Data Engineering 2021 Year End Review

Since the release of Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE) more than a year ago, our number one goal was operationalizing Spark pipelines at scale with first class tooling designed to streamline automation and observability. In working with thousands of customers deploying Spark applications, we saw significant challenges with managing Spark as well as automating, delivering, and optimizing secure data pipelines.

Set API Bandwidth Limits With This Hackathon Award-Winning Plugin

This year, we hosted our inaugural Kong Summit Hackathon. This virtual competition engaged our open source community and offered recognition and prizes for hacks in various categories. The community delivered with ingenious plugins, hacks and documentation. This blog post highlights our Kong Gateway plugin winner, Narendra Patel. Narendra is a senior DevOps engineer at Egnyte with close to 10 years of experience as a developer, DevOps engineer, SRE and in RPA (robotics process automation).

8 Common Causes of Flaky Tests in Elixir

Flaky tests are like meme stocks — many people have them, but no one knows what to do with them. Today, we will change that by diving into some common causes and, more importantly, solutions for flickering tests in Elixir. Elixir has many great primitives that let us run tests asynchronously, including immutable data, lightweight processes, and the Ecto SQL sandbox. Running tests asynchronously can greatly speed up your test suite, but can also increase the chance of flaky tests.

Make use of the console.log() Like a Pro

For any developer, console.log() is one of the most well-known javascript functions since it allows us to quickly check for errors in our code in some circumstances. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a tool that Javascript developers use to debug their code. Almost all popular browsers include a console, which comes in helpful for debugging Javascript. To access your browser's console, you use the console object of Javascript.

A Beginner's Guide to DOM (Document Object Model)

Since the turn of the century, websites have progressed dramatically. What used to be a network of basic text-based pages has developed into a network of carefully created experiences, complete with responsive buttons, parallax scrolling, and tailored information. These website design aspects don't appear out of anywhere, of course.

How to use code coverage to measure your readiness to deploy

Testing and Quality Assurance can be endless tasks. That’s why testing teams need metrics to measure and quantify their work and success. Testing metrics provide tangible ways to measure the progress of testing, as well as the readiness to deploy a product. One of the most common and useful metrics is code coverage. Many testers consider it a good practice to write test cases that provide maximum code coverage and verify the expected and wanted behavior of the software.

New Year, New UI: Get Started in Snowsight

Out with the old; in with the new! If you haven’t already checked out the new Snowflake® interface (aka Snowsight®), make it your New Year’s resolution. Set yourself up for success in 2022 by spending a few minutes getting to know the new features and experiences that are in public preview—available when you click the Snowsight button at the top of your console’s menu bar.

100% Test Automation is Not a Good Goal

If you have ever seen the 1976 movie ‘All the President’s Men’ you may remember the phrase “follow the money.” The idea behind this is that political corruption could be exposed merely by looking at financial transfers between parties. In testing, I like to give a slight tweak on this phrase and say, ‘follow the revenue.’ What does this mean? Plainly, we should focus most of our testing efforts in the ways that we will see the most positive return.

Big Data Meets the Cloud

With interest in big data and cloud increasing around the same time, it wasn’t long until big data began being deployed in the cloud. Big data comes with some challenges when deployed in traditional, on-premises settings. There’s significant operational complexity, and, worst of all, scaling deployments to meet the continued exponential growth of data is difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

Why Understanding Dark Data Is Essential to the Future of Finance

“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” The famous line from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epic poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” has a fitting application to today’s data problem. Enterprises are deluged with data, but they often have no way to leverage it. According to most experts, only a small percentage of data is usable and made useful, and most of it is in the dark — thus the term, “dark data.”

How To Use Change Data Capture with

Change data capture (CDC) is a crucial, but also tremendously underappreciated, feature that forms the backbone of modern ETL workloads. Without knowing which data has changed since you last accessed it, you’d be forced to extract all the data from a source table or database each time that you perform data integration—which would be a tremendously inefficient process.

Government Clause Automation Solution

Including the right clause language in the solicitation and execution of a contract is mission critical, and very difficult to achieve. Appian Government Clause Automation can help. Informed by over 20 years of experience working with government IT leaders, this pre-built solution uses modern automation, workflow, and integrations to streamline, standardize, and secure the acquisition process. Learn more at

10 Things Testers Wish CIOs and CTOs Knew About Testing: Episode 8

In this new series from Sauce Labs, Marcus Merrell addresses ten things he wishes CIOs and CTOs understood about testing. In episode eight, Marcus touches on what he considers to be unreasonable test automation goals. Come along on this ten-episode journey to learn some best practices while Marcus dispels some myths about the testing space.

Secure Code Warrior Integration

Software security breaches pose a major safety and security threats. However, writing high quality, secure code can be a challenge without the right tools and knowledge. Secure Code Warrior is an integrated platform that provides secure coding training and tools that helps shift developer focus from vulnerability reaction to prevention. By using a combination of training courses and tournaments, Secure Code Warrior enables developers to gain the knowledge and skills to fix security vulnerabilities — ensuring they are less likely to be repeated in the future.

Simplifying automatic code signing on Bitrise

We are simplifying code signing on Bitrise. Now there are two ways to automate code signing on Bitrise: using Xcode Build/Archive Steps (with iOS Auto Provision Steps merged into them) and not using these Steps, but 'Manage iOS Code Signing' instead. In both cases, we've reduced the number of things that could go wrong. Let's see what has changed!

Ably wins three 2021 DevPortal Awards

Here at Ably, we constantly strive to enhance our state-of-the-art product offering and to provide an industry-leading developer experience for our users. As a testament to our ongoing efforts, we’re delighted to announce that Ably has recently won three 2021 DevPortal Awards: The DevPortal Awards aims to: This is the second year running when Ably has taken part in the DevPortal Awards. In 2020, we won two DevPortal Awards.

Recognizing Organizations Leading the Way in Data Security & Governance

The right set of tools helps businesses utilize data to drive insights and value. But balancing a strong layer of security and governance with easy access to data for all users is no easy task. Retrofitting existing solutions to ever-changing policy and security demands is one option. Another option — a more rewarding one — is to include centralized data management, security, and governance into data projects from the start.

Financial Services and Digital Transformation: A Conversation with Chris Skinner

The core theme at Sibos 2021 was digital transformation, its impact on the finance industry, and how financial institutions can drive this transformation. Digital transformation is wide-reaching and can mean different things for different industries. For financial services organizations, it’s about bringing technology up to par to meet client needs, adhere to regulatory requirements, and mitigate risk.

Headway: Product communication at its best

Consumer transparency is one of the key factors to be kept in mind by any business that wishes to grow and expand. Especially today, establishing unhindered communication with your prospects is absolutely essential to keep them updated on what you have to offer as well as to retain your customer base. Needless to say, taking charge of the entire marketing communication process manually is not feasible for any organization, irrespective of its size.

Leveraging BigQuery Audit Log pipelines for Usage Analytics

In the BigQuery Spotlight series, we talked about Monitoring. This post focuses on using Audit Logs for deep dive monitoring. BigQuery Audit Logs are a collection of logs provided by Google Cloud that provide insight into operations related to your use of BigQuery. A wealth of information is available to you in the Audit Logs. Cloud Logging captures events which can show “who” performed “what” activity and “how” the system behaved.

How To Ensure You Are Following The Best Coding Practices

From email automation to website functions to apps on our phones, the digital world runs on the language of computers: coding. Coding is the thinking behind digital minds, telling machines what to do, how to do it and when it needs to be done. Unfortunately, coding is a difficult field to organize. Every language uses specialized syntax, which every developer uses with subtle variation depending on company and geographic location.

You Only Need These 5 QA Metrics to Improve Software Testing

In software development, there’s almost nothing more stressful than a hotfix—when a customer reports a bug that’s so severe everyone stops what they’re doing (no matter what time of day) to fix the bug. Hotfixes interrupt workflows and seem to always happen at the worst times. Often, a series of hotfixes will drive software teams to ask themselves: why isn’t our QA team catching these, and how can we improve QA?

9 Mobile App Testing Trends to Look For in 2022

It’s that time of year when we turn our attention to what lies ahead in the new year and beyond. For software development teams, it helps to understand the latest trends in technology, user behavior, and the broader market, as well as how to incorporate them into your mobile app development and testing strategies. This blog post discusses the mobile application testing trends for 2022 that software development teams need to know.

10 Best Practices for Building a Good API

APIs are being created faster than ever before with ever-advancing technologies such as node.js and AngularJS. With the flexibility in design and integrations for APIs, there isn't a more exciting time than now to be an API developer. However, with so many new technologies and methods of creating APIs comes the question, "What makes a good API?" While the increase in API creation has many advantages for businesses in multiple areas, there is also more room for low-quality API production.

The Top 25 Grafana Interview Questions

If you are looking for your next role which involves an in-depth knowledge of Grafana then you will want to make sure that you have revised sufficiently beforehand. In this resource guide on the top Grafana interview questions, we've listed all of the leading questions that candidates are commonly asked about this popular visual analysis tool alongside the answers you’ll need to pass. Want to improve your knowledge even further?

Katalon Academy: Katalon Recorder Course introduction

If you are new to test automation, or want to try out a testing tool that requires little programming experience, then Katalon Recorder is for you. Katalon Recorder is a free lightweight browser extension for automated testing on the web. This extension helps you turn interactions on websites into automated test scripts that you can edit and execute easily. Start-ups and small businesses can use Katalon Recorder to quickly perform cross-browser automated testing on Chrome, Firefox, or MS Edge.

How Eurofunk uses k6 for load testing emergency services (k6 Office Hours #37)

Load testing is hard enough-- what if lives were literally at stake? Daniel Knittl-Frank joins us today on k6 Office Hours to talk about how Eurofunk uses k6 for load testing emergency services including the 112 hotline. Interviewing him from the k6 team are Robin Gustafsson, CEO, and Nicole van der Hoeven, Developer Advocate.

The Next Generation of Cloud Connectivity: Apache Kafka, API Gateway and Service Mesh

Let’s boldly go where no one has gone before. Get ready, Star Trek fans! Jean-Luc Picard will be representing our microservice. Once we have Jean-Luc in our ship (microservice in production), what happens on day 2? We still need to add authorization, load balancing, rate limiting, etc. With an API gateway, like Kong Gateway, you don’t have to know how to do this because a set of program components, called plugins, allow you to implement this without any problem.

OOP Concepts for Beginners: What is Polymorphism

Object-Oriented Programming has different concepts allowing developers to build logical code. One of these concepts is polymorphism. But what is polymorphism? Let’s discuss. Polymorphism is one of the core concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP) and describes situations in which something occurs in several different forms. In computer science, it describes the concept that you can access objects of different types through the same interface.

Modern Data Stack using for the ELT is a company that provides an ELT (Extract, Load and Transform) data stack. They can do transformations using DBT, which stands for Database Transformation toolkit. Then they use again to push the data into systems like Salesforce. This system will allow you to have better control over your data and provide a cost-effective solution.

Is SSIS a Good ETL Tool?

ETL (Extract, Transfer and Load) is a well-known data integration process. There is an overwhelming number of tools that you can use (one of which is SSIS) and it can be difficult to choose between them. What exactly is SSIS, and how can it help your company perform ETL better than you ever have before? This article will explain the major features of SSIS, demonstrate the pros and cons of implementing it, and advise as to when you might be better off with a different ETL tool.

How to use AI & ML to optimize supply chain analytics with Sisu

Supply chain incidents and delays are painful and costly—impacting customers and resulting in lost revenue. However, many businesses lack the resources required to quickly and accurately diagnose, resolve, and reduce these incidents. By leveraging augmented analytics, data analysts and decision-makers can reduce these incidents to increase profits, improve customer satisfaction, and mitigate risk.

Meet Testlio's Founders

The entrepreneurial journey is an adventure with unpredictable twists and turns. But, while journeys takes many shapes, one thing is common amongst entrepreneurs – a passion and vision for what might be. Testlio's journey started in 2012 with an idea to offer a better way to test software and release apps with confidence. Testlio's founders, Kristel and Marko Kruustuk, had the vision to provide skilled testers with more meaningful opportunities, thereby creating world-class app testing outcomes and customer experiences.

Data Goes Around The World In 80 Seconds With Snowflake

See how a database named Phileas Fogg can journey around the world in 80 seconds on Snowflake in this animated short. With Snowflake, PHILEAS_FOGG can failover in the event of disruption to enable continuous business operations and be joined with local data sets for global data collaboration across clouds.

Apache Kafka, API Gateway and Service Mesh for Cloud Connectivity

In this video, @Viktor Gamov illustrates the differences between an API gateway and service mesh — and when to use one or the other pragmatically and objectively. He also discuss the similarities and differences between the communication layer provided by gateways, service mesh and Apache Kafka. Finally, you will learn a few ways to use Apache Kafka within a service mesh architecture.

How to Fix Method/Constructor X in Class Y Cannot be Applied to Given Types in Java

In computer programming, a function is a set of instructions that can be invoked to perform a particular task. In object-oriented programming (OOP), a method is a function that is typically associated with an object and models its behavior . In Java, methods can also be static, in which case they are part of a class definition and do not require an object to be created before they are invoked.

What is Amazon Redshift Spectrum?

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) has been around since 2006. Most use this scalable, cloud-based service for archiving and backing up data. Within 10 years of its birth, S3 stored over 2 trillion objects, each up to 5 terabytes in size. Enterprises value their data as something worth preserving. But much of this data lies inert, in “cold” data lakes, unavailable for analysis. Also called “dark data”, it can hold key insights for enterprises.

Unlocking Data Literacy Part 2: Building a Training Program

As we head into the holidays, there’s no better time to talk about bringing people together. And there’s no better way to bring employees together within a company aspiring to be data-driven than with a data literacy program. What data analytics processes should your organization put into place to increase data literacy? It all starts with establishing a training program to empower your people to work with data, regardless of their level of expertise.

4 Government Technology Trends to Watch For in 2022

As a new calendar year approaches, public sector CIOs and IT leaders are preparing for another year of change in their technology stack and its role in accomplishing their mission. The last two years have brought immense change and shifting imperatives to the public sector. Perhaps one of the most impactful is the drastic acceleration of digitization initiatives.

Adopting a Production-First Approach to Enterprise AI

After a year packed with one machine learning and data science event after another, it’s clear that there are a few different definitions of the term ‘MLOps’ floating around. One convention uses MLOps to mean the cycle of training an AI model: preparing the data, evaluating, and training the model. This iterative or interactive model often includes AutoML capabilities, and what happens outside the scope of the trained model is not included in this definition.

Express vs. Hapi: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Express and Hapi are frameworks based on Node.js, an open-source server environment that runs on various platforms, using JavaScript as the language of choice. Since both frameworks are Nodejs-based and popularly used for web and mobile application development, let’s compare them and see which is more suitable for your needs as a developer.

Will cloud ecosystems finally make insight to action a reality?

For decades, the technologies and systems that deliver analytics have undergone massive change. What hasn’t changed, however, is the goal: using data-driven insights to drive actions. Insight to action has been a consistent vision for the industry. Everyone from data practitioners to technology developers have sought this elusive goal, but as Chief Data Strategy Officer Cindi Howson points out, it has remained unfulfilled — until now.

Kong Gateway 2.7 Is Here and Ready!

Today, we are welcoming another noteworthy advancement of the Kong Gateway – the general availability of version 2.7! Both Kong Gateway and Kong Gateway OSS version 2.7 downloads are available on your favorite distribution channels. This release of the Kong Gateway includes a number of important features that serve as a foundation for addressing three key areas.

How to migrate an on-premises data warehouse to BigQuery on Google Cloud

Data teams across companies have continuous challenges of consolidating data, processing it and making it useful. They deal with challenges such as a mixture of multiple ETL jobs, long ETL windows capacity-bound on-premise data warehouses and ever-increasing demands from users. They also need to make sure that the downstream requirements of ML, reporting and analytics are met with the data processing.

Top 3 CloudOps Priorities for 2022, from Hitachi Vantara & AWS

As an estimated 92% of enterprises have adopted hybrid and multicloud strategies, according to the 2021 State of the Cloud Report from Flexera, cloud operations (CloudOps) teams face increasing pressure to simultaneously manage costs while improving business outcomes. What levers can CloudOps teams pull to achieve operational objectives such as reducing hybrid and distributed cloud complexity, enhancing security, and automating processes?

Redshift Join: How to use Redshift's Join Clause

Redshift’s JOIN clause is perhaps the second most important clause after SELECT clause, and it is used even more ubiquitously, considering how interconnected a typical application database’s tables are. Due to that connectivity between datasets, data developers require many joins to collect and process all the data points involved in most use cases. Unfortunately, as the number of tables you’re joining in grows, so does the sloth of your query.

What Are The Best ETL Tools For Vertica?

Vertica claims to offer the "most advanced unified analytical warehouse" in the world, providing actionable data insights you can't find anywhere else. The truth is, like any data warehouse, Vertica is only as good as the data you put into it. Moving data to Vertica can be a headache for organizations without a data engineering team. Data might live in various locations — transactional databases, relational databases, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, you name it.

Announcing Our $4M Seed and Continual Public Beta

Today we’re excited to announce the public beta launch of Continual, the first operational AI platform built specifically for modern data teams and the modern data stack. We’re also announcing our $4M Series Seed, led by Amplify Partners, and joined by Illuminate Ventures, Wayfinder, DCF, and Essence, as well as new partnerships with Snowflake and dbt Labs.

What Is Log4Shell? The Log4j Vulnerability Explained

A new vulnerability that impacts devices and applications that use Java has been identified in Log4j, the open-source Apache logging library. Known as Log4Shell, the flaw is the most significant security vulnerability currently on the internet, with a severity score of 10-out-of-10. Fortunately, Perforce static analysis and SAST tools — Helix QAC and Klocwork — can help.

How to Write a Software Requirements Specification (SRS Document)

Clear, concise, and executable requirements help development teams create a proper product. How do we organize and present these requirements? That's where a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) comes in. But what is an SRS, and when should you use one? In this blog, we'll outline a typical software requirements specification, including how to define your product's purpose, describe what you're building, detail the requirements, and, finally, deliver it for approval.

PostgreSQL to Amazon Redshift: 4 Ways to Replicate Your Data

PostgreSQL is the preferred platform of millions of developers around the world. The open-source tool is one of the most powerful databases on the planet, with the ability to handle sophisticated analytical workloads and high levels of concurrency. That makes PostgreSQL (also called Postgres) a popular DB for scientific research and AI/ML projects. It’s also a popular production database for data-driven companies in every industry. But no database is perfect.

SaaS in 60 - Catalog KPI and Qlik Lineage Connectors

Catalog KPIs: These KPIs help you understand key metrics of apps, data, notes, automations and monitored charts viewable in the catalog. The indicators represent usage and views of each item such as how many apps are using a particular data set, what items are being used most- including a trend indicator showing more, less or no change in views over a 28 day period.

Why a Data Lakehouse alone is not the answer to modern analytics

Can the Lakehouse meet all your analytics needs or do you need a Data Lake and a Data Warehouse working in parallel? Join us on this live stream to learn when one works better than the other, or, do you really need the combination to win? Our speakers David, Justin, and Chris will debate the different use cases and architectures to determine what is necessary for a data-driven business.

How to use AI & ML to optimize supply chain analytics with Sisu

Supply chain incidents and delays are painful and costly—impacting customers and resulting in lost revenue. However, many businesses lack the resources required to quickly and accurately diagnose, resolve, and reduce these incidents. By leveraging augmented analytics, data analysts and decision-makers can reduce these incidents to increase profits, improve customer satisfaction, and mitigate risk.

Appian Workforce Safety Vaccination, Testing and Exemption Tracking

Appian Workforce Safety is designed to help your organization comply with federal and local policy changes to deliver a safe onsite work experience in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. See how this solution helps track vaccination, testing and exemption status of your workforce and more. Workforce Safety is built on the Appian low-code platform and available in our HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified cloud.

What's New in Rails 7

Rails 7 is just around the corner. We don't have a confirmed release date, but it is expected to be available before Christmas, so not very long to go. The latest version as of this post's publication is 7.0.0.rc1, the first release candidate. Basecamp, HEY, Github, and Shopify have all been running the Rails 7 alpha in production, so we can expect even the release candidate to be pretty stable. In this post, we will look at some of the new features and changes that Rails 7 will bring.

Capturing your screenshots with Foresight in Action

Before we start, probably it’s a good idea to understand why taking screenshots in your software tests is important in the first place. Automated software testing is a quite young area of software development lifecycle and automated user interface testing is even more! The basic idea behind the automating testing is trying to decrease the time and other resources spent on assuring software products.

Monitoring Appian with Appian: Tackling Security Alert Fatigue with Low-Code and SOAR

Here at Appian, we have experienced tremendous growth in the past few years by helping our customers solve their most important business problems faster. We do this by providing a low-code platform that brings together humans, systems, and most recently, robots in support of any mission.

Multi-Thread in Node.js: What are Worker Threads?

Node.js is a free, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment, while single-threaded in nature, executes asynchronous code using several threads in the background. Because of its design, Node.js has received a lot of flak. It seems unusual that Node.js doesn't have direct access to threads when compared to programming languages like Java, C, or Python. The worker_thread module in Node.js 11 allows us to launch many threads on a single core.

7 Cryptocurrency Resources to Know If You're Thriving on Online Payments

Online payments are now officially the preferred mode of transaction for a lot of eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores. In 2020, the transaction value for digital payments globally, crossed $5.2 trillion. Sure, a lot of that can be attributed to the fact that consumers shifted to online purchases due to the pandemic, however, the growth over the years is undeniable.

Channel global decoupling for region discovery

Ably is a platform for pub/sub messaging. Publishes are done on named channels, and clients subscribed to a given channel have all messages on that channel delivered to them. The Ably pub/sub backend is multi-region: we run the production cluster in 7 AWS regions, and channel pub/sub operates seamlessly between them.

Stitch builds on its Microsoft technology partnership

Stitch is pleased to announce the availability of Microsoft SQL Server as a destination. MS SQL Server joins nine other data destinations (including Microsoft Azure Synapse) that Stitch supports to help execute all your data modeling and analysis projects. Stitch customers can immediately benefit from the new destination, which supports both Azure SQL Server and standard SQL Server editions reaching as far back as SQL Server 2012.

Data Hub, Fabric or Mesh? Part 1 of 2

Over the course of my next two blog posts, I would like to share my thoughts around a debate raging in data architecture circles. The bone of contention? That the 21st century needs a new data management paradigm for modern analytics. First up, I’ll frame the argument and explain the two prominent approaches of data hub and data fabric. Then, I’ll cover data mesh and compare all three architectures. As always, I’d love to get your input, feedback, queries and comments!

Business intelligence reporting: Best practices for building your BI strategy

Business intelligence plays a critical role in making better decisions. By using reports and data visualizations to surface findings from a variety of data sources, BI tools can allow teams across an organization to access business data—without requiring technical expertise in SQL or coding.

What's new in npm 8?

I know, right? NPM 8 was released just a couple of months ago and you’re looking for a blog post that summarizes all the changes and new stuff in the new version because you want to be ahead of the curve or simply don’t want your app to crash when upgrading. You googled but nothing relevant appeared; only a document from Github blog that refers to this issue on the NPM organization.

The Ultimate Guide to Redshift ETL: Best Practices, Advanced Tips, and Resources for Mastering Redshift ETL

Amazon Redshift makes it easier to uncover transformative insights from big data. Analytical queries that once took hours can now run in seconds. Redshift allows businesses to make data-driven decisions faster, which in turn unlocks greater growth and success. For a CTO, full-stack engineer, or systems architect, the question isn’t so much what is possible with Amazon Redshift, but how. How do you ensure optimal, consistent runtimes on analytical queries and reports?

Top 7 ETL Tools for 2022

Organizations of all sizes and industries now have access to ever-increasing amounts of data, far too vast for any human to comprehend. All this information is practically useless without a way to efficiently process and analyze it, revealing the valuable data-driven insights hidden within the noise. The ETL (extract, transform, load) process is the most popular method of collecting data from multiple sources and loading it into a centralized data warehouse.

AWS Redshift Pricing: How much does Redshift cost?

While Redshift is arguably the best data warehouse on the market, it can come with a hefty price tag. We’ve created this Redshift pricing guide to help you evaluate Redshift cheaply, create a budget for full implementation, and optimize your Redshift set up so that you’re getting the most bang for your data buck. Ready to get started? Think of this blog post as a “choose your own adventure” guide.

Microsoft Azure vs Amazon Redshift

When choosing any SaaS application, you must start with a clear understanding of your business requirements. Then ask yourself the following questions: Develop a framework for data processing requirements, and you'll find a data warehouse solution that provides the right amount of power, functionality, and high performance for data analytics. Keep the answers to these questions in mind when reading through this article.

Log4J, Log4Shell and Kong

If you’ve been online at all this week, chances are that you’ve heard about the Log4Shell zero-day (CVE-2021-44228) in Log4J, a popular Java logging library. The vulnerability enables Remote Code Execution (RCE), which allows attackers to run arbitrary code on the target’s machines. I know the first question that you all have is: “Is Kong affected by Log4Shell?” Let’s start with the good news: No Kong products are affected by this Log4J vulnerability.

Design With Analytics in Mind for Data Governance

The following is Part III of a three-part series. Welcome to the final installment of a three-part series discussing the areas to take seriously when you want to drive business with analytics. In Part I of this series, I discussed how to prioritize data accessibility and how to address the challenges that come with it. Those challenges include: Part II discussed where the disconnect is and addressed how organizations can bridge the gap.

Low-Code Automated Web Testing Offered by Sauce Labs

Intelligent low-code systems are beginning to take hold across the software development lifecycle and Sauce Labs is excited to be helping companies along this journey. Low-code automated testing simplifies and accelerates web application testing by enabling non-technical team members to create, run, and manage tests on Sauce Labs Virtual Device Clouds. Teams can now leverage Sauce Connect to execute their low-code tests behind a firewall, removing any friction presented with knowing how to code.

Scaling NLP Pipelines at IHS Markit - MLOps Live #17

The data science team at IHS Markit will be sharing practical advice on building sophisticated NLP pipelines that work at scale. Using a robust and automated MLOps process, they run complex models that make massive amounts of unstructured data searchable and indexable. In this session, they will share their journey with MLOps and provide practical advice for other data science teams looking to.

Creating a User Retention Analysis in Moesif

Making sure that users derive value from your product can usually be determined by your user retention. User retention measures what percentage of your users are returning to and using your product. Retention is a key metric to measure business health and product success. In this tutorial, Matt shows users how to set up a retention analysis in the User Retention screen in Moesif. He covers how to: Navigate to the User Retention screen Create a “First Event” and a “Returning Event” to measure the retention How to interpret the results

Creating a Behavioral Email in Moesif

Using metrics to drive an email flow can provide next-level service to your users. Once a user fits a certain criteria, Moesif can automatically send one-time and recurring emails based on that behavior. In this tutorial, Matt goes over the basic steps to set up a behavioral email in Moesif. These steps include: After this overview, users will be able to set up their own behavioral emails with ease in Moesif.

Kong Gateway User Meetup | December 2021 | Hackathon winner showcase - Rate limiting plugin

In this session, we welcome our Kong Summit Hackathon winner Narendra Patel, Sr. DevOps Engineer at Egnyte, to show off his Kong Gateway rate-limiting plugin, which allows you to rate-limit not just on the number of requests, but the bandwidth consumed too! Kong’s Online User Meetups are a place to learn about technologies within the Kong open source ecosystem. This interactive forum will give you the chance to ask our engineers questions and get ramped up on information relevant to your Kong journey.

CDP on Azure: Harnessing the Power of Data Flow and Event Processing

Data is being created at an ever increasing rate and generating insights through event streams has become a critical function for businesses. How can we process this data flowing in the enterprise, evaluate, enrich and transform it, all in real time to enable fast analytics to support intelligent decision making? Join us for this session where we will look at how we can use the elastic nature of Azure to scale Data Flows and perform SQL operations in realtime on streaming data from a variety of sources.

4 Tips for Recognizing and Avoiding Analytics Bias

One of the key cornerstones of the emerging field of ethical, explainable AI is recognizing and avoiding bias. As AI takes on a greater role in organizations with sometimes opaque calculations, there is an increased urgency in many businesses to get ahead of these challenges, and companies, such as IBM, Salesforce and Microsoft, have already added roles specifically with the aim of ensuring that ethics are a key consideration of AI.

How to ensure compliance in regulated environments

Organizations that work in a highly regulated industry such as medical/health, pharmaceutical, security, automotive, aerospace, and defense, know how important it is to comply with standards and regulatory requirements. In order to meet regulations, manufacturers must maintain strict control over the development process, from testing to maintenance, and release. Xray test management app is a powerful test management app that can help you meet compliance and regulations in your industry.

Sibos 2021: Prioritizing Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions

This year’s Sibos conference examined the theme of “recharging global finance.” Key focus areas included digital acceleration, transformative technology, managing risk, and diversity and sustainability. Financial services organizations of all sizes face the challenge of increasing volume, complexity, and velocity of change within their business.

AI and ML: No Longer the Stuff of Science Fiction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized how various industries operate in recent years. But with growing demands, there’s a more nuanced need for enterprise-scale machine learning solutions and better data management systems. The 2021 Data Impact Awards aim to honor organizations who have shown exemplary work in this area.

Conform and monitor...with humanity

Here at Ably we consider software development to be in our DNA. We write and maintain a lot of code, much of it open-source, with full public visibility, and we host and manage it using the GitHub platform. The code is segmented into numerous discrete repositories, each with a specific scope and purpose. We've been using GitHub heavily since Ably was founded in 2016, so we have plenty of history, and we're committed to the platform.

A Finance Leader's Guide to Data Modernization

In today’s tech-forward companies, CFOs are tasked with managing and overseeing an increasingly expansive domain of systems and technologies to thrive. The rise of regulatory considerations, novel market drivers and a globally connected business environment is creating an entirely new set of pressures on both the structure of the department and on leadership.

Testers Should Absolutely Be Part of the Scrum Teams

As a pragmatist, one thing that bothers me in movies is when characters withhold critical information from each other. Don’t get me started on all the secret plans that did and didn’t work in The Last Jedi. On the other hand, I realize that this is done by the writer to build drama and add tension to the story. It’s often a necessary evil to advance the plot. Well, friends, life is not a movie.

Rollbar Log4J CVE-2021-44228 ("Log4Shell") Community Update

Your data is safe with Rollbar. A zero day in the Java ecosystem was discovered that could exploit Apache’s Log4J library. The vulnerability can, potentially, impact users of Rollbar’s Java SDK if they selected Log4J for their project. We recommend that all projects that are dependent on Log4J upgrade their dependencies so they require a version at/after 2.16.0.

Fighting Financial Crime and Earning Trust Using Data-Driven Compliance

One of the most challenging and complex elements of operating a financial services institution is compliance. Managing risk, security and privacy to earn customers’ trust has long been at the core of financial services, but this foundation has been shaken over recent years.

Design Verification With Traceability

Adding traceability to design verification allows teams to definitively and easily document the exact state of the verification at any point in the design process. This provable documented status of verification is particularly important when trying to meet FuSa specifications like ISO 26262 and DO-254. In this blog, learn how the Methodics IPLM platform links requirements, design, and verification together to provide a fully traceable model between all three systems.

Introducing Continual Integration for dbt

Today we’re pleased to announce Continual Integration for dbt. We believe this is a radical simplification of the machine learning (ML) process for users of dbt and presents a well-defined path that bridges the gap between data analytics and data science. Read on to learn more about this integration and how you can get started.

UE5 Update: How Top Studios Manage Unreal Upgrades With Perforce Streams

Unreal Engine 5 is coming. Well, it is already here! Leading studios are making the switch. This means upgrading their toolsets, retesting their codebase, and figuring out how to manage changes to the engine moving forward. For leading game studios, a UE5 update (and customizations) can be safely managed with Helix Core — the game development standard for version control. It’s the tool trusted by 95% of top AAA studios.

Qlik Reporting Service - Brief Overview and Quick Demo - Part 1

This video provides a brief introduction of the Qlik Reporting Service and quick demo. More detailed demonstrations, best practices and tips when using it with Qlik Application Automation and Qlik Sense are in part 2 of this video: This initial release of the Qlik Reporting Service provides multi-channel, multi-page report output distribution and delivery of Qlik Sense insights to your organization either using a public API or Reporting Service connectors available in Qlik Application Automation.

Qlik Reporting Service - Build-out Demonstration and Bursting Example - Part 2

This video provides more detailed build-out demonstrations, best practices and tips when using the Qlik Report Service with Qlik Application Automation and Qlik Sense. This initial release of the Qlik Reporting Service provides multi-channel, multi-page report output distribution and delivery of Qlik Sense insights to your organization either using a public API or Reporting Service connectors available in Qlik Application Automation.

Qlik Reporting Service - Brief Overview with Detailed Demonstrations - Part 1 and Part 2

Chapter Index Below! This video provides a brief introduction of the Qlik Reporting Service and more detailed demonstrations, best practices and tips when using it with Qlik Application Automation and Qlik Sense. Contains both Part 1 (short overview / brief demo) and Part 2 (more detail buildout and usage) This initial release of the Qlik Reporting Service provides multi-channel, multi-page report output distribution and delivery of Qlik Sense insights to your organization either using a public API or Reporting Service connectors available in Qlik Application Automation.

Australia's Department of Skills & Education and MinterEllison Discuss Our Digital Future

As businesses and governments worldwide struggle with the challenges of the current pandemic, making rapid use of real-time data has proven to be a very powerful tool. This video takes a look at how data is being used in organizations across Australia including the Department of Skills and Education, and MinterEllison.

10 Things Testers Wish CIOs and CTOs Knew About Testing: Episode 7

In this new series from Sauce Labs, Marcus Merrell addresses ten things he wishes CIOs and CTOs understood about testing. In episode seven, Marcus makes his case for why testers belong on your scrum teams. Come along on this ten-episode journey to learn some best practices while Marcus dispels some myths about the testing space.

Automating MLOps for Deep Learning

MLOps holds the key to accelerating the development, deployment and management of AI, so that enterprises can derive real business value from their AI initiatives. Deploying and managing deep learning models in production carries its own set of complexities. In this talk, we will discuss real-life examples from customers that have built MLOps pipelines for deep learning use cases. For example, predicting rainfall from CCTV footage to prevent flooding.

Why you should start improving the images on your website

At LoadFocus, we’ve implemented an easy way to monitor the rendering of websites on desktop and mobile devices, this helps you get hints on how to improve the images that you load on your website. Your website’s or blog’s speed is a very important metric in ranking in search engines Try to keep that in mind when developing new features and adding fancy images and animatios to your pages.

How to Handle Unhashable Type List Exceptions in Python

The Python TypeError: unhashable type: 'list' usually means that a list is being used as a hash argument. This error occurs when trying to hash a list, which is an unhashable object. For example, using a list as a key in a Python dictionary will cause this error since dictionaries only accept hashable data types as a key. The standard way to solve this issue is to cast a list to a tuple, which is a hashable data type.

How to Catch Multiple Exceptions in Python?

When a program encounters an exception during execution, it is terminated if the exception is not handled. By handling multiple exceptions, a program can respond to different exceptions without terminating it. In Python, try-except blocks can be used to catch and respond to one or multiple exceptions. In cases where a process raises more than one possible exception, they can all be handled using a single except clause.

5 Best Virtual Tech Conferences to Attend in 2022

While many events are now returning to live venues, hybrid or virtual conferences will still be important in 2022. This is good news for many application developers, who don’t have to take time off to travel and can enjoy high-quality talks and workshops from the comfort of their own desks.

3 Best Mulesoft Alternatives

Mulesoft is a software company that specializes in API management for complex enterprise integration. With Mulesoft, companies can create applications on top of their data to unlock the insights they need to make better decisions and grow their business. But what are some alternatives you may be interested in? In this article, we will talk about three different platforms which have created unique API management solutions.

Stitch vs. Fivetran vs. Xplenty: A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes to providing the latest and greatest ETL and ELT tools, the platforms Stitch, Fivetran, and Xplenty are all top contenders. That being said, each platform also has its own set of pros and cons. Ultimately, the best ETL/ELT platform for your company will largely depend upon the needs of your organization. So, which platform will reign supreme for your company in the Stitch vs Fivetran vs Xplenty matchup?

New Snowflake Features Released In October And November 2021

Coming off of our Snowday event, we’ve unveiled a number of new product capabilities that expand what is possible in the Data Cloud. From helping businesses operate globally with improved replication efficiency, empowering developers with new functionality in Snowpark, and improving the security and governance of data through native object tagging, there is no shortage of exciting advancements coming to Snowflake.

Getting Started with CI/CD and Continual

While CI/CD is synonymous with modern software development best practices, today’s machine learning (ML) practitioners still lack similar tools and workflows for operating the ML development lifecycle on a level on par with software engineers. For background, follow a brief history of transformational CI/CD concepts and how they’re missing from today’s ML development lifecycle.

OmniTestingConf: "Native Quality Management with Jira & Xray" - Nicolas Rica

✅ A quick overview of Xray Test Management - cutting-edge test management app for Jira. 🚀 Xray is the leading Quality Assurance and Test Management app for Jira. More than 4.5 million testers, developers and QA managers trust Xray to manage 100+ million test cases each month. Xray is a mission-critical tool at over 5,000 companies in 70 countries, including 137 of the Global 500 like BMW, Samsung and Airbus.

It's An Exciting Future in Music When We Have Clean Data

Hello, I’m Imogen Heap – musician and tech founder. Now, I know what you might be thinking. Why is a musician and composer talking to me about data? Well, for any of you that follow my work, you will know that I am a bit of a data nerd, and that’s why I loved speaking to Joe DosSantos on the latest Data Brilliant podcast. A lot of my music is powered by data. In fact, Joe and I discussed my love for how technology and data inspires me to be more creative. Want to know how?

7 powerful female QA leaders across the globe

As diversity initiatives are top of mind entering 2022, companies are hungry to acquire and retain more female talent in QA. A recent Traliant and World Business Research survey of 300 US organizations across industries reported 89% of companies having a formal DEI strategy in place and 79% allocating more budget and/or resources to DEI in 2022 than in 2021. Implementing a distributed workforce is an emerging yet critical tool for acquiring female QA talent.

Building Smart O11y for Kuma With Elastic Observability

This blog was co-created by Ricardo Ferreira (Elastic) and Viktor Gamov (Kong). We love our microservices, but without a proper observability (O11y) strategy, they can quickly become cold, dark places cluttered with broken or unknown features. O11y is one of those technologies deemed created by causation: the only reason it exists is that other technologies pushed for it. There wouldn’t be need for O11y if, for example, our technologies haven’t gotten so complex across the years.

When to Use Webhooks vs. API To Sync Data Between Applications

Webhooks vs API, oh well. When there is a talk about what method to use in order to seamlessly sync datasets between applications, platforms and databases (in other words, to perform application integration), APIs are often named as today’s best-practices method for handling this.

7 Best WordPress Plugins to Boost Traffic to Your Website

As of 2021, 43% websites are running on WordPress. The huge market share has created a healthy ecosystem of countless plugins that help the users better run their websites without any coding skills. SEO plays an important role in the whole process, as it helps rank websites higher. Site owners can expect better performance with the right optimization tools.

The modern data stack is broken. It's time for Data stack as a service (DStaaS).

Yes, I’ve said it. The modern data stack is a pain to work with. But it wasn’t always like that. As companies realized they can leverage data to accelerate growth new data tools were invented. From NoSQL databases that specialize in processing specific data structures (graph anyone?) to the Python-Pandas-like Spark ecosystem that allows you to run queries on Big Data (capital B, mind you). But with every new tool added to the data stack, the complexity increased.

What Is Snowflake?

As a company’s data assets grow, the need for cloud computing increases in tandem. For keeping pace with this growth, Snowflake stands above the rest. What makes Snowflake so special? This cloud-agnostic platform takes the best of traditional database technology and combines it with modern cloud computing to drive the agility and innovation companies need to remain competitive.

Creating a User Funnel in Moesif

User funnels allow businesses to analyze how individual users are using and converting within their product. Funnel metrics can show how many users are converting through each stage of the funnel and the average time it takes to do so. In this tutorial, Matt covers how to set up a conversion funnel analysis in Moesif using the User Funnels screen. Steps covered include: Navigating to the User Funnel screen Creating “steps” for each step in the funnel How to read and interpret the output

Using Elastic ML to Observe Your Kuma API Observability Metrics

Observability is catching on these days as the de-facto way to provide visibility into essential aspects of systems. It would be unwise for you not to leverage it with Kuma service mesh — the place that allows your services to communicate with the rest of the world. However, many observability solutions restrict themselves to the works: simple metric collection that provides them with dashboards. Expecting users to simply sit on their chairs and look at those metrics all day long is an invitation to failure, as we know that one can only do so much when they get tired and bored.

Thundra Foresight's CircleCI Plugin for Seamless Test Monitoring and Debugging

Today we are announcing the CircleCI Orb for Thundra Foresight and the integration between two products. Thundra Foresight is a test monitoring tool that gives the ability to watch your tests closely. If you're new to the CI/CD world, you can think of an orb as a reusable workflow that can be used with a single line of configuration. A lot of products use this capability to give their users ease of integration in their CI runs. For Thundra Foresight, giving this option to our users was a must.

Business Analytics: The Future Is AI and It Is Here

Business analytics (BA) is the process of evaluating data in order to gauge business performance and to extract insights that may facilitate strategic planning. It aims to identify the factors that directly impact business performance, such as ie. revenue, user engagement, and technical availability. BA takes data from all business levels, from product and marketing, to operations and finance.

Driving Industry Transformation Through the Use of Data

As organizations look to improve business operations and outcomes, global industries are pushing for data-driven transformation. The 2021 Cloudera Data Impact Awards recognize those organizations that have pulled ahead of the pack with efforts to leverage the power of data to improve operations and better serve their customers. The finalists in the “Industry Transformation” category are MTN, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), Sberbank, and Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI).

Compliance Audit Best Practices

If you’re working in a regulated industry, compliance audits are a part of your day-to-day. Without the right processes in place to follow applicable standards, compliance can be tricky, and audits can be daunting. In order to successfully comply with regulatory standards applicable in your industry, you will be required to adopt a set of tools and practices as part of your product lifecycle itself.

Best ETL Tools for Heroku

Heroku leverages the open-source technology of PostgreSQL to deliver a powerful and reliable database-as-a-service solution. Heroku Postgres acts as both a source and destination for data integration. With native support for a variety of programming languages and features that ensure security and compliance, it is a top resource for many companies. What do you need to know about Heroku, and what tools should you use to perform ETL (extract, transform and load) and ELT (extract, load and transform)?

EPAM Testing-as-a-Service, Powered by Sauce Labs

We as a society have always been intrigued by the concept of testing. In fact readers of a certain age may even remember when we all became briefly obsessed with anthropomorphic crash test dummies in the late 80s and early 90s. What started out as an ad campaign about vehicle safety transformed into a line of toys, a television show and even video games.

Automation Trends for 2022: Gartner Predictions for Hyperautomation

It’s that time again, when everyone is making their predictions for what the hot new trends will be in the coming year. What colors will we be wearing and painting our living room walls? How will we be working? What will we be doing when we’re not at work or at home?

The Ably async/await post we promised

Great user experience on the web comes from being able to provide users with exactly what they want in the most seamless way possible. Behind the scenes, some user actions may take more time to process than others. For example, showing or hiding an HTML element is a quick operation whereas making an XHR request to get data from an external API is a slower operation. JavaScript provides us with a way to handle them all without giving up that instant delight users naturally expect.

Building With Insomnia as a REST API Client

As more companies invest in a cloud native infrastructure, they’re choosing to prioritize their applications as microservices—architecting them into distinct servers. Each component is responsible for one (and only one) feature. For example, you might have Server A responsible for handling billing logic, Server B for handling user interaction and Server C for handling third-party user interactions.

Delivering High Performance for Cloudera Data Platform Operational Database (HBase) When Using S3

CDP Operational Database (COD) is a real-time auto-scaling operational database powered by Apache HBase and Apache Phoenix. It is one of the main Data Services that runs on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Public Cloud. You can access COD right from your CDP console. With COD, application developers can now leverage the power of HBase and Phoenix without the overheads related to deployment and management.

Katalon Academy: Self-Healing Mechanism in Test Automation Introduction

Equipped with Self-Healing, Studio automatically finds and uses pre-configured alternative locators to identify web elements, preventing tests from breaking.. During 3 chapters, you will learn about: The mechanism and capabilities of Self-Healing Selecting and prioritizing different object locating methods, namely Xpath, Attributes, CSS, and Image Automatically replacing broken locators with new working alternatives How Self-Healing works in detail for different scenarios, including complex end-to-end tests

Chapter 1: Self Healing Mechanism in Test Automation

This chapter explains how Self-Healing works and its capabilities in Katalon Studio. We’ll run a quick demo on how it fixes broken objects’ locators during a test suite collection’s sequential and parallel executions. This course demonstrates how Katalon Studio fixes broken object locators during test executions, without any manual effort involved. Equipped with Self-Healing, Studio automatically finds and uses pre-configured alternative locators to identify web elements, preventing tests from breaking.

Chapter 2.1: Selection and Prioritization of Element Locator Methods

This chapter shows you how to set up and prioritize different alternative locators that Katalon Studio will use when it fails to identify test objects. You’ll also learn to automatically replace broken locators with working alternatives, without changing anything in relevant test cases. About Course This course demonstrates how Katalon Studio fixes broken object locators during test executions, without any manual effort involved. Equipped with Self-Healing, Studio automatically finds and uses pre-configured alternative locators to identify web elements, preventing tests from breaking.

Chapter 2.2: Self Healing Object Exclusion and Broken Object Replacement

This chapter shows you how to set up and prioritize different alternative locators that Katalon Studio will use when it fails to identify test objects. You’ll also learn to automatically replace broken locators with working alternatives, without changing anything in relevant test cases. About Course This course demonstrates how Katalon Studio fixes broken object locators during test executions, without any manual effort involved. Equipped with Self-Healing, Studio automatically finds and uses pre-configured alternative locators to identify web elements, preventing tests from breaking.

Chapter 3.1: Self Healing With Relative Xpaths

This chapter further demonstrates how Self-Healing works in different scenarios, with Xpath, CSS, and Image alternative locators. We’ll wrap it up with a complex end-to-end test to summarize every main point you need to know about Self-Healing. About Course This course demonstrates how Katalon Studio fixes broken object locators during test executions, without any manual effort involved. Equipped with Self-Healing, Studio automatically finds and uses pre-configured alternative locators to identify web elements, preventing tests from breaking.

Chapter 3.2: Self Healing With CSS Selectors

We’ll wrap it up with a complex end-to-end test to summarize every main point you need to know about Self-Healing.. About Course This course demonstrates how Katalon Studio fixes broken object locators during test executions, without any manual effort involved. Equipped with Self-Healing, Studio automatically finds and uses pre-configured alternative locators to identify web elements, preventing tests from breaking.

Chapter 3.3: Self Healing With Image Savior

We’ll wrap it up with a complex end-to-end test to summarize every main point you need to know about Self-Healing.. About Course This course demonstrates how Katalon Studio fixes broken object locators during test executions, without any manual effort involved. Equipped with Self-Healing, Studio automatically finds and uses pre-configured alternative locators to identify web elements, preventing tests from breaking.

Chapter 3.4: Self Healing in End to End Testing

We’ll wrap it up with a complex end-to-end test to summarize every main point you need to know about Self-Healing.. About Course This course demonstrates how Katalon Studio fixes broken object locators during test executions, without any manual effort involved. Equipped with Self-Healing, Studio automatically finds and uses pre-configured alternative locators to identify web elements, preventing tests from breaking.

The Screenplay Pattern Better Interactions for Better Automation - CTM Online

Automating interactions for tests is hard. For the past decade, the primary way to automate web UI interactions has been the Page Object Model. Unfortunately, page objects do not scale well because, by design, they allow lots of code duplication and unsafe activity. The Screenplay Pattern is a much better pattern for handling interactions. In Screenplay, Actors use Abilities to perform Interactions.

Too many Cloud Testing Tools are Distracting and Addictive. Here's How to Fix It.

In this new work from home era, a lot of companies have moved more and more towards online services and new tools to keep their productivity at similar levels as before. It’s harder and harder to keep track of all the tools and services you use on a regular basis to test all your websites and API services of your business. Here at LoadFocus it gets easier and easier to make use of the integrated testing services we provide as of today.

IT Professionals Reveal Cloud Data Platform Highs and Lows of 2021

Wondering whether your struggles with the data lake, cloud data platform, or analytics at large are typical? Are you ahead or behind the curve? ChaosSearch recently commissioned a survey to understand the advantages and setbacks organizations face today in these areas, and we’re excited to share a sneak peek of the results. To uncover more detailed findings from our research, sign up to receive the full report once it’s available here.

Resolving TypeError: "X" is Not a Constructor in JavaScript

A constructor is a special function that creates and initializes an object instance of a class. In JavaScript, a constructor gets called when an object is created using the new keyword. The purpose of a constructor is to create a new object and set values for any existing object properties.

How to Speed Up WordPress Site (Complete Guide)

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world. In addition to the popularity of WordPress as a blogging platform, it is also used by a variety of other websites for a myriad of different purposes. From small businesses to large media sites, WordPress is a platform that offers a lot of potential for a wide range of different websites.

JSON Logging: 7 Must-Know Tips

The performance of a applications and company's infrastructure is critical to its success. We all know how crucial logs are when it comes to diagnosing performance and availability issues. Is troubleshooting, however, the sole function of logs? Obviously not. You've probably discovered they're vital in other ways as well throughout the years. The visualisation of business dashboards is another use of logs. Here's why JSON logging is the ideal format for storing logs.