October 2021

Kimball vs Inmon: Which approach should you choose when designing your data warehouse architecture?

Data warehouses are the central data repository that allows Enterprises to consolidate data, automate data operations, and use the central repository to support all reporting, business intelligence (BI), analytics, and decision-making throughout the enterprise. But designing a data warehouse architecture can be quite challenging.

What Is Data Integrity and Why Is It Important?

Your organization’s data is the source of opportunity for your innovation. However, 25 percent of executives surveyed by KPMG either distrust or have limited trust in their data. Without integrity, the information is essentially useless. So exactly what is data integrity? Let’s take a dive deeper into this topic and discuss why it is important for your organization.

How to defend against Ransomware, the threat that holds your data and business hostage

With contributions by Anwar Haq and George Alifragis Ransomware has grown to become a significant threat to organizations today, no matter the size or industry. Cybercriminals are exploiting vulnerabilities in small businesses and enterprises alike, creating short-term and long-term damage that can impact everything from your employees’ productivity to your relationship with customers.

High Availability (Multi-AZ) for CDP Operational Database

CDP Operational Database (COD) is an autonomous transactional database powered by Apache HBase and Apache Phoenix. It is one of the main Data Services that runs on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Public Cloud. You can access COD right from your CDP console. With COD, application developers can now leverage the power of HBase and Phoenix without the overheads that are often related to deployment and management.

Getting Started With Kong Istio Gateway

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where all your service mesh services are running in Kubernetes, and now you need to expose them to the outside world securely and reliably? Ingress management is essential for your configuration and operations when exposing services outside of a cluster. You need to take care of the authentication, observability, encryption and integration with other third-party vendors alongside other policies.

Building a startup: Three questions every startup must answer to beat their behemoths

When speaking about the historical trajectory of significant movements, Ghandi once said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” For startup founders, these words aptly illustrate the road — and obstacles — that lie ahead. Startups that succeed are destined, at some point, to face off against the most powerful incumbents in the world. Still, there has never been a better time to be a startup than right now.

Quickly, easily and affordably back up your data with BigQuery table snapshots

Mistakes are part of human nature. Who hasn’t left their car unlocked or accidentally hit “reply all” on an email intended to be private? But making mistakes in your enterprise data warehouse, such as accidentally deleting or modifying data, can have a major impact on your business.

These Are the Top 5 Snowflake Database Features for Salesforce Users Everywhere

Confusingly, there are multiple Snowflakes in data management. A Snowflake database refers to a database (called a data warehouse) that integrates data from one or more sources for analytical purposes. Snowflake is the company that powers that database as a Software as a Service (SaaS). For this article, we're going to focus on the Snowflake database (sometimes stylized as SNOWFLAKE) and explain the features that best serve Salesforce users.

Finding .NET Memory Leaks through Soak Testing

As you’re probably aware, C# is a modern, garbage collected language, which means you don’t have to take care of object disposal as you would in languages like C++. However, that doesn’t mean.NET engineers don’t face memory problems, such as memory leaks. In this post, we’ll walk you through the basics of memory leaks in.NET: what they are, how they occur, and why they matter.

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS): Knowing and serving audiences better through data integration

SBS is Australia’s most diverse broadcaster, offering a multi-platform portfolio of TV, radio, and digital services. The company’s data is also diverse and multi-platform, and SBS understands its data is a key element in contributing to improving viewership, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. But what’s the key to using data more effectively? How do you bring together dozens of data sources into a single, central data platform?

Mixed Reality Development: Why and How to Get Started

Chances are, you or someone on your team is trying to break into mixed reality development. Mixed reality is the latest technology that blends the real world with digital experiences. Most major tech companies are investing in their own vision of the metaverse — i.e. the more connected future of the internet. That means mixed reality is quickly moving from an emerging technology to our new reality.

Entrepreneurship Is Power

In today's video, we're sharing a fireside chat that aired at the 2021 Guardian Summit. Join Snowflake's VP of WW Sales Engineering, Eve Besant, Aaron Walker, Founder/CEO, Camelback, and three fellows from Camelback Ventures, Jerelyn Rodriguez, Co-Founder/CEO, The Knowledge, Jessica Santana, Co-Founder/CEO, America on Tech, and Reuben Ogbonna, Co-Founder/Executive Director, The Marcy Lab School as they discuss how entrepreneurship is power.

WordPress Witchcraft - How to Test Your CMS [Webinar]

WordPress is a powerful tool for building great websites, but all great websites need great testing too. Join our founder, Justin Klemm, as he walks us through the best practices for QA testing WordPress websites. He'll also take us on a tour of the Ghost Inspector WordPress plugin. If you're using WordPress this is a webinar you won't want to miss.

Building the Future of Brick-and-Mortar One Autonomous Shop at a Time

The pandemic has been unkind to many retailers, with customer expectations shifting seemingly overnight. During the great recession of 2008–2009, e-commerce grew, and brick-and-mortar retail declined. As the economic recovery took hold, that trend continued while off-price, discount, and emerging players succeeded by appealing to new consumer demands. For example, in January 2020, fast-paced home delivery was perceived as a unique selling point offered only by select stores.

C40 Cities Continues To Advance Climate Action By Harnessing Data With Qlik

The latest United Nations IPCC report paints a sobering picture. Climate change looks likely to accelerate in all regions as we approach the critical global warming threshold of 1.5°C. Such an uptick in temperatures will increase sea level rise and intensify the frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events. For cities, these changes will make governance more difficult in nearly every respect.

3 useful design patterns every developer should know about

The term “Design Pattern” describes a well-known and battle-tested solution to a problem that developers tend to encounter again and again when developing software. Design patterns are conceptual and can be implemented in any programming language. Design patterns generally fit into one of the following three different categories depending on the problem they address: In this blog post I’m going to cover a pattern from each of these categories in depth.

Fueling financial freedom with data: A Q&A with Darren Pedroza, VP Enterprise Data and Analytics at First Command Financial Services

For members of the military, financial planning is a difficult and ever-changing process. Few businesses understand this better than First Command Financial Services, which focuses on serving the nation’s military families with flexible solutions to home mortgages, car loans, and wealth management.

Loadero test statuses explained

You have just clicked the button to run your test, but how soon will the first participant start the test? And when will you be able to explore the results reports? Each test run goes through multiple stages before a results report is generated. In this blog post we are going to explain everything you need to know about test run statuses you can see in Loadero!

Quality Engineering Discussions: 5 Questions with Rahul Parwal

Rahul Parwal is a software engineer, speaker, mentor, and writer out of Jaipur, Rajasthan. He has dabbled in software development, testing, and automation, and often shares his learnings in his blog. In this QnA, Rahul makes the point that a randomly failing test is always worth investigating and that assumptions are dangerous in testing.

It Worked Fine in Jupyter. Now What?

You got through all the hurdles getting the data you need; you worked hard training that model, and you are confident it will work. You just need to run it with a more extensive data set, more memory and maybe GPUs. And then...well. Running your code at scale and in an environment other than yours can be a nightmare. You have probably experienced this or read about it in the ML community. How frustrating is that? All your hard work and nothing to show for it.

Survey: Fast, Easy Access to Good Data Drives Digital Transformation Success

We live in a world that is increasingly digital and data-driven. We have wearable devices to monitor our steps, heart rate, and sleep quality. We have Alexa, Siri, or Google ready to take our shopping orders, play our playlist, share the latest news. We can see what shows are trending on Netflix and curated suggestions for us based on what we watched. We cannot get away from data. Where does data live? Who has access to them? What do they do with them?

Commercial Lines Insurance- the End of the Line for All Data

I’ve had the pleasure to participate in a few Commercial Lines insurance industry events recently and as a prior Commercial Lines insurer myself, I am thrilled with the progress the industry is making using data and analytics. However, I do not think Commercial Lines insurance gets the credit it deserves for the industry-leading role it has played in analytics. Commercial Lines truly is an “uber industry” with respect to data.

Native quality management: How to adapt to a quality-centric culture

Historically, software development and quality assurance were one and the same. If you built it, you also tested it. But then software grew up, and as it got more and more complex, dev and QA needed to split up in order to do their job right. But instead of these two teams remaining close friends, they grew far apart. Each in their own world, operating in different environments, using their own workflows, speaking different languages.

New Report Reveals Best Practices for Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Data Management

As enterprises develop complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments to support futuristic use cases, a new report published by Big Data Quarterly (BDQ) aims to educate IT decision-makers and practitioners on the most up-to-date solutions and strategies for modern data management in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid vs. Progressive Web Apps: Key Differences for Development and Mobile Testing

Not all apps are made the same. Native mobile apps, web mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps and progressive web apps (PWAs) are different in many ways. When choosing the right type of app for your business, you’ll want to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each, then make sure you use the right testing approach. Below, we explain how these four types of apps vary, how to choose the right app type for your business, and what that means for your testing strategy.

What Is MySQL API?

When companies have massive volumes of information to deal with, it's challenging to make sense of it all. With information spread across the organization, gathering valuable insights to drive decision-making is near impossible. Bringing all of this information together in a consolidated platform helps support discovery, reporting, and analysis that is critical for defining business strategies. In the era of digital disruption, agility is key.

Twelve Best Cloud & DataOps Articles

Interested in learning about different technologies and methodologies, such as Databricks, Amazon EMR, cloud computing and DataOps? A good place to start is reading articles that give tips, tricks, and best practices for working with these technologies. Here are some of our favorite articles from experts on cloud migration, cloud management, Spark, Databricks, Amazon EMR, and DataOps!

3 business considerations before you adopt NLQ

Natural language query (NLQ) is fundamentally a feature designed to democratize self-service analytics, and help make it more pervasive throughout the organization. A simple way to ask the hard questions You may also like: Natural language query: 5 benefits of Guided NLQ An introduction to Yellowfin Guided NLQ: What is it? Why natural language query (NLQ) didn’t take off What is natural language query (NLQ)?

The Modern Data Stack Ecosystem - Fall 2021 Edition

In our previous article, The Future of the Modern Data Stack, we examined the motivations of the modern data stack, its current state, and looked optimistically into the future to see where it is headed. If you’re new to the modern data stack, we highly recommend giving the aforementioned article a read. A question we often get from new adopters of the modern data stack is “What tech should we be looking into?”.

Zero-Touch Disaster Recovery With Ansible Automation Platform

Disaster Recovery (DR) is crucial to every organization. Business continuity is important whether you live in an area prone to natural disasters or need to prepare for unseen events like a data center outage. But how do you ensure that the changes behind the scenes don’t impact the end user? Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) is the automation tool of choice for many enterprises.

What's New in Node.js 17

Node.js v17.0.0, the latest major version of the popular JavaScript runtime, has just been released. It supersedes v16 in the Current release line of the runtime. V16 is now in line to be promoted to the long-term support (LTS) channel on October 26, 2021, as it’s an even-numbered release. Despite being a relatively minor update, this release brings several refinements to the runtime, including more promisified APIs, JavaScript engine upgrades, and OpenSSL 3.0 support.

The Customer Knows - Qlik's Leadership Highlighted in BARC BI & Analytics Survey 22

It’s great when analysts, media members and industry thought leaders tout your company’s leadership; it’s a point of pride for all of us behind the scenes working to continually improve Qlik Sense’s position as a leading and world-class analytics platform. However, the biggest praise (for me) comes from customers/users – the people Qlik Sense helps – whose recognition assure me we’ve really delivered.

Top 5 Badges That Will Show Your GitHub Repository is Well Tested & Trusted

Using badges in your Github repositories is a great visual way to attract people. Some badges are meaningful and productive to make use of, they boost the readability of your readme files. Visitors of your repositories can capture the “important metrics that you decide” instantly. To help you decide about the important metrics, I gathered the top five badges to support your GitHub repositories’ trustworthiness with regards to being well tested and trusted.

Data Transformation: Explained

Raw data—like unrefined gold buried deep in a mine—is a precious resource for modern businesses. However, before you can benefit from raw data, the process of data transformation is a necessity. Data transformation is the process where you extract data, sift through data, understand the data, and then transform it into something you can analyze. That’s where ETL (extract, transform, load) pipelines come into play.

How to Design and Implement a Top-Notch Test Automation Strategy

Every new software, method, or tool comes with certain growing pains and takes some time to get used to, although it’s almost always worth the adoption effort, a major part of which is testing. Test automation dramatically improves your processes, saves you time and resources, and ultimately leads to higher-quality software. But you can’t just jump into it and expect the automation to produce the results you want.

10 Best Resources Online to Learn WordPress

WordPress is a powerful content management system that supports 34% of all websites and 14.7% of the top websites globally. Tens of thousands of plug-ins and themes help build a website even with no programming or design skills. If you want to create your own website or plan to become a web designer or web developer, WordPress skills will definitely come in handy. WordPress is easy to use, and there are plenty of learning resources online that can help you get started.

What are Script Errors and How Can We Address Them?

Imagine that a customer reports an error on one of your websites. When you check the logs or tracking tool, it just says script error and nothing else. Does it sound familiar? Such errors are difficult to debug because they do not contain additional information about what and where they went wrong.

Scary Developer Stories to Tell in The Dark

Twas the night of production, and all through the server, all the bugs were stirring... We've all heard the developer horror stories or have had our fair share of shocking experiences as a developer tackling an unfortunate event. To keep up with the Halloween season, we wanted to hear some of the spooky encounters that developers dealt with. Here are some of the stories that you submitted to Rollbar. Make sure to turn on the light and read with caution!

How to Write a Test Plan: Free Template and a 6 Step Guide

A test plan outlines the objectives, methods, organization, and success criteria for testing a specific feature of a web application or other software project. A good test plan contains all the information you need to write automated tests and will help direct your efforts so you don’t waste time creating unnecessary tests. Here is the test plan template we use with our clients.

The Importance of Business Acceptance Testing in Product Development

To achieve success in product development, your teams must be aligned on clearly defined business criteria. If your teams are not marching to the same drumbeat, you significantly increase your risk exposure around quality issues and threaten your ability to hit deadlines. So how can companies ensure alignment? One popular option is incorporating business acceptance testing into existing workflows.

5 Ways to Integrate Salesforce With Other Platforms

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM (customer relationship management) platform: More than 100,000 organizations use it worldwide. Thanks to its vast array of powerful features, it’s no surprise that Salesforce has become the most popular software as a service (SaaS) CRM, with an estimated 18 percent market share. Despite this functionality, Salesforce can’t do everything alone.

Is Your Business Ready for Digital Disruption?

It’s one of the great paradoxes of doing business in the 21st century: Customers expect more personalized products and services even as in-person customer contact decreases. This is just one of several disruptive trends facing every industry. At the first day of Hitachi Financial Services Summit 2021, I addressed these challenges in a keynote session with Marek Chlebicki of Raiffeisen Bank International.

Snowflake Announces Support for Google Cloud Private Service Connect

Snowflake was architected with cross-cloud security built into its core, providing multiple layers of robust protection from network access, to authentication and access control, to data protection using encryption (for more details on Snowflake security, check out the on-demand session from Snowflake Summit). For the most-regulated customers around the world, enabling private connectivity is a critical first line of defense.

5 Reasons Why Consolidating Your Analytics Data Is A Good Investment

Data is the lifeblood that runs through your organization. It powers automated workflows, gives customer service reps the full story every time the phone rings, drives every upgrade planned for a product, informs decision-making leaders on what to focus next, and an endless list of etceteras. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have all your data in one place? Yes. Can you? Well…. It’s complicated.

Simplify edge-to-core realtime data capture, transition, and processing using Ably and Aerospike

We are excited to announce our partnership with Aerospike, the world leading realtime data platform, to solve intermittent connectivity, massive scale, and real-time processing challenges for organizations looking to deploy realtime digital experiences at global scale.

Bringing Event Hooks to Your Kong Plugins

Event Hooks is a new Kong Enterprise feature launched in the Kong Gateway 2.5 Release. This feature sends you notifications when certain events happen on your Kong Gateway deployment. Kong Gateway listens for events, like routes, services, consumers, certificates, plugins, workspaces and RBAC roles created, updated or removed. You can also create or extend Kong Plugins and add the Event Hooks functionality for custom use cases.

Top 10 Automated Mobile Testing Tools in 2021 | Latest Update

Mobile testing is the process of testing mobile applications for functionality, usability or performance through the use of tools or open-source frameworks. Smartphones, tablet PCs, or every new release of the iPhone with the smallest changes, makes mobile testing, and automated testing, imperative to detect regression bugs and enables teams to ship quality applications.

Do you want to build an ETL pipeline?

Analysts and data scientists use SQL queries to pull data from the data storage underbelly of an enterprise. They mold the data, reshape it, and analyze it, so it can offer revenue-generating business insights to the company. But analytics is only as good as the material it works with. That is, if the underlying data is missing, compromised, incomplete, or wrong, so will the data analysis and inferences derived from it.

Monitoring Azure API Management with Moesif

API gateways and management platforms like Azure API Management (APIM) are an excellent way to keep your APIs in order. They provide features that every API needs, like API keys, quotas, and caching in a standardized fashion. Your APIs will then behave more homogeneously and can be managed in a central place. They’re also the entry point to your cloud infrastructure and can help you abstract implementation from the interface.

Shiny, new CSS features to get to know

Ever since I started to learn how to code, CSS has excited me. As a very visually rewarding style sheet language, it has always been an instantly gratifying language to work with. The CSS landscape at the moment is ever-changing. There are many new features that have been released recently, so I thought I’d have a look around and summarise those that caught my eye, concisely in this post.

The Ultimate Map to finding Halloween candy surplus

As Halloween night quickly approaches, there is only one question on every kid’s mind: how can I maximize my candy haul this year with the best possible candy? This kind of question lends itself perfectly to data science approaches that enable quick and intuitive analysis of data across multiple sources.

6 Best Practices for RESTful API Design: Lessons From the Field

Many businesses need to build an API for their customers to use, but many businesses also struggle with making their API easy for customers to use. DreamFactory makes it easier for developers to design RESTful APIs. It builds on the best practices in web-based software development, allowing developers to design RESTful APIs without cumbersome hand-coding.

7 Tips for Designing Great API Documentation

API automation is leading the way for data-driven digital transformation. When developers are able to build modern applications for a variety of devices without having to manage server-side code and complexity, and other departments can tap into a well-designed API documentation system instead of a silo of cumbersome, unorganized code bases, your company will be well on its way to an API-first delivery model.

The Next Frontier: Container Orchestration

In part 1 of this series on Kubernetes, we discussed how companies like VMware offer the necessary tools to launch, monitor, create and destroy virtual machines. In this post, we review how – much like virtual machines – containers need to be created, monitored, destroyed and relaunched to account for the health of the physical or virtual machines on which they run.

6 ways Moesif API alerts can help your engineering, customer success, and sales teams

The ability to monitor your APIs is an important functionality for any business that is driven by APIs. Beyond API monitoring and observability is the ability to actively create alerts for specific conditions. Moesif is a fantastic platform to utilize alerts with. With our platform, all of your API and user data can be compiled into a single place. it’s a great way to easily configure a wide variety of useful alerts for your REST, GraphQL, and other APIs.

The 11 Best Low-Code Development Platforms

When it comes to app development, low-code is the future. Many companies and organizations are already turning to low-code or no-code solutions for their business-related software needs. While low-code is changing the game when it comes to app development, is low-code really the way to go? And if low-code tools really are the right choice for your organization, how do you go about finding the right platform for your business goals? And what should you even be looking for in a low-code platform?

Monitoring Azure API Management with Moesif

API gateways and management platforms like Azure API Management (APIM) are an excellent way to keep your APIs in order. They provide features that every API needs, like API keys, quotas, and caching in a standardized fashion. Your APIs will then behave more homogeneously and can be managed in a central place. They’re also the entry point to your cloud infrastructure and can help you abstract implementation from the interface.

Introducing Qlik Forts - Brief Overview and Demo

Qlik Forts is a highly scalable virtual appliance managed by Qlik, configured to run where your data resides either on premise or in a public or private cloud in any region – and its designed to work with existing Qlik Cloud tenants. It can be deployed and managed from the Qlik Sense SaaS console and provides a seamless experience to your Qlik Sense users, who all have a single login through the Qlik Cloud hub and consistent analytics experience, whether analytics are running in Qlik Cloud, Qlik Forts, or both.

Scaling Mobile Test Automation Using XCUITest in the Sauce Labs Cloud

In this demo video Wim Selles, Sr. Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs demonstrates how mobile teams can use the XCUITest test automation framework in the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud to scale and execute test suites on thousands of real iOS devices, to maximize developer productivity and improve testing efficiency. Visit the following links to learn more about.

Scaling Mobile Test Automation Using Espresso in the Sauce Labs Cloud

In this demo video Wim Selles, Sr. Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs demonstrates how mobile teams can use the Espresso test automation framework in the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud to scale and execute test suites on a range of Android emulators and real devices, to maximize developer productivity and improve testing efficiency. Visit the following links to learn more about.

Continuous Testing With the Power of Perforce

What is continuous testing like with the Power of Perforce? Find out! #powerofperforce #continuoustesting #devopschallenges In a world where customers review your software as quickly as you can release it, organizations have to see quality differently if they want to outperform the market. Testing isn’t overhead — it’s a value add. It’s not just about driving risk down. It’s about driving revenue up.

Game Development With the Power of Perforce

What is game development like with the Power of Perforce? Find out! #powerofperforce #gamedevelopment #devopschallenges Game creators are on a unique mission, to tell compelling stories and connect people through play. To bring their artistic vision to life, and to market, they need to innovate. Innovation requires numerous iterations, which in turn requires more of the most valuable resource in the world – time.

How to Bring Breakthrough Performance and Productivity To AI/ML Projects

By Jean-Baptiste Thomas, Pure Storage & Yaron Haviv, Co-Founder & CTO of Iguazio You trained and built models using interactive tools over data samples, and are now working on building an application around them to bring tangible value to the business. However, a year later, you find that you have spent an endless amount time and resources, but your application is still not fully operational, or isn’t performing as well as it did in the lab. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Kick-Start Automation Testing with Katalon Recorder

Software testing was initially a manual activity, however, due to the importance of speedy delivery, the transition to automation testing is predictable. Unfortunately, this shift can become an overwhelming voyage, especially for startups without a dedicated QA team. Suppose you are a manual tester (or developer) seeking an automation solution to speed up your project.

Cloudera Machine Learning Workspace Provisioning Pre-Flight Checks

There are many good uses of data. With data, we can monitor our business, the overall business, or specific business units. We can segment based on the customer verticals or whether they run in the public or private cloud. We can understand customers better, see usage patterns and main consumption drivers. We can find customer pain points, see where they get stuck, and understand how different bugs affect them.

How to Debug Node.JS Tests with Thundra Foresight

The cloud is the default environment of our time. Rented infrastructure helps lower your taxes and risks by moving most of the operations to your cloud provider. Using the cloud lets you focus on your customer’s needs without constantly worrying about database updates or OS maintenance. But the cloud doesn’t make everything better; it also complicates some parts of the software delivery pipeline, such as testing and debugging.

The 5 Best Data Pipeline Tools for 2022

In 2021, data analysts have access to more data than at any other time in history. Experts believe the amount of data generated in 2020 totaled 44 zettabytes, and humans will create around 463 exabytes every day by 2025. That's an unimaginable volume of data! All this data, however, is worthless unless you can process it, analyze it, and find insights hidden within it. Data pipelines help you do that.

Canva or Affinity Designer: Which will you choose?

Graphic design is the art through which messages and ideas are communicated visually. Graphic design is also known as communication design and refers to the way designers connect with people through graphics or images. Elements of graphic design such as color, line, shape, space, texture, etc., influence the perception of consumers and viewers. Graphic design is a field that has an impact in various fields around the world.

New Features in Cloudera Streams Messaging Public Cloud 7.2.12

With the launch of the Cloudera Public Cloud 7.2.12, the Streams Messaging for Data Hub deployments have gotten some interesting new features! From this release, Streams Messaging templates will support scaling with automatic rebalancing allowing you to grow or shrink your Apache Kafka cluster based on demand.

The Business Case for Sustainable Supply Chains Is in the Data

Businesses and consumers are getting better at recognizing the direct carbon cost of the products they use. As such, we’re seeing an increased use of sustainable materials in consumer goods and global products. That is a big positive trend, but there’s a bigger picture to explore. Value chains make up 90% of an organization’s environmental impact, according to the Carbon Trust.

Automating the API Lifecycle With APIOps: Part II

In the last blog post, we discussed the need for both speed and quality for your API delivery and how APIOps can help achieve both. In this part of our blog post series, we’ll walk through what the API lifecycle looks like when following APIOps. We’re still following the best practice we’ve established in the industry over the years, but what you’re going to see is that the processes we follow at each step of the API lifecycle – and between each step – have changed.

Why Your Company Needs API Management

When you need to get new features and products out the door fast, API management is the driving force to keeping everything on track. According to the "State of API Integration 2020" report by Cloud Elements, 83 percent of respondents say that API integration has become a critical part of their business strategy as they move forward on their digital transformation efforts. Leveraging integrations is what helps these companies agile and able to respond quickly to customer demands.

Kong Ingress Controller 2.0: UDP Support, Prometheus Integrations, and More!

As the most robust, scaleable and extensible version of our Kubernetes Ingress Controller to date, the KIC 2.0 release takes a major architectural leap forward. In this video, @Viktor Gamov, a principal developer advocate with Kong, explains and demonstrates the most exciting features from our latest release.

Site Reliability Engineering and performance testing with Stephen Townshend (k6 Office Hours #32)

What's the difference between Site Reliability Engineering and performance testing? SRE and performance testing/engineering have a lot of overlap. Where does performance testing end and SRE begin? And what does this mean for people in those roles? To discuss this topic, we have three people with varying areas of expertise: Nicole van der Hoeven (k6) is a performance engineer, Stephen Townshend (IAG) has recently changed careers from performance to SRE, and Daniel González Lopes (k6) is an SRE who learned about performance testing when he joined k6.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Clear Browser Cache in Major Browser

A browser will preserve your history eternally if you need to return to a possibly forgotten part of the internet that you visited once upon a time. Significant others, friends, co-workers, professors, and even the authorities can all use it against you. It makes no difference if you've never looked at the website's content. Simply paying a visit these days can be enough to elicit indignation, blackmail, or whatever other form of retaliation you fear.

TestOps: The Future of Software Testing

Although terms like “quality testing” may seem modern, software testing has been around since the advent of computing roughly 70 years ago. Harvard University scientist Grace Murray coined the terms “bugging” and “debugging” in 1947 when a literal “bug” — in this case, a moth — got stuck in the computer circuitry and interrupted a connection.

Distributed By Design: What is remote work like at Testlio?

Testlio is a globally distributed company with over 150 TestLions working from more than 20 countries around the world 🌍. While many companies had to quickly transition to a remote model in 2020, at Testlio it has always worked this way — we’ve been distributed by design ever since we started back in 2013. So, what is it like working in a distributed-by-design culture?

How to Automate Apache NiFi Data Flow Deployments in the Public Cloud

With the latest release of Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud (CDF-PC) we added new CLI capabilities that allow you to automate data flow deployments, making it easier than ever before to incorporate Apache NiFi flow deployments into your CI/CD pipelines. This blog post walks you through the data flow development lifecycle and how you can use APIs in CDP Public Cloud to fully automate your flow deployments.

Getting Your Developers to See Value With a Great Developer Experience

One of the beauties of working with APIs is their convenient and practical ways to share data and applications. APIs have enabled a transformational shift from an interface that relied on custom integrations to now a relatively streamlined process. That said, because of their agile framework, some companies have overlooked the importance of providing a great developer integration experience and are not taking the necessary steps to help drive the Time To First Hello World.

Top 9 Data Aggregation Tools

With all the data that exists today, understanding how to aggregate data is more important than ever. However, before you can go about aggregating your data, you must understand more about it and learn what tools will best suit your needs in your pursuits. Read on to learn more about data aggregation and to pick up some tips on how to select the best aggregation software for your business.

Top DevSecOps Tools For 2022

DevSecOps combines the responsibilities of development, security and operations in order to make everyone accountable for security in line with the ongoing activities conducted by development and operations teams. DevSecOps tools serve to assist the user in minimising risk as part of the development process and also support security teams by allowing them to observe the security implications of code in production.

How to Transform Data using Xplenty

Xplenty is an interactive data transformation and integration platform that offers a wide range of low and no-code transformations to help transform data from any source to any destination. In this video, we will be transforming data using Xplenty's low and no-code transformations. In our demonstration today, we will bring two different database tables into one table destination and perform numerous types of common data transformations.

How to Setup a Database Connection in Amazon RDS with Xplenty

In this video, we will set up a database connection in Amazon RDS with Xplenty. AWS RDS is a feature-rich and mature offering that makes it easy for even less tech-savvy users to operate their own relational databases. Xplenty can help you gain the most benefit from your Amazon RDS deployment. Xplenty offers comprehensive data analysis and management and can integrate your Amazon RDS database with dozens of other services and products. In this way, you can use the technology stack that gives your business the greatest advantage.

ClearML-Data Lemonade: getting local datasets quickly and easily

Congratulations on creating a clean(ish) dataset to use for training! Now while the dataset is stored where it’s accessible to everyone, the distribution itself is a hassle! Local workstations, local GPU machines, and cloud machines (that may be spun up and down without disk persistence) are getting data everywhere. …and to say it is annoying is an understatement!

Quality Engineering Discussions: 5 Questions with James Espie

In this series, real (and really good) QA practitioners use their experience to support—or debunk what you might know about software quality. James Espie is a test specialist, a quality engineering proponent, and a continuous learner from Auckland, New Zealand. He shares his insights and sporadic bursts of inspiration in a hilarious newsletter called Pie-mail. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out.

Kong Ingress Controller 2.0 Now GA! UDP Support, Prometheus Integrations, and More!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the general availability of Kong Ingress Controller 2.0 (KIC) – the most robust, scalable, and extensible version of our Kubernetes Ingress Controller to date. This is a major milestone both for the KIC product as well as for the Kong community as a whole. In addition to KIC 2.0’s new features, it also sets the foundation for us to more rapidly improve the user experience and add more capabilities.

Why Explainability Is the Foundation of Trust in Data

When you were a child, how many times did you use the argument with your parents “but everyone else is doing it” to rip holes in the knees of your jeans or dye your hair blonde or steal beer out of the fridge to take to a party? Only to be countered with “well, would you jump off a cliff just because all your friends did?” Wow, the frustration I felt at such a logical but basic argument.

Struggling with Machine Learning? You're Not Alone

Today’s organizations are up against a great machine learning paradox. Most are investing more than ever in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), but far too few have implemented ML models or realized the business impact that AI/ML promises. With businesses pouring resources into AI and machine learning, why are results still so elusive? DataRobot dove deep into the AI/ML strategies of over 400 organizations across industries to find out.

5 Key Benefits of Workflow Automation

Is your business mired in archaic processes? If your answer is yes, you’re far from alone. Tedious manual tasks, cumbersome workflows, communication breakdowns—these issues can be major thorns in the side of any company. Burdensome tasks lower the ceiling on a company’s potential productivity, aggravate employees, and often nudge customers to look elsewhere.

Automating the API Lifecycle with APIOps: Part I

Today, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and microservices are the de-facto standard for building and connecting modern applications. APIs are no longer just a delivery mechanism but have become the product itself. API lifecycle management refers to the comprehensive, step-by-step process of planning, developing, implementing, testing, and versioning an API.

The Developer's Guide to SOLID Design Principles

Building stable and robust software is one of the primary goals of any software development project. While it is crucial to keep your code error-free for that, the real strength of your application comes from its foundation—the architecture of your code. SOLID is one of the most popular collections of software design principles. Its goal is to help you avoid common pitfalls and plan your application’s architecture from a very high level.

How API Management Works

According to Paolo Malinverno, research vice president at Gartner, “We already live in an API economy where CIOs must look beyond APIs as technology and instead build their company's business models, digital strategies, and ecosystems on them." Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) represent reusable code that forms the backbone of these digital transformation strategies.

How to Use Heroku Postgres to Migrate Data

Have you ever needed to move data from a local database to the cloud? Or even just between different databases? Heroku Postgres might be just the tool you need to help with all of your data migration needs. Read on to learn how you can utilize Heroku Connect to migrate data between Heroku Postgres and Salesforce.

M1 Democratizes Data Analytics with Snowflake as Part of Its Digital Transformation

Vibrant and dynamic digital-first telco M1, a subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, is focused on transforming telecommunications in Singapore. M1 provides a suite of services to more than 2 million customers and is Singapore’s first digital network operator. Data analytics have played an essential role in M1’s growth since the company launched commercial services in 1997.

Natural language query: 5 benefits of Guided NLQ

As part of our series on natural language query (NLQ), this blog details 5 benefits of using Guided NLQ, and how it differs from search-based NLQ to bring users true self-service BI. See more: Guided NLQ in action You may also like: An introduction to Yellowfin Guided NLQ: What is it? Why natural language query (NLQ) didn’t take off What is natural language query (NLQ)?

Leading Kubernetes Management Tools For 2022

Kubernetes is the leading container-orchestration tool that was open-sourced in 2014 by Google and has helped engineers across the globe to significantly lower their cost of cloud computing ever since. Kubernetes also provides a resilient framework for deploying applications. Kubernetes management tools are quickly becoming essential to those that wish to monitor their containers on an ongoing basis, test, export and create intuitive dashboards.

Managing Cost & Resources Usage for Spark

Spark jobs require resources - and those resources? They can be pricey. If you're looking to speed up completion times, optimize costs, and reduce resource usage for your Spark jobs, this is the webinar for you.For Spark jobs running on-premises, optimizing resource usage is key. For Spark jobs running in the cloud, for example on Amazon EMR or Databricks, adding resources is a click away - but it’s an expensive click, so cost management is critical.

Xplenty's Rest API Component Tutorial

In this video, we will set up a Rest API connector using Xplenty. Combining your business data in one secure destination is desirable if you want to analyze and operationalize that data at scale. Xplenty's REST API connector helps you connect to many popular business SaaS and other digital services. Advanced Features of Xplenty's REST API Connector Pagination Schemes When retrieving data in large amounts, it is typical for any API to incorporate a paging mechanism. The commonly used methods for pagination are.

How to Setup a Snowflake Connection within Xplenty

In this video, we will set up a Snowflake connection with Xplenty. Many companies are now strategically using their data assets as the core of their digital transformation efforts. Building a data pipeline can help companies combine information from all their systems to gain insights into their business. A recent study showed that 59.5% of corporations using advanced analytics saw measurable results. Using a warehouse such as Snowflake can help companies leverage this information to drive business strategy.

Using GitHub Actions to Build With the Language You With Ben Greenberg | Kongcast Episode 3

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to developers. In this Kongcast episode, Ben Greenberg, Developer Advocate at Orbit, chats with us about building better engineering communities and focusing on the outcomes rather than technology. At the end, he shows us how he leveraged GitHub Actions to create a copy-and-paste workflow that integrates services, no matter the language they’re written in.

Why are Percentiles More Useful than Averages in Performance Testing

We all want our websites to be responsive and useful. However, the biggest correlation between website performance and business results is seen by improving the performance and speed of your website. Users get bored if they have to wait for too long to load your website or application. Performance Testing and Load Testing your website and restful APIs will help you understand better how your website and web services behave when a lot of users access your website at the same time.

Next.js Incremental Static Regeneration

The way developers approach new web applications has changed due to Next.js. For a long time, dynamic sites used a combination of Server-side Rendering (SSR) and Client-side Rendering (CSR) to display dynamic data in their applications. SSR succeeded well because developers were able to build HTML before passing it on to the browser, allowing search engines to readily crawl it.

How to Gain Greater Confidence in your Climate Risk Models

We are just over one week until the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, COP26 convenes in Glasgow. As governments gather to push forward climate and renewable energy initiatives aligned with the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, financial institutions and asset managers will monitor the event with keen interest.

Optimistic Locking in Rails REST APIs

Imagine the following hypothetical scenario: in a rental property management system, Employee A starts editing contact info for Rental X, adding some extra phone numbers. Around the same time, Employee B notices a typo in the contact info for exactly that Rental X and performs an update. A couple of minutes later, Employee A updates Rental X’s contact info with the new phone numbers, and … the update fixing the typo is now gone! That’s definitely not great!

Big data analytics and artificial intelligence

With each passing year, companies are amassing a greater amount of data. While more data should mean more insights, merely collecting big data doesn’t solve problems. That’s where big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. As big data just keeps getting bigger, AI can provide the key to deciphering it quickly and efficiently.

Leveraging Automation Technologies for Data Governance

Modern Data Foundation for AI-Driven Results The following is Part II of a three-part series. In Part I of this series, I noted the following: “With just a few clicks on my smart device, I can review data on every place I’ve been, how much I spent, each step I took, what the weather was like and who I was with. Businesses collect the same abundance of data. However, are we getting the benefit and insights from what’s collected?

Top .NET Developer Skills According to Tech Leaders and Experts

Microsoft’s.NET Framework is incredibly popular, and its widespread use is one of the reasons C# is gaining ground as one of the most popular and most-used programming languages. What’s more, .NET Core, a modular, open-source (check out the code on GitHub) development stack that’s already used by ASP.NET and.NET Native, is quickly gaining speed, which will heavily influence the demand for top.NET developer skills.

5 Secrets to Integrating Snowflake

Many companies are now strategically using their data assets as the core of their digital transformation efforts. Building a data pipeline can help companies combine information from all their systems to gain insights into their business. A recent study showed that 59.5% of corporations using advanced analytics saw measurable results. Using a warehouse such as Snowflake can help companies leverage this information to drive business strategy.

Real-Time Anomaly Detection: Solving Problems and Finding Opportunities

Success in today’s high-velocity business environments means having the correct information to make the right decisions at the right time. As marketplaces grow more competitive and customer expectations continually rise, the “right time” is often real-time. Every transaction generates a plethora of data. Anomalies within your company’s data set can represent opportunities and threats to the business.

Operationalizing AI: Lessons from the Field

A casual stroll through recent tech headlines in the past few years makes two things abundantly clear: investment in AI is at an all-time high, and companies really struggle to get value out of AI technology. At first glance, these ideas seem to be at odds with each other: why consider investing in a field that hasn’t lived up to the hype? If you dig into the details, you’ll notice that a gap exists between the development and production use of AI in many companies.

[PNSQC 2021] Test Automation Strategy: Insider Practices & Secrets

Katalon is truly proud to have sponsored the 2021 Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference and united the powerful minds of software quality assurance! Watch on with Adam Satterfield, Katalon Evangelist, to understand why an impactful testing strategy needs: #katalon #pnsqc2021 #agilemethodologyinsoftwaretesting #test automation #agiletesting #devsecops #softwarequalityassurancetutorial #test strategyvstestplan

Introducing Self-Service, No-Code Airflow Authoring UI in Cloudera Data Engineering

Airflow has been adopted by many Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) customers in the public cloud as the next generation orchestration service to setup and operationalize complex data pipelines. Today, customers have deployed 100s of Airflow DAGs in production performing various data transformation and preparation tasks, with differing levels of complexity.

How to Dockerize an Existing Node.js Application

Docker is a software platform that enables packaging an application into containers. These containers represent isolated environments that provide everything necessary to run the application. Dockerizing an application refers to packaging it in a Docker image to run in one or more containers. Dockerizing an application involves specifying everything needed to run the application in a Dockerfile and then using the file to build a specialized Docker image that can be shared to multiple machines.

How requests flow from the Edge to the Core and through our Service Mesh

Here at Koyeb, we're kind of crazy about providing the fastest way to deploy applications globally. As you might already know, we're building a serverless platform exactly for this purpose. We recently wrote about how the Koyeb Serverless Engine runs microVMs to host your Services but we skipped a big subject: Global Networking. Global Networking is a big way of saying "How are my requests processed?".

How to Solve Microservices Contracts Issues

Microservice architecture makes it possible for teams to develop services at their own speed. However, any company that adopts a microservice architecture will face challenges in running and evolving their services if they don’t implement a solution to mitigate it. One of the major problems that companies face when they switch to a microservice architecture is maintaining a clean API for each microservice in their application.

How Automation Leads to More Meaningful Work in Financial Services

In the financial services industry, it is common for employees to spend significant time on manual, repetitive tasks that need to be completed with high speed and accuracy. Complex processes like customer onboarding, mortgage lending, and customer service are filled with routine tasks like data entry, invoice processing, response tracking, and reminders. Automation frees employees from rote tasks that are better suited to simple bots, resulting in both financial and opportunity cost savings.

REST APIs: An Overview of Basic Principles

In a world increasingly governed by data and interactivity between applications, REST APIs have taken a prominent place in IT development. Nowadays, designing, developing, and maintaining a REST API are among the most common business-as-usual tasks for a back-end or full-stack developer. Therefore, understanding APIs and associated standards, as well as the ability to effectively and build a secure and functioning API, is essential for a developer.

Architecture components of big data analytics

Researchers estimate that the world will create 463 exabytes of data daily by 2025—this is the equivalent of around 10 billion standard definition movies every hour. While the chances of a single organization experiencing that degree of information influx is unlikely, exponential growth in the volume and variety of structured and unstructured data requires that organizations find ways to manage, analyze, and apply data to make better business decisions.

5 Best Practices for Successful Microservices Implementation

Microservices are a popular and modern organizational software engineering practice. The guiding principle of any microservices implementation is to develop an application by dividing its business components into smaller services that can be deployed and operated independently of each other. The separation of concerns between services is defined as “service boundaries.”

5 Tips for Pushing Data from Your Warehouse to Salesforce

Salesforce is the most popular CRM (customer relationship management) platform in the world. As last count, the Salesforce CRM enjoyed a 20 percent market share, with more than 150,000 companies among its customers. One of Salesforce’s best features is its ability to run business intelligence (BI) and analytics workloads to identify hidden trends and insights and make smarter decisions for your sales, marketing, and customer support teams.

How to Migrate a MuleSoft API to Kong Gateway in 5 Minutes

These days, a lot of companies are moving towards cloud native applications and declarative configurations. This is also true for the traditional API gateways (e.g., MuleSoft, Axway, etc). Customers are looking for new technologies which fit better in their cloud environments and also are faster and cheaper. The main challenge here is how to migrate the existing APIs to the new platform.

Cloud-Ready Infrastructure for Finance's Changing Landscape

Shifting customer behavior in the wake of the pandemic has forced many financial organizations to accelerate their digital transformation plans. According to a recent survey of financial C-suite executives, these organizations are increasing their technological investments to address the changing landscape. The cloud — a necessary component of any digital transformation — is a focal point of these investments.

Building a Multi-Region Service Mesh with Kuma/Envoy, Anycast BGP, and mTLS

We're kind of crazy about providing the fastest way to deploy applications globally. As you might already know, we're building a serverless platform exactly for this purpose. We recently wrote about how the Koyeb Serverless Engine runs microVMs to host your Services but we skipped a big subject: Global Networking. Global Networking is a big way of saying "How are my requests processed?". A short answer is: requests go through our edge network before reaching your services hosted on our core locations.

The Snowflake Media Data Cloud Enables Disney Advertising Sales' Innovative Clean Room Data Solution

Snowflake’s newly announced Media Data Cloud unites Snowflake’s powerful data sharing technology, the highest standards of privacy and governance, Snowflake- and partner-delivered solutions, and industry-specific data sets to help marketers, publishers, and advertising technology businesses succeed in the rapidly changing media and entertainment industry.

How to install and use the k6 Cloud Grafana data source plugin

Are you looking to integrate k6 with Grafana? Here's how to install and use the k6 Cloud Grafana data source plugin, as demonstrated by Nicole van der Hoeven. This plugin recreates the k6 Cloud dashboards in Grafana and works with locally hosted instances of Grafana, Grafana Cloud, and Grafana in a Kubernetes cluster.

Developing a Basic Web Application using an Operational DB on CDP

In this video, you'll see a simple demo on how you can build a web application on top of a Cloudera Operational Database. We'll leverage the Apache Phoenix integration to easily write SQL statements against our database and use the python flask library to power the back end API calls. The web application will be hosted within Cloudera Machine Learning, showcasing some of the benefits of having your data within a hybrid data platform.

Zephyr Quest - Test Management for All Heroes

The Kingdom of Quality is in disarray. Everyone works in silos – developers, testers, and other stakeholders. Communication between teams has faltered, making project collaboration nigh impossible. It’s as if goblinkin are at the helm. The damage is inevitable. Buggy releases, missed deadlines, and – worst of all – disappointed customers. It’s time for a quest. It's time for Zephyr Quest.

A real-world introduction to event-driven architecture

An event indicates a state change: that something has happened. This ‘something’ could be a hardware sensor reading that passes a threshold, or a software event from game logic, or user input such as a keystroke or mouse click. Events are used to signal to interested parties that a state change occurred.

Zapier: The Workflow Automator

Organizations have gradually started automating their workflows. Although this began during the pandemic, it is now getting adopted widely since not only have productivity levels across teams drastically increased, but administrative errors have also decreased with the switch to automated tools. In fact, automating workflows comes with a ton of benefits. It helps cut costs while effectively presenting actionable data and decisively managing the tasks.

Supercharge your test script with a DSL

When someone new joins the company, they're encouraged to do what is called a "Week of Testing" - taking k6 for a spin and presenting your findings to the rest of the team. This article will show you how you can make your test scripts more readable and maintainable. To do that, I'll test a demo application with a custom DSL. DSL is short for a Domain Specific Language, and in this case, it allowed me to write meaningful code specific to our business requirements.

Fueling Sustainable Power Starts With Data

When power company executives were asked to list the most important issues facing their organizations, 45% overwhelmingly cited their top concern as “renewables, sustainability or the environment.” At the same time, global energy consumption continues to rise faster than the population. These two realities are reshaping the international energy sector. The push to produce more energy, in a greener manner, is propelling the industry to re-imagine the power grid of the future.

Big data analytics examples and use cases

In 2008, the magazine Nature dedicated an entire issue to the arrival of big data, proclaiming in big block letters on the cover: “Big Data: Science in the Petabyte Era.” By then, the momentum of ‘Big Data’ was undeniable, even though data scientists had been using the term for years before that. That same year, Yahoo programmers released Hadoop, the open-source library that became a ubiquitous tool in the world of big data analytics.

How Kubernetes Is Modernizing the Microservices Architecture

In this three-part blog series, we examine the critical role Kubernetes plays in shaping the future of infrastructure, including the rise of containers and Kubernetes. The first in the series covers Next-Generation Application Development. The second covers the Next Frontier: Container Orchestration. And the third covers How Kubernetes Gets Work Done.

Don't settle for multi-cloud. Aspire to cross-cloud.

Organizations are more often running data and applications on multiple clouds, and that’s great. However, multi-cloud isn’t enough. To let loose the true power of data on your business, you must be cross-cloud. Cross-cloud means data moves easily between multiple public clouds without any additional work. It means never worrying about where your data and applications live or where your business and technical people are located.

Top 5 Informatica Alternatives

Informatica Power Center blends four data engineering products into one system, making it one of the most feature-rich but complicated ETL/ELT platforms on the market. With data management, app integration, API gateway, and iPaaS features, smaller teams that struggle to tame this all-encompassing tool might seek out an Informatica alternative instead.

New Snowflake Features Released in September 2021

Support for unstructured data is now in public preview! That’s one of many of the exciting announcements made in September, in addition to a new serverless tasks feature, expanded public cloud regions, enhanced business continuity capabilities, and several new providers on Snowflake Data Marketplace.

Tales of Engineering Leadership: Lessons Learned Growing a Team of 1 to 150 at Snyk

What does it take to be a successful engineering manager? What does it take to scale and grow your team and your people - and what should you avoid doing at all costs? In this webinar, Liran Haimovitch, Rookout’s CTO, will host Anton Drukh, formerly VP Engineering of Snyk and GM Israel and now an engineering leadership consultant, to discuss how Anton scaled engineering at Snyk from 1 to 150 (!) and what he learned along the way, including what decisions supported their rapid growth and what mistakes were made that you can now avoid.

The Modernized Developer Workflow Webinar

JFrog ChartCenter, a central Helm charts repository, and Rookout, a live debugging tool for developers, team up to discuss how developers can optimize their time, allowing them to focus more on value-creating tasks. They take a deeper look into the two products, how they can be used together, and demonstrate how the proper tools can help your developers succeed. In this webinar you will learn.

So You Think You're Ready for Selenium 4?

In this webinar, Sauce experts and Selenium team members discuss the key changes in Selenium 4 and how they will affect and benefit your existing Selenium tests. They talk about the new features and key advantages of Selenium 4, followed by an ask-me-anything session to answer your questions and make sure you’re truly ready for Selenium 4.

Appian Connected Claims

Claims operations teams face the challenge of juggling multiple disparate systems, slowing down the claims process. This increases the chance of claims leakage, fraud, or losing a customer by not meeting their service expectations. Appian has been building solutions to address problems like these for the world’s largest insurance organizations for more than a decade. Learn how Appian Connected Claims can help in this short video.

Load testing with k6 for beginners, with Inanç Gümüs and Viktor Mihajlovic (k6 Office Hours #31)

Load testing with k6 can be daunting for beginners. In this k6 Office Hours, we talk about first impressions and potential issues when getting started with k6. k6 Developer Advocate Nicole van der Hoeven and k6 Technical Customer Success Engineer Viktor Mihajlovic welcome a new member to the k6 team, Software Engineer Inanç Gümüs.

Apache Ozone - A High Performance Object Store for CDP Private Cloud

As organizations wrangle with the explosive growth in data volume they are presented with today, efficiency and scalability of storage become pivotal to operating a successful data platform for driving business insight and value. Apache Ozone is a distributed, scalable, and high performance object store, available with Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud.

Cross Browser Testing: Some tools for enterprises

Did you know that an average user takes only 0.05 seconds to form an opinion on a website? Yes, Sweor’s study on website statistics shows that users decide whether they want to use a website or not in a fraction of a second. We can also note that about 57% of the global population doesn’t recommend non-responsive websites in the same study. In general, most websites or web apps run into errors because of a solitary reason: solid cross-browser testing isn’t performed.

A Comprehensive Guide to MeiliSearch

MeiliSearch is a search API that is RESTful. It aspires to be a ready-to-use solution for everyone who wants to provide their end-users with a quick and relevant search experience. Effective search engines can need a large investment of time and money. They are only available to businesses with the financial resources to create a custom search solution tailored to their specific requirements.

Clone Yourself Through Automation to Get That Next Job

If you could clone yourself, you could get your work done a lot faster, right? And that would free up time for you to pursue new projects and advance your career. It’s an idea that Kong Vice President of Products Reza Shafii discussed recently as part of Destination: Automation, a free digital event that explored ways organizations can embrace automation to make applications and underlying technology stacks more efficient, secure and resilient.

The Low-Code Checklist: Is a Low-Code Platform Your Best Option?

When you’re in the market for a technology that will help your business run better, you’re likely to hear solution and platform vendors make pitches that focus on their current features and functionality, as well as capabilities they’ve got on their innovation road maps. Impressive as these things may be, they still may not deliver the outcomes you need.

Salesforce Data Integration

Salesforce is filled with useful customer data and is a go-to customer relationship management tool choice for many organizations. However, it’s not the only data source used to make many sales and marketing decisions. By integrating Salesforce data with other platforms, as well as pulling data into Salesforce, your organization can create a comprehensive customer view and act on insights faster.

How Do You Choose the Right Data Career Path?

I am a firm believer that data is shaping the world around us, and so I constantly strive to drive awareness about the value of data and how it can bring great benefits to businesses and people. And, as I explained to Joe DosSantos in the latest episode of Data Brilliant, that means helping people identify the right data career path for them, and helping organizations understand the roles and skills they need within their business to help them succeed.

The Complete Guide to Data Modeling Techniques

Every day, data analysts face the challenge of understanding and creating reports from their data warehouse. This difficulty may stem from the fact that data comes from multiple locations and often does not cohesively align. However, with a few tools at your disposal, you can efficiently create data modeling reports based on your organization's unique business needs. These techniques are some of the most effective data modeling techniques for data analytics teams everywhere.

User Profiles Are Indispensable to Great CX (and They Must Be Privacy-Compliant)

Until not very long ago, many organizations defined business strategies based on isolated figures used by isolated teams. Unfortunately for them, that approach just won’t cut it anymore. Instead, we are fastly moving to a world where data will be the critical asset for businesses, and handling it accurately will be essential to survival.

Do you want to get the most out of your HubSpot data?

HubSpot is one of the leading CRMs for fast-growing companies. It allows you to run your marketing and sales pipelines smoothly from a single web application. But there is a problem. HubSpot offers limited tools to track and analyze your data. To answer your most pressing analytical queries you need to work with the raw data that is hidden in your CRM.

The Role of Data in Financial Service Mergers

Ned Lowe, CTO of Singlife shares how during their merger with Aviva Singapore, the need for scalability in a data platform and a single view of the one million plus customers was needed. In the process of bringing everything together, Singlife uses Snowflake to fuel future growth. Being in a regulated industry, Snowflake’s security and governance features have ensured their customer’s data is protected.

Colin Hemmings: Introducing Bitrise Build Insights | BUG: Autumn Edition

Bitrise User Groups are about Bitrise users teaching Bitrise users. Speaking at a BUG is a great way to share some knowledge, gather feedback on your workflows or just connect to the wider Bitrise community. We welcome speakers from all around the world with all levels of experience! Thank you for watching! Please feel free to comment your thoughts below. #bitriseusergroup #mobiledevelopment #bitrise

Karol Wrótniak: How to work around missing Bitrise features? | BUG - Autumn Edition

Bitrise User Groups are about Bitrise users teaching Bitrise users. Speaking at a BUG is a great way to share some knowledge, gather feedback on your workflows or just connect to the wider Bitrise community. We welcome speakers from all around the world with all levels of experience! Presenter: Karol Wrótniak from Droids on Roids Thank you for watching! Please feel free to comment your thoughts below.

Sokari Gillis-Harry: Multiple environment Flutter deployment with Bitrise | BUG: Autumn Edition

Bitrise User Groups are about Bitrise users teaching Bitrise users. Speaking at a BUG is a great way to share some knowledge, gather feedback on your workflows or just connect to the wider Bitrise community. We welcome speakers from all around the world with all levels of experience! Thank you for watching! Please feel free to comment your thoughts below. #bitriseusergroup #mobiledevelopment #bitrise

Announcing CDP Public Cloud Regional Control Plane in Australia and Europe

We’re excited to announce CDP Public Cloud Regional Control Plane in Australia and Europe. This addition will extend CDP Hybrid capabilities to customers in industries with strict data protection requirements by allowing them to govern their data entirely in-region.

How to Deploy an API Gateway Within a CI/CD Pipeline

Continuous integration and continuous deployment—known colloquially as CI/CD—are essential strategies for building modern software applications. The goal of these processes is to foster a culture of continuous updates. CI is the process by which an external machine (not your local development environment) fetches your app and dependencies and then runs a test suite to ensure everything in your application builds and runs correctly.

How Appian Mobile Offline Capabilities Work

The US mobile workforce is on the rise, expecting to grow a sizable 19% from 2020 to 2024 as organizations digitize processes and support larger remote workforces. This uptick can largely be attributed to the labor force disruption caused by COVID-19, dramatically impacting how and where businesses operate.

Process Mining, Low-code, and the Future of Innovation, Part 2

Process mining is on fire—a sizzling hot market that’s expected to grow from $185.3 million in 2018 to 1.4 trillion by 2023, with Europe accounting for the largest share of the growth according to the analyst firm MarketsandMarkets. But more than that, the trifecta of Process Mining + Workflow + Automation can unlock massive customer value for any company trying to compete and win in the age of hyperautomation.

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Data Pipeline

Data is the new oil. Almost every industry is becoming more and more data-driven, and this trend will only continue to grow in the coming years. With so many organizations now relying on data for decision-making, they must easily access and analyze their information through data pipelines. This article will get you started on how to build your own data pipeline.

Kong Gateway 2.6 Now Generally Available!

Today, we are proud to announce the general availability (GA) of Kong Gateway 2.6! Kong Gateway 2.6 brings some of the most requested features by users and customers to date. Be sure to upgrade or try out a fresh install today! Kong Gateway 2.6 compatible releases will be available with Konnect, our SaaS platform, shortly! Read on for more details of the included functionality.

An introduction to Yellowfin Guided NLQ: What is it?

It’s long been said the secret to a better answer is to ask a better question. But in the era of self-service analytics and natural language query (NLQ), it’s easier said than done. Read more: 5 benefits of Guided NLQ You may also like: Why natural language query (NLQ) didn’t take off What is natural language query (NLQ)?

Your Parents Still Don't Know What a Hashtag Is. Let's Teach Them the Basics of Machine Learning and Streaming Data

Quite often, the digital natives of the family — you — have to explain to the analog fans of the family what PDFs are, how to use a hashtag, a phone camera, or a remote. Imagine if you had to explain what machine learning is and how to use it. There’s no need to panic. Cloudera produced a series of ebooks — Production Machine Learning For Dummies, Apache NiFi For Dummies, and Apache Flink For Dummies (coming soon) — to help simplify even the most complex tech topics.

Disrupting the credit landscape with data: A Q&A with Credit Karma CTO, Ryan Graciano

Financing in America can be a confusing and complex process. The myriad offerings, rates, and forms are daunting for even the savviest consumer. Credit Karma simplifies the lending process by anonymizing individual borrower data and procuring multiple financing offers depending on what the consumer is looking to finance. Whether it be a sofa, a car, or a house, customers no longer need to fill out multiple forms; Credit Karma is their one-stop credit application.

AWS and CDC: A Dream Team for CDC

According to a study by Seagate, only 32% of data available to enterprises is put to work. The remaining 68% is unleveraged. One of the challenges noted is: making the different silos of collected data available. Using automation to bring together figures from disparate systems helps leaders make confident and reliable decisions backed by real-time information. This overview discusses how to use CDC Change Data Capture to enable real-time analysis.

Why Choose Crowd Testing for Full QA Test Coverage

Whether you’re building web or mobile apps, quality assurance is a non-stop cycle of corrections, updates, and improvements. And, QA takes time. But with crowd testing, you can quickly identify software issues, fix them, and release them with confidence. Some call it crowdsourced or crowd testing. Testlio calls it networked testing. It’s an efficient way to utilize a crowd of testers to ensure complete coverage.

How a Shift Left Testing Approach Can Improve Your QA Strategy

In the face of increased demand and competition, software development teams are expected to iterate faster each project sprint. Iterating faster creates a market advantage because it means you can adjust quickly to evolving market conditions, changing end-user sentiment, and an unforeseeable black swan (like a global pandemic). However, increased software delivery speed cannot come at the expense of a high-quality end-user experience.

How to Turn your Data Center into a True Private Cloud

According to Domo, on average, every human created at least 1.7 MB of data per second in 2020. That’s a lot of data. For enterprises the net result is an intricate data management challenge that’s not about to get any less complex anytime soon. Enterprises need to find a way of getting insights from this vast treasure trove of data into the hands of the people that need it. For relatively low amounts of data, public cloud is a possible path for some organizations.

7 Tips for Building an API Management Strategy

With tech constantly innovating, various tools and software need to be able to work simultaneously. API's are what makes this possible. The API provides software with a way to interact and communicate. This is how different applications connect, whether it's two internal apps or integrating an app into another company's platform. However, with APIs, as in any software integration, many challenges are likely to arise. To mitigate these challenges, an API management strategy should be in place.

10 Things Testers Wish CIOs and CTOs Knew About Testing: Episode 2

In this new series from Sauce Labs, Marcus Merrell addresses ten things he wishes CIOs and CTOs understood about testing. In episode two, Marcus dispels a common myth: The goal of testing is not perfect software, but risk mitigation. Come along on this ten-episode journey to learn some best practices while Marcus dispels some myths about the testing space.

How to Do Live Uploads in Phoenix LiveView

The LiveView framework supports all of the most common features that Single-Page Apps must offer their users, including multipart uploads. In fact, LiveView can give us highly interactive file uploads, right out of the box. In this post, we’ll add a file upload feature to an existing Phoenix LiveView application. Along the way, you’ll learn how to use LiveView to display upload progress and feedback while editing and saving uploaded files.

Test Debugging for GitHub Actions

In a world where minutes of downtime can overthrow SLAs, cause significant amounts of customer frustration, and as a matter of fact cost millions of dollars, observability is shifting left in the software development life cycle. Developers are frustrated by erroneous, flaky, and long-running tests that fail builds within GitHub Actions continuous integration pipelines. With the release of our new GitHub Actions integration, the Foresight agent will be added to your Maven and Gradle super easily.

Building a realtime ticket booking solution with Kafka, FastAPI, and Ably

As the post-pandemic world emerges, the future of events such as summits, conferences or concerts is brighter than ever. Thanks to hybrid events, in-person events are now doubled by online happenings, which allows event organizers to reach much larger, geographically distributed audiences. For organizers and ticket distributors, providing a great ticket-booking experience to their global audiences has become more important than ever.

Ably Kafka Connector: extend Kafka to the edge reliably and safely

We are excited to announce our new Kafka connector. The Ably Kafka Connector provides a ready-made integration between Kafka and Ably, helping companies distribute data from Kafka to internet-connected client devices in a fast, easy, dependable and secure way. As part of our partnership with Confluent, the connector is available on the Confluent Hub as a Gold standard connector.

Rookout Named A Gartner Cool Vendor in Monitoring and Observability

We are honored to announce that Rookout, the world’s leading dynamic observability and debugging platform, has been recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor, based on the October 11 2021 report titled “Cool Vendors in Monitoring and Observability – Modernize Legacy, Prepare for Tomorrow” by Padraig Byrne.

A Developer's Guide to Web Application Architecture

The internet has evolved from static web pages and long loading times to super-fast progressive web applications that can install themselves on client devices. The focus of web applications shifted from providing content to offering a captivating experience. As more and more people join the internet, the demand for visually appealing and friction-free web applications continues to grow. A web application is similar to a standard desktop or mobile application except that it can run on a web browser.

What is new in Cloudera Streaming Analytics 1.5?

At the end of May, we released the second version of Cloudera SQL Stream Builder (SSB) as part of Cloudera Streaming Analytics (CSA). Among other features, the 1.4 version of CSA surfaced the expressivity of Flink SQL in SQL Stream Builder via adding DDL and Catalog support, and it greatly improved the integration with other Cloudera Data Platform components, for example via enabling stream enrichment from Hive and Kudu.

The Road Ahead: Digital Infrastructure For the Data-Driven

When conversations turn to digital transformation, it is usually smart phone apps, dizzying feats of AI, and domestic robots that capture all the attention. But the unsung heroes of I.T. know the truth: digital infrastructure is the foundation on which data-driven transformations are built. And increasingly we’re talking about two qualities digital infrastructure must possess if it is to be an effective backbone for digital transformation.

Selenium 4 Knowledge Hub is now live

Several new features and benefits for automated testing are included in the upcoming Selenium 4 release, such as: Selenium 4 has been designed to be a drop-in replacement, but there might be cases where tests or dependencies need to be adjusted. We recommend you to go through the following sections to understand better how this new version will benefit you and what potential changes might be needed to upgrade.

Interview with CISCO, Victor Kritakis

For the next interview in our series speaking to technology and IT leaders around the world, we’ve welcomed experienced CISCO Victor Kritakis, of Epignosis. As the head of the company’s information security policy, he is responsible for penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, staff cybersecurity training, administration of the bug bounty program, as well as maintaining the ISO 27001 certification standards.

API Testing - Global Variables

In this tutorial, found at training.saucelabs.com/apiTesting/ you will use the Sauce Labs API Testing platform to create variables, also known as Global Parameters in an API Test. These variables can be used to make it easier to recreate and run tests in different cases and situations, in this case replacing the domain, protocol, and endpoint in a GET call to make it easier to run tests against different environments.

API Testing - Input Sets

In this tutorial, found at training.saucelabs.com/apiTesting/ you will use the Sauce Labs API Testing platform to create a simple API test with a GET request, using basic authentication. Once you have set up you basic test, you will replace the values for the tunnel owner (a username) and the tunnel ID using imput sets. By using input sets, you can run the same API test serveral times for different sets of tunnel owners & tinnel IDs without having to rewrite test logic.

API Testing - The Vault

In this tutorial, found at training.saucelabs.com/apiTesting/ you will use the Sauce Labs API Testing platform to create code snippets and use them across tests in the same project. You will also learn how to create variables and snippets in your vault that can be used in tests across different API testing projects. Run tests with a Sauce Labs account at app.saucelabs.com/api-testing