November 2021

Beautifully simple: Yellowfin Brand Guidelines 2022

Fishies, say hello to the new Yellowfin Brand, and Brand Guidelines. You may also like: 3 business considerations before you adopt NLQ Natural language query: 5 benefits of Guided NLQ An introduction to Yellowfin Guided NLQ: What is it? Why natural language query (NLQ) didn’t take off What is natural language query (NLQ)? Bringing empathy to numbers with data storytelling

Three Ways to Debug Code in Elixir

Elixir provides a very powerful suite of tools that devs can use to observe the behavior of their code and debug errors. There are several different strategies you can use to debug code in Elixir. While it is hard to produce a comprehensive list of all possible debugging methods, we will cover some of the most common methods in today’s post.

Katalon Recorder 5.6: Smarter Test Execution with Dynamic Test Suites and Global Variables

Delivering quality at speed has become part of the quality assurance lexicon over the past few years. However, as manual work remains “unskippable” in different steps of our test cycles, the goal of running more tests in a shorter time might seem to be out of reach. Today’s article will walk you through the latest features of Katalon Recorder 5.6 and explain how they help reduce manual efforts and shorten your next test cycles.

Qlik Cloud and Amazon SageMaker: Expanding the Power of Predictive Analytics in the Cloud Together

The ability to discover insights from past events, transactions and interactions is how many customers currently utilize Qlik. Qlik’s unique approach to Business Intelligence (BI) using a unique analytics engine and intuitive interface has democratized BI for typical business users, who usually have little to no technical savvy.

Debugging Microservice Applications with Thundra

Debugging has traditionally been done during the development of software by putting breakpoints to the suspicious lines of the code. And when the execution hits the breakpoint, it stops naturally and you get the outputs you need in order to understand the root cause of a defect. What if your software is a modern application, actively running in production and serving users. In this case, you are mostly left alone with logs.

The Cloudera Enterprise Data Cloud Maturity Report: Uncovering progressive steps towards a hybrid future

Global survey of IT and business executives reveals how a mature data strategy relates to business performance and resilience. Organizations fall under one of four categories when it comes to enterprise data maturity, and they need to be aware of how to address multi-dimensional challenges of a hybrid future.

Testing APIs is Every Bit Important as Testing the UI

What I see too often though is folks running multiple UI tests in an attempt to validate specific output values or logic. A much easier way to accomplish this task is to run specific API tests on the business logic of the software. Why should we do this? It’s much faster and easier to write these tests. We can have our developers supporting this process and not just Selenium or automation experts. 'Work smarter, not harder' is a theory we should all be familiar with.

Top 8 takeaways from Talend Connect

At Talend Connect 2021, we dove deep into what data health really means (clean, compliant, accessible data), what thorny business problems are solved by having healthy data, and what inspirational companies we can look to as an example. Most importantly, we learned the incredible difference that healthy data can make not only in business, but in the world. We had an incredible lineup of guest speakers, keynotes, specialists, and panelists discussing every aspect of data health and its impact.

The New Best Way to Index and Query JSON Logs

JSON has become the de facto standard format for capturing and storing log data - and for good reason. Structured logging with JSON reduces the cost and complexity of extracting valuable insights from log data. While plain text logs can support use cases like application performance monitoring and security analysis, writing logs in an unstructured format makes it time-consuming and costly for data engineers to parse, index, and analyze those logs.

5 Tips for Pushing Data from Your Warehouse to PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform that is intended for medium-sized to large businesses. Originally designed for human resources and finance applications, PeopleSoft can now help organizations with tasks such as human capital management (HCM), financial management, supply chain management, and enterprise service automation.

What Is the Perforce Enhanced Studio Pack? Everything You Need For the Cloud

You’re toast and want to finish up for the day. You’ve just added the finishing touches to your beautiful sunset lighting in Unreal Engine and it’s ready to be worked on by the overnight team in Europe. You can: You press the submit button and the files are uploaded to a cloud server. Now the next team knows what changed, who changed it, and why the sky is gray instead of blue. They can immediately get to work. Keys in hand, jacket on, and you’re out the door.

Telpark: Automating a reconciliation process with over 330,000 transactions per year

Telpark is a leader in the parking and mobility sector in Spain and Portugal, and a leading international company. The Appian solution that Deloitte and Telpark's finance department developed to optimize the reconciliation process perfectly coordinates human and robotic efforts in a unified workflow. Hear from a number of representatives how 70% of items are reconciled in an automated way.

ODSC West: Building Operational Pipelines for Machine and Deep Learning

MLOps holds the key to accelerating the development and deployment of AI, so that enterprises can derive real business value from their AI initiatives. From the first model deployed to scaling data science across the organization. The foundation you set will enable your team to build and monitor a growing amount of AI applications in production. In this talk, we will share best practices from our experience with enterprise customers who have effectively built and deployed composite machine and deep learning pipelines.

The Bug That Never Got Reported

Some of you might have faced this situation. A critical bug made it through to your end-users, and when it explodes on social media, your paying customers start abandoning your mobile app. You feel like the sky is falling! Too late, you discover that this happened because an internal user failed to report the bug. When application performance and stability can make or break your business, how can you prevent critical bugs from reaching your end-users? Well, this is where mobile app beta testing can provide tremendous value!

A Complete Guide to CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) for REST APIs

Many current web applications rely on near-frictionless and simultaneous access to numerous API providers' Web APIs. However, the web's default is to prohibit such "loose" behaviour, much like a firewall that blocks access to untrusted parties in the name of security. That default, thankfully, can be safely altered. Before doing so, however, it is necessary for both Web application developers and API providers to understand the concepts of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

Metrics and Logs Are Out, Distributed Tracing Is In

In this episode of Kongcast, I spoke with Chinmay Gaikwad, the tech evangelist at Epsagon, about distributed tracing and observability for microservices architectures. Check out the transcript and video from our conversation below, and be sure to subscribe to get email alerts for the latest new episodes.

The Top 5 Mulesoft Alternatives

Mulesoft is an all-inclusive data and application integration platform owned by Salesforce. It offers many types of functionality, including Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), API management, and Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS). Mulesoft may offer a broad range of capabilities, but it has a challenging learning curve, a high price point, and may be far more than what your organization needs for data transformation.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with IoT

If your business is in the process of digital transformation, IoT technology may be factoring into your plans. IoT gives organizations across industries new opportunities to foster a more direct connection with customers. It lets them collect new data, turn that data into insights, and then turn insights into action. IoT has become so prevalent that companies in most industries can’t afford to put off adopting it.

10 Things Testers Wish CIOs and CTOs Knew About Testing: Episode 5

In this new series from Sauce Labs, Marcus Merrell addresses ten things he wishes CIOs and CTOs understood about testing. In episode five, Marcus focuses on a piece of testing that is sometimes overlooked; testing APIs. Come along on this ten-episode journey to learn some best practices while Marcus dispels some myths about the testing space.

ODSC West AI Expo Talk: Real-Time Feature Engineering with a Feature Store

Given the growing number of AI projects and the complexities associated with bringing these projects to production, and specifically the challenges associated with feature engineering, the industry needs a way to standardize and automate the core of feature engineering. Feature stores provide enterprises with a competitive edge, as they enable them to expedite and simplify the path from lab to production. They enable sharing and re-use of features across teams and projects to save time and effort and ensure consistency across training and inference.

ODSC West MLOps Keynote: Scaling NLP Pipelines at IHS Markit

The data science team at IHS Markit has been hard at work building sophisticated NLP pipelines that work at scale using the Iguazio MLOps platform and open-source MLRun framework. Today they will share their journey and provide advice for other data science teams looking to: Nick (IHS Markit) and Yaron (Iguazio) will share their approach to automating the NLP pipeline end to end. They’ll also provide details on leveraging capabilities such as Spot integration and Serving Graphs to reduce costs and improve the data science process.

How to implement user story kick-offs and improve quality as a team

In part one of our series “How to improve quality as a team,” we talked about the effectiveness of adding shoulder checks to the agile development workflow and how that helps improve the overall quality of the product. This article introduces you to another fantastic exercise, you might be familiar, with called the user story kick-off. This practice helps larger teams align on more complex features, and in turn increase quality output as a team.

The Release of Selenium 4 (and 4.1) | Top Features to Look Into

The first-ever release of Selenium WebDriver 1.0 in 2007 has indented a lasting footprint in web automated testing. And through the years, the contributions of the Selenium project (WebDriver, Grid, and IDE) have truly transformed the way that we do quality assurance. Fast forward to the ‘drop-in’ release of Selenium 4 and Selenium 4.1, this article narrows down the top 5 changes you need to know for WebDriver, IDE, and Grid.

11 Free Tools to Help Your Content Marketing Strategy

Developing a content strategy might seem like a full-time job. It can be a bit daunting to a small business owner who is just starting out. The good news is, you don’t have to spend several hours every day creating new content to post on your blog or social media accounts. There are simple ways to create a content marketing strategy that works best for your business needs. However, it starts with having the right set of digital tools.

5 Tips: Pushing Data from a Warehouse to HubSpot

HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps you capture all of your interactions with customers and potential customers, from their first call or website visitors to their most recent purchase. With tens of thousands of users around the world, HubSpot currently owns an estimated 30 percent of the global CRM market share.

Push to production pipelines and JMeter

This post does not look at a particular aspect of JMeter nor does it give a detailed overview of how to use a particular tool that will compliment your performance testing with JMeter. What it is about is the principles of push to production pipelines and performance testing and while I have stated that this post is not specifically about JMeter in my experience JMeter is one of the best performance testing tools for this type of pipeline integration.

Performance Testing Web Sockets with JMeter

In this post we are going to look at WebSockets, specifically how JMeter can be used to test them. Web Sockets are not supported natively by JMeter but there are a couple of Plugins that you can use that work very nicely. One of them is called JMeter WebSocket Sampler by Maciej Zaleski and information on the library can be found here. The second and the one we will use for our post is also called JMeter WebSocket Sampler and is by Peter Doornbosch, more information on this Plugin can be found here.

Integrating Applications Through an API-First Approach

As the enterprise IT landscape becomes larger and more complex, many organizations are finding it difficult to manage all of their systems and services. According to a study by the access management company Okta, businesses use an average of 73 different enterprise software applications — and 1 in 10 businesses use more than 200 apps. On-premise business APIs can help connect these applications, but they come with several noteworthy drawbacks.

Enabling distributed NLP research at SIL

In my main position, as a data scientist at SIL International, I work on expanding language possibilities with AI. Practically this includes applying recent advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to low resource and multilingual contexts. We work on things like spoken language identification, multilingual dialogue systems, machine translation, and translation quality estimation.

What are the Best ETL tools for Redshift?

So you want to move data to Amazon Redshift? You're not the only one. Every day, thousands of organizations worldwide migrate data to Redshift, which Amazon claims is the world's fastest cloud data warehouse. These organizations have one mission: To move data to Redshift so they can generate business intelligence (BI) from the latest metrics. Amazon's data warehouse makes it easy to produce metrics that power data-driven organizations like yours.

In AI we Trust? Why we Need to Talk about Ethics and Governance (part 1 of 2)

Advances in the performance and capability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms has led to a significant increase in adoption in recent years. In a February 2021 report by IDC, they estimate that world-wide revenues from AI will grow by 16.4% in 2021 to USD $327 billion. Furthermore, AI adoption is becoming increasingly widespread and not just concentrated within a small number of organisations.

Interview with Bill Kunneke, Chief Technology Officer at Leasecake

For our latest specialist interview in our series speaking to technology leaders from around the world, we’ve welcomed Bill Kunneke, Chief Technology Officer at Leasecake. Bill has over twenty years of experience as an IT professional and a proven technical leader who delivers large and often transformative IT projects while communicating complex technical solutions to key stakeholders and executing strategic IT functions.

We've raised $60M Series C to help you be faster, more efficient and more successful on mobile

We’ve raised a $60m Series C funding round to help us deliver on that goal. Bitrise is already core to the mobile engineering processes of many of the world’s most successful businesses, but — with this funding — we’ll build out our team and technology to make you even faster, more efficient, and more successful on mobile.

7 Ways to Improve Node.js Performance at Scale

Performance is one of the most important aspects of web application development. A fast application will make its users, developers, and business stakeholders happy, while a slow one is sure to frustrate all three parties. In this article, we will consider some practices that you should adopt to scale your Node.js servers. Your servers will then be able to handle high traffic workloads without a degraded user experience.

Save your engineers' sleep: best practices for on-call processes

Many technology companies have an ongoing commitment to their customers to guarantee reliability and uptime, with service level agreements that guarantee to resolve or escalate incidents within a particular time frame. Engineering team members rotate shifts so that someone is always on-call to be "paged" (these days, not using an actual pager) if an issue arises. Being on-call means that you typically need to be responsive even outside of your usual office hours.

Microservices vs Monoliths explained

If you’re a dev you’ve no doubt, come across people talking about monolith and microservice application architecture. Perhaps you are involved in designing a new system and have been asked to consider both architectures. The conversations are often regarding how microservices are the successor to monolith architecture, but today I’m going to try and layout why it’s not as simple as one being better than the other.

Empowering Digital Innovation Through Data and the Public Cloud Together with Amazon Web Services

As data continues to grow at an exponential rate, our customers are increasingly looking to advance and scale operations through digital transformation and the cloud. These modern digital businesses are also dealing with unprecedented rates of data volume, which is exploding from terabytes to petabytes and even exabytes which could prove difficult to manage.

How to Generate a Redshift API

In the business world today, data is becoming increasingly more important with each passing year. If your company is not taking the time to learn how to store, analyze and scale data properly now, it could prove detrimental to the business in the long run. However, just as bad data practices can hold your company back, good data practices can propel the company forward. APIs are one tool that any business can use to begin better utilizing their data today.

We've raised $60M Series C to help you be faster, more efficient and more successful on mobile

We're excited to announce that we’ve raised a $60m Series C funding round to help us deliver on that goal. Bitrise is already core to the mobile engineering processes of many of the world’s most successful businesses, but — with this funding — we’ll build out our team and technology to make you even faster, more efficient, and more successful on mobile.

The Ultimate Guide to Connecting Snowflake

Snowflake is one of the most popular choices for building cloud data warehouses, integrating dozens or hundreds of data sources in a single centralized location for easier analysis. But while Snowflake’s record-breaking IPO in 2020 made headlines, it’s not quite as clear how to perform Snowflake data integration. To use Snowflake as a data warehouse, you'll need some way of connecting Snowflake with your other applications and systems.

Selenium is a Terrific Automation Framework, but it's Not a Strategy

Here at Sauce Labs, we love Selenium. It was created by our co-founder Jason Huggins, so it will always have a soft spot in our hearts. But the truth is, if we are being technical, Selenium is more of a robotic browser control mechanism than a true test automation framework. While Selenium can definitely be part of your test automation strategy, the use of it in itself would not qualify as a proper testing strategy.

Generating Dynamic Signatures for API Authentication With Insomnia

Earlier this year, we hosted our inaugural Kong Summit Hackathon. This virtual competition engaged our open source community and offered recognition and prizes for hacks in various categories. The community delivered with ingenious plugins, hacks and documentation. In this blog post, we highlight our Insomnia plugin winner, Scott Harwell. Scott works with many hyperscalar cloud infrastructure vendors.

Qlik Cloud Enables Buyk To Rapidly Spin Up Online Grocery Shopping Operations in New York City

The phenomenon of web-based, at-your-door-in-minutes, restaurant food-delivery service is widespread and commonplace nowadays, with various apps and platforms, such as Grubhub or DoorDash, providing diners with an at-home eating experience – look up a restaurant, choose what you want to eat, and your food is on its way. The same can be said about grocery shopping.

How to get started with ThoughtSpot for Marketing

The job of a modern marketer never stops. In today’s always-on, digital world you can spend forever tinkering with taglines and targeting and still never get to the bottom of why some campaigns perform while others don’t. Is your messaging personalized enough? Are you utilizing the right channels? Are you allocating your budget correctly? To dig into these insights you need data.

Getting Started with Cloudera Data Platform Operational Database (COD)

Operational Database is a relational and non-relational database built on Apache HBase and is designed to support OLTP applications, which use big data. The operational database in Cloudera Data Platform has the following components: Atlas provides open metadata management and governance capabilities to build a catalog of all assets, and also classify and govern these assets. The SDX layer of CDP leverages the full spectrum of Atlas to automatically track and control all data assets.

Securing your Applications in Node.js - Part 1/3

Javascript is here to stay! And the server-side Node.js project is no different 💚. This year marks the 12th (Dec 4, 2009) anniversary of the birth of Node.js, and although it may seem incredible, Javascript has been around for 25 years and the web respectively 32 years. The ecosystem of Node.js is mature and supported by an active community of library developers and authors. Being so popular, it also becomes an exciting challenge for crackers.

Migrating Our Events Warehouse from Athena to Snowflake

At Singular, we have a pipeline that ingests data about ad views, ad clicks, and app installs from millions of mobile devices worldwide. This huge mass of data is aggregated on an hourly and daily basis. We enrich it with various marketing metrics and offer it to our customers to analyze their campaigns’ performance and see their ROI. The upshot is that we receive tens of thousands of events per second and handle dozens of terabytes of data every day, managing a data set of several petabytes.

How to Integrate Salesforce With the Most Popular Marketing Platforms

With over 150,000 customers, Salesforce remains the world's No.1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. No other CRM comes close. However, there are some things Salesforce can't do. If you want to align customer data with your marketing objectives, you might integrate Salesforce with a platform like HubSpot, Marketo, or Zoho. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. Below, learn the challenges of syncing Salesforce data with marketing platforms and how ETL provides a solution.

A beginner's guide to test automation with Javascript (Nightwatch.js). Part 4.

Congratulations on getting to part 4 of the “A beginner’s guide to test automation with Javascript (Nighwatch.js)” blog series! This part will help you to improve your test script (and make it cooler). We’ll explain different style suggestions and the overall script structure that we follow in Loadero to bring your script to a new level.

Kuma 1.4 and Kong Mesh 1.5 Released With RBAC, Windows Support, 2x Performance and 25+ New Features

We are happy to announce a new major release of Kuma, and a new major release of Kong Mesh built on Kuma! Kuma 1.4 ships with 25+ new features and countless improvements, particularly when it comes to performance. As previously announced at Kong Summit 2021, Kong Mesh ships we enterprise capabilities for large scale service mesh deployments, like RBAC, and native support for Windows VMs.

How to Perform Load Testing with k6 using Buddy CI/CD

In this guide, we'll look at adding performance testing to your development workflow with Buddy and k6. k6 is an open-source load testing tool for testing the performance of APIs, microservices, and websites. Developers can use k6 to test a system's performance under a particular load to catch performance regressions or errors.

Interview with Liz Tluchowski, CIO/CISO of World Insurance

For the next instalment in our series of interviews asking leading technology specialists about their achievements in their field, we’ve invited the CIO/CISO of World Insurance, Liz Tluchowski to share her thoughts on the state of Cybersecurity today. Liz is in charge of cybersecurity for both the corporate side of World Insurance, which is one of the 100 largest insurance brokerages in the U.S. and the 125 additional agencies around the country that they have acquired.

Keep an audience engaged with interactive realtime features

Livestreams allow an online audience to come together and watch a video broadcast in realtime. Globally, uptake has soared since 2020 as people come together to experience live sports and arts events; and to work, learn and play. The popularity of livestream entertainment is, in part, down to how it includes the audience. Integrated chat and other features allow viewers to interact -- with each other and the host.

How to Handle the <Identifier> Expected Error in Java

By definition, an identifier in Java is a sequence of one or more characters, where the first character must be a valid first character (letter, $, _) and each subsequent character in the sequence must be a valid non-first character (letter, digit, $, _). An identifier can be used to name a package, a class, an interface, a method, a variable, etc.

Addressing the Three Scalability Challenges in Modern Data Platforms

In legacy analytical systems such as enterprise data warehouses, the scalability challenges of a system were primarily associated with computational scalability, i.e., the ability of a data platform to handle larger volumes of data in an agile and cost-efficient way.

9 Effective Social Listening Tools That Startup Founders Can Use

Social listening is where you monitor various social networks to gather insights about your business. You can also do this to know what people are saying about you and your competitors. That way, you would know how you can get ahead of the game. As such, you must be using the right social listening tools. That’s because these tools will make it easy for you to do some sleuthing about your target market and competitors.

Citizen Integrators and Low-code Integrations: A Market Guide

In the ever-changing world of technology, the tools available to citizen integrators are constantly evolving as well. For citizen integrators, access to better low-code integration tools certainly makes their job much easier. However, with the industry landscape constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest trends and find the right low-code integration tools to best meet the needs of the company.

Faster Microservice-to-Microservice encrypted communication with Kong Mesh and Intel

Service Mesh is an infrastructure layer that has become a common architectural pattern for intra-service transparent communication. By combining Kubernetes a container orchestration framework, you can form a powerful platform for your microservices cluster, addressing the typical technical requirements that occur in highly distributed environments. A service mesh is implemented through a sidecar configuration, or proxy instance, for each service instance.

5 Benefits of an API Management Platform

With each passing year, companies are becoming increasingly more dependent on APIs. Essentially, any organization looking to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies is dependent on APIs. Therefore, understanding how APIs work and how to best manage APIs is crucial. However, tackling APIs alone can be quite challenging for many companies.

The Snowflake Holiday Gift Guide for Data Lovers

Gift guides come in all shapes and sizes. There are shopper’s guides for sporting goods and wine, aimed at travelers and crafty types, and offering electronics or candy. Since there is no gift guide we’re aware of for data buyers, this is our chance to create the first such guide. Is your wife, best friend, or dad a nerd? No, not that kind of nerd, not an over-the-counter nerd, a data nerd! If so, this stuff will stuff their stocking but good. Remember Sears’ Wish Book?

Interview with Cybersecurity Specialist Babak Pasdar, CTO of Acreto

For our latest expert interview on our blog, we’ve welcomed Babak Pasdar to share his thoughts on the topic of cybersecurity and his journey as the CTO of Acreto. Babak Pasdar is a globally recognized innovator, cybersecurity expert, author, and entrepreneur best known for his multiple innovations in the area of cloud security.

Modern Software Needs Modern Testing: The Test Toolchain, AI, and Risk-Based Thinking

Web and mobile apps are now organizations’ primary connection with their customers. Staying relevant and winning market share requires that firms can make constant changes to these apps. However, can organizations deploy many more small changes - often many per day - with confidence and with managed risk? We'll take a closer look at how a modern testing toolchain combines both production safety nets - from canaries, to feature flags, to error reporting - with pre-production intent validation tools for both developers and quality assurance/quality engineering. We can see how it is possible to measure and predict and limit the risk of a change by using AI.

How to Test and Delivery Secure Mobile Apps in the New Era of Finance

Today, over 90% of global internet users access the internet via a mobile device. This trend continues in the financial services industry - in a recent survey by Business Insider, nearly 80% of respondents say mobile is the primary way they access their bank account. To attract and retain customers, it’s therefore necessary for financial services organizations to deliver reliable, secure, and easy to use mobile apps.

Test Automation Code Quality

Automation Code Quality is critical to successful test automation - and it’s often put at risk before the first piece of code is even written. In this session, Chris Wallander discusses what makes good test automation and how to write test cases with automation ROI in mind. He then shares several code design principles, complete with code examples, to help you get the most value out of your automated testing.

Why Security Quality Matters - And What You Should Do About It

As more users opt to do their banking online, the cost of having an unresponsive, unreliable and feature-deficient financial application or website will have growing negative implications. In this presentation, Justin Dolly draws on experience from 20+ years as a CISO and CSO to discuss the current state of security testing. He then shares how Sauce Labs is working to make security testing more comprehensive and more efficient, to help financial services organizations deliver reliable and secure web and mobile apps, faster.

Metrics and Logs Are Out, Distributed Tracing Is In With Chinmay Gaikwad | Kongcast Episode 5

In this Kongcast Episode, Chinmay Gaikwad, tech evangelist at Epsagon, explains why metrics and logs aren’t sufficient for companies with a microservices architecture. Instead, Chinmay recommends leveraging distributed tracing for optimal observability.

10 Things Testers Wish CIOs and CTOs Knew About Testing: Episode 4

In this new series from Sauce Labs, Marcus Merrell addresses ten things he wishes CIOs and CTOs understood about testing. In episode four, Marcus discusses how Selenium is not a complete test automation strategy, just a key component. Come along on this ten-episode journey to learn some best practices while Marcus dispels some myths about the testing space.

Introduction to TF Serving

Machine learning (ML) model serving refers to the series of steps that allow you to create a service out of a trained model that a system can then ping to receive a relevant prediction output for an end user. These steps typically involve required pre-processing of the input, a prediction request to the model, and relevant post-processing of the model output to apply business logic.

How to migrate a data warehouse to BigQuery

Has your data team outgrown its on-premise traditional data warehouse? Are you looking for a system to store data that is secure, scalable, and cost effective? In this episode of Architecting with Google Cloud, Priyanka Vergadia speaks with Gary Morreale, the Director of Data Services from Independence Blue Cross about how his team migrated from Terradata to Bigquery on Google Cloud Platform. Listen as Gary Morreale discusses his team’s giant undertaking on migrating dataware to BigQuery.

The 8 most insightful moments from Beyond 2021

This week, ThoughtSpot gathered virtually with thousands of global customers, partners, and friends to share our vision for the future of analytics at Beyond 2021. A future where everyone in your business can create personalized insights and operationalize them to drive smarter business actions. And where innovative brands like Snowflake, Starbucks, Just Eat Takeaway, and Opendoor are already building their businesses on data with the Modern Analytics Cloud.

Top 15 List of Automation Testing Tools | Latest Update in 2022

Automation testing tools are applications designed to verify function and/or non-functional requirements via automated test scripts. With the Agile and DevOps manifesto as the standard of software testing, setting a clear-cut automation testing tools evaluation strategy is key. Ultimately, this strategy will need to answer the questions of: Plus, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all automation tool. It really boils down to your team’s specific needs.

Creatio: Low-code development Platform for Business

CRM or customer relationship management is not a new technical term businesses use for maintaining their contact in the market. The software is known for its automation commands which monitor a business’s inside and outside activities. Including marketing strategies, lead generation, and customer support, companies rely on CRM for controlling a significant section of their business, which earns a better return for them.

Make Your Models Matter: What It Takes to Maximize Business Value from Your Machine Learning Initiatives

We are excited by the endless possibilities of machine learning (ML). We recognise that experimentation is an important component of any enterprise machine learning practice. But, we also know that experimentation alone doesn’t yield business value. Organizations need to usher their ML models out of the lab (i.e., the proof-of-concept phase) and into deployment, which is otherwise known as being “in production”.

What is Git Checkout Remote Branch? How It Works, When to Use It, Examples, Tutorials & More

Git is one of the most useful tools for developers and development teams. And Git checkout remote branch makes it easier to collaborate and review. Let’s learn about it today. As developers, we work with Git often. In fact, at Stackify by Netreo, we have a Git page where you can see quite a few repositories. Like many developers and groups, we migrated our version control to a Git-based system a few years back. So working with Git is a big part of our ongoing work.

The Evolution of APIs: From RPC to SOAP and XML (Part 2)

In our last blog post, we discussed the evolution of APIs from early computing to the PC era. In this post, we’ll discuss the evolution of APIs in the early internet age. Along the way, we’ll touch upon associated core technologies such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and discuss the introduction of web services and its common components: SOAP and WSDL.

3 Ways to Integrate MySQL With Python

As one of the most popular relational database management systems, MYSQL gets a lot of use from a variety of applications. With the popularity of Python in web-based applications, it's essential that MySQL and Python can communicate with one another. Read on to learn more about MySQL and to discover three ways to integrate it with Python.

Automate even faster with the Appian RPA Recorder

Appian is dedicated to helping customers automate their businesses, fast! And the new RPA Recorder speeds up your time-to-value by allowing you to record your browser-based task actions. When you're done, Appian RPA creates a ready-to-automate workflow design that you can use on its own or as part of your overall end-to-end Appian-automated business process.

Getting Started With Sauce Labs Low-Code Automated Web Testing

The software industry is transforming rapidly due to new changes brought on by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). AI & ML have democratized many aspects of the software testing process helping businesses, small and large, save time and money. As AI bridges the technical gap required in many jobs, more people will be able to add tremendous value to development teams — without the need of a computer science degree.

Quality Engineering Discussions: 5 Questions with George Ukkuru

George Ukkuru is a seasoned technocrat and AVP of quality engineering, DevOps, and SRE @Marlabs Inc. Over the course of two decades, he has helped Fortune 500 companies implement Agile testing practices. He has also authored a number of books on quality engineering and test automation. In this QnA, Ukkuru lays out the scope and depth of his experience without even trying.

Introducing Dynamic Observability: A no-code integration between Elastic and Rookout

In recent years, Observability has become a de-facto standard when discussing development and maintenance of cloud-native applications. The need to develop an observable system and ensure that as it runs in production, engineers will be able to detect performance issues, downtimes, and service disruptions, has evolved into a rich ecosystem of tools and practices.

Kong and Okta Deliver Best-in-Class Identity for API Management

As organizations look to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, a couple of key trends are prevalent. First, there is a movement from monolithic to smaller cloud native microservices. Second, there is more pressure to innovate, resulting in an explosion of APIs and connections to secure. To help organizations address these trends, Kong is joining forces with Okta to deliver the best-in-class identity for API management.

Ably at GopherCon UK

Ably was the delegate sponsor at GopherCon UK this year and we had a great time. The conference was held in The Brewery, London. For many of our team members it was the first physical developer event they had been to in almost two years. Whilst I am thrilled to be returning to face-to-face interaction and the depth of conversation they enable, I certainly forgot how early a start physical events are.

Appian 21.4: Further Extend the Reach and Impact of Your Organization

As digital transformation continues full steam ahead across all industries, organizations are challenged by limited resources in a setting where speed to market is essential. We’re excited to announce Appian 21.4, which has new capabilities that extend the reach of your organization, delivering powerful mobile, AI, and data capabilities that let you connect with your customers anywhere. Only have a few minutes?

More Throughput and Faster Execution for Interactive Use Cases: Now in Public Preview

Snowflake is the data backbone for thousands of businesses, enabling data access and governance needed to deliver value. Interactive use cases in some data applications and embedded analytics, however, pose a particular challenge. Traditionally, you needed an additional caching layer to provide the required speed and throughput these solutions require—which also increased costs and architectural complexity.

How to implement shoulder-checks and improve quality as a team

The software Quality Assurance role (QA) has traditionally been seen as a person who finds bugs and tries to break things. While these tasks still remain a big part of the QA’s role, the industry has seen a shift towards a more holistic approach where the QA role advocates for the overall quality of delivery — both product and process. Incorporating the exercise of “shoulder checks” into the agile software development lifecycle increases quality output.

Moesif API Analytics is SOC 2 Compliant

Moesif is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed its SOC 2 Certification. The Moesif API Analytics Platform has now been independently verified to comply with the highest standards of security. Through completion of this comprehensive level of certification, Moesif has demonstrated that it can reliably and securely maintain the confidentiality, availability and integrity of enterprises’ critical data assets.

Adapting FMEA Steps for Modern Risk Management

If you’re in a regulated industry, you or your team has likely had to use Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for compliance. But because of the way regulated industries have to balance between the world of very strict quality standards and also high-velocity Agile processes, traditional FMEA has to evolve in order to meet the challenges that are arising in this new reality.

REST API With Python

According to Stack Overflow Developers’ Survey 2019, Python is the second “most loved” language with 73 percent of the developers choosing it above other languages prevailing in the market. Python is a highly versatile language that supports a wide variety of use cases across several languages. It is a language well-known for its ease of use, portability, and ability to handle large data sets.

Testing Serverless APIs on AWS

​​ Recently AWS made the new ARM processors for Lambda functions generally available. With that change Serverless functions now use Graviton2, said to offer better performance at lower cost. I built a sample API on AWS using API Gateway and Lambda, and I wrote two endpoints, one CPU-intensive (calculating Pi using Leibniz's formula), the other a typical data transfer endpoint (returning an arbitrary number of bytes). Two very different endpoints for my experiment.

Generating Google Slides with BigQuery and Apps Script

Have you ever been asked to prepare a slide deck containing many data points? Maybe you sifted through the data yourself along with copying and pasting the data over and over again—talk about a huge time commitment. In this video, Leigha Jarett discusses how you can use Google Apps Scripts to automate data-driven slide development and save yourself a lot of time.

Managing Costs for Spark on Amazon EMR

Are you looking to optimize costs and resource usage for your Spark jobs on Amazon EMR? Then this is the webinar for you. Overallocating resources, such as memory, is a common fault when setting up Spark jobs. And for Spark jobs running on EMR, adding resources is a click away - but it’s an expensive click, so cost management is critical. Unravel Data is our AI-enabled observability platform for Spark jobs on Amazon EMR and other Big Data technologies. Unravel helps you right-size memory allocations, choose the right number of workers, and map your cluster needs to available instance types.

Expanding Your Analytics Audience: Make Information More Accessible with Natural Language Query

In an ideal world, all employees serving across all job functions would be able to access and analyze all the information they need with ease. Unfortunately, today most analytics technologies still require specialized skills and expertise. As a business intelligence industry we try to overcome these obstacles by making self-service analysis easier with improvements to the user interface and streamlined processes. But we know that analysis, by nature, is complex and requires data literacy and skills.

New Applied ML Prototypes Now Available in Cloudera Machine Learning

It’s no secret that Data Scientists have a difficult job. It feels like a lifetime ago that everyone was talking about data science as the sexiest job of the 21st century. Heck, it was so long ago that people were still meeting in person! Today, the sexy is starting to lose its shine. There’s recognition that it’s nearly impossible to find the unicorn data scientist that was the apple of every CEO’s eye in 2012.

Prefix by Netreo Earns Veracode Verified Standard Recognition

Huntington Beach, Calif. – November 17, 2021 – Netreo, the award-winning provider of IT infrastructure and application performance management solutions, today announced that Prefix by Netreo has earned Veracode Verified Standard recognition for proven security practices in application development. Veracode Verified Standard status confirms that code development processes meet AppSec best practices and further boosts the security posture of Prefix by Netreo.

Five Ways to Use Salesforce With Heroku

Salesforce and Heroku are two of the most powerful platforms for businesses. Salesforce is a CRM that has been around since 1999 and Heroku is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create, run, and scale apps built in any language (such as Salesforce's native Sales Cloud). When you connect Salesforce to Heroku, you can automatically get Salesforce CRM data to update the Sales Cloud.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is a critical component of any successful business. It allows you to automate your marketing efforts and streamline how you manage your campaigns from start to finish. But choosing the right software can be tricky, with so many options available on the market today. This article will explore different types of marketing automation solutions and highlight what features make them unique and their pros and cons.

Next Generation Analytics Consumption Is NOT About "Killing Dashboards"

As we get closer to the end of 2021, looking back the data and analytics technologies have evolved significantly over the last few years. We have seen the introduction of augmented analytics capabilities embracing user self-service and multimodal delivery of analytics insights. In addition, we have seen new data integration and catalog capabilities in response to the demands of new regulations and governance needs.

Introducing the Fully Featured Scalable Chat App, by Ably's DevRel Team

Here at Ably, we’ve helped many people to solve some truly interesting, and at times wacky data distribution problems. Be it helping to organise transport for the healthcare sector, or acting as one of the key communication layers on a VR platform; in more and more aspects of our lives, we’re expecting online experiences to happen in realtime. Unsurprisingly though, one key use-case reemerges every time: chat.

3 Tips to Streamline Claims Operations for a Connected Insurance Experience

Insurtech funding hit a record high of $7.4 billion in the first half of 2021—already surpassing funding in 2020. With more and more emerging players entering the field, consumer demands for a more digital, connected insurance experience have grown to new heights. For many insurance customers, the claims process is a critical moment of truth, making it essential that insurers deliver a hassle-free, seamless experience.

A Cloud Native + Infrastructure as Code Love Story

We love abstractions. We want to make things easier for developers, teams and end users. In doing that, sometimes we build things a little bit too complex for those who don’t already understand the pain points for which the abstraction layers were built. Kubernetes is an example of this; it solves a very real, very painful problem, but it is notoriously difficult to wrap your head around.

Ways to debug App slowness

One of the most important variables in determining the essential success of your company's IT infrastructure is the efficiency of your apps. Having a slow-running application, on the other hand, is a burden on the company's overall performance. Developers must rectify a slow application and determine the root cause of the problem promptly. The top five reasons for SaaS user churn are performance-related issues, which is a major revenue loss that can be avoided.

The Evolution of APIs: From RPC to SOAP and XML (Part 1)

To work and live in today’s digital world, we are unquestionably dependent on interconnected applications. These applications might be massive and highly complex, but they’re also constructed from reusable building blocks, which we call an Application Programming Interface—the API. API adoption is on the rise across all industries. However, APIs aren’t new. They came about from the natural evolution of writing computer software.

The ultimate guide to functional testing

Functional testing validates that the software is executing actions as it should. The software industry relies on functionality testing, performed by expert testers to ensure that all app segments and features are working as intended. Functional testing aims to identify functionality-based errors in hypothetical customer pathways so developers can fix the issues before releasing to production.

An Introduction to REST API with Python

REST API is an acronym that stands for Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface. REST APIs are used to create "web services" in HTTP requests, which provide data between client and server applications. This article will cover some of the basics of REST APIs and will also walk you through making a basic API using Python.

Apache vs NGINX: How to Choose The Right One?

Web servers are the backbone of the internet. Without web server software like Apache and NGINX, the internet might not be what it is today. However, they are no longer interchangeable. The discussion between Nginx and Apache has been going on for a long time. Both of these servers are industry giants, collectively providing more than half of all web pages on the internet.

Adding user tracking to your Node.js RESTful API with Moesif

Join Matt as he shows users how to add user tracking to your Node.js RESTful API with Moesif. In this tutorial, we will cover how to: Tracking users' server-side interaction greatly increases the value of API monitoring and analytics. With Moesif, begin tracking your API calls by user in a matter of minutes.

Mid Atlantic Meetup | May 2021 - What can APIs and Microservices tell us about organizations?

Architects are tasked with seeing that organizations meet their objectives with speed and quality, for a reasonable cost. This simple mission is anything but simple. Security, analytics, and everything in-between present themselves as forces to be acknowledged and considered. Building APIs and Microservices present new puzzles to be solved for architects. Or do they? In this session, we attempt to detect patterns that present themselves in organizations, which have their root in human elements. Yet reliably manifest in technology.

Understanding the Basics of Envoy Configuration - Denver Meshy Mesh Meetup

Envoy is a key part of a number of service meshes currently on the market, including Istio and the Kuma CNCF Sandbox project. As such, it is often helpful to better understand how Envoy is configured to operate as a data plane in a service mesh. In this session, you’ll learn about the basics of Envoy configuration, like listeners, filters, clusters, and endpoints.

NiFi as a Function in DataFlow Service

With the general availability of Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud (CDF-PC), our customers can now self-serve deployments of Apache NiFi data flows on Kubernetes clusters in a cost effective way providing auto scaling, resource isolation and monitoring with KPI-based alerting. You can find more information in this release announcement blog post and in this technical deep dive blog post. Any customer willing to run NiFi flows efficiently at scale should now consider adopting CDF-PC.

How should enterprises execute cross-browser testing?

As a small business or a startup, we often make decisions that can change the whole structure of our working processes. Honestly, this is not a bane that can bring the businesses down. Such businesses thrive on these decisions as they let them clearly decide what suits them best and why. What’s better than finding it on their own by trying a mix of things? As for this post, it is a bit different from startups and small businesses.

Spring vs. Spring Boot, Whats the Difference?

Spring is the most popular application development framework in Java. However, over the past few years, Spring has become increasingly complex because of added functionalities. Starting a new project usually requires going through a lengthy process and takes a lot of time. To avoid starting from scratch and to save time, Spring Boot was introduced. Spring Boot uses Spring as its foundation layer and allows developers to build a standalone application with none or minimal configuration.

Using Low-Code to Solve the 3 Biggest Challenges of State and Local Government

State and local government agencies in the US are facing heightened demand to address a long-avoided issue: outdated technology. The existing solutions these government organizations rely on are not user friendly, limit collaboration by siloing essential data, and make processes longer and more cumbersome than they need to be. Yet, despite the limitations that result from outdated solutions, it should come as no surprise that only 60% of states have a digital strategy.

Automated vs. Manual Testing: When and Why?

Testing is the backbone of the Agile software development methodology. The efficiency of the testing process directly impacts the quality of the deliverables and the goodwill of the organization. Buggy software can lead to poor user experience, delayed project timelines, diminished brand value, and revenue losses. A strong testing process consists of several well-planned activities with definite timelines and a set of clear expected outcomes.

Top 10 Free Open-Source Testing Tools, Framework & Libraries

Free open-source frameworks, libraries, and tools are the go-to solutions for automation testing. The main difference between these is knowing your preference between creating your building a brand new test automation framework using libraries, or working on a made-ready tool where testing is all you will have to care about. This article gives you a quick glance at the Top 10 Free and Open Source Testing Tools, Tools, Framework & Libraries.

Anodot & Rivery Team Up for Streamlined Monitoring of Marketing Campaigns

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Rivery to offer our data pipeline and monitoring solutions in one. Our one-click Data Kits streamline the analytics process, saving teams valuable time so they can act on business incidents fast. To kick things off, we’re releasing the Anodot Marketing Analytics Monitoring Kit. Now you can start tracking your marketing campaigns instantly, and make the moves that will make the most of your ad spend.

Snowday! Sunny, with a 100% Chance of Innovation

At Snowday 2021, Snowflake announced exciting new product capabilities that expand what is possible in the Data Cloud. In addition to announcing Python support in Snowpark (currently in private preview), these latest innovations make it easier for organizations to maintain business continuity across clouds and regions; help data engineers and data scientists build pipelines, ML workflows, and data applications faster; and remove the complexity of getting the right data into the hands of customers.

Deploying a Multi-Cloud API Gateway on AWS and GCP

After you’ve built your microservices-backed application, it’s time to deploy and connect them. Luckily, there are many cloud providers to choose from, and you can even mix and match. Many organizations, like Australia Post, are taking the mix-and-match approach, embracing a multi-cloud architecture. The microservices that make up a system no longer have to stay on a single cloud.

.NET Core vs. .NET Framework: Side-by-Side Comparison

.NET Core vs. .NET Framework is a popular debate in the IT community. Many individuals and enterprises are curious to learn about the aspects of these Microsoft inventions, so read on. We will begin with an overview of these technologies, their benefits to end-users, and their relevance in this digital age. Feel free to use these links to navigate the guide.

Airtable: Database made simpler

The post pandemic period is one wherein being tech-savvy has become an absolute necessity. Today, business-houses have got to store huge amounts of data while simultaneously analyzing it. And although spreadsheets could combat this problem to an extent, they’re not a dependable solution in the long run. This is why the need for a versatile database management tool has risen, which can have all your information and ideas just a click away.

A Concise Introduction to REST APIs

A REST API — or representational state transfer application programming interface — is a data interface that allows for the creation and consumption of resources. It’s not just for GET requests, but also for other HTTP verbs such as PUT, POST, and DELETE. REST APIs can also handle CRUD (Create, Read, and Update, and Delete) operations. In this way, a REST API is a software bridge between two levels of abstraction in a system.

App Development: 3 Ways to Add an API to Your App

Applications that use a REST API architecture are designed to be loosely coupled and transfer information quickly. While this architecture focuses on transferring data between clients/servers, it can also apply when interacting with other systems and users. In the world of app development, the need for better, faster, and easier-to-understand APIs is growing, and REST APIs are dominating the legacy modernization conversation.

10 Things Testers Wish CIOs & CTOs Knew About Testing: Test Automation Should Not Be Used to Replace Humans

In my 18 years of working in quality engineering and the testing community, I’ve developed some best practices to help organizations create and manage their overall test strategies. This is the second in a 10-week series on what testers wish their CIOs and CTOs knew about testing. Each week, I’ll share my experience to help educate tech leaders on key priorities their testing teams need them to understand.

What is an ad hoc business analysis?

By definition, ad hoc business analysis is an unplanned or unscheduled event. The name comes from the Latin phrase meaning “for this purpose only.” An ad hoc analysis is used to answer one specific business question on an as-needed basis, and is not replicated beyond a single point in time. What separates ad hoc analysis from traditional BI-like dashboards is this limited scope.

Learning to Code: A Quick Guide for Beginner Programmers

Would you like to learn to code and build popular websites or apps? Do you know the necessary steps to achieve this goal? Most people start by reading popular programming books or subscribing to online courses and tutorials that teach coding. While this approach may seem enjoyable at first, you’re likely to encounter confusing concepts and inadequate assistance quickly frustrates most newbie programmers.

5 Ways API-Led Connectivity Is Changing Business

With more data and systems at their fingertips than ever before, organizations need a concrete strategy for how to connect them with their own enterprise IT. This has led to the rise of API-led connectivity, which offers a dramatic shake-up to the way that companies access and integrate these technologies and services. In this article, we’ll explore five industries in which API-led connectivity has changed the business landscape as we know it.

Monolithic vs. Microservices Architecture: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Microservices have gained a lot of traction in the last few years. Ever since the dawn of time, monolithism – packaging all your modules into one colossal codebase – was the default way to go when building software applications. However, as applications have had to cater to increasing volumes (of millions) of users over the internet over the last decade, scalability and flexibility have become ever more critical.

Why Does Your Next UI Redesign Need Analytics?

We constantly hear about UX Analytics. Analytics must always be a part of the design process of an app from the very beginning. We also hear tons about UI/UX design. However, and definitely during a redesign, UI and UX changes based on product analytics need to run parallel processes. So how come we never hear about UI Analytics?

Fast-growing SaaS Scales Log Analytics While Saving 30% per Month

Transeo is a mobile-friendly platform enabling students, counselors, and administrators to share community service opportunities and hours served — online and in real-time. With one goal in mind, eliminate time-consuming administrative overhead and shift the focus from paperwork to people, Transeo turned to ChaosSearch to help them bring order to the massive quantity of disparate, log data output.

Low-Code Automated Web Testing Offered by Sauce Labs

Intelligent low-code systems are beginning to take hold across the software development lifecycle and Sauce Labs is excited to be helping companies along this journey. Low-code automated testing simplifies and accelerates web application testing by enabling non-technical team members to create, run, and manage tests on Sauce Labs Virtual Device Clouds. Teams can now leverage Sauce Connect to execute their low-code tests behind a firewall, removing any friction presented with knowing how to code.

How to Fix Unreachable Statement Errors in Java

Statements are foundational language constructs that have an effect on the execution of a program. Statements are similar to sentences in natural languages. In Java, there are three main types of statements, namely expression statements, declaration statements, and control-flow statements 1. As a compiled programming language, Java has an inbuilt mechanism for preventing many source code errors from winding up in executable programs and surfacing in production environments 2.

WebSockets Tutorial: Going Real-time with Node and React

Everyone seems to be making chat apps these days, but messaging apps are merely the tip of the iceberg. Consider this for a moment, within the real-time domain, there are a plethora of different things you can create. We'll start with some fundamental concepts and work our way up to see how to go real-time with Node and React in the following post. By the end of this article, you will have created a very simple real-time application. That will be a lengthy post!

Home Credit: Empowering everyone with always up-to-date data insights

Home Credit Group is an international provider of consumer finance with over 117,000 employees and operations across three continents and nine countries. With 28 million active customers and central financial sector regulators, keeping a close eye, handling data safely, accurately, and swiftly is a top priority.

The Rise of Unstructured Data

The word “data” is ubiquitous in narratives of the modern world. And data, the thing itself, is vital to the functioning of that world. This blog discusses quantifications, types, and implications of data. If you’ve ever wondered how much data there is in the world, what types there are and what that means for AI and businesses, then keep reading!

Hiding SOAP Legacy Applications Using the Mullet Pattern

In this episode of Kongcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Aaron Weikle, the founder and CEO at MS3, about supporting legacy-based applications as companies add the next generation of microservices. Check out the transcript and video from our conversation below, and be sure to subscribe to get email alerts for the latest new episodes.

Introducing Live Analytics for your modern data stack

Today, the world is moving faster than ever before. In an age where a single insight can be the difference between hitting your number and hitting a wall, it’s never been more important to have a finger on the pulse of your business. This means understanding everything that’s happening, as it’s happening, so you can take smarter actions for your business in the moment.

An entrepreneur's post of gratitude

Today, we announced our Series F funding at ThoughtSpot, valuing the company at $4.2 billion. As the Co-founder and Executive Chair, it’d be customary to write a post that celebrates this milestone, shares lessons learned, and the usual. Those can come later. Instead, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the people that have been a critical part of my journey as an entrepreneur, both at ThoughtSpot and Nutanix (now valued at $7B+).

The road less traveled on the path to our $4.2B valuation

As we announce to the world today that ThoughtSpot is now worth $4.2B, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am grateful to the customers who had the courage to challenge the status quo and give us a shot inside their companies. I am equally grateful to the entrepreneurs and investors who had the courage to join us and build a company that is changing what's possible with data. Often, people say it's hard to be courageous in the face of adversity. I say that’s conformist bullshit.

Vanity Metrics for APIs vs Tracking Business Value From API Transactions

As an API product manager, you want your API to have a great developer experience. This means that developers can get up and running quickly, they get consistent behavior from your API, it’s easy for them to troubleshoot any errors they encounter, and your API makes it easy for them to address their business needs. Tracking your APIs is an important part of understanding how well they perform, which leads most organizations to build out their own internal API tracking systems.

Paving the way for "Citizen Analysts" to drive healthier business decisions

Business intelligence (BI) has gotten so sophisticated that a variety of end users within an organization may be eager to use data to guide their decisions. Unfortunately, most businesses have a very small data analysis or BI team. How can companies like this enable more people to use more data more effectively without overwhelming their BI staff?

How to Generate a Snowflake API

Customer demand is in a constant state of fluctuation. Companies must keep pace or risk losing their position in a crowded market. Digital transformation is the driver to helping companies remain agile to meet their customers’ needs. The Snowflake data warehouse provides massive storage capabilities to facilitate combining figures from disparate systems. These figures help inform decision-making and provide valuable insight into driving business strategies.

Meeting demand in the pandemic: Why the world's largest materials marketplace trusts Talend and Passerelle

Material Bank, the world’s largest materials marketplace, provides a fast and powerful way to search and sample fixtures, construction materials, and textiles from hundreds of different brands. They serve both direct customers and retailers in the architecture and design industry, including massive companies such as Ethan Allen, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

Antalis Go Live with Appian

Antalis is a leading professional paper distributor and provider of packaging and visual communication solutions in Europe and Latin America. Antalis provides one of the most extensive and diversified range of products and solutions in the market. They offer their clients a deep level of service in terms of customization, expertise, and logistics, mainly through their 110 distribution centers around the world.

10 Things Testers Wish CIOs and CTOs Knew About Testing: Episode 3

In this new series from Sauce Labs, Marcus Merrell addresses ten things he wishes CIOs and CTOs understood about testing. In episode three, Marcus discusses the different situations that should rely on testing automation versus those that call for the human component. Come along on this ten-episode journey to learn some best practices while Marcus dispels some myths about the testing space.

Hiding SOAP Legacy Applications Using the Mullet Pattern With Aaron Weikle | Kongcast Episode 4

Organizations don’t move as fast as technology. That’s why in this Kongcast episode, Aaron Weikle, Founder & CEO at MS3, explains how to continue supporting your organization’s legacy-based services as they continue to add the next generation of services. If you're planning on migrating legacy applications to microservices this episode if for you!

Browser testing and API load testing in the same script with k6 (k6 Office Hours #35)

CEO Robin Gustafsson, Tom Miseur (Technical Specialist) and Nicole van der Hoeven (Developer Advocate) talk about xk6-browser, which allows browser testing in the same script as API load testing. We're really excited to demonstrate it and talk about why we think this is a great next step for k6.

The Evolution of Data, Analytics, and AI-All in Less Than an Hour!

Much of my focus over the last couple of decades has been in analytics, big data, and AI, and Joe DosSantos and I discussed the progression of these fields over time in a recent Data Brilliant podcast episode. My subtitle for that episode might be, “The Promise and Perils of a Hot New Field,” as we addressed several aspects of how these popular concepts have evolved in the first fifth of the 21st century.

Combine k6 OSS and Prometheus for better observability

k6 Cloud, our managed testing solution, supports Prometheus to store and correlate performance testing metrics within your observability stack since a while now. Announced at Grafana ObservabilityCON, we launched Prometheus support to k6 Open Source - our free, open, and extensible load testing tool. k6 OSS supports sending k6 metrics to multiple outputs such as InfluxDB, New Relic, StatsD, and more.

How To Fight Document Overload with Low-Code and IDP

In a Harvard Business Review article, Thomas C. Redman references a project by AT&T, the world’s largest telecommunications company, where the simple task of reducing invoicing errors uncovered something shocking: over 40% of invoicing data contained errors that cost the company tens of millions of dollars. Even in 2021—the age of digitalization—poor quality data is wreaking havoc in businesses, costing the United States a staggering $3 trillion per year.

Now is the Time to Enter the Low-Code Economy

Low-Code. This is a new term for many, and it raises questions. The first is “What is it?” Suffice to say, low-code is a new way to build software applications that is faster and better than traditional coding. A more urgent question is “why do we need it?” What kinds of shifts has the world seen that have caused something like low-code to gain prominence? We need to take a few steps back to understand how business and the tech industry have evolved.

Defining Simplicity for Enterprise Software as "a 10 Year Old Can Demo it"

Arjun (my son) sat next to me at my desk. He was a bit nervous but we had practiced 3 times before he was ‘on stage’ in front of hundreds of people and the zoom meeting turned to him. My ten year old began to demonstrate how to deploy an Operational Database in AWS, showcasing how auto-scaling worked and how to set up replication. All of the sales team and my colleagues were quite impressed with him, and I am very proud of him.

Software Functional Testing Checklist

Even when seamlessly combining manual and automated approaches, testing every functional combination within web or mobile applications is challenging. Unfortunately, this means critical issues inevitably go undetected and make their way into the hands of your customers. We strive for perfect code, perfect releases, and perfect apps, but alas, perfection is a myth. With that in mind, if you cannot catch every issue before a release, at least you can take the proper steps to limit them.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Change Data Capture

If you're a data warehouse or BI professional, the odds are that you've heard of CDC. But how much do you really know about this technology? How will it help your business? And why should you care about it at all? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and to develop your understanding of Change Data Capture.

Demo: Zero Trust Security with Service Mesh

As the number of microservices increases and deployed across private and public networks, security is critical. Leveraging a Service Mesh guarantees the security of applications and services without burdening developers to build security, freeing them to focus on business logic and allowing organizations to meet and prove their compliance and security requirements. TIMECODES #ZeroTrust #ServiceMesh #mtls #OPA #KongMesh #KongSummit

How to Customize Your Kong Developer Portal

A developer portal is a storefront to your APIs (the products) that internal and external developers are trying to consume. The Kong Developer Portal provides a single source of truth for all developers to locate, access and consume services. With intuitive content management for documentation, streamlined developer onboarding and role-based access controls (RBAC), Kong’s Developer Portal provides a comprehensive solution for creating a unified developer experience.

Data Leaders Survey: The present and future of data

To understand the current challenges and future priorities of data operations, we surveyed 85 data leaders across multiple global verticals - from retail to marketing, from software to fintech. The CEOs, CTOs, CCOs, VPs of Data, and Heads of Strategy all chipped in to unveil how they run data operations today and what they foresee in the future of data operations.

Be prepared for the worst with Chaos Testing Through Foresight

Nowadays, testing is crucial for the success of any product. No matter what product you offer, customers have seemingly endless options to choose from. This means keeping bugs out of your production environment and maintaining a smooth user experience so you can stay competitive and retain customers. But functional and performance testing may not be enough. Contemporary software applications have a number of third-party libraries or cloud services integrated into them.

Xplenty vs. Heroku Connect

When you're looking for effective ways to connect your data and transfer it safely, there are a few options to consider. Two of the top choices for companies across many markets are Heroku Connect and Xplenty. These top services allow the user to have greater flexibility and control over their data and how it's used. It's important to know which option is best for your specific needs.

Data lake vs. data mesh: Which one is right for you?

What’s the right way to manage growing volumes of enterprise data, while providing the consistency, data quality and governance required for analytics at scale? Is centralizing data management in a data lake the right approach? Or is a distributed data mesh architecture right for your organization?

5 Features that Save Developers Time in the Appian 21.4 Release

Did you know it takes an average of six months to build and deploy a basic enterprise app? It’s time to get our hours back. Low-code platforms like Appian cut that dev time in half or more. Design your apps securely and quickly using visual workflows so you can spend your time coding creative custom features instead of working on non-value adding, monotonous development tasks.

What is an ad hoc financial analysis?

Ad hoc financial analysis aims to answer business questions that arise on an as-needed basis related to money and performance. These tend to be business needs that exist outside of the regularly scheduled data analysis of a given cycle, such as planned quarterly reports or the day-to-day maintenance of a KPI dashboard. Ad hoc analytics are methods of extracting real-time insights from data sources, often to answer a question with immediate implications for the business.

Replacing the FMEA Risk Assessment: How to Manage Risk in an Agile World

Product failures and defects can occur on many different shapes and levels, impacting any part of the user experience, functionality, and even safety. In the past, organizations were taking the approach of of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for risk assessment. This allowed teams to identify and prevent failure before a product or update is released.