August 2021

Enter the World of Automated Data Management and Governance with Hitachi's Lumada Data Catalog

The era of manual data management and governance is rapidly coming to a close. The size of the trove of data at nearly every company has become so enormous that it cannot be maintained using manual cleaning, cataloging, governance and search methods. The release of Lumada Data Catalog 6.1 breaks new ground in automating data management, cleaning and governance processes, making it easier to find data and grant access to those who need it.

Data Science: The Future of Corporate Finance

Corporate finance must change. Across industries, an organization’s Finance team should shed light on what’s happening today with revenue and other financial indicators, while also predicting what the future may hold. And they must do the same for the entire organization. Until recently, it would have been impossible to meet these expectations. Excel-driven forecasting requires herculean efforts to wrangle data and report numbers by the end of each quarter.

Buying and selling your home with data: A Q&A with Opendoor CTO Ian Wong

While many businesses struggled to keep pace with the changing economics of a global pandemic, the real estate industry was booming. The housing market reached record-breaking heights last month, with median existing-price homes rising 17.2% over the prior year. This increase in the average cost of a house was compounded by accelerated closing times, as the average house sold in 18 days, a record low.

Spark vs. Tez: What's the Difference?

Let's get started with this great debate. First, a step back; we’ve pointed out that Apache Spark and Hadoop MapReduce are two different Big Data beasts. The former is a high-performance in-memory data-processing framework, and the latter is a mature batch-processing platform for the petabyte scale. We also know that Apache Hive and HBase are two very different tools with similar functions. Hive is a SQL-like engine that runs MapReduce jobs, while HBase is a NoSQL key/value database on Hadoop.

Better Together: Why You Should Leverage Emulators and Simulators for Web App Testing

The mobile vs. desktop battle for web supremacy is neck and neck, and mobile has the advantage. Mobile devices now account for about half of all web traffic worldwide, a figure that’s expected to rise to nearly 75%—or over 3.7 billion people—by 2025. Websites that are difficult to use, buggy, or slow to load on mobile devices are bad for business.

8 Cloud Cost Optimization Tactics for Kubernetes

If you’ve ever gotten sticker shock after receiving a surprisingly large cloud bill, this might have been your reaction… I think we’ve all been there. While the cloud makes flexible scaling possible, it has also introduced many new services one can use, resulting in increased cloud costs. In this article, I’ll go over the eight ways you can reduce your Kubernetes cloud costs. I use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an example, but the lessons can also apply to other cloud providers.

How to Build a Successful Microservices Architecture

As technology becomes more complex and integrated, many organizations are assessing how their architectures will best support their business into the future. One such architecture – Microservices is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst forward thinking technology departments. A microservices architecture may be the key to unlocking your business’s potential, but how do you get there?

LiveView Integration Tests in Elixir

In the second part of this two-part series on testing LiveView in Elixir, we’ll write an integration test that validates interactions within a single live view, and an integration test that validates the interactions between two separate live views. You will focus on testing the behavior of the survey results chart filter from the previous post. We’ll use the LiveViewTest module’s functions to simulate LiveView connections without a browser.

The Top 5 Node.js Performance Measurement Metrics

Using Node.js as a JavasScript runtime has its advantages. However, it requires significant maintenance to keep it working as expected. Here are the top metrics you should monitor for Node.js performance measurement analysis. Application programming interfaces or APIs that use the Node.js runtime environment are scalable. Node.js is asynchronous and event-driven, which means the application can handle multiple connections at the same time.

What Is Cloud-based Software Testing and How Can It Enhance Testing Services?

Due to the sudden upsurge in the usage of software applications around the globe, enterprises are finding it extremely difficult to meet the time to market demands. Enterprise QA teams that are able to detect errors at the earliest will have more time to work on various other development phases as well as enhance the application quality. With the advent of cloud computing technology, enterprises have leveraged several innovative opportunities in software testing and software deployment.

AutoCAD + Game Engines for Visualization and Innovation

Engineers across industries are using AutoCAD + game engines, like Unreal. Why? AutoCAD can be used to create comprehensive technical designs which are required for manufacturing and testing. For product visualization, game engines shine. When combined, they can maximize innovation. Learn more about this powerful duo and discover why teams are adding the Unreal game engine to their use of AutoCAD.

Why you should be using a VPN when working from home

With so many of us working from home full time for the last 16 months, VPNs have become essential tools for companies to keep their staff working in a safe environment. What we mean by “safe” is mainly about your online presence whilst performing daily tasks for your job.

Snowflake Data Marketplace In Action: Solving Real-World Problems with Public Data

Meet 3 data practitioners who used Snowflake Data Marketplace to answer interesting questions with public data - and gained real benefits for their companies and careers. Snowflake Data Marketplace allows data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers to access more than 650 live, ready-to-query data sets from more than 175 third-party data providers and data service providers.

Codeless Test Automation integrating Ranorex with Xray and Jira - Tutorial

Ranorex is a codeless test automation solution that uses a keyword-driven framework to implement GUI test automation across a broad set of technologies, including desktop, web, and mobile. In this video we'll show you how to have visibility of your test automation results in Jira, using Xray.

Fixing Ransomware First Requires That We Fix Security

Ransomware has become a familiar front page news topic thanks to recent high-profile attacks against a major meat producer and an East Coast operator of a critical oil pipeline. Also, consider the attack on a provider of software tools to IT outsourcing shops that let hackers paralyze hundreds of businesses on all five continents. No doubt the ransomware threat is serious, and now Washington is mobilizing to wipe out a scourge it formerly treated only as a criminal nuisance.

The Importance of CDC for ETL

The growth of corporate data and the need for more corporate applications and systems are not trends that will soon slow down. Data has become an essential component of commercial success and a measure of the value of a company. Investing in platforms, processes, and people that can effectively protect, transform, and leverage data is the hallmark of a modern data-driven enterprise.

How Do I Configure SFTP?

Data integration is an essential practice for organizations that want to make better use of all the information at their fingertips. But how do you actually send data from one or more sources to a centralized repository, like a data warehouse? For many businesses, the answer is SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). But what is SFTP, exactly, and how do you configure SFTP to securely transfer files? Keep reading for all the answers about SFTP configuration.

How to Perform Load Testing with k6 using Google Cloud Build

In this tutorial, we will look into how to integrate performance testing in your development process with Google Cloud Build and k6. k6 is an open-source load testing tool for testing the performance of APIs, microservices, and websites. Developers use k6 to test a system's performance under a particular load to catch performance regressions or errors.

An exhaustive list of the most popular cross-browser testing tools

Cross Browser Testing is one of the most growing needs for software development companies today. Reasons being – i. The penetration of the internet in almost every aspect of life ii. A large number of mobile devices are being manufactured and being used, all around the world. Thus, a mobile app needs to support a large number of devices. At least, the ones that their customers might be using. iii.

Dynatrace integration with JMeter

Dynatrace is a cloud monitoring platform and is used by many organisations to measure the performance of their production systems and to set thresholds against which performance tolerance are measured. During testing Dynatrace can be used to monitor how the application under test responds during your performance tests as well as providing the capability to drill down into performance issues you may need to investigate.

Using Automated Model Management for CPG Trade Success

CPG executives invest billions of dollars in trade and consumer promotion investments every year, spending as much as 15-20% of their total annual revenues on these initiatives. However, studies show that less than 72% of these promotions don’t break even and 59% of them fail. Despite these troubling statistics, most CPG organizations continue to design and execute essentially the same promotions year after year with negligible hope of obtaining sustained ROI.

Automation isn't just for large enterprises: Here's why SMBs should adopt low-code automation

When you hear buzz words such as ‘Automation’, ‘Low-code’, ‘RPA’, or ‘Hyperautomation’, you may think it’s only reserved for the big-wigs or billion-dollar enterprises. Well, think again! If there’s one thing the last year has taught us, it’s the need to innovate, adapt, and rapidly conform to the changing landscape among organizations of all sizes in order to survive the turbulent climate.

8 Tips for Optimizing an API

Using APIs allows companies to harness the power of modern connectivity to help them expand their global reach, transfer data, and improve integration. Although APIs enable businesses to simplify processes and enhance usability, they can use some optimization strategies to improve performance. If you plan to use APIs or consider using an API provider, try using these tips to help make the processes optimized to get the most out of them.

How to Integrate Third-Party APIs Into Your Marketo Campaigns

With its comprehensive functionality and real-time data, Marketo is the leading marketing automation platform. However, it doesn’t integrate with every application out there which means that the full value of the platform is often not realised by many users. If you need data from a third-party API, here’s how to get it into your Marketo campaigns, ensuing that you successfully integrate third-party APIs.

It's Time To Turn On The Light With Dynamic Log Verbosity

As we recently discussed, many of us are still lost in the darkness, grasping for a log line to shed some light on the issue we are trying to troubleshoot. Many of our customers and colleagues have shared the following challenges with us: But what if we didn’t have to make such a choice? What if we could easily and efficiently switch on exactly the logs we needed, without hurting our application?

Game Asset Recycling - What You Need to Know

To meet the ever-increasing demand for new video games, teams need to move faster than ever. Keeping up with releases and producing new game assets can be challenging, even for the largest studios. To accelerate development without sacrificing quality, many teams look to past projects, and their corresponding game assets. Game asset recycling saves time, allowing coders and creatives to innovate using existing materials. But how can you share game assets across teams and projects? Learn how.

Buffer: The Social Media All-rounder

It’s been a while since the digital era took off. But with the onset of the pandemic when businesses and industries had to move to online platforms, the need for it became extremely evident. Be it for marketing purposes or selling products and services, today, every business makes use of online channels, and understands the importance of a strong social media presence. But conducting extensive campaigns are tedious and can burn a hole through your wallet.

Ledger Bennett delivers a superior data app experience with ThoughtSpot Everywhere

Ledger Bennett is a B2B demand generation agency that uses sales and marketing know-how to help customers increase revenue. Learn how Ledger Bennett is leveraging ThoughtSpot Everywhere to give both developers and customers the best data app experience, and why they are completely retiring Tableau in the process.

When should automation of cross-browser testing be done?

We all know that if we are developing something that runs on the web using browsers then cross-browser testing needs to be done. There is another variation of cross-browser testing – cross-device testing. If we have an application that is supposed to work on a device and is used by a set of people who may be using multiple devices then cross-device testing is needed.

How to do Continuous Performance Testing with Lee Barnes (k6 Office Hours #26)

In this episode of k6 Office Hours, Nicole is joined by Lee Barnes, founder and CTO of Utopia Solutions, to discuss how to do continuous performance testing and incorporate performance tests into CI/CD pipelines within DevOps or Agile frameworks. Performance testing should be done at every stage of the software development cycle.

What to do about dashboard burnout in your company

Today, far more members of a given organization are interfacing with data and using business intelligence (BI) tools than just a few years ago. It would be great if all that access translated to actionable info – and better long-term business outcomes – but for many companies, it doesn’t. The problem isn’t that there’s “too much data” (I’d argue there’s no such thing).

What is the Best Way to Move My Data Securely?

Moving data from an organization’s systems into data warehouses and data lakes are essential to fuel business intelligence and analytics tools. These insights guide businesses into making decisions backed by data, allowing them to choose actions that have the best chance of positive growth. However, getting data from the source systems to these data stores can be a harrowing process.

Five best practices for how to test payment gateway functionality

Errors in payment gateway functionality have enormous potential to derail the relationship between consumer and vendor. Customers expect seamless, functional transactions without confusing messages or complicated steps. They expect security, privacy, and safeguards against over or underpayment. Any misstep in the payment process can lead to abandoned shopping carts, deleted apps, and consumer frustration. The best way to ensure payment functionality is with a clear payment gateway testing strategy.

Celebrating Four Years of Kong Inc.

What a year we have had! Hypergrowth, a huge community, and lots of recognition. But what we are most proud of is how Kong’s technology has impacted the world, thanks to our users. We can’t thank these users and the community enough for making Kong the most adopted open source API gateway out there. In fact, our technology just crossed 30,000+ stars on Github . And with over 2M instances and more than 257M downloads our OSS community has more than doubled over the last year.

A Deep Dive Into PHP 8.1 New Feature

We all know the updated features in PHP 8 that was released a few months earlier. Now there is a new set of features expected to release on 25 November 2021. It is one of the most used programming languages nowadays. With the recent updates in the 8th version, the usage of PHP language has become increased. Developers at PHP are continuously working to improvise the features. The team has recently announced the list of features that are going to be released in the upcoming version of PHP.

Apache Ozone Powers Data Science in CDP Private Cloud

Apache Ozone is a scalable distributed object store that can efficiently manage billions of small and large files. Ozone natively provides Amazon S3 and Hadoop Filesystem compatible endpoints in addition to its own native object store API endpoint and is designed to work seamlessly with enterprise scale data warehousing, machine learning and streaming workloads. The object store is readily available alongside HDFS in CDP (Cloudera Data Platform) Private Cloud Base 7.1.3+.

Speed the Path to Vastly More Data Insights With Pentaho 9.2 and DataOps

In our modern world, accelerating the process of extracting insights from data is a complex challenge. Exacerbating this task are colossal data volumes, the expansion and use of multiple cloud platforms, and the increasing demands for self-service in a way that maintains compliance. Enterprises attempting to tackle the problem encounter various forms of friction everywhere they turn.

The Journey to Processing PII in the Data Cloud

During the process of turning data into insights, the most compelling data often comes with an added responsibility—the need to protect the people whose lives are caught up in that data. Plenty of data sets include sensitive information, and it’s the duty of every organization, down to each individual, to ensure that sensitive information is handled appropriately.

How Renault solved scaling and cost challenges on its Industrial Data platform using BigQuery and Dataflow

French multinational automotive manufacturer Renault Group has been investing in Industry 4.0 since the early days. A primary objective of this transformation has been to leverage manufacturing and industrial equipment data through a robust and scalable platform. Renault designed an industrial data acquisition layer and connected it to Google Cloud, using optimized big data products and services that together form Renault's Industrial Data Platform.

What is data ingestion?

We rely on advanced data platforms that extract data from multiple sources, clean it, and save it so data scientists and analysts can gain insights from data. Data seems to flow seamlessly from one location to another, supporting our data-driven decision-making. The entire system runs smoothly because the engineering operations under the hood are correctly set and maintained.

Is the modern analytics stack unbundling, or consolidating?

Despite a recent proliferation of tools in the modern data stack, it’s unclear whether we’re seeing an unbundling of data tooling into many separate layers, or the first steps towards consolidation of data tools. The answer has a huge impact on end users of modern analytics. Architecturally, modern data stacks look much different than they did even five years ago.

The top 10 books every data and analytics leader must read

In the final episode of season two of The Data Chief podcast, we talk with authors of four must-read books for data and analytics leaders — two new and two time-tested. As you invest in your continuous learning, here is the full round up of the latest top books I recommend for today’s data and analytics leaders.

What is REST API Design?

Modern business requires a range of digital components to communicate effectively when transferring data and delivering critical messages. Application programming interfaces, or APIs, are sets of rules that regulate exactly how certain apps or machines connect. If you work with data at all, you’ll have heard of REST or RESTful, and REST APIs — but what is REST API design? We explain below.

Participant media can now be split up

With the growing demands for online communication platforms, the need for testing various scenarios has drastically increased. Therefore when testing WebRTC application implementations most of the time there is a need to provide a video and audio feed to the application to test various aspects of the functionality implementation. To address this need, Loadero was providing several preset audio and video feed configuration combinations.

Test Orchestration: What is it?

We’re sure you’ve heard your DevOps team often talk about test orchestration. This testing approach has quickly become a crucial element of test automation because it streamlines the automation process. For agile teams, applying test orchestration to their testing strategy is quite rewarding as it accelerates testing and offers a holistic view of the testing process.

Service Mesh 101: The Role of Envoy

If you’ve done any reading about service meshes, you’ve probably come across mentions of an open source project named Envoy. And if you’ve done any reading about Envoy, you’ve probably seen references to service meshes. How are these two technologies related? How are they different? Do they work together? I’ll attempt to answer all those questions in this blog post’s first and second parts, plus possibly a few more.

Kuma 1.3 and Kong Mesh 1.4 Released With Service Map, CA Rotation, mTLS Permissive and 10+ features.

We are happy to announce a new major release of Kuma, and a new major release of Kong Mesh built on Kuma! Kuma 1.3 ships with 10+ new features and countless improvements. Kong Mesh ships we enterprise capabilities for large scale service mesh deployments. We strongly suggest to upgrade, in order to take advantage of the latest and greatest when it comes to service mesh.

How to Scale While Avoiding CI Pitfalls

Moving quickly while also maintaining high quality and availability is a balancing act that is hard to maintain but essential to the success of any software development lifecycle. Many teams today are using DevOps techniques to keep their development process fast without losing the quality and availability their users expect. CI/CD is at the center of this DevOps practice, serving as the essential bridge between your development and operations teams.

Secure Collaboration for Chip Design in Cloud Environments

Earlier this year, Perforce hosted the Embedded DevOps Summit, exploring solutions to modern challenges in the planning, development, and testing stages of embedded software. As part of this event, Warren Savage, Visiting Researcher at the Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS) at the University of Maryland, presented Secure Collaboration in Cloud-Based Chip Design Environments.

Troubleshooting Cloud Services and Infrastructure with Log Analytics

Troubleshooting cloud services and infrastructure is an ongoing challenge for organizations of all sizes. As organizations adopt more cloud services and their cloud environments grow more complex, they naturally produce more telemetry data – including application, system and security logs that document all types of events. All cloud services and infrastructure components generate their own, distinct logs.

Monitoring in BigQuery

Want to ensure that your BigQuery environment stays cost effective and secure? In this episode of BigQuery Spotlight, we’ll examine how monitoring your data warehouse can optimize costs, help you pinpoint which queries need to be optimized, and audit both data-sharing and access. Watch to learn how BigQuery gives you the flexibility to export any of these data sources back into your data warehouse for custom reporting.

How to build a data-driven company

Whether you’re at an enterprise tech giant or grassroots startup, building a data-driven foundation is crucial for a business. So, where do you start? In this on-demand webinar, Rehgan Avon, CEO of Women in Analytics discusses last month's WIA Conference. She shares the special fireside chat where Falon Donohue, Partner at Narya VC, interviewed Berit Hoffmann, Sisu Chief Product Officer. They discuss what it takes to build a data-driven company and address a number of thought-provoking audience questions.

How To Transfer Flat Files Using SFTP With Xplenty

What is SFTP and What Does It Stand For? SFTP is a network protocol for securely transferring, accessing, and managing files on a remote computer. The SFTP protocol is intended as a more secure alternative to the traditional FTP protocol. The term SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol, where SSH is a cryptographic protocol that allows clients and servers to connect remotely. The files that you send or receive using SFTP are protected by SSH encryption in transit. This added layer of security means that SFTP is preferable to FTP in the vast majority of cases.

The Ethics of Data Exchange

COVID-19 vaccines were developed in record time. One of the main reasons for the accelerated development was the quick exchange of data between academia, healthcare institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit entities. “COVID research is a great example of where sharing data and having large quantities of data to analyze would be beneficial to us all,” said Renee Dvir, solutions engineering manager at Cloudera.

Snowflake and SK Inc. C&C Partner to Drive Innovation Powered by Data

According to Harvard Business Review, South Korea is one of the leading countries in the world for technology innovation, and it’s among the top producers of new data. Technology is so ingrained in the national identity that it launched a “Digital New Deal” to lay the foundation for a digital economy that will facilitate growth and innovation, according to PR Newswire.

How Secure is SFTP?

Managing and integrating your business data is a critical part of effective reporting, analysis and insight gathering. The Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process is a way of gathering data from a range of disparate services and ensuring it all ends up in one secure destination, usually a data warehouse of some description. There are a number of ways to transfer data across networks, and SFTP has been an industry standard solution for over two decades.

Parallel Testing vs. Traditional Testing | All You Need To Know

In software development, a fail-fast system is a tool that will notify when a failure is likely to occur. The philosophy of the fail-fast principle is formed around the idea that a system should stop normal operations rather than trying to continue working around a flawed piece of code. The fail-fast principle makes software bugs easier to detect earlier in the development cycle.

A Detailed Comparison of Cypress vs. Selenium vs. Katalon Studio vs. Rainforest

While Selenium IDE has been popular in the automated testing world, most teams using Selenium run into these problems. There are lots of different test automation tools—from easier ways to generate Selenium code to no-code SaaS (software as a service) options—all trying to solve these problems. In this article, we’ll talk about key differences between the following tools that represent the three main approaches to solving Selenium shortcomings.

What is Load Testing? Processes, Types, Best Practices, Tools, and More

Any software development project will almost certainly have through several tests by the time it is finished, especially in an Agile testing environment where testing and development occur simultaneously. But, no matter how many tests you've conducted, there's really only one way to tell if your software can handle the actual demands your army of end-users will be throwing on it once it's nearly finished. It's known as load testing.

How to Generate Compliance Reports in Perforce Static Code Analyzers

Ensuring and verifying that your codebase is compliant with a particular coding standard or industry regulation can be a difficult and time-consuming process. However, by using a static code analysis tool — such as Helix QAC and Klocwork — you can generate a compliance report to see whether your codebase is compliant or not.

Genymotion | Verified Steps on Bitrise

With Genymotion Cloud SaaS, QA engineers can spawn many Android virtual devices in the Cloud in parallel and test at scale. With Bitrise, a Continuous Integration & Delivery platform dedicated to mobile apps, users can use a powerful UI to create workflows easily, which then can build, test and deploy an app and improve efficiency by setting up the whole mobile application dev lifecycle environment.

How to Handle HIPAA Concerns With Cloud Data Warehouses

How to use a cloud data warehouse to achieve HIPPA compliance, reduce risk and offload some of the operational burden. How do you balance an accessible data warehouse with data protection and HIPAA Compliance? To get the most value from your data, it should be available to everyone in your organization who can benefit from the data analysis, insights and value it holds.

Data mining vs. data analysis

Businesses are capturing data at an unprecedented rate and simultaneously struggling to turn that data into useful information that drives business decisions. In fact, a recent Gartner survey showed that only 23 percent of senior-level marketing leaders are satisfied with their own investments in data analytics, even while the majority are deciding to scale up those investments.

How ThoughtSpot's product management team uses ThoughtSpot to drive user growth

Enabling customers and users to quickly find the value within a product is critical for many organizations and at the heart of being a product manager. The approach to driving user growth involves a growth mindset, combining qualitative and quantitative research methods, and driving impactful solutions.

10 Predictions for the Future of Data Governance

According to TechTarget , data governance is managing the integrity, security, availability, and usability of data in an organization's system. Effective and efficient data governance makes sure data is accurate and consistent. There are several predictions regarding data governance you need to know.

When to use Testsigma as a cross-browser testing solution for your organization?

According to browser usage statistics here , there are 4.3 billion internet users today. also says that in 2008 there were 112 different types of browsers people were using to access the internet. Thus, it’s evident that people can be accessing the same website from multiple browsers at the same time – which makes cross-browser testing very important.

Katalon Studio 8.1 - Smarter Ways to Handle Flaky Tests

Hello Katalians! Time flies when you’re busy creating awesome products! Back in May, we delivered Katalon Studio 8 , which included features to provide better scalability options and a better user experience. And because we are not in the business of keeping you waiting for the latest and greatest, today, we are excited to announce the release of Katalon Studio 8.1 (KS8.1) .

How to Leverage Insomnia as a GraphQL Client

Here at Kong, we’re advocates for architecting your application as a group of microservices . In this design style, individual services are responsible for handling one aspect of your application, and they communicate with other services within your network to share data. Systems like Kubernetes or the Kuma service mesh help orchestrate traffic and manage network policies so that your microservices can function together as a unified whole.

5G a year on: Number of 5G enterprise projects has doubled, but so has the competition

5G is a transformative technology, not only because of its unique attributes like slicing and low latency, or because it is the first generation of mobile technology to have a bigger impact on businesses than on consumers, but because, to really maximize its value, it can’t be treated as a standalone technology. 5G will be realized in the context of specific industries and through the co-creation of a partner ecosystem and collaboration of technologies such as AI, IoT and Edge.

Responsible Monkeypatching in Ruby

When I first started writing Ruby code professionally back in 2011, one of the things that impressed me the most about the language was its flexibility. It felt as though with Ruby, everything was possible. Compared to the rigidity of languages like C# and Java, Ruby programs almost seemed like they were alive. Consider how many incredible things you can do in a Ruby program. You can define and delete methods at will. You can call methods that don’t exist.

The Top Visual Studio Code shortcuts to make your life easier

Visual Studio Code is a feature-rich IDE that can be used for small personal projects and massive enterprise projects alike. It’s a great tool that enables a developer to focus on the task they have in front of them, but there are times when a developer gets slowed down like when they have to move from the keyboard to the mouse and then having to click through endless menus to find the file or feature they’re looking for. Thinking it sounds like you?

How Keboola benefits from using Keboola Connection - The story of the Lead

Greetings, my dear readers. It’s been some time since I’ve posted my last article. This is the third chapter of the introduction to the internal data world of Keboola. In the previous chapters, I’ve posted about an introduction to our internal reporting and communication with our users. Since the last time, a couple things have happened.

Kindred: Transforming raw data into powerful insights

Kindred Group is a publicly-traded gambling operator with offices across four continents, offering entertainment options such as online poker, sports betting, and online casinos. Since its founding, Kindred has experienced fast growth acquiring nine different gambling brands over the last 20 years. With over 30 million customers globally and numerous brands to manage, the Kindred team had a pressing need for a good data management system.

Building a startup: The blueprint for a great foundational leadership team

In a company’s early days, the difference between C-level executives and the rest of the organization is simple — employees can walk away from a failure, leaders cannot. Under those conditions, certain types of people thrive in leadership positions and get a company from ideation to production.

What is Data Portability and Why is It Important?

Businesses are now storing more personal data on their customers than ever before—from names, addresses, and credit card numbers to such as IP addresses and browsing habits. Understandably, many consumers are speaking up and pushing back on how these businesses use their data—including an insistence on the “right to data portability.” Data portability is an essential issue for companies that must comply with regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA.

Error Economics - How to avoid breaking the budget

At SLOConf 2021 I talked about how we may use error budgets to add pass/fail criterias to reliability tests we run as part of our CI pipelines. As Site Reliability Engineers, one of our primary goals is to reduce manual labor, or toil, to a minimum while at the same time keeping the systems we manage as reliable and available as possible. To be able to do this in a safe way, it's really important that we're able to easily inspect the state of the system.

What are some benefits of doing automation testing on the cloud?

Cloud testing is expected to grow to USD 11 Billion by 2023 , and we are talking about only cloud testing here, not cloud computing. Complex testing scenarios such as cross-browser testing, parallel testing, can be made more effective when done on the cloud. The reason being – the cloud provides the required testing environment effortlessly and can be scaled up or down as needed.

8 Best Practices to Reduce Test Automation Maintenance

Even though automated testing helps you do more software testing in less time with fewer people, maintaining your test suite can be very time-consuming. Many QA teams have a hard time keeping up with maintenance as their product grows. If they fall behind, they get more and more false positives (i.e., cases where the test fails because of a problem with the test, not a problem with the application).

Appian and Accenture bring speed, simplicity and confidence to auto and equipment finance

We’ve been speaking with many auto and equipment finance organizations over the last year, and they all say that their technology landscape is growing more complex by the day. The Auto and Equipment Finance Orchestration solution that Accenture has built with Appian seeks to address this.

The New API-Led Connectivity

When it comes to closing the technology delivery gap, most organizations are seeing in the IT space, API-led connectivity as the missing link. APIs are a powerful way to integrating your systems, applications and databases and API-led connectivity is the new way of connecting your business. API-led connectivity comes with a few key advantages that make it an increasingly attractive option when achieving seamless technology delivery across the organization.

10 API Developer Mistakes to Avoid

With the emergence of low-code and no-code tools, building an API is simpler and faster than ever. Given the ease of development, it is easy to overlook potential problems that can result in downstream effects throughout your business. Taking a bit more time in the design phase can ensure the API is truly useful, secure, scalable, and stable. Here, we’ll discuss the top ten most common API developer mistakes to avoid and in doing so, give you every chance to develop a high quality API.

Log all tasks the Shopware 6 queue processes

The Shopware 6 software architecture heavily relies on a message queue to process tasks in the background. This is a fundamental change of how Shopware works compared to version 5, which did not have a message queue. To fully leverage the benefits of Shopware 6 you should make use of the message queue as much as possible.

Transforming the Gaming Industry with AI Analytics

In 2020, the gaming market generated over 177 billion dollars, marking an astounding 23% growth from 2019. While it may be incredible how much revenue the industry develops, what’s more impressive is the massive amount of data generated by today’s games. There are more than 2 billion gamers globally, generating over 50 terabytes of data each day.

Get To The Root Cause Faster With Rookout's Live Debugger - Now Available On The Azure Marketplace

We have recently launched our disruptive Live Debugger on the Azure Marketplace, making it easier than ever before for teams on the Microsoft stack to slash the time they invest in debugging. We are excited about this, as we have been working closely with Microsoft to make sure that both large international enterprises as well as smaller and scaling startups have direct access to Rookout, to make the most out of our dynamic observability solutions.

Data-driven competitive advantage in the financial services industry

There is an urgent need for banks to be nimble and adaptable in the thick of a multitude of industry challenges, ranging from the maze of regulatory compliance, sophisticated criminal activities, rising customer expectations and competition from traditional banks and new digital entrants. As banks find their bearings in this landscape, what appear to be insurmountable odds are in fact opportunities for growth and competitive differentiation.

How Cloudera Helps Realize and Accelerate Successful Data Product Strategies

In the first part of this series , I outlined the prerequisites for a modern Enterprise Data Platform to enable complex data product strategies that address the needs of multiple target segments and deliver strong profit margins as the data product portfolio expands in scope and complexity: With this article, I will dive into the specific capabilities of the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) that has helped organizations to meet the aforementioned prerequisite capabilities and fulfill a successful data prod

The Not-So-Secret Sauce for Successful Cloud Migration

Over the last year, perhaps unsurprisingly, increasing numbers of companies have made the jump to the cloud. It’s become a necessary move for so many businesses. But, as I discussed with Joe DosSantos on the latest episode of Data Brilliant – the rewards are abundant, but the journey is not always straight forward.

What is eventual consistency and why should you care about it?

Distributed systems have unlocked high performance at a large scale and low latency. You can run your applications worldwide from the comfort of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform in California, but the user adding an item to their shopping cart in Japan will not notice any delay or system faults. However, distributed systems - and specifically distributed database systems - also malfunction.

What is the CAP theorem?

In the modern age, everything runs on the cloud. The majority of modern applications are written with cloud technologies - they use public cloud providers for DNS, distributed caching, and distributed data stores. Cloud solutions are so popular among engineers because of their many advantages: But distributed systems are not impervious to breaking. Foursquare’s example is testimony that even the great and mighty experience failure within distributed systems.

Understanding Operational Analytics

Most companies have had to adjust to the big data push. Some have learned to fully leverage data to get a comprehensive view of their business and make long-term plans for their processes. However, it can be a long way from there to fueling minute-by-minute processes with quality data. Operational analytics allows your company to be at its most effective on a real-time basis.

k6 Load Testing Debugging Using a Web Proxy

One of the more challenging aspects of load testing happens very early on: getting your scripts working. When you run your scripts, you may observe unexpected error status codes (typically in the 4xx-5xx status code range). Other times, you'll run your script and see it receive the expected responses (usually HTTP 200), yet the "thing" your script is meant to create simply doesn't show up anywhere, like on the database or as a record on the site. You start wondering: why on earth is that?

Removing Barriers to Data with the Appian 21.3 Release

Enterprise data can be slow and difficult to manage for any organization. This is where low-code data comes in. Low-code data helps eliminate these challenges with a visual interface that makes it fast and easy to take action on data from any source. Introducing Appian 21.3: our latest platform release that removes barriers to data. Appian 21.3 offers major enhancements that make it easier for you to access, relate, and transform your enterprise data.

Nameserver: What is It? How Does It Work? Why It is Important to Your Website?

You may have come across the word "nameserver" if you maintain your own website. You may, however, have no true idea of what one is or how it works. Knowing a little about the “nameserver” concept can help you manage your website. Simply said, nameservers help browsers in establishing links between URLs and websites. They're essential since we'd have to memorize IP addresses to visit websites if we didn't have them. Launch New ELK Stack Dashboard Layout

We are pleased to announce our newly launched dashboard design which we have created to assist cross team collaboration for users that prefer to use multiple Stacks per account. We understand that Cybersecurity specialists, Sysadmins, Product owners, developers and CTOs may all have different requirements for using our platform for logs and metrics analysis.

How to successfully lead and drive transformations as a Chief Transformation Officer (CTO)?

A transformation is a far-reaching process, with an unknown end. It is not limited in time but rather to be understood as continuous change. Today, after decades of research and practice, transformations are still struggling. It is nothing new to say the involvement of affected employees being a very important factor. Yet, two major reasons why transformations fail are resistance of the people and lack of leadership commitment.

Accelerate Time to Insights With Lumada DataOps Suite

As enterprises seek to accelerate the process of getting insights from their data, they face numerous sources of friction. Data sprawl across silos, diverse formats, the explosion of data volumes, and the fact that data is spread across many data centers and clouds and processed by many disparate tools, all act to slow the progress.

BigQuery Admin reference guide: API landscape

So far in this series, we’ve been focused on generic concepts and console-based workflows. However, when you’re working with huge amounts of data or surfacing information to lots of different stakeholders, leveraging BigQuery programmatically becomes essential. In today’s post, we’re going to take a tour of BigQuery’s API landscape - so you can better understand what each API does and what types of workflows you can automate with it.

IDC reveals 323% ROI for SAP customers using BigQuery

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that speed and intelligence are of the essence when it comes to making business decisions. Organizations must find ways of keeping ahead of competitors and disruptions by continually leveraging data to make smart decisions. The problem? Data may be everywhere, but it’s not always available in a form that businesses can use to generate analytics in real time.

Why you should use artificial intelligence to drive decision-making

Humans have been making decisions based on data for thousands of years, so it’s a misnomer to think that “data-driven” decision-making is a 21st century phenomenon. It’s just that data analysis looks different, and data itself is vastly more plentiful, these days. What’s really changed is our ability to analyze data more effectively using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Business intelligence and strategic decision-making

In a world where business intelligence is everywhere and BI tools are plentiful, how do you get ahead of the competition? The right business intelligence system can accelerate business processes and work in tandem with decision makers to boost productivity, efficiency, and evaluation. But many business intelligence tools on the market—while they promise real-time and “big data” insights—oversell the quality and specificity of data analytics that they offer.

The NetSuite integration guide

One of the most important things to consider is the cost of the platform coupled with the cost of the integration. Now that we have understood what NetSuite integration is, some of the drawbacks, and why you should consider an integration, we are going to delve into how to do the integration itself. The approach you are going to take to do the integration is determined by the technical expertise if any, the application to be connected with NetSuite, and your budget.

Testing A Communications Platform's (CPaaS) Performance

With the growing demand for online communication, there has been a noticeable increase in platforms to provide just that. With such service comes high expectations in quality and usability to become the best! We hear about those high expectations quite often, some people developing video calling applications that use CPaaS expect them to work and scale perfectly and don’t load test their own applications.

Public Interest Technology: Closing the Innovation Risk Gap, Part 2

Look around and you’ll see the benefits of hyperautomation everywhere as it scales business processes faster than a speeding algorithm, takes the friction out of customer engagement, and drives business transformation to the moon and back. In the long run, this trend will likely create a new generation of jobs. But in the short term, it may also raise anxiety among workers fearing job loss amid the post-COVID hyperautomation boom. To put this anxiety into perspective.

My DevOps Journey Beyond Configuration Management

For most of my software engineering career, my experience with DevOps was all about configuration management. But after many years of experience with some key mentors, I began to see DevOps as so much more. In this article, I’ll summarize my DevOps evolution from a high level. If you’d like to go further in-depth, check out the recording from my Destination: Automation presentation below. ​​

From message history to State Persistence: a user-driven Ably feature evolution

The global increase of realtime data is spurred on by the steady rise of user demand for realtime digital experiences - from virtual events, news, and financial information to IoT devices. The Ably platform has been providing realtime infrastructure for over 5 years now , and we’ve seen, and helped, the demand increase first-hand. A few years ago, our customers only had realtime requirements for one or two specific features, usually around firing updates and notifications.

It's Time We All Stop Cursing The Darkness

To paraphrase a popular Chinese proverb: “It is better to light a log line than to curse the darkness”. And yet it’s 2021, and many of us are still lost in the dark, struggling to find a match, praying for that one missing log line that would have pointed us in the right direction. How did things get this bad? Since time immemorial, we have relied on logging as the first trustworthy, intuitive, and straightforward debugging method.

How Influencing Events Impact the Accuracy of Business Monitoring

Businesses are flooded with constantly changing thresholds brought on by seasonality, special promotions and changes in consumer habits. Manual monitoring with static thresholds can’t account for events that do not occur in a regularly timed pattern. That’s why historical context of influencing events is critical in preventing false positives, wasted resources and disappointed customers.

How Youredi Used To Fulfill Their Client's Dashboard Needs

See how the platform helped give Youredi a more streamlined reporting and data visualisation alternative to using Microsoft’s Power BI in our latest customer case study. Outside of its BI capabilities, the platform is used throughout Youredi by everyone from their technical teams through to their customer support and professional services department.

[Webinar] Testing in DevOps - Meeting The Need for Speed

In a fast-moving culture like DevOps, testing is like living in the fast lane, would you agree? Watch the recording of our latest "Testing in DevOps - Meeting The Need for Speed" webinar to leverage Katalon TestOps’ latest features into your testing process. Some highlights that will be included in this webinar: Don't forget to follow and like our social networks to not miss out on future events! #KatalonStudio #KatalonTestOps #AutomationTesting #SoftwareTesting #DevOps #TestinginDevops #KatalonWebinar

The Ultimate App Testing Buyer's Guide

Whether you scale QA in-house or through a partner, it's essential to understand which options best match your app testing needs. Do you hire in-house testers? Do your engineers need to shift left and take ownership of code issues? Do you augment testing with crowdsourced QA? For many organizations, the answer is a software testing partner that can help you tackle all of these issues. Whether you scale QA in-house or through a partner, it's essential to understand which options best match your app testing needs.

Fueling Application Innovation

To scale the game-changing experiences your customers want, organizations need to innovate with a community of brilliant problem-solvers and revolutionary thinkers. While nine out of ten customers want omnichannel digital experiences, just 29% say companies provide this feature. How can organizations bridge that gap? This is where APIs come in. The third in our series of "App Innovation" ebooks explores the benefits of sharing APIs and business with other developers and organizations from crowdsourcing innovation, expanding your customer base and retaining existing customers.

United Safety & Survivability Corporation Establishes a Unified Analytics Framework with Qlik Cloud

The manufacturing industry, like any other industry, is not immune to data challenges. Sourcing data, wrangling it and ensuring it’s being used in a governed, standardized way are not uncommon problems. Particularly in manufacturing, issues surface with inventory management, within the supply chain and with logistics.

How Digital 22 Saves 2 Hours on Reporting Each Month While Offering Clients 100 Percent Transparency with Databox

WIth Databox, Digital22 got a solution that enabled them to spend less time on reporting while continuing to offer clients transparency, along with the custom metrics they really care about.

The Ultimate Salesforce Developers Guide

Salesforce enables companies of all sizes to build amazing app experiences that drive stronger customer relationships. Heroku makes it easy to deliver engaging apps on the public cloud that integrate customer data. Heroku Connect is an easy way to keep your Salesforce data up-to-date with practically unlimited scaling, containers, and support for various application frameworks.

How to create a collaborative QA strategy with collective testing

If you’re reading this, chances are your organization is already aware of the additional management effort, devices, and testers required to ensure quality QA through software testing. You’re likely not doing it alone. Your in-house testers and external resources are probably scattered across different testing management platforms and software. But multiple platforms make collaboration more complicated than it needs to be.

TypeScript Compiler API: Improve API Integrations Using Code Generation

Developing against third-party or unfamiliar web APIs can be painful and slow compared to using native libraries. For example, making requests with an HTTP client is simple enough but offers no compile-time sanity checks and no way for code suggestion tools like Intellisense to help you navigate. Worst of all, if the API you are consuming introduces breaking changes, you won’t find out until runtime.

Tips and Tricks for Frontend Testing

If you want to adhere to high code-quality standards, testing your front end is as important as testing every other part of your system. And while it’s not always easy to do, automating these tests is crucial; otherwise, people will get weary and stop doing them. The next logical step, after automating your tests, is to integrate them into your CI/CD pipeline so that all of your new versions are tested before release. named as a Performer in log management & data analytics award

We are excited to announce that has recently taken home three awards from Appvizer’s selection ranking the best log management and data analytics tools on their platform. In addition to this, we’ve also been named as one of their certified partners for 2021.

Automating Data Pipelines in CDP with CDE Managed Airflow Service

When we announced the GA of Cloudera Data Engineering back in September of last year, a key vision we had was to simplify the automation of data transformation pipelines at scale. By leveraging Spark on Kubernetes as the foundation along with a first class job management API many of our customers have been able to quickly deploy, monitor and manage the life cycle of their spark jobs with ease. In addition, we allowed users to automate their jobs based on a time-based schedule.

"Plug In" to SwaggerHub for IntelliJ IDEA

Integrated development environments, or IDEs as most people call them, are the go-to tool for the majority of software developers creating, compiling, and testing code. In fact, IDEs are one of the most commons tools that developers will use when designing their API (Application Programming Interfaces) documentation. According to the 2020 State of the API Report , developers chose IDEs as their tool of choice for API design, even edging out SwaggerHub.

The Citizen Integrator: Key to Business Agility

With the rapidly changing pace of innovative technology, companies must be able to pivot quickly or perish. The ability to adapt to change is critical to a company’s success. A key factor in the ability to pivot is access to real-time information to facilitate data-driven decisions. Traditionally, that data has existed across multiple systems with no simple method for bringing it all together meaningfully.

Benchmarking Redis with k6

Previously, I have covered an article on Load Testing SQL Databases with k6 . For your information, from k6 version 0.29.0 onwards, you can write a k6 Go extension and build your own k6 binaries. This comes in handy as you can use a single framework for load testing different protocols, such as ZMTQ, SQL, Avro, MLLP, etc. In this series of k6 extensions, let’s benchmark Redis now.

Software test automation is a competitive advantage. We're making it accessible to everyone.

Rainforest QA started in 2012 as a crowdsourced testing platform -- QA specialists from our worldwide community would follow plain English instructions to run customers’ test cases. After two years of development, we’ve now added a proprietary, no-code automation service to the platform, including a visual test editor anyone can use to create, update, and run complex, automated test cases without knowing any code

5 Steps to Serverless Security With the AWS Lambda Plugin

For the DevOps-averse developer, lambdas are heaven. They can focus on writing self-contained and modularized pieces of code, deploying these functions for on-demand execution without being concerned about resource management or infrastructure. Lambda execution , however, can be tricky. Serverless security with the AWS API Gateway can feel daunting, especially when all you want to do is call a simple function as an API endpoint. For this, there’s the ease of Kong Gateway .

An Introduction to Testing LiveView in Elixir

In this two-part series, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to test your LiveView applications in Elixir. In Part I, I’ll introduce you to LiveView testing guidelines and you’ll write some flexible and elegant LiveView unit tests. In Part II, you’ll write interactive LiveView tests that validate a full set of live view behaviors.

Game Development After Jira Server: Where Should Game Studios Turn?

As Atlassian has decided to deprecate their server products, including Jira Server and Confluence Server, game studios using these products have to look for alternatives, or swallow the cost to migrate to Atlassian’s other products (Cloud or Data Center). Let’s explore how life may look like after Jira, as this is something we have discussed with several game studios since Atlassian made their announcement .

NAN to Node-API Migration: A Short Story

Throughout the years I’ve created my fair share of native addons. The first ones were created by using the native C++ Node.js and v8 API’s. When NAN was created which made life much easier, especially in terms of maintenance, there was no question that I should move all my addons to use it. The years passed and Node-API was created and though it was on my radar and saw the benefits of using it, I never had the time to try it on my own modules.

How to monetize BigQuery datasets using Apigee

Data harnessed through tools such as BigQuery allow organizations to deliver personalized experiences, make data-driven business decisions, and unlock new streams of revenue. In this video, we go through the challenges of putting data into action and show how APIs can help. Watch to learn how Apigee makes it simple and easy to package your business data as APIs!

Selenium Grid: Build vs Buy

Selenium Grid existed even before the term CI/CD was coined. It was one of the first software pieces that enabled developers and testers to get fast feedback by parallelizing their test runs. With Selenium Grid, there was no need to wait eternally for the whole test suite to run sequentially. It was one of the first enablers of the current Software Development Life Cycle.

How to do data-driven testing using parameters in Xray - Tutorial

✅ Xray’s newest test parameterization feature allows you to execute the same test multiple times with different input values. In this video, you'll learn how easy it is to create a dataset and apply parameters to your tests. 🚀 Xray is the leading Quality Assurance and Test Management app for Jira. More than 4.5 million testers, developers and QA managers trust Xray to manage 100+ million test cases each month. Xray is a mission-critical tool at over 5,000 companies in 70 countries, including 137 of the Global 500 like BMW, Samsung and Airbus.

How to test web applications using Playwright & Xray - Tutorial

✅ Playwright is a browser automation tool that provides end-to-end testing for modern web apps. In this video, you'll learn how to integrate Playwright tests with Xray. 🚀 Xray is the leading Quality Assurance and Test Management app for Jira. More than 4.5 million testers, developers and QA managers trust Xray to manage 100+ million test cases each month. Xray is a mission-critical tool at over 5,000 companies in 70 countries, including 137 of the Global 500 like BMW, Samsung and Airbus.

Balancing Innovation and Security With Automation [Destination: Automation]

You feel like you need to clone yourself to scale and maintain security — there simply aren’t enough hours in the year to do it all. Luckily, there’s an automation solution that allows you to get close to cloning how you would normally manage your full API delivery pipeline. Join Peggy Guyott, senior customer experience manager at Kong, and Ned Harris, solutions engineer at Kong, as they share ways you can eliminate the conflict between developers’ need for autonomy and freedom to innovate, and the need to maintain control of governance and security.

Which Sources Drive The Highest Conversion Rates?

When it comes to conversion rates, channel sources should be at the center of your focus. After all, you want to know which of your marketing investments is driving the most conversions so you can double down or make adjustments to your strategy. In this episode of Data Snacks, we show you: How to track contact and customer conversions by source Other metrics that matter when it comes to conversions What you can do to increase your conversion rates by source

Announcing the GA of Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud

Are you ready to turbo-charge your data flows on the cloud for maximum speed and efficiency? We are excited to announce the general availability of Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud (CDF-PC) – a brand new experience on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) to address some of the key operational and monitoring challenges of standard Apache NiFi clusters that are overloaded with high-performant flows.

Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud: A technical deep dive

We just announced Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud (CDF-PC), the first cloud-native runtime for Apache NiFi data flows. CDF-PC enables Apache NiFi users to run their existing data flows on a managed, auto-scaling platform with a streamlined way to deploy NiFi data flows and a central monitoring dashboard making it easier than ever before to operate NiFi data flows at scale in the public cloud.

Dining with data: A Q&A with OpenTable's Senior Vice President of Data and Analytics Grant Parsamyan

For more than 20 years, OpenTable has connected foodies and novice diners with the restaurants they love. But how does its technology work on the back end? To make a long story short: data. Beyond the app and website, OpenTable provides restaurants with software that manages their floor plans, phone reservations, walk-ins, shift scheduling, turn times, and more.

Transforming Customer Data for Salesforce

CRM (customer relationship management) software is the lifeblood of any modern B2C company. By monitoring and storing all of your interactions with prospects and customers—from their first visit to your website to their most recent purchase—CRM software makes it dramatically easier to segment your customer base, identify hidden trends in the data, make smarter predictions, and forecasts, and much more.

Securing a PostgreSQL API

Gartner estimates that by 2022, API abuse will move from infrequent to the most frequent vector attack. In a time where software is a company’s competitive edge, more and more companies are embracing APIs as a way to effectively integrate a variety of databases, systems and front-end user applications. With the amount of information shared between these APIs, it has become increasingly important to secure the data and user access to that information.

Key Questions to Ask When Managing an API

You need data for every facet of your business. It’s a powerful tool. Business and IT leaders need efficient ways to collect, store, and integrate that data in order to gain the valuable insights that drive business success. API-Led data integration is the way forward. But businesses are increasingly looking for low code solutions to help manage APIs for a streamlined process.

Building A Full-Stack Application With Vue, Vuex and Rails

Vue is a popular front-end that is especially useful for Rails developers since it was designed to be incrementally adoptable. That means you can use Vue for parts of your UI without having to rebuild everything from scratch. In this article, John Emmanual will introduce us to Vue, show us how to set it up in Rails, and walk us through a simple project.

Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud

Cloudera DataFlow for the Public Cloud takes away the operational and monitoring challenges by providing cloud-native flow management capabilities powered by Apache NiFi. It is a purposely built framework to modernize the data flow user experience so that the NiFi developers and administrators can be prepared to easily handle sophisticated data flows in production.

Event-Driven Architecture is unblocking data-driven decisions in shipping

In March 2021, a 200,000 tonne ship got stuck in the Suez Canal, and the global shipping industry suddenly caught the world’s attention. It made us realize ships play an important role in our daily lives. Really important in fact; 90% of the things we consume arrive by ship. Take a look at this map. By visualizing vessel routes over time, the pattern creates a map of the earth. Note the lack of vessels travelling close to the coast of Somalia where piracy is common.

14 Useful Bash Aliases that Make Shell Less Complex and More Fun

Do you frequently find yourself typing a long command on the command line or checking the bash history for a command you've already typed? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, bash aliases will come in helpful. You can use aliases in Bash to create a shortcut command for a longer command. When working on the command line, bash aliases are essentially shortcuts that can save you time and effort by eliminating the need to remember long commands.

Kubedim: Microservices testing using k6 for reliability, with Kelvin Zhang (k6 Office Hours #24)

How do you do microservices testing and improve the performance and reliability of complex modern architectures? What is Kubedim, and how can k6 load testing be used to verify outcomes for a microservices-based system? Nicole van der Hoeven (k6 Developer Advocate), Daniel González Lopes (k6 SRE), and Kelvin Zhang (incoming Google SWE) discuss Kelvin's master's thesis at the Imperial College London.

Fresh Insights from High-Quality Data: How Migros is Delivering on the Full Potential of Business Intelligence

Migros is the largest retailer in Turkey, with more than 2500 outlets selling fresh produce and groceries to millions of people. To maintain high-quality operations, the company depends on fresh, accurate data. And to ensure high data quality, Migros depends on Talend. The sheer volume of data managed by Migros is astonishing. The company’s data warehouse currently holds more than 200 terabytes, and Migros is running more than 7,000 ETL (extract, transform, load) jobs every day.

Why Modernizing the First Mile of the Data Pipeline Can Accelerate all Analytics

Every enterprise is trying to collect and analyze data to get better insights into their business. Whether it is consuming log files, sensor metrics, and other unstructured data, most enterprises manage and deliver data to the data lake and leverage various applications like ETL tools, search engines, and databases for analysis. This whole architecture made a lot of sense when there was a consistent and predictable flow of data to process.

How to use Root Cause Analysis to Improve Engineering

Modern engineering has revolutionized almost every complex human endeavor. From lean manufacturing to globe-wide telecommunications; from software and IT bringing the world to our fingertips to medical devices discovering previously invisible diseases, there is no human endeavor that engineering has not changed for the better. But engineers don’t only build complex systems and tools that help the world run around. They’re also the first line of defense when things turn south.

Building an ETL Pipeline in Python

Thanks to its user-friendliness and popularity in the field of data science, Python is one of the best programming languages for ETL. Still, coding an ETL pipeline from scratch isn’t for the faint of heart — you’ll need to handle concerns such as database connections, parallelism, job scheduling, and logging yourself. The good news is that Python makes it easier to deal with these issues by offering dozens of ETL tools and packages.

What Is Homomorphic Encryption?

Data encryption is one of the smartest things any organization can do to protect the privacy and security of confidential and sensitive data. Using a unique encryption key, data is converted to an intermediate representation known as “ciphertext,” which usually appears as a jumbled mixture of letters and numbers to the human eye.

5 Signs you need to implement Automated web testing

We now live on the internet! DataReportal states that around 4.80 billion of the global population use the internet, as of July 2021. That’s around 61% of the entire world population. From reading the news and booking tickets to buying groceries and meeting people — everything is now online. In the vast ocean of mobile apps and websites/web apps, we’re going to talk about web apps and web testing in this post.

How to choose a tool when shift left testing is your requirement?

Traditional Software Development Life Cycle such as Waterfall Model relied on step by step movement from left to right in SDLC. It started from requirement gathering and moved towards the right one step at a time. Evidently, testing came last in the cycle and any delays in it resulted in coinciding with the deadlines. That had the testing team stressed out because the bugs should be identified and fixed before the software release.

9 Crucial Low-Code Automation Capabilities to Evaluate

Low-code automation platforms enable businesses to rapidly automate their applications and workflows. Basic low-code tools can create applications that help users perform simple tasks. But rapid app delivery is only the beginning of what low-code can do. The most advanced low-code automation platforms deliver powerful business process automation capabilities.

How to Make Digital Transformation Work

The best way to appreciate key concepts involving digital transformation is to look at real-world examples. In a recent Kong webinar, I sat down with Solutions Engineer Ahmed Koshok as he reviewed several real-world case studies that help illuminate the role of microservices in making digital transformation successful for organizations. The case studies included Papa John’s, NextJ Systems, and Yahoo! Japan.

Monolithic vs Microservices Architecture

Microservices are an accelerating trend thanks to rousing endorsements from the likes of Google, Netflix, and Amazon. The microservice architecture is advantageous for it’s scalability, agility and flexibility. In contrast, the monolithic approach is the traditional tried-and-true model for building software. It’s much easier to debug and test. But how do you know which approach is best for your organization?

Securing Your SQL Server Application: Enabling Client-Initiated Encrypted Connections

In the previous article we discussed how to enable a server initiated encrypted connection to a Microsoft SQL Server. But what if we have a scenario where we do not want to incur the overhead of encryption for every application? In that scenario instead of configuring the server to force encryption we will instead need the client to initiate the encrypted connection.

Balancing Innovation and Security With Automation [Destination: Automation]

You feel like you need to clone yourself to scale and maintain security — there simply aren’t enough hours in the year to do it all. Luckily, there’s an automation solution that allows you to get close to cloning how you would normally manage your full API delivery pipeline. Join Peggy Guyott, senior customer experience manager at Kong, and Ned Harris, solutions engineer at Kong, as they share ways you can eliminate the conflict between developers’ need for autonomy and freedom to innovate, and the need to maintain control of governance and security.

The Foundations of a Modern Data-Driven Organisation: Change from Within (part 2 of 2)

In my previous blog post, I shared examples of how data provides the foundation for a modern organization to understand and exceed customers’ expectations. However, the important role data occupies extends beyond customer experience and revenue, as it becomes increasingly central in optimizing internal processes for the long-term growth of an organization.

How DataOps Shines a Light on the Growing Dark Data Problem

The arrival of more and more data in all segments of the enterprise started out as an embarrassment of riches, but quickly transformed into something close to a nightmare of dark data. However, a raft of new technologies and the processes embodied in DataOps are charting a path forward in which a much higher percentage of data becomes useful. The challenge most companies face is how to manage and get access to all the data flooding in from all directions.

What Data Is Behind This Metric?

We all know data is the new oil. Both data and oil are valuable resources and share a common quality; if unprocessed they cannot be used. Data and oil have to be broken down and built up again to create true value for the business. There is, however, one key difference. Whereas oil is tangible, data is not. This means that the flow of low-quality oil is traceable and will be noticed in the production process. But, what happens if there is a bad data flow in your organization?

Driving Data Governance and Data Products at ING Bank France

In this episode of Data+AI Battlescars, Sandeep Uttamchandani, Unravel Data’s CDO, speaks with Samir Boualla, CDO at ING Bank France, one of the largest banks in the world. They cover his battlescars in Driving Data Governance Across Business Teams and Building Data Products. At ING Bank France, Samir is the Chief Data Officer. He’s responsible for several teams that govern, develop, and manage data infrastructure and data assets to deliver value to the business.

SFDC Integrations

Do you need to integrate your Salesforce data into other systems? SFDC Integrations can offer your company a reliable, secure data infrastructure to transfer SFDC data into other systems. Data integration is a key component for any business that wants to get ahead and stay competitive in today's marketplace. That's why so many companies have used ETL tools like SFDC integrations software from Xplenty. Integrating with SFDC has never been easier than it is now.

3 Modern Tools For Automated Testing Of Your Web Applications

Whether we’re shopping online or reserving a table at our favourite restaurant — we might use web applications in several instances during the day. Owing to how we consume content and perform our day-to-day functions now, businesses are optimizing web apps and how! From making them more user-friendly to crafting a mobile app-like experience, we’ve swiftly moved to the era of progressive web apps.

"Automation Maturity": What It Is and How to Measure It

Since pneumatic tubes streamlined the transfer of documents across banks and mainframe computers revolutionized back-office processes, automation has been a driver of innovation and progress in financial services for over a century. In today’s digital world, automation’s latest iteration has the power to transform operations across departments and use cases: customer onboarding, underwriting, compliance, and more.

The Benefits of Bringing Together Debugging and Tracing Data

The rise in digital transformation over the past few years means that more and more companies are adopting cloud native technologies. While these distributed architectures provide scalability and agility, they also increase complexity. As Arnal Dayaratna, research director in software development for IDC, writes, “One of the challenges faced by contemporary developers is the task of understanding applications that they may not have even developed or used .”

The Top 50 ELK Stack & Elasticsearch Interview Questions

If you are a candidate looking for your next role that involves an in-depth knowledge of Elasticsearch and the wider Elastic Stack then you will want to revise beforehand. In this resource guide on the top ELK interview questions, we've listed all of the leading questions that candidates are commonly asked about Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana (and their contemporary tools and plugins) alongside the answers. Want to improve your knowledge further?

Understanding BigQuery data governance

Want everyone in your organization to be able to easily find the data they need, while minimizing overall risk, and ensuring regulatory compliance? In this episode of BigQuery Spotlight, we’ll examine BigQuery data governance so you can ensure your data is secure. We’ll also go over Cloud Data Loss Prevention and an open-source framework for data quality validation.

Summer School At Collaborator: Session #2 - Innovation with New Integrations

Integrations are a key component to Collaborator’s peer review functionality and workflow. With options to connect to more than a dozen source control management (SCM) systems, and other tools such as Atlassian’s Jira and Mathworks Simulink®, Collaborator is an easy fit into almost any tool string, allowing teams to peer review code, user stories, test plans, and other artifact types in a transparent, collaborative framework.

Make your data more secure than ever with Talend Data Fabric

At Talend, we believe achieving healthier data is essential for business success. Safeguarding private data and staying in compliance with global regulations leads to healthier data by significantly decreasing risk – reducing the potential of having to pay dizzying fines or suffering a data breach that destroys customer relationships and trust.

Five Reasons Why Platforms Beat Point Solutions in Every Business Case

Once upon an IT time, everything was a “point product,” a specific application designed to do a single job inside a desktop PC, server, storage array, network, or mobile device. Point solutions are still used every day in many enterprise systems, but as IT continues to evolve, the platform approach beats point solutions in almost every use case. A few years ago, there were several choices of data deduplication apps for storage, and now, it’s a standard function in every system.

Object Tagging Is Now Available in Public Preview

Snowflake is happy to announce the availability of the Object Tagging feature in public preview today! This feature makes it easier for enterprises to know and control their data by applying business context, such as tags that identify data objects as sensitive, PII, or belonging to a cost center. Object Tagging broadens Snowflake’s native data governance capabilities by adding to existing governance capabilities such as Snowflake’s Dynamic Data Masking and Row Access Policies.

Why aren't cloud analytics platforms just UDFs?

Running a cloud data analytics platform is hard, and requires a lot of planning and execution around data governance, compute, and security. While there’s no silver bullet that can solve these problems, there are a few things that cloud warehouses could do to make it far easier to deploy modern analytics platforms at scale.

How to Implement Change Data Capture in SQL Server

Every organization wants to stay on the cutting edge of technology, making smart and data-driven decisions. However, ensuring that company information and data integration remains up to date can be a very time-consuming process. That is where CDC can make all the difference. Change data capture or CDC allows for real-time data set changes, ensuring that company data is always up to date. Change data capture can transform the way companies make data-driven decisions.