July 2021

CDC in Salesforce and How to Export Attachments

Salesforce is one of the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. A lot of companies use it for every aspect of their business. In fact, Salesforce bills itself as a Customer 360 platform. If you’re familiar with Salesforce, you know there are a lot of tools. The right choices allow you to get the most actionable use of the wealth of data from the platform. We’ve talked before about how to create a Salesforce ETL pipeline.

Shift Left Testing: Some tools that can help

The Shift Left testing approach is not a new term. Across the globe, more and more organizations are shifting left for various reasons. It’s also regarded as a culture as it allows businesses to instil collaborative work efforts and launch products into the market faster. This testing approach expedites testing and helps detect bugs in the early stages of development. For teams with a heavy focus on faster time to market and continuous integrations — Shift Left is the way forward.

When can Testsigma be your perfect Scriptless Test Automation Solution?

Scriptless test automation might mean different things to different people but the motive with which is made is to get better results in less time. Scriptless removes the barrier of learning and implementing a scripting language while you can automate the same scenarios. Today, test automation is moving towards scriptless. While there are multiple approaches to scriptless test automation, in this article we will discuss what makes Testsigma a perfect scriptless test automation solution.

Automated Testing Software for web and mobile: some features you would need

It’s a known fact that automation testing is extremely crucial in maintaining software quality. Mobile applications and websites are a genuinely dynamic landscape with several new enhancements and advancements happening every day. To secure their quality and to help you deliver delightful experiences to your users and ones that’ll keep your users engaged with your products — testing is essential.

Kubernetes Ingress gRPC Example With a Dune Quote Service

APIs come in all different shapes and forms. In this tutorial, I’ll show you a Kubernetes Ingress gRPC example. I’ll explain how to deploy a gRPC service to Kubernetes and provide external access to the service using Kong’s Kubernetes Ingress Controller. And to hype you up a little bit about the upcoming live-action movie, Dune, based on Frank Herbert’s book, I created a Kubernetes service that delivers Dune quotes.

Understanding the Basics of Envoy Configuration

Envoy is a key part of a number of service meshes currently on the market, including Istio and the Kuma CNCF Sandbox project. As such, it is often helpful to better understand how Envoy is configured to operate as a data plane in a service mesh. In this session, you’ll learn about the basics of Envoy configuration, like listeners, filters, clusters, and endpoints.

BigQuery Admin reference guide: Query processing

BigQuery is capable of some truly impressive feats, be it scanning billions of rows based on a regular expression, joining large tables, or completing complex ETL tasks with just a SQL query. One advantage of BigQuery (and SQL in general), is it’s declarative nature. Your SQL indicates your requirements, but the system is responsible for figuring out how to satisfy that request. However, this approach also has its flaws - namely the problem of understanding intent.

Why you need metadata management and how to approach it

As your data operations evolve, they become messier. Diverse data sources and data models at their sources, multiple movements of data throughout your platform, and cobbled-up infrastructure, which has grown in complexity through every deployment have made it hard to identify, trace, classify, and understand your data assets. This can be as simple as an analyst spending hours trying to figure out where a data attribute in a table came from and whether it is trustworthy.

The Dark Truth Behind Session Recording

A company is entitled to use session recording or session replaying as long as their marketing and analytics needs require so. However, as enticing the recording of everything the user does at all times can be, even within the existing regulations, there is a high chance that doing so will quickly push the data towards a non-compliant realm. And even in cases where regulations may not be explicit on the matter, we see more and more how the industry is leaning towards discouraging these practices.

The Real Cost of API Downtime

Last week, the digital world experienced a power outage. A major distributed edge computing platform experienced a software bug that led to the collapse of their Domain Name System (DNS), or the Internet’s way to map domain names (i.e. united.com) to IP addresses. The consequences were costly. So what is the real cost of downtime? When a DNS system within a globally recognized edge platform fails, it causes downtime for a huge amount of international enterprises.

Free Cycle Time Readout for GitLab Users

To celebrate GitLab’s latest release and GitLab Commit 2021 we offer free cycle time readout of all of your personal and company projects hosted on GitLab.com for a limited time. Use this link and your GitLab credentials to sign into Logilica Insights and we let you know about your software teams cycle time, delivery velocity and much more.

Securing Your SQL Server Application: Enabling Server-Initiated Encrypted Connections

Network encryption is a vital security step in hardening your application and guarding your data. Additionally, it is more often becoming a requirement by many organizations and laws (like HIPAA). In this article, we will discuss how to secure network communication between your application and the SQL Server database using an encrypted connection. We will demonstrate how encryption can be enabled and leveraged from SourcePro DB with no source code changes to your application.

The Top 21 Grafana Dashboards & Visualisations

In our guide on the best Grafana dashboards examples, we wanted to show you some of the best ways you can use Grafana for a variety of different use cases across your organisation. Whether you are a software architect or a lead DevOps engineer, Grafana is used to make analysis and data visualisation far easier to conduct for busy engineering and technical teams throughout the world.

ThoughtSpot Success Series #9 - Group Design, Privileges & Sharing

Introducing the ThoughtSpot Success Series! Want to expand your knowledge of ThoughtSpot? Want to learn some great tips and tricks? Join ThoughtSpot's Customer Success team and other users like yourself as we discuss various topics in our new Success Series. During this event, we’ll review best practices to implement when creating groups and assigning users to make privilege management easier. In this 1-hr event, you'll learn:

Back by Popular Demand: Why Dell ISG's DevOps Embraces Collaborator

Dell’s ISG division consists of storage, servers and networking, cloud solutions, data protection, and converged/hyper converged infrastructure. With over 50 product groups and over 10k employees, standardization was a barrier to achieving true workforce collaboration and mobility. In order to reduce duplication of effort and increase alignment and collaboration, Dell-ISG created a centralized DevOps group and chose Collaborator as their single code and peer review tool.

Rollbar Tip of the Day: Linking to AWS CloudWatch logs from Rollbar

Learn how to link to log data in AWS CloudWatch from Rollbar to help you quickly understand the root cause of an error. Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging.

Four Questions To Accelerate Edge-to-Cloud AI Strategy Development

“More than 15 billion IoT devices will connect to the enterprise infrastructure by 2029.” Finding data is not going to be a challenge, clearly, but taking advantage of it all to drive business outcomes will be. Combining AI and machine learning (ML) with data collection and processing capabilities of the edge and the cloud may hold the answer.

What is data exploration in artificial intelligence (AI)?

When you open up a jigsaw puzzle, it’s a good strategy to first find the corners, then the same-colored pieces, and finally the oddball shapes, all of which make it easier to see the bigger picture. Data exploration is a similar process, but with data analysis. Also known as exploratory data analysis (EDA), data exploration is the initial discovery of looking at datasets and determining what’s what.

What is data exploration in Machine Learning (ML)?

Today it’s easier than ever for businesses to collect and store data about every part of their operation. However, the challenge facing business leaders is understanding the implications and opportunities hidden within that data quickly. Data exploration is a vital process in data science. Analysts investigate a dataset to illuminate specific patterns or characteristics to help companies or organizations understand insights and implement new policies.

Data mining vs. machine learning

Gathering data is easier than ever, but knowing how to glean insights and knowledge from that data is a bit more complicated. Often, companies end up with far more data than they know what to do with, which can be counterproductive and lead to inaction. Companies use two primary methods to translate datasets into useful information: data mining and machine learning.

What does cloud native mean?

Cloud native refers to the platforms and applications designed to be used in a cloud environment. Think of all the times you’ve stored files on a physical computer or hard drive, but couldn’t access them outside because you didn’t have them with you. Or all those times you’ve had to reinstall entire operating systems or software in order to take advantage of updates.

Data Onboarding: What You Need to Know

Getting your customer's data on the platform quickly and effectively is crucial for any business. How well you onboard new data will affect your success and your customer's experience. Effective onboarding affects so many aspects of a company's success that it's necessary to take a detailed look into all aspects of the process. The following is everything you need to know about data onboarding.

Creating a Cassandra DB API in Minutes with DreamFactory

Handwriting code for database APIs can be a time consuming and expensive process that often exposes organizations to a variety of risks relating to quality, consistency, and developer effort. DreamFactory specialises in REST API generation for a range of databases that gives you the ability to generate a secure, fully documented API in minutes.

Introducing the New Rollbar Integration for GitHub Enterprise Server

We’re excited to launch our new integration with GitHub that supports GitHub Enterprise Server customers. This allows companies using GitHub Enterprise on their own domains to access key features in Rollbar that help developers fix errors faster. GitHub Enterprise offers a fully integrated development platform for organizations to accelerate software innovation and secure delivery. With Rollbar, GitHub Enterprise Server customers can now access.

Differences between N|Solid SaaS and On-Prem

N|Solid SaaS is focused on small and medium-sized companies that want to start monitoring their Node.js processes. N|Solid SaaS Runs on our servers. It requires communication with our infrastructure, and we control it. You don’t need to install anything, and you can configure your processes with only three simple steps. There are three options for your SaaS plan, and you can choose the one that works best for your needs.

Massive Data Transformation With Pepsi | Rise of The Data Cloud Podcast

Interested in how to transfer e-commerce to the cloud, what data transformation looks like on a massive scale, and how to increase your ROI? In this episode, Vaibhav Kulkarni, Head of Data Products & Infrastructure Engineering at PepsiCo, talks about these topics and more. We hope you enjoy! Connect with Vaibhav Kulkarni

Design considerations for SAP data modeling in BigQuery

Over the past few years, many organizations have experienced the benefits of migrating their SAP solutions to Google Cloud. But this migration can do more than reduce IT maintenance costs and make data more secure. By leveraging BigQuery, SAP customers can complement their SAP investments and gain fresh insights by consolidating enterprise data and easily extending it with powerful datasets and machine learning from Google.

Who is responsible for cloud security-the provider or customer?

With the shift to distributed workforces and digital business models, cloud infrastructure and tools have become indispensable to the modern enterprise. But this growing reliance on the cloud also comes with a corresponding increase in security risks and breaches. The question is: When it comes to protecting public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments, who should take ownership, the organization in question or the cloud service provider (CSP)?

What is Change Data Capture in SQL Server?

For more than three decades, Microsoft SQL Server has helped countless organizations store and manage their enterprise data, and it’s still one of the most widely used software applications on the planet. According to the DB-Engines database ranking, SQL Server remains the third most popular database management system, just behind Oracle and MySQL. Change data capture (CDC) is essential functionality for many businesses, especially those with real-time ETL use cases.

Announcing Katalon TestOps - Streamlining Test Automation & DevOps for Businesses

Maintaining quality while delivering increasingly complex products at increasing speeds is a challenge for software teams everywhere. Automating tests is essential to detect issues faster and speed up the development cycle, but it’s only one part of the equation. Managing and scaling a test automation practice, and implementing it inside an efficient DevOps cycle is even more important.

8 Common API Gateway Request Transformation Policies

API gateway request transformation policies are incredibly powerful. There are many situations when an API developer can take advantage of request transformations to adjust the shape and values of a request to cleanly fit their API. Let’s say you’re deprecating a certain endpoint for your API, but you still need to support the old specification for a transition period.

API Strategy Fundamentals: Nurture API Adoption

Supporting your digital strategy with the right technology is critically important. However, it’s even more important to recognize that the technology you choose should really center around enabling your organization’s business operations. Although technology alone cannot galvanize and nurture your ideal ecosystem, taking a balanced approach to your digital strategy is critical to success.

API-Led Data Integration: Key Questions to Ask When Securing an API

Data has become an incredibly powerful tool that helps brands streamline processes and improve customer services. To facilitate this, you will often need an API that moves data between applications without compromising the value of your information or creating vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Securing an API therefore becomes a crucial aspect of any data integration project. An API solution that meets security essentials will make it much more resistant to cyber threats.

Meet Thundra Foresight: Your CI Observability Tool!

Over the past three years, we have served thousands of developers with our two major products, Thundra APM and Thundra Sidekick – and it still feels like we’re just getting started. We would like to thank all of our users and supporters who gave us the strength to build our one-of-a-kind products. And we are very excited to announce our latest innovation: Thundra Foresight!

How to create a Kafka topic (the safe way)

We live in a dynamic world. It is safe to say that companies aim to speed up time-to-market and out-innovate their competition with Kafka, but at the same time struggle with some limitations. These can range from compliance-related setbacks for regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA, to self-service slip-ups that could see a whole Kafka cluster going down. Even something as seemingly innocuous as configuring and creating a Kafka Topic can lead to operational U-turns, slowdowns and even downtime.

Five Strategies to Accelerate Data Product Development

With this first article of the two-part series on data product strategies, I am presenting some of the emerging themes in data product development and how they inform the prerequisites and foundational capabilities of an Enterprise data platform that would serve as the backbone for developing successful data product strategies.

Augmented analytics use cases and examples

The buzz around augmented analytics continues to get louder. In fact, Gartner in 2021 highlighted augmented analytics as the biggest battleground in business intelligence, pointing to recent use cases at large companies like Microsoft. Augmented analytics is the use of machine learning and AI within business intelligence—a market that’s expected to reach $30 billion globally by 2027 (annual compound annual growth rate of nearly 30 percent), according to industry analysts.

Choosing an ERP: 5 Reasons Your Company Needs NetSuite

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) software. Business professionals have heard of it, but they may not understand how it can help their business. In short, an ERP gathers data from multiple departments, including accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, and inventory, into a central database. This database then allows members of management and other key employees to analyze their current processes, spot workflow weaknesses, and improve them.

The 6 Soft Skills Data Engineers Need to Succeed

Soft skills can be almost as important as data engineering skills when you apply for a job. Soft skills can make the difference between stress and efficiency or being unsatisfied with your position and a raise. When data engineers and data scientists earn bachelor’s degrees, they usually take classes in topics like data warehousing, programming languages, machine learning, and data science.

Automated Form Filling in 4 Steps | No Coding Skills Required

For almost every website or web application you visit, web forms are the most popular method to collect information. Nowadays, most companies continue to rely on out-of-fashion CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. Unfortunately, these do not allow users to import data with numerous variables into the portal, leaving employees with only one option – manually entering thousands of data entries one by one.

7 ways to invest in and manage quality freelancers

Previously, hiring a freelancer was seen as a temporary solution for missing talent or gaps in a full time team. However, in today’s global economy, the remote worker has become a major player who brings constant value. The freelance market has grown enormously in the past two years. Statista projects 86.5 million people will be freelancing in the U.S. by 2027, making up 50% of the total U.S.workforce.

How to use Selenium IDE with Ghost Inspector

Selenium IDE is a popular open-source tool for recording and running automated browser tests. You can use it to interact with a browser the way a human would, doing things like navigating to URLs, filling in forms, and clicking on links and buttons. You can also use “assertions” to verify things are working as expected, like checking that elements are present, text is present, inputs contain certain values, et cetera.

Algorithmia joins forces with DataRobot to deliver best-in-class MLOps in the enterprise AI platform

I’m excited to announce that Algorithmia is being acquired by DataRobot. Together, DataRobot and Algorithmia will deliver best-in-class MLOps as part of the leading, end-to-end enterprise AI platform. After seven years of watching Algorithmia grow into the leading enterprise MLOps platform, I could not be more excited to announce today that Algorithmia is being acquired by DataRobot .

Introducing Control API: provision & configure Ably programmatically

DevOps engineers working on fast-scaling software architectures that include Ably now have it a bit easier with Control API. This new feature allows you to increase your testing capability and to configure complex production systems quickly and safely, directly from your configuration and orchestration tools.

JavaScript Logging Basic Tips

In the past few years, JavaScript has evolved in several ways and has come a long way. With the evolving technology, machines are becoming more powerful, and browsers are getting more robust and compatible. In addition, Node.js’s recent development for JavaScript’s execution on servers, JavaScript has been getting more and more popular than ever before.

Using AI/ML to Increase Gaming Monetization

Gamers are not shy about reaching into their wallets for premium content and features. They also won’t hesitate to tap the uninstall button at the first sign of trouble. It’s not uncommon for a gamer to boot up a hotly anticipated new game or revisit an old favorite only to put it down days or weeks later. The culprit is often gaming monetization issues that get in the way of what would otherwise be a long-term rewarding gaming experience.

Test Reporting with Katalon TestOps - Act on Insights, Deliver with Quality.

TestOps is the leading test orchestration and reporting platform that puts messy test results into a full image on quality. With flexibile integrations popular frameworks like Selenium and Jest, let TestOps be an inseparable companion to enable rapid feedback loops and quality consistencies for your team.

[MLOps] The Clear SHOW - S02E13 - mlops_this: Copilot Shenanigans

Ariel should have known better than to mess with shitposts on mlops.community ;) Here is a ClearML pipeline integrated with the notorious mlops_this generated by GitHub's Copilot. ClearML is the only open-source tool to manage all your MLOps in a unified and robust platform providing collaborative experiment management, powerful orchestration, easy-to-build data stores, and one-click model deployment.

Verified Steps on Bitrise: Introduction

A Verified Step means that the owner of a service or tool or an open source team guarantees secure, maintained, consistent, and high-quality performance for any Bitrise user. Our official Bitrise Steps are maintained by us, whereas our Community Steps are maintained by the community. It’s easy to decide which type a Step falls into on our GUI. Thank you for watching! Please feel free to comment your thoughts below.

Data Theorem | Verified Steps on Bitrise

Data Theorem is a leading provider in modern application security with a core mission to analyze and secure any modern application anytime, anywhere. And guess what? You can find Data Theorem Mobile Secure in Bitrise's Step Library! While other security-focused Steps perform the security analysis during the build time — and making build times longer — this Step sends the artifact to Data Theorem. This way the build keeps running the regular way, regardless of the result of the analysis.

Codeless Testing: When is Testsigma recommended tool for you

The software industry is undergoing numerous changes with the growth and advancement in technology and the emergence of Agile and DevOps. Software testing has slowly transitioned from manual testing to record-and-playback testing to automated testing, and now codeless testing is disrupting the software testing approach in the industry. The codeless automated testing involves the execution of automated testing without using any script.

Best automation testing tools for web and mobile

Times have surely changed — we’ve all moved on from TVs to mobile phones and laptops to consume various forms of content. As per Data Reportal, there are over 5.27 billion mobile users globally, and this data also reports that the number of users is increasing by 1.9% per year; the internet users are increasing at an annual growth of 7½%, especially in the developing countries.

Accelerating Code Quality with DORA Metrics

What do Google’s DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) and Rollbar have to do with each other? DORA identified four key metrics to measure DevOps performance and identified four levels of DevOps performance from Low to Elite. One way for a team to become an Elite DevOps performer is by focusing on Continuous Code Improvement.

How Military Data Innovation Drives Higher and Lower Risk Tolerance

“Data acumen” is a powerful new term. I heard it used recently in relation to a historically hard problem for the Department of Defense (DoD). The problem is the speed of data change. David Spirk, DoD’s Chief Data Officer, gave an historic keynote at GovCon Wire’s Data Innovation Forum, which was held in June 2021. He was joined by three key leaders in DoD data: Thomas Sasala (Navy), Eileen Vidrine (Air Force) and David Markowitz (Army).

Demystifying a Heroku Salesforce Connector

There's been some mystery associated with the Heroku Salesforce connect that links the Salesforce CRM with the Heroku Postgres database service. This connection is an add-on called Heroku Connect that enables multiple processes and transfers with no coding required and simple point and click executions. Heroku Connect offers bi-directional data synchronization while also creating secure data transfers.

SQL vs NoSQL: 5 Critical Differences

When choosing a modern database, one of the biggest decisions is picking a relational (SQL) or non-relational (NoSQL) data structure. While both are viable options, there are key differences between the two that users must keep in mind when making a decision. Here, we break down the most important distinctions and discuss the best SQL and NoSQL database systems available.

How to ensure data integrity with analytics testing

Data collections and analysis is critical to ongoing business operations, but maintaining data integrity is an often overlooked problem. Ensuring data integrity is not only a consumer trust issue, but is often also mandated by legal regulations. Without accurate data, business leaders could make decisions that are slightly (or majorly) misguided.

Buying Low-Code Automation: What to Look for and What to Ask

A revolution is transforming organizations and it's driven by low-code. Using low-code, organizations can quickly build—even in only a few weeks—enterprise applications that would once have taken months to get off the ground. Forrester predicts that by the end of 2021, 75% of development shops will use low-code platforms (up from just 44% in 2020).[1] With that kind of momentum it’s no wonder the low-code market is exploding.

Scaling Service Mesh Globally and Across Environments

A true service mesh should focus on how to manage and orchestrate connectivity globally. Connecting a new service mesh for each use case is a much simpler problem to solve, but doing so won’t help you scale. You’ll just be throwing a service mesh in each cluster and calling it a day.  The more appealing solution is to stitch together environments.

Getting Started with Accessibility Testing in Sauce Labs (Deque axe Integration)

Watch this video to learn how Sauce Labs and Deque axe integration allows developers and testers to easily integrate accessibility testing into their quality processes and provides increased visibility into accessibility signals for browser-based accessibility testing.

Beginner's Guide to Cloudera Operational Database

My name is Shanmukha Kota and I am a recent graduate from University at Buffalo. I interned with Cloudera last summer and joined Cloudera as a software engineer a couple of weeks ago and this is my first experience with CDP and CDP Operational Database. For a new hire college graduate in the industry with only academic experience with HBase, I can only say it is very simple and easy to set up and work with CDP Operational Database.

Embedded dashboard in action: Cleeng

This embedded dashboard feature offers insights from Cleeng, a SaaS platform specializing in Subscriber Retention Management (​SRM™). Cleeng clients can set up subscription services while getting unparalleled insight on how consumers experience their online content. I talked with Damien Organ, Senior Product Designer, to talk about Cleeng’s goals and objectives for their embedded analytics dashboard, how it was set up and by whom, and who uses it.

9 ways Zephyr Scale brings advanced test management to Jira

Are your tests in Jira growing in complexity? Do you feel you could be more efficient with reusing tests? Does ensuring consistency and standards across projects still feel like a struggle with your existing test management tool? Enter Zephyr Scale, a structured and highly configurable test management solution for teams looking to advance their testing in Jira. Need to see it to believe it? Join us for a quick, around-the-app tour of Zephyr Scale.

7 Steps to Operationalize Your Data Warehouse

Organizations may struggle with getting the full value of their data without knowing it. Their data science team uses data warehouses to power business intelligence solutions to create reports, dashboards, and other data visualizations. However, the time it takes for this information to reach teams makes it difficult to use for daily decision-making. Operationalizing data warehouses sends these insights directly into daily operations systems, thereby allowing for immediate access.

Why love software testing? Hear from the experts

Were you an accidental tester? Or was yours a deliberate choice? Whether or not you made the choice on purpose, you would have come across some side effects of being a tester which is: You act and think like one at all times! 😱 You try to break anything you try new, you are skeptical and perform some testing yourself to see if anything new works fine! You chuckle when you learn that there is a silly missed negative testing! Jokes apart, Testing is never an easy job!

How to assess your readiness to deploy with Coverage Analysis in Xray

Effective Coverage Analysis provides powerful insights into the status of what your team is building, so you can make smart decisions based on real-time analysis. Coverage Analysis in Xray for Server and Data Center provides you the ability to analyze in real-time how requirements, features, user stories, and tests are, in a particular context.

Scaling Down to Scale Up Using Kong's API Gateway

This blog post is part two of a two-part series on how we broke down our monolith to scale our API management with Kong Gateway, the world’s most popular open-source API gateway. (Here’s part one.) At NexJ, the pioneer of intelligent customer management with client engagement products designed for the financial services industry, we sought to capture the full addressable market by breaking down the monolith and going API-first.

APIs are Now at the Center of Digital Transformation

As we take stock of how COVID-19 has affected the way we operate, nothing in technology is more apparent than the switch to digital. Although many of us have transitioned from water-cooler conversationalists to reluctant zoom dwellers, the impact on business processes themselves might actually be more profound. According to McKinsey, coronavirus has acted as an accelerant on companies offering digital products and services.

Understanding IIS Log Files: Operating Instructions

Commonly, your website or app functions perfectly until you release it. During testing, you might seem to have control over everything. But, sooner or later, you will face some challenges. In fact, it is totally normal when something goes wrong. The most important thing is how you settle these problems. In most cases, issues with availability alerts and users’ complaints can be addressed by the means of IIS logs. IIS logging will provide you with the necessary data to deal with a breakdown.

Resilience Is an R&D Problem, Not Just an SRE Problem

Imagine that you’re at your company’s all-hands meeting and one of the sellers is proudly ringing the office gong to celebrate closing a big deal with a client who’s on the other side of the world. It’s a big deal because it’s a major project. Their logo is going to look sleek on your website, and you are finally breaking into a new region of the world. But two months after the project kicks off, the situation isn’t looking as rosy.

Hardware Design Best Practices

Hardware design typically entails teams of many designers with a wide range of disciplines. Each of these designers manage a different aspect of the project, maybe with different workflows, and generate a large amount of diverse data. Data management tools like Helix Core manage a substantial portion of this data. In this blog, find out how these tools are best used with an IP lifecycle management platform like Methodics IPLM to solve the unique challenges for hardware design projects.

Extending the power of Chronicle with BigQuery and Looker

Chronicle, Google Cloud’s security analytics platform, is built on Google’s infrastructure to help security teams run security operations at unprecedented speed and scale. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing more industry-leading Google technology to security teams by integrating Chronicle with Looker and BigQuery.

How to do data transformation in your ETL process?

Working with raw or unprocessed data often leads to poor decision-making. This explains why data scientists, engineers, and other analytic professionals spend over 80% of their time finding, cleaning, and organizing data. Accordingly, the ETL process - the foundation of all data pipelines - devotes an entire section to T, transformations: the act of cleaning, molding, and reshaping data into a valuable format.

5 Real-time Streaming Platforms for Big Data

Real-time analytics can keep you up-to-date on what’s happening right now, such as how many people are currently reading your new blog post and whether someone just liked your latest Facebook status. For most use cases, real-time is a nice-to-have feature that won’t provide any crucial insights. However, sometimes real-time is a must. Let’s say that you run a big ad agency.

Understanding Data-Driven CPQ

Most companies offering any kind of service or product answer this question from consumers or potential clients all the time: "How much does it cost?" Or, the much harder question: "How much will it cost if I choose these services with these extras for my particular company/house/yard/situation, etc.?" The tough part is that pricing services or software usually involves too many variables.

A Complete Guide to Understand HTTP Status Codes

whenever we go to a website, whether it's an online store to buy clothes or to check the status of our bank account, we need to type the URL into the browser. When you click on the relevant page, a request is sent to the server, and the server always responds with the HTTP three-digit code. This HTTP status code tells us if our request was successfully completed or whether there was an error that prevented the server from serving the content that users or visitors were trying to access.

Lenses magnified: Enhanced, secure, self-serve developer experience for Kafka

In our world of streaming applications, developers are forever climbing a steep learning curve to stay successful with technologies such as Apache Kafka. There is no end to the debt and the detail you need to manage when it comes to Kafka - and particularly since it doesn’t come with guardrails to help you out, the stakes for making mistakes are high.

Crux chose BigQuery for rock-solid, cost-effective data delivery

At Crux Informatics, our mission is to get data flowing by removing obstacles in the delivery and ingestion of data at scale. We want to remove any friction across the data supply chain that stops companies from getting the most value out of data, so they can make smarter business decisions. But as you may know, if you’re in the business of data, this industry never stands still. It’s constantly evolving and changing.

What is the Difference Between FTP and SFTP?

The ETL (extract, transform, load) process depends on quickly, efficiently, and securely transferring information between sources and targets. However, there are multiple options for data transfer protocols, including FTP and its close relative SFTP. So what’s the difference between FTP and SFTP, and how can you decide which one to use for your enterprise data? We have all the answers below.

Java library for your cloud-hosted tests with Loadero

Have you ever wondered, while manually creating tests in Loadero, that it would be nice to have some library that you can use to create tests programmatically? Sounds nice, isn’t it? Well, luckily, Loadero does have this option now. In this blog post I would like to introduce you to the recent creation of Loadero’s team — Loadero Java library.

The Importance of Accessibility

I’ve been testing software professionally since 2001, when I was in my late 20s—when my eyesight was perfect. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve struggled with whether to make the font bigger on my web browser or phone, or to carry my reading glasses everywhere I go. I have to make this choice because some web sites were developed to account for this, and some weren’t. As I get older, this problem is only going to get worse.

API Strategy Fundamentals: Integrate The Technology

According to Deloitte, 96% of organizations are using APIs in 2021, representing a 16% increase from just last year. The value of APIs for modern-day organizations is hardly questioned, with Deloitte pointing out that they represent “a strategic enabler in modern enterprises to build up connected experiences and unlock value from existing data.” Is you business considering how API strategy fundamentals like technology integration can support your long term goals?

Adopting a Product Mindset when Developing your API Ecosystem

As your organization undergoes major digital transformations and starts adopting new technologies, it’s critical to evaluate how you’re currently looking at your technology assets. Do you see them as differentiated business capabilities? Adopting a product mindset with developing your API ecosystem becomes simpler when you can shift your focus away from the technical implementation process and its challenges and start focusing on your strategy and its relevant business outcomes.

Creating a Couchbase API in Minutes with DreamFactory

Handwriting code for database APIs can be a time consuming and expensive process that often exposes organizations to a variety of risks relating to quality, consistency, and developer effort. DreamFactory specialises in REST API generation for a range of databases that gives you the ability to generate a secure, fully documented API in minutes.

What is Agile Methodology and How Does it Work?

Software is available everywhere we look. Any machinery we use associates itself with code that controls the way it works. Software teams work to write these applications, and many software developers band together to work on a single project. They keep working on ensuring that the application should work just as designed for the end-user when they deploy the code.

[MLOps] The Clear SHOW - S02E12 - Goodbye Fig .1 [Sculley15]

Sometimes, even in a field as young and bustling, one has to say goodbye to an old friend. Today we bid adieu to Fig. 1 of D. Sculley et al., AKA "Hidden technical debt in Machine learning systems." Listen to Ariel Biller explaining what's going on and what are we going to use in lieu of Fig. 1

Transforming supply chain and logistics analytics at Avnet with ThoughtSpot and Azure Synapse

Supply chain and logistics operations can be a company's biggest source of financial risk or competitive advantage. The key is reconciling external supplier data like tariff and shipping information with internal data to deliver insights across teams and geographies.

20 Ways to Increase Your Revenue with Netsuite

NetSuite is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that gives organizations a way to use one platform for countless essential business operations. However, it also offers a goldmine of revenue-increasing capabilities. These 20 methods for increasing revenue reveals the true potential of using NetSuite for critical business processes.

The Evolution of Appian Mobile: Then, Now, and Tomorrow

Enterprise mobile application development is a fundamental capability of the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform. Any application you build with Appian is instantly mobile-ready on all devices, without the additional hourly cost of using developer resources. With the flexibility of Appian Mobile, organizations can focus on creating native apps for a variety of use cases, such as completing field inspections or managing help desk tickets.

Securing a Multitenant Database API with DreamFactory

SaaS applications generally tend to manage customer data in a multitenant database, meaning all customers share the same database. The data is secured, or segmented, by a unique identifier that maps a particular table record to a customer. This approach to data management means the SaaS can avoid the overhead and complexity of managing customer data within separate databases. Increasingly, SaaS customers are asking for API-based access to their data.

Error Management in Node.js Applications

No one is perfect in this world including machines. None of our days pass without having errors faced in our professional life. Whenever we are facing any issues/errors while working rather than worrying, let us all fix our mind like we are going to learn something new. This will make your tasks easier. One of our friend Error Handling will help us in fighting with these errors. These reduce our pressure by finding the errors and guide us to achieve the desired output.

Community Creations: Bitrise Reports by Ubiratan Soares

Developer Advocate Kevin Toms talked with Ubiratan Soares, creator of Bitrise Reports about this open source project and Bitrise's open source API. Being able to extend the functionality that Bitrise provides, by writing your own apps that exploit the openness of the API is an added value feature of Bitrise. And, good use of this possibility has already been made by existing Bitrise users.

Tales Of Engineering Leadership: Lessons Learned Growing A Team Of 1 To 150 At Snyk

In this webinar, Liran Haimovitch, Rookout’s CTO, hosts Anton Drukh, formerly VP Engineering of Snyk and GM Israel and now an engineering leadership consultant, to discuss how Anton scaled engineering at Snyk from 1 to 150 (!) and what he learned along the way, including what decisions supported their rapid growth and what mistakes were made that you can now avoid.

Accelerate Offloading to Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) with Procedural SQL Support

Did you know Cloudera customers, such as SMG and Geisinger, offloaded their legacy DW environment to Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) to take advantage of CDW’s modern architecture and best-in-class performance? In addition to substantial cost savings upon moving to CDW, Geisinger is also able to search through hundreds of million patient note records in seconds providing better treatment to their patients.

Introducing Looker Mobile: access your data on the go

In today’s digital world, we access data at all times, no matter where we are. We all rely on our mobile devices, especially for getting insights and information about things we care about. And we expect the same experience while we work. We’re excited to introduce the Looker Mobile app, offering access to your data quickly, from wherever you are, in an intuitive, easy, and secure way.

Widen Your Focus to Drive Better Business Decisions

Data and technology are often hailed as a magic ingredient that can help solve so many problems. But, as I discussed with Joe DosSantos on Data Brilliant – it’s just one piece of the puzzle. In order to truly navigate uncertainty, the key is widening your focus and opening up your information sources. It comes down to balancing breadth of perspective with depth of expertise.

The Best Change Data Capture (CDC) Tools of 2021

As your data volumes grow, your operations slow down. Data-ingestion - extraction of all underlying data, transformation, and loading in a storage destination (such as a PostgreSQL or MySQL database) - becomes sluggish, impacting processes down the line. Affecting your data analytics and time to insights. Change Data Capture (CDC) makes data available faster, more efficiently, and without sacrificing data accuracy. Try Keboola's powerful features that extend way beyond CDC process at no cost.

Complete Guide to Database Schema Design

Your organization’s databases store all of the enterprise data that you need for your software applications, systems, and IT environments, helping you make smarter data-driven business decisions. But not all databases are created equal: the design of a database schema can have a profound impact on how efficiently the database runs and how quickly you can retrieve information.

SFTP to Salesforce - Guide to a Secure Integration

Organizations have numerous departments and employees of all skill sets using the same CRM. When it comes to Salesforce, transferring data and files from an external location can be complicated, especially when dealing with confidential information. A great solution to securing the data transfer is to use an SFTP. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to integrate your systems from SFTP to Salesforce.

July Germany Meetup - Service integration made easy with Kuma

As we can see, there’s a lot of network communication involved and it must occur in a secure, reliable, and comprehensible way. Since efficiency and agility are critical factors nowadays, we need new, modern approaches, which allow development teams to act autonomously while being able to focus on the important things at the same time. A service mesh like #Kuma can help you to address these challenges in the area of security, connectivity, and observability transparently by moving the responsibility from the application to the infrastructure layer.

A Reference Architecture for the Cloudera Private Cloud Base Data Platform

The release of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud Base edition provides customers with a next generation hybrid cloud architecture. This blog post provides an overview of best practice for the design and deployment of clusters incorporating hardware and operating system configuration, along with guidance for networking and security as well as integration with existing enterprise infrastructure.

Optimizing Risk and Exposure Management - Roundtable Highlights

We recently hosted a roundtable focused on optimizing risk and exposure management with data insights. For financial institutions and insurers, risk and exposure management has always been a fundamental tenet of the business. Now, risk management has become exponentially complicated in multiple dimensions. In this session we explored what firms are doing to approach the uncertainty with more predictability.

Accelerate your data exploration with Quick Starts

Looker Explore users may recall their first encounter as landing on the page, seeing all the dimensions and measures on the left, and getting the sense that this tool would be incredibly powerful, even though they weren’t exactly sure how to start using it. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced Looker data explorer, you likely understand that while Explores can be intimidating at first, they offer a gateway to virtually unlimited data analysis.

CNC: The journey from Excel spreadsheets to automated data pipelines and fast, reliable insights

Founded in 1991, CNC (Czech News Center) is one of the largest media companies in the Czech Republic. They offer dozens of print and online publications to the Czech market, including Blesk, Aha!, and E15. A commitment to journalistic integrity has enabled their growth, now reaching millions of readers. They are currently undergoing a vast digitalization process with the aim to become the fastest-growing and largest media house in the Czech Republic.

Load Testing SQL Databases with k6

This short tutorial shows how to run a k6 test for load testing a database. In performance testing, we often trigger load tests that simulate realistic user flows, particularly those that are most commonly seen in production. This type of acceptance testing usually interacts with various parts of our infrastructure: web servers, microservices, databases, etc. But what if you want to test the performance or scalability of an infrastructure resource in isolation?

20+ Automated Testing Tools for Web Applications in 2021 (Including Coding, Testing Management Tools, and No-code Options)

If you’re new to automated testing for web applications, choosing the right tool can be hard because there are so many to choose from. And if you’re new to test automation, they all sound like they do the same thing—but they don’t. Modern test automation tools mostly fall into three categories: To choose the best automation testing tool for your software team, you need to understand the differences between the three categories of automation tools.

Run JMeter test from GIT using Jenkins

You may have heard the term shift-left testing which is essentially moving the testing to an earlier stage in the project lifecycle, essentially the activity is moved to the left on the project timeline. The benefits of testing earlier have always been understood but not always happened when we consider performance testing which in some cases is still left until the very end of the delivery process.

2 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Developers and Business Users

The best applications emerge when business users and developers work together. But that’s notoriously difficult on both sides. For business users, it’s hard to know what features you need until you see them coming to life. And for developers, it’s hard to build the perfect solution if you haven’t lived through the problem.

Build your own live chat web component with Ably and AWS

Web Components are a great way to build reusable functionality you can use in different web pages and web apps. Imagine sharing components between different frameworks like React, Vue.js, or Next.js! In this post, we delve into Web Components and show you how to build a chat web component with Ably to use it in an application built with AWS Amplify and AWS Lambda.

The Best YouTube Channels for Web Developers

Over the last few years, a vast amount of time and energy have been poured into making quality videos for technology enthusiasts. And web technologies have received a particular amount of attention. With so many videos to choose from, it can be difficult for web developers to find the information they need. So in this article we’ll pick 12 YouTube channels and video content creators that we particularly enjoy.

How Real-Time Debugging Improves Reliability

When designing and building software, service reliability is always at the top of the list of critical focus areas for development teams. Every team that builds software typically has, either directly or indirectly, service level agreements with their customers. These are, essentially, agreed-upon metrics or performance criteria that teams use to measure and ensure the reliability of a software system.

Klocwork 2021.2 Launches JavaScript Analysis Engine

The latest release of Klocwork features the launch of JavaScript, which greatly enhances the static analysis and SAST tool’s offerings. In addition, the release includes a number of other significant improvements that greatly enhance the tool’s performance and functionality. Here, we provide an overview of the new analysis engine.

Google's Core Web Vitals: LCP, FID & CLS explained

You may or may not have heard of Google Core Web Vitals, but the importance of getting them right for your website is like Everest for website owners right now. So what are the Core Web Vitals and what should you do to make sure my website meets them? Google Core Web Vitals consist of 3 components that relate to page responsiveness, speed, stability, and how they affect the user experience. Already scrambling to Google what these mean? Don’t worry, all 3 will be explained in detail below.

The Top 14 Free and Open Source SIEM Tools For 2021

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a combination of Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM). A SIEM solution provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and networks. SIM is the collection, monitoring and analysis of security-related data such as log files into a central repository for trend analysis.

Future of Data Meetup: Hello, Kafka! (An Introduction to Apache Kafka)

Our “Hello, “ series of introductory “Big Data” topic-focused meetups returns to Boston in July as we deliver our fifth event. This meetup will introduce you to Apache Kafka without assuming you’ve heard anything about the Apache development project, the problems that Kafka was designed to solve or the role it currently plays in modern enterprise data architectures.

Understanding jobs & the reservation model in BigQuery

What are jobs in BigQuery and how does the reservation model work? In this episode of BigQuery Spotlight, we’ll review jobs, reservations, and best practices for managing workload in BigQuery. We’ll also walk you through the difference between BI Engine reservations and standard reservations, so you can decide what will work best for you.

ThoughtSpot Success Series #8 - Row Level Security Design Patterns

Join ThoughtSpot's Customer Success team & other users as we discuss various topics in our new Success Series. During this event, we discussed a high-level overview of Row Level Security Design Patterns and some common scenarios it solves. In this 30-minute event, you'll learn:

Why Does My Business Need to Transform Data?

Fivetran pipelines reliably load your data to your chosen destination, but then what? Without joining, filtering, and aggregating your data, your business can’t produce data models to answer critical business decisions. This is why data transformations are essential to every business looking to maximize value from the data they collect from disparate sources.

Why CFOs Should Champion the Consumption Business Model

Traditionally, CFOs focus on cost and cost control when managing the financial actions of a company. “Value” is assessed by putting a quantifiable number behind everything. It’s time to shift that mindset and take into account a different kind of value—the kind you can derive from an investment. Rather than worrying solely about the bottom line, ask the question: If you spend more today, what will you end up creating tomorrow?

BigQuery live monitoring with Looker

As enterprises struggle to keep pace with the exponential growth of data, the cloud naturally enters the conversation. Mature, on-premise data warehouse technologies can handle massive volumes of data while being performant, but cloud technologies are not bound by the same hardware and infrastructure limitations. Among the cloud options, BigQuery competes with the best. As a managed service, it has the added capability of nearly limitless and seamless scalability with no administrative overhead.

Business intelligence and advanced analytics

Today advanced analytics and business intelligence are at the forefront of decision making at the highest rungs of the business world. Although everyone’s endorsing machine learning and predictive analytics, the substance of what these systems do can be hard to grasp. Within that confusion are companies and services that advertise as providers of the real-time upside of advanced analytics, but in fact are providing outdated and expensive BI tools.

When to Use Change Data Capture

Automated ETL (extract, transform, load) and data integration workflows are essential for the modern data-driven organization, and they can swiftly and efficiently migrate data from sources to a target data warehouse or data lake. But ETL must run at regular intervals — or even in real-time — so how can you know which information is fresh and which information you’ve already ingested? Solving this problem is the goal of change data capture (CDC) techniques.

Creating an IBM DB2 API in Minutes with DreamFactory

Handwriting code for database APIs can be a time consuming and expensive process that often exposes organizations to a variety of risks relating to quality, consistency, and developer effort. DreamFactory specialises in REST API generation for a range of databases that gives you the ability to generate a secure, fully documented API in minutes.

Microservices vs Web Services

The differences between microservices and web services deal with different concepts in modern application design. A microservice is a small, independent, application that performs a highly focused service as well as possible. A web service is an internet-based interface that makes the “services” of one application available to applications running on different platforms.

Co-creation with partner ecosystems is key to Vodafone UK 5G success

5G is opening up new possibilities, but perhaps the biggest standout is the role of the ecosystem in enabling innovation. This is changing the conversation for telecoms companies, along with their offering. Now, it’s about co-creating with partners and offering relevant outcomes rather than specific products. I recently had the pleasure to catch up with Vodafone UK's Danny Kelly to explore some of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

The Future of the Modern Data Stack

The Modern Data Stack is quickly picking up steam in tech circles as the go-to cloud data architecture, and although its popularity has been quickly rising, it can be ambiguously defined at times. In this blog post we’ll discuss what it is, how it came to be, and where we see it going in the future. Regardless of whether you’re new to the modern data stack or have been an early adopter, there should be something of interest for everyone.

Demo Jam Live: Perform Flink stream processing and analytics using SQL

Is your business looking for a simpler way to access digital information faster? Do you know your developer and analytics teams, who have SQL skills, can now easily create streaming analytics for your business needs? This new demo jam webinar will showcase Cloudera Streaming Analytics with SQL Stream Builder and demonstrate how easy it is to create streaming queries using Apache Flink. Just like the previous session, this will be a no-slide, highly interactive demo-only session where you get to choose what you want to see based on live polling. This session is led by Kenny Gorman, Product Owner of Streaming Processing and Erik Beebe, Principal Stream Processing Engineer.

The Wonderful World of Data Governance with Disney Streaming's Anita Lynch | Rise of The Data Cloud

In this episode, Anita Lynch, Vice President of Data Governance at Disney Streaming, talks about the importance of first-party data, the nuances of data governance and privacy, how to prioritize data, and much more. Connect with Anita Lynch

Building connections while having fun: The CS team's Center of Funcellence

Our Customer Success (CS) team here at Appian enjoys spending time with one another both inside and outside of work. This is one of the many reasons our Center of Funcellence group exists. In our most recent blog post, Co-Presidents Jennifer and Abs, explain what the group does, how they facilitate team bonding and interaction, and what their favorite memories are since they’ve joined.

Rollbar Academy: Notifications and Issue tracking

Understanding and utilizing notification rules helps keep the right people informed about Rollbar issues, and they also play an important role in automated issue tracking too. You'll learn how these features work in tandem to help improve your developer experience, and how you can implement them to work effectively for your team and its needs.

Integrating Data to Build Emotional Health: How SU Queensland Uses Talend to Enrich Service Delivery

The mission statement is so direct and uncomplicated. SU Queensland, a non-profit organization based in Australia, is all about “bringing hope to a young generation.” The realities of delivering on this charter, of course, are multi-dimensional and complex. SU Queensland provides a wide range of services to schools, churches, and community groups across Australia, including youth camps, school chaplains, community engagement programs, and training and support for youth workers.

Delivering Modern Enterprise Data Engineering with Cloudera Data Engineering on Azure

After the launch of CDP Data Engineering (CDE) on AWS a few months ago, we are thrilled to announce that CDE, the only cloud-native service purpose built for enterprise data engineers, is now available on Microsoft Azure. CDP Data Engineering offers an all-inclusive toolset that enables data pipeline orchestration, automation, advanced monitoring, visual profiling, and a comprehensive management toolset for streamlining ETL processes and making complex data actionable across your analytic teams.

A CDO's Field Guide to Finding Value in Data

A proverb from the Democratic Republic of the Congo says, “A good chief is like a forest: Everyone can go there and get something.” And, a Chief Data Officer is no exception. According to Forrester Research published in January 2021, data leaders today face a broad mandate as the role has expanded over the years. In the early years, CDOs mostly reported to technology leaders.

Analyzing weighted average and numerical rate metrics at cloud-scale

At Sisu, we want to enable everyone to leverage their data to quickly understand what happened, why it happened, and how to take action. To help you operationalize your organization’s data and make the best possible decisions, we offer multiple metric types to give you the flexibility to analyze cloud-scale data.

EDI Integration & Why It's Important to Your Business

In the age of digital transformation, EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) technology is used to create new business information flows that never existed on paper. As the technology grows, companies need to incorporate more than traditional EDI standards. There are country-specific laws (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.), data collection and protection guidelines, privacy laws, business intelligence guides, and more.

5 Reasons Why Row-Level Security is Wrong for Your Data Warehouse

Extracting your data from multiple sources and collecting it in a centralized data warehouse is hard enough—but how do you keep it safe once it arrives? Organizations use a variety of data security methods to protect sensitive and confidential information, including share-level security (all users sharing a password) and user-level security (with separate accounts and passwords for each user).

How to Monitor the SEO of your Website

SEO is very important for your website, it brings customers to your website and keeps your business rolling. Using the SEO Monitoring tool from LoadFocus you can audit the SEO of your website’s landing page, or any new or existing web page present on your domain. You can start SEO monitoring for free in less the 30 seconds, here are the steps.

When should enterprises choose codeless automation for testing?

A few years back, “codeless testing” was interchangeably used with the “record-and-replay” functionality of the automation software. Today, the advancements in codeless testing have widened the gap between the terms and gave them separate and clear meanings in the IT industry. Therefore, it becomes a confusing question when we talk about these two terms today.

What features make Testsigma an ideal tool for automated web testing?

The world wide web hosts over 1.7 billion websites today. The reason for this big number is obvious – the web has become the modern marketplace and to be able to get visitors, a place here has become essential. For an online business, a website becomes the first impression. Customers are bound to judge the quality of your business by the quality of your website.

How to use data-driven testing to clean up your tests

If you’ve been a tester for some time, without a doubt you have run into scenarios where you had to write tests to verify the correctness of the implementation of business rules, algorithms or another form of backend logic. To get a fair amount of test coverage, you'll likely need more than a single test case. Data-driven testing helps clean up your tests and make them more effective and maintainable.

Operationalizing Machine Learning for the Automotive Future

It’s no secret that global mobility ecosystems are changing rapidly. Like so many other industries, automakers are experiencing massive technology-driven shifts. The automobile itself drove radical societal changes in the 20th century, and current technological shifts are again quickly restructuring the way we think about transportation. The rapid progress in AI/ML has propelled the emergence of new mobility application scenarios that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

Hands-on tips for decreasing the duration of iOS UI tests via fastlane and Bitrise

Mobile test automation is a vital part of the Mobile DevOps cycle. Without it, we can’t deliver mobile apps to our customers. This article will explain how a fastlane plugin for parallelizing iOS UI tests can make your life easier.

What is SDLC? An Intro to the Software Development Lifecycle

SDLC is one of the age-old terms in the software industry. SDLC stands for Software Development Lifecycle and is a methodology that defines various strategies and steps for building high-quality software most efficiently. SDLC is undoubtedly an integral part of most organizations’ development routines.

[MLOps] The Clear SHOW - S02E11 - DIY Strikes Back! Building the Model Store!

Ariel extends ClearML's "experiment first" approach towards a "model first" approach - by building a model store. See how easy it is to add metadata to the model artifacts. + Colab notebook (uses the demo server, just run it and see what happens) ClearML is the only open-source tool to manage all your MLOps in a unified and robust platform providing collaborative experiment management, powerful orchestration, easy-to-build data stores, and one-click model deployment.

Online Meetup: Kong Gateway 2.5 Release

In this session, we get you up-to-speed on the Kong Gateway 2.5 release with a summary of the features and news, including: Kong’s Online Meetups are a place to learn about technologies within the Kong #opensource ecosystem. This interactive forum will give you the chance to ask our engineers questions and get ramped up on information relevant to your #Kong journey.

Why rebuilding data trust is key to driving business value with analytics

As a modern data leader, you know that real-time access to data-driven insights is key to driving higher levels of business growth and innovation, and better customer experiences. You also know that when frontline employees have easier access to data they’re able to make better decisions that ultimately boost your bottom line. But what happens when employees don’t trust the data in front of them?

5 data-driven solutions for global supply chains disruptions

In 2020, the pandemic tested supply chains in a manner few have seen in our lifetimes, with businesses like Apple struggling to predict demand and keep factory lines moving. The weaknesses exposed by this crisis are not brand new, but they should be a wake-up call that current strategies are not sustainable. The limitations of modern supply chains were becoming apparent last year when companies struggled to react to new tariffs and restrictions caused by Brexit and the U.S.-China trade war.

Choose the Right ERP Software for Business

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, the software helps companies manage their day-to-day activities in most departments. It offers organization and compliance features that streamline the process and make it user-friendly. ERP software shoppers probably know they need top-quality ERP software, but how do they know how to choose the right one for their needs?

Driving API Consumption Within Your API Ecosystem

As with any product on the market, driving adoption is critical to success. Your API investment is no different, and driving API consumption within your ecosystem requires a well-planned strategy and adoption campaign that’s complemented by appropriate customer education and marketing. In this article we’ll discuss some ideas that will generate increased use of your APIs and help you understand how your organization integrates all of it’s systems, data and applications.

API Strategy Fundamentals: Align the Organization

Companies that have an API strategy are more likely to complete projects on schedule, innovate more quickly, reduce operational costs, and create new revenue streams. However, to participate in the ever-growing API economy, organizations must first develop a strategic and methodological approach to APIs. A key element of this approach is ensuring alignment within the organization.

Top 7 IoT Tools & Platforms for App Development

The connected reality of gadgets presented by the Internet of Things (IoT) can no longer be considered as just a buzz as it has already transformed our living to a great extent. The connected things made our homes, workplaces, and transportation smarter. No wonder IoT apps are now one of the most popular app categories. As the latest statistics reveal, the global market share of IoT apps is expected to touch a whopping 520 billion USD by the end of 2021.

How to add performance testing to CI/CD pipelines using k6 and GitHub Actions

Nicole van der Hoeven shows how to add performance testing to a CI/CD pipeline from scratch and for free, using k6 to write a test script and GitHub Actions to automate it. She also talks about how to set it up using k6 Cloud and why the extra cost might be justified. OTHER CI/CD TOOLS

[MLOPS] From #GTC21: Best Practices in Handling Machine Learning Pipelines on DGX Clusters

Learn how to set up and orchestrate end-to-end ML pipelines, leveraging large DGX clusters. We'll demonstrate how to orchestrate your training and inference workloads on DGX clusters, with optional setup of remote development environments leveraging the multi-instance GPUs on the NVIDIA A100. We'll also show how pipelines can be built to serve both research and deployment workloads, all while leveraging the compute inherent in the DGX cluster.

[MLOPS] From #GTC21: How to Supercharge Your Team's Productivity with MLOps

Learn how to structure a data scientist-first orchestration setup that allows your DS team to self-manage their allocated NVIDIA GPU clusters, without needing continuous hand-holding from DevOps/IT. We'll demonstrate this setup while using NVIDIA Clara Train SDK to walk through best practices in orchestration, experiment management, and data operations and pipelining. While examples will be health-care-focused, the concepts demonstrated are agnostic to any ML/DL use case in any industry.

[MLOPS] From #GTC21: Workshop - Demonstrating an End-to-End Pipeline for ML/DL Leveraging GPUs

Learn how to take models from research into deployment in an efficient and scalable manner. We'll demonstrate workflows and methodologies so that your data science team can make the most of their NVIDIA hardware systems and software tools (including TRITON!).

Load testing and Azure DevOps with José Luis Latorre Millas (k6 Office Hours #20)

In this episode of k6 Office Hours, Nicole and Simme are joined by José Luis Latorre Millas, who will talk about why k6 and Azure DevOps go well together and how to add load testing to a CI/CD pipeline. José is the Developer Community Lead at Swiss Life AG.

Cloudera Operational Database Replication in a Nutshell

In this previous blog post we provided a high-level overview of Cloudera Replication Plugin, explaining how it brings cross-platform replication with little configuration. In this post, we will cover how this plugin can be applied in CDP clusters and explain how the plugin enables strong authentication between systems which do not share mutual authentication trust.

4 Considerations When Building Your Government Data Strategy

If you’ve followed Cloudera for a while, you know we’ve long been singing the praises—or harping on the importance, depending on perspective—of a solid, standalone enterprise data strategy. While certainly not a new concept, Government missions are wholly dependent on real time access/analysis of data (wherever it may be (legacy data centers or public cloud) to render insight to support operational decisions.

5 Reasons You Should Mask PII

If personally identifiable information (PII) falls into the wrong hands, it could have devastating consequences for both you and the affected individuals. But what if you could transform that information so that it would be useless to any attacker? That’s exactly what PII masking seeks to do. So what is PII data masking exactly, and how does PII masking help safeguard your sensitive and confidential information from PII data breaches? Keep reading for all the answers.

What You Need to Know About NetSuite

ERP (enterprise resource planning) software helps organizations streamline and optimize their processes and workflows by maximizing efficiencies and enabling better reporting, intelligence, and analytics. From human resources and logistics to finance and sales, nearly every department can benefit from the judicious use of the right ERP software.

Is Workforce Safety Still Relevant in a Post-COVID-19 World?

After more than a year of navigating the sudden impacts of COVID-19 on employees around the world, we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccination rates are up—with over 50% of American adults having received at least one dose—daily virus case totals have dramatically declined, and many organizations are putting large-scale return-to-work plans in motion.

Web Performance Monitoring: A How to Guide for Developers

As developers, we would rather be writing code all day than doing anything else. Especially meetings or fighting production problems. Unfortunately, both are part of the job. All developers need to understand the basics of web performance monitoring. It won’t help you get out of meetings, but it will help prevent production fires and put them out faster. Although, I guess it might also help you avoid meetings about production problems.

[Webinar] Katalon Recorder 5.5.0 - Powering your web automation with rhythm and speed

In response to your demand for the faster pace of testing and development, we’ve released Katalon Recorder 5.5.0 with comprehensive features and improvements. Watch the recording of our latest Katalon Recorder 5.5.0 – Powering your web automation with rhythm and speed webinar to leverage Katalon Recorder’s newest features into your testing process.

Why Yellowfin built our own CRM analytics solution

Like most organizations, Yellowfin has a CRM tool. The data in your CRM should be able to help you understand how you’re selling and how you win. But everyone I speak to is frustrated by the analytics they get from their CRM. We realized very quickly that the reporting in our CRM tool wasn't meeting our needs, so we built our own solution.

How Enterprise Data Lakes Help Expose Data's True Value

For all of the buzz surrounding both artificial intelligence and data-driven management, many companies have seen mixed results in their quest to harness the value of enterprise data. To avoid those pitfalls, we mixed best-of-breed and proprietary solutions to develop our enterprise data platform (EDP), focusing much of our attention on a combination of smart changes in technology, culture and process for data lakes.

Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics

More than ever, business resilience is a function of advanced analytics and automation. And yet the vast majority of companies struggle to adopt new technologies, like artificial intelligence, which can take advantage of their analyses. In fact, a 2020 Harris Poll showed that 86 percent of business leaders struggle with incorporating automation in their businesses—even though 92 percent of them said it was essential to a thriving and flourishing business.

Data Warehouses and Decision Support Systems (DSS)

With the growing scope of modern-day business, you can pull massive amounts of data from all aspects of your business. But while it’s great to have so much information available, it can take time to organize and glean insights from your data extractions, much less move forward with decision making. Don’t worry: A data warehouse decision support system (DSS) can help you make sense of that data in time to act. What exactly are DSS and data warehouses?

How to Make a REST API

Building a REST API helps third-party systems and services communicate with your internal applications. In particular, REST APIs are useful for ETL (extract, transform, load) and data integration workflows. They make it easy to exchange information between various websites, databases, and SaaS (software as a service) applications. That said, how can you make a REST API? Keep reading this all-in-one REST API tutorial to find out.

Selenium Alternatives: 7 QA Tools to Consider, Including a No-Code Option

Despite Selenium's popularity across the QA industry, it has drawbacks and won’t be the best fit for everyone. Specifically, Selenium IDE: In this post, we'll compare seven alternatives to Selenium, focusing primarily on our platform, Rainforest QA, and explore how the alternatives approach solving these drawbacks.

Retailers Embracing Innovation: The Top 5 Takeaways from NRF

I recently had the opportunity to attend and present at NRF’s Retail Converge Event. After a year of disruption, changing operations, and a new normaI for consumer behavior, several important topics came to the forefront for leading retailers. Here are my top five takeaways from the event: There is a heightened push to modernize supply chains.

Staying Agile on VMs and Kubernetes With Service Mesh

Over the past ten years, Clubhouse and other innovative startups built software quickly. They started from scratch and blew past their incumbents. But the fact of the matter is that speed is no longer a differentiator. Everyone can move quickly. We’ve seen it as Facebook and Twitter quickly duplicated Clubhouse’s “innovative” functionality. Today, it’s all about agility—taking the momentum that you’ve already built up.

DreamFactory Recognized as High Performer by G2

G2 is one of the leading review and comparison sites for business software, so as an API management platform, we’re especially proud to be recognized as high performers by G2 and its users in Summer 2021. DreamFactory received three of the coveted badges in the Summer review of top software and service providers including.

The Definitive Guide To Kubernetes Application Debugging

Often hailed as a game-changer, Kubernetes has altered the way that organizations deploy and manage their software, making the job of handling larger and more complex workloads easier. Yet, with its advantages of velocity and scale come new challenges, particularly in how developers approach debugging their code. The highly distributed nature of Kubernetes that makes it so effective for handling cloud-native software means that the traditional approaches to debugging are no longer applicable.

How to Visualize & Accelerate Digital Twins IoT Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we physically and digitally interact in the world. With the global IoT market projected to reach nearly $2 trillion by 2028, developers are looking for ways to take advantage of the increasing demand and gain a cutting edge. For many teams, IoT development combined with using digital twins for verification allows them to make better decisions during development and visually market their devices after launch. How?

How to Move Kubernetes Logs to S3 with Logstash

Sometimes, the data you want to analyze lives in AWS S3 buckets by default. If that’s the case for the data you need to work with, good on you: You can easily ingest it into an analytics tool that integrates with S3. But what if you have a data source — such as logs generated by applications running in a Kubernetes cluster — that isn’t stored natively in S3? Can you manage and analyze that data in a cost-efficient, scalable way? The answer is yes, you can.

Four Industries That Will Be Disrupted by AI in 2021

With the never-ending potential of technology to disrupt everyday processes, more and more industries are deciding to adapt to one exciting area of innovation today: artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, Global Industry Analysts Inc. predicts that AI will be worth 164.03 billion GBP by 2026, and here, we look at four industries set to be disrupted by AI. Since the healthcare sector collects and greatly depends on personal data from their patients, AI will play a crucial role in data management.

The Data Chief Live: How to Organize Data & Analytics Teams

Join The Data Chief Live, July 8, on How to Organize Data and Analytics Teams! Hear best practices to bigger business value on whether a centralized, decentralized, or hybrid organizational model is best. Join Jennifer Redmon, Cisco, John Thompson, CSL Behring, Cindi Howson, ThoughtSpot and other thought leaders Live.