June 2021

Agile Data in Financial Services

In financial services, data is essential for storing product information, capturing customer details, processing transactions and keeping records of accounts; the relationship between products and their underlying data has always been symbiotic. A significant amount of data infrastructure is static, fragmented across data silos or based on legacy platforms. This has created an impedance mismatch between products and the underlying data.

Introducing Looker Incremental PDTs: benefits and use cases

With the cost of cloud-based services making up an increasingly large part of companies’ budgets — and with businesses fueled by access to vital data resources — it makes sense that cost and performance optimization is top-of-mind for most data teams. Transformation and aggregation of data can reduce the total amount of data queried. This improves performance and, for those on pay-for-use cloud billing plans, also keeps expenses low.

Mercury Rising in BigQuery with Multistatement Transactions

Mercury, the Roman god of commerce, is often depicted carrying a purse, symbolic of business transactions, wearing winged sandals, illustrating his abilities to move at great speeds. Transactions power the world’s business systems today, ranging from millions of packages moving worldwide tracked in real time by logistics companies to global payments from personal loans to securities trading to intergovernmental transactions, keeping goods and services flowing worldwide.

What is Customer Data Ingestion?

The verdict is in: The more you analyze your customer data, the better chance you have of outperforming your business rivals, attracting new prospects and providing excellent service. For example, a report by McKinsey & Company has good news for companies who are "intensive users of customer analytics:" Their chances of excelling at new customer acquisition and being highly profitable are 23 and 19 times more likely, respectively, than those of their competitors.

Pushing Data from a Data Warehouse to Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM (customer relationship management) software, with a 20 percent market share. The Salesforce CRM software is chock-full of features for business intelligence (BI) and analytics so that you can capture hidden insights and make smarter, data-driven decisions. The traditional ETL (extract, transform, load) process extracts data from one or more sources and then deposits it into a centralized data repository.

From A to (series) B

Today I’m absolutely thrilled to announce Ably’s $70M Series B co-led by Insight Partners and Dawn Capital LLP. We’ve grown immensely since I shared details of Ably’s Series A funding in 2020. Back then we reached 50 million devices per month. Our mission is to become the definitive infrastructure of the internet, so we set ourselves the goal of reaching one billion devices by 2025, which felt like an insurmountable challenge at the time.

PHP Workers: Everything You Need To Know

When you are on the lookout for a hosting plan or web hosting solution for your websites, you must choose a hosting solution that matches your website’s needs and requirements. The hosting plan you choose must provide the required storage space, bandwidth, and other resources that easily accommodate your website’s traffic without any performance lag or other issues.

Creating a System BoM For Software Development

When working on electronic products, many organizations divide their projects between hardware and software teams working in parallel. This is because these engineering teams have distinct methodologies to how they design, document, and communicate their changes to the design. This approach, however, can lead to costly issues, which is where a system-level bill of materials (system BoM) is critical for bringing hardware and software teams together.

Become an affiliate marketer with these easy steps

One of the viable options to earn money working from home and without having to spend a lot of money to start your own business is affiliate marketing. Becoming an affiliate marketer in 2021 is very easy and all you need is passion and dedication to promoting products and services that you are familiar with, have some experience, or simply are interested in promoting. Affiliate marketing also allows you to run your own business with a small upfront investment and all while working from home.

7 User-Testing Tools to Put Your UX Strategy on the Right Track

User-friendly interface that allows smooth and easy UX should be a crucial part of your targeting strategy. Among other things, a well-designed interface is key for improving your conversion rates. Both your target audience and Google algorithm will pay attention to this particular aspect. What’s more, this Forrester Research study has found that this particular practice can up the conversion rates by a whopping 400%.

Interview With Transmosis CEO Chase Norlin

For the seventh instalment in our series of interviews asking leading technology specialists about their achievements in their field, we’ve welcomed the CEO of Transmosis, Chase Norlin to share his journey in the field of cybersecurity as well as his recommendations for those looking to start their career in cybersecurity.

Qlik Cloud Data Services - Hybrid Data Delivery - Presentation and Demo - Do More with Qlik

This is a recording of the Do More with Qlik Webinar Series. To lead in the digital age, everyone in your business needs easy access to the latest and most accurate data. Join Mike Tarallo and Ola Mayer as they introduce you to Qlik’s vision for its integration platform as a service - Qlik Cloud Data Services, covering one of the first data services to be generally available - Hybrid Data Delivery. Hybrid Data Delivery lets you build a data pipeline to your Qlik Sense apps. It collects data from disparate sources and continuously delivers analytics ready data so your Qlik Sense apps always have the latest information.

API Gateway vs. Service Mesh

Service mesh expert Cody De Arkland explains the differences between an API gateway and service mesh and how they work together. An API gateway helps companies offer APIs “as a product” to internal or external clients/users via a centralized ingress point. They can also govern and control how they are being exposed and onboarded via a full lifecycle APIM platform. API gateways are commonly used when different applications need to talk to each other and create an abstraction layer between the clients and the underlying APIs.

Shine on with user-friendly SQL capabilities in BigQuery

June is the month which holds the summer solstice, and (at least in the northern hemisphere) we enjoy the longest days of sunshine out of the entire year. Just as the sun is making its longest trips across the sky, the BigQuery team is delighted to announce our next set of user-friendly SQL features.

ATB Financial boosts SAP data insights and business outcomes with BigQuery

When ATB Financial decided to migrate its vast SAP landscape to the cloud, the primary goal was to focus on things that matter to customers as opposed to IT infrastructure. Based in Alberta, Canada, ATB Financial serves over 800,000 customers through hundreds of branches as well as digital banking options. To keep pace with competition from large banks and FinTech startups and to meet the increasing 24/7 demands of customers, digital transformation was a must.

PII Pseudonymization is the New Normal

Businesses rely on personal data to better tailor their approach to customer relations and streamline a marketing strategy suited to their target audience. In today's business climate, holding onto the personally identifiable information (PII) of specific individuals for various marketing and customer services purposes requires secure storage and extraction. PII pseudonymization is the latest and greatest method for protecting personal data.

Our exciting next step - k6 is now part of Grafana Labs!

It's been a few weeks since Raj Dutt, Grafana Labs CEO and Co-Founder, announced the k6 acquisition during the closing session of GrafanaCONline 2021. You can learn more by reading our joint press release, or by watching the recording of the k6 Office Hours I joined the day after the announcement. With this blog I would like to share my excitement and my perspective. The acquisition marks a milestone for the k6 team, our customers, and the k6 community.

Choosing the Right Mobile Test Automation Framework

A critical decision for organizations that are defining their automated testing strategy is choosing the right automated testing framework that will help their development and QA teams efficiently write and execute automated tests. The market offers a plethora of frameworks to choose from, and the decision isn’t always easy.

Maximize your coverage with test parameterization and data-driven testing

When you test application logic and functionality you often have to test the same logic with multiple input values, which can quickly escalate the number of test cases you have to create. Data-driven testing helps you quickly execute the same test multiple times using datasets for different output values, saving you time and effort. Test parameterization is a type of data-driven testing that allows you to execute the same test, multiple times using different parameters.

How to Send Behavioral Emails with MailChimp and Moesif

In this guide you’ll learn how to send Moesif behavioral emails with Mailchimp. Moesif behavioral emails is a feature that automatically sends emails to customers based on their API usage. This can be used to notify customers about technical issues, such as: hitting rate limits, using deprecated APIs, or trying to run broken integrations. You can even use it to trigger business-related events such as when an item is shipped.

Maxa - AI for ERP and Point of Sale systems built on Snowflake

In today's episode, Daniel Myers from Snowflake interviews Raphael Steinman, CEO and Founder of maxa.ai -- an AI software platform that runs alongside ERP and point of sale systems that helps to monitor, forecast, and optimize businesses. Powered by Snowflake is a series where we interview technology leaders who are building businesses and applications on top of Snowflake.

What is ETL?

The ETL process involves moving data from a source, transforming the data in some way, and loading the information to the same or a different source. You may feel a little confused the first time you encounter an ETL process. With the right platform, though, you can adjust quickly and learn how to manipulate data to make it more valuable.

Exploring The Total Economic Impact Study of Looker

Business Intelligence (BI) leaders often find themselves in a unique and difficult position when it comes to making strategic buying decisions for their organizations. On the one hand, making the right buying decision is crucial. BI is consistently cited as one of the top most critical initiatives for organizations to invest in to harness the value of their data as they evolve and digitally transform.

AutoML Tables is now generally available in BigQuery ML

Google’s cloud data warehouse, BigQuery, has enabled organizations around the world to accelerate their digital transformation and empower their data analysts to unlock actionable insights from their data. Using BigQuery ML, data analysts are able to create sophisticated machine learning models with just SQL and uncover predictive insights from their data much faster.

Secure PII Pseudonymization: How to Do It Right

With news of a devastating data breach constantly in the headlines, you need to take proactive steps to safeguard the personally identifiable information (PII) that your organization stores and processes. Along with techniques such as PII masking, PII pseudonymization is one of the most popular and practical ways to protect sensitive data. But what is PII pseudonymization, exactly, and how can you pseudonymize PII? We’ll answer these questions and more in this article.

OctoPerf v12.4 - Integrate with Postman, Microsoft Teams, Grafana and Dynatrace

The focus of OctoPerf 12.4 is on integrations, first in regards to creating test scripts through our new Postman import released a few weeks ago. Through postman we also open OctoPerf to swagger and open API imports. Microsoft Teams is also on the menu in terms of alerting before/after the tests, but the main dish is the backend listeners. Through these you can have our load generators send metrics to your own database in real time during the test.

From Disruption to Innovation: How to Build a Resilient Supply Chain

It’s no secret that there has been massive disruption across global supply chains over the past year. In fact, 94% of Fortune 1000 companies have stated that they are facing supply chain disruptions from COVID-19. Many factors have conspired to drive disruption, leading to increased costs and delays for many industries and ultimately impacting the prices that companies and consumers pay for goods.

Creating a Firebird API in Minutes with DreamFactory

Handwriting code for database APIs can be a time consuming and expensive process that often exposes organizations to a variety of risks relating to quality, consistency, and developer effort. DreamFactory specialises in REST API generation for a range of databases that gives you the ability to generate a secure, fully documented API in minutes.

14 Different Ways To Fix "Your Connection Is Not Private" Error In Chrome

When you browse different websites on the internet, it is crucial to ensure that those websites are secure. Sometimes, when you open certain websites, you could face issues and error messages like “Your Connection is not private”. It is one of the common issue faced by users on Google as well as other web browsers. There could be many reasons for this prompted error message. It could either be an issue with the website’s security or an issue from your end or your internet connection.

SEMrush - Your End-to-end SEO Solution

In today’s digital age, keeping up with market trends is exactly what a business has to do to stay ahead. Creating a solid online brand image plays a key role in this task, and to do it, dedicated SEO efforts go a long way. Crafting targeted keywords that can direct traffic to your webpages can work wonders in capturing a widespread customer base. Now what if we were to tell you that instead of doing everything manually, you could rely on an automated tool to take care of things?

WWDC 2021: Expectations vs. Reality - Recap discussion with iOS experts

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference happened between June 7- 11, and it kept the entire iOS developer community in constant buzz for weeks. On WWDC 2021, we got a first look at the latest Apple platforms, tools, and technologies, and we were thrilled to discuss all that happened with the iOS dev community!

Best codeless automation testing tools in 2021

With the advent of agile and DevOps culture, we’re already embracing digital transformation. Organizations globally are looking for newer technologies and tools to innovate, enhance productivity and deliver faster. If we talk about testing itself — automation has taken us several leaps ahead; QA teams have solidified test efficiency and coverage even further. Gone are the days when automation testers had to learn coding to write test scripts.

Advantages of using codeless test automation tools - An exhaustive list

MarketQuest (2021) predicts automation testing to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.8% for the next five years. Globally, organizations across banking, retail, automotive, healthcare, etc., amongst others will embark on automation. Picture Credit: Zeus.ai That brings us to the crux of our conversation — codeless test automation. What is it, and why do we need it?

Migrate Hive data from CDH to CDP public cloud

Many Cloudera customers are making the transition from being completely on-prem to cloud by either backing up their data in the cloud, or running multi-functional analytics on CDP Public cloud in AWS or Azure. The Replication Manager service facilitates both disaster recovery and data migration across different environments.

The BigQuery admin reference guide: Resource Hierarchy

Starting this week, we’re adding new content to the BigQuery Spotlight Youtube series. Throughout the summer we’ll be adding new videos and blog posts focused on helping new BigQuery architects and administrators master the fundamentals. You can find complimentary material for the topics discussed in the official BigQuery documentation.

AWS Data Pipeline Best Practices

Knowing best practices for Amazon Web Services (AWS) data pipelines is essential for modern companies handling large datasets and requiring secure ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes. In this article, we discuss AWS data pipeline best practices to ensure top performance and streamlined processes — without complications that can impede the execution of data transfer.

5 Steps to Prevent PII Data Breaches

When it was revealed in September 2017, the massive Equifax data breach made international headlines. As one of the three major credit agencies in the United States, Equifax is responsible for processing personally identifiable information (PII) such as individuals’ names, addresses, and social security numbers. According to Equifax, 143 million people were affected by the data breach, making it one of the biggest cybersecurity disasters in history.

Appian RPA 7.9 Is Here with New Features to Help You Automate Even Faster

The Appian RPA 7.9 release unveils important new updates that make it easier for you to improve the speed and efficiency of your robotic process automation (RPA) workflows: Feature: Manage multiple browser types in a single RPA execution. - Problem solved: Sometimes complex workflows require the use of multiple browsers in a single automation. Does your process contain tasks that must be completed in legacy systems that can only be accessed on specific browsers (like Internet Explorer)?

What is a Branch in Git and How to Use It - Ultimate Guide

Developing a website or software isn't easy, a team of developers will be developing a new feature, other team will be testing whether the built feature works as expected, other might be fixing the bugs and so on. Managing these different versions of same code base must be a little tricky. Here comes the concept called branch in git which is used as a pointer to a snapshot of your changes. When we talk about branches in git these are the major questions that arises in our mind.

9 Possible Solutions To Fix a 502 Bad Gateway Error on Your WordPress Site

WordPress errors such as 502 bad getaway error frustrate and annoy the website owners and the users and visitors on your website. This is one of the most usual WordPress errors, and others such as the error establishing the database connection or white screen of death also create a lot of performance and other website issues. 502 bad gateway error is especially popular as it affects smaller websites and huge services such as Twitter, Gmail, CloudFlare experience this issue.

How to Use Bugfender on Flutter

Flutter is a user interface toolkit from Google which is primarily used to develop mobile applications but can also be deployed to create web and desktop apps. With Flutter, we can develop applications for both IOS and Android using the same source code. This dovetails neatly with Bugfender, our remote logging service that allows users to collect logs for everything in the application.

Webinar: Getting the most out of Ghost Inspector

Here at Ghost Inspector even some of our power users will ask, "Am I using Ghost Inspector to its full potential?" Maybe Ghost Inspector is so easy to use that sometimes it can feel like it’s too easy? Join us for this webinar on June 24th where our founder Justin Klemm will be covering advanced use cases and best practices when it comes to getting the most out of Ghost Inspector. We’ll cover nooks and crannies of our features that you may have missed and help unlock Ghost Inspector to the max!

Deploying applications on CDP Operational Database (COD)

CDP Operational Database Experience (COD) is a PaaS offering on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). COD enables you to create a new operational database with a few clicks and auto-scales based on your workload. Behind the scenes, COD automatically manages cluster deployment and configuration, reducing overheads related to setting up new database instances. Additionally, auto-scaling eliminates the need to size a cluster for your workloads.

Ecommerce analytics 101: The ultimate guide

To grow your eCommerce business ahead of your competitors you need to rely on analytics. Ecommerce analytics is the compass that replaces your gut feelings as you scale your e-shop to higher grounds and more online sales. In this ultimate guide to eCommerce analytics we will look at: What is eCommerce analytics? Why is eCommerce analytics crucial for the success of your store? What are the best metrics and KPIs to track for eCommerce?

Getting to Know the Apache Hadoop Technology Stack

With technology innovations raging at incredible speeds over the past few decades, new and exciting platforms for gathering, storing, transforming, and manipulating data are entering the market every day. Apache Hadoop was one of these disrupters when it entered the market in 2006, offering distributed storage and big data processing using a network of many computers.

The Ultimate Guide to HIPAA

The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has been an important federal law in healthcare since 1996. Part of its purpose was to create standards meant to protect sensitive patient information, and it took on even more important once the digitalization of patient health records became widespread. Now it’s required for certain types of businesses to protect patient health information—or face fines that range from $100 to $50,000 per violation.

Extending Connectivity to Cloud Native and VM-based Applications

We all know that what customers see in the market is, in fact, only a small percent of the shifts happening within our organizations. Recently, Time Magazine stated that “Every Company is a Tech Company… The Disruption is Just Beginning.” We’re seeing it in the way we wait in lines, find places to stay when traveling and work from anywhere. The disruption is distribution, and it impacts how we live and build applications.

Data Hiding and Microservices: Information Management That Supports Independent Deployment and Teams

A significant part of breaking a monolithic application into microservices involves a redesign of how the application manages data — usually through a data management strategy called “information hiding.” In this respect, breaking a monolith into microservices isn’t just about establishing clear separations between the code for different services. It’s also about creating clear separations between the data that each microservice interacts with. Why information hiding?

7 Must-Have Tools for Best PHP Performance

Delivering high-quality PHP applications is growing more difficult as applications become more complicated. Perfecting your PHP performance monitoring procedure is more crucial than ever. To all PHP developers out there, it is highly recommended that you use the appropriate PHP performance tools for each application you design to guarantee that it performs correctly. There are a number of tools available to track the performance of your application.

Fraud Processing with SQL Stream Builder

SQL Stream Builder allows developers and analysts to write streaming applications using industry-standard SQL. In this video, you will learn the interactive experience with syntax checking, error reporting, schema detection, query creation, and creating outputs on fraud detection with its powerful interface and APIs.

From 0 to Dashboard with Cloudera Data Warehouse

Today you'll see a quick demo on how to start off with any given dataset, reference it within Cloudera Data Warehouse, and then use the in house Data Visualization to create a live dashboard from the data. We'll use some example shipping data and show how you can go from 0 to dashboard in no time at all.

SaaS in 60 - Digest Notification Delivery Option

This week we introduce a new delivery option within the Qlik Sense SaaS notification settings. In addition to receiving triggered, as they happen, Qlik Sense SaaS notifications via email, mobile devices, and via the hub notification icon – you can now choose to receive all your notifications in a easy to view digest which creates a single notification bundle delivered to you in a single email.

How to structure your BigQuery resources

What are folders, projects, and datasets and how do they come together to support warehousing fundamentals like security and cost management? In this episode of BigQuery Spotlight, we’ll review the BigQuery resource model and how this resource hierarchy is reflected in the Cloud Console, where you’ll interact with and analyze your BigQuery data. Moreover, we’ll give you some helpful tips when it comes to structuring your own BigQuery resources. Watch to learn the best way to structure your BigQuery deployments!

Insurers - Be Aware of the Hidden Exposures in assessing the economic impact of Climate Risk

Climate change is a challenge for insurers in some obvious ways, such as stronger and more frequent natural disasters. Yet there are also more subtle risks to monitor, including changes to insured assets, risks, and exposures. Climate impacts the production quality and quantity of insured consumable goods, their location, and their supply chains.

The Rocket Behind Snowflake's Rocketship

Not a day goes by without questions from candidates, customers, and other interested parties about how we run Snowflake Engineering. I often hear: “Snowflake has been delivering a truly innovative, high quality product, and the pace of delivery is only accelerating. There must be a secret to it.” Indeed, we have a unique engineering team, and continue to hire world-class engineers. They are the driving force behind our products.

Looking for an ETL tool? Stop. Right. Here.

You have started your data journey. You know you need to somehow collect data from various sources and land them into a data warehouse or data lake of some sort. Right now you’re browsing tools and calculating costs - there’s one for extraction, another one for transformations, there’s an ETL tool. What if we told you there’s a better way?

Data Privacy: Are You Making These Mistakes?

Organizations have access to massive amounts of data, but they don’t always give enough thought to how they’re going to keep it private and protected. Dozens of data privacy regulations are in effect or in development globally, and the average consumer is learning more about how much of their data gets collected and used by businesses. For this reason, companies need to focus on keeping data safe while it's under their control, but it’s easy to make mistakes.

Prescriptive Analytics

Data analytics technology helps organizations make sense of an ever-increasing volume of data. As this technology matures, it gets better at delivering actionable insights and helping companies determine outcomes. Prescriptive analytics is a modern solution that builds upon other analytics technology and guides organizations to the right decisions for a particular situation.

How to speed up your software release cycles with Testsigma

As software organizations have to release or add new features in their software on a regular basis, proper and thorough testing of all the features on time becomes a real challenge. Automation becomes a viable option to overcome these challenges. But most of the automation tools usually take a lot of time and effort in test creation, test execution, and test maintenance which brings down the ROI.

What Defines an Automation Leader in Financial Services and How Do You Compare?

Banking and asset management are advancing into a new era of automation, where human talents, bots, and AI are seamlessly and flexibly unified into cohesive, hyper-efficient workflows. This creates an avalanche of new opportunities for innovation, value-creation, and improved profitability. In light of this need for digital transformation, Appian commissioned a study through the Financial Times' research arm, Longitude, to gain actionable insights on automation.

5 Architectural Patterns for Securing Connectivity at Scale

In the age of surgical robots, smart refrigerators, self-driving vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles, connectivity undoubtedly is a foundational block for our modern world. Connectivity not only enables easy access to resources, but it also opens up opportunities to drive innovation by connecting isolated systems. Connectivity drives digital transformation.

How DreamFactory Prevents SQL Injection Attacks

A SQL injection attack is an attempt to modify the syntax of a SQL query executed in conjunction with a user-initiated action within a software application. Some examples of user-initiated actions include searching for a product within an e-commerce catalog, adding a comment to a blog post, and creating a new user account. In each of these scenarios, the user uses a form to submit input (e.g.

Why the time is now for SaaS

Being ‘agile-enabled’ is a badge of honour that CSPs are wearing with pride, but many are still struggling to join the dots when it comes to weighing up the benefits of buying on-premises software or subscribing to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Initially positioned as an ideal solution for SMEs, larger organizations are increasingly discovering that SaaS is a viable solution that enables agility and drives digital transformation.

Why the time is now for SaaS

Being ‘agile-enabled’ is a badge of honour that CSPs are wearing with pride, but many are still struggling to join the dots when it comes to weighing up the benefits of buying on-premises software or subscribing to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Initially positioned as an ideal solution for SMEs, larger organizations are increasingly discovering that SaaS is a viable solution that enables agility and drives digital transformation.

Gen2: The next generation of Bitrise Build Infrastructure with improved performance, stability, and security

We're introducing the brand new Bitrise Gen2 Build Infrastructure that is running fully on macOS, with the macOS-based hypervisor, cloud-scale orchestration, and enterprise-level security.

What is Git Checkout Remote Branch? Benefits, Best Practices & More

Git is a terrific tool that many developers use to keep track of their projects’ versions. Despite the fact that there are many different version control systems, git is by far the most used. The focus on distributed development and the ease with which branches can be used for good reasons. A branch is a simple approach of departing from the main development flow. It's typically used in a branch to add a new feature or correct an issue.

(Series #2) Building a Test Automation Team

We talked about topics to cover in our test automation strategy document in the first article of this blog series. In this second article of the series, we will cover some ideas about building a test automation team within a software organization. The other articles cover topics as below: Test automation is a piece of code that tests other pieces of code. For that reason, automating tests in software organizations require people with technical expertise and skills in coding.

Creating a Software Bill of Materials

Earlier this year, the White House issued an Executive Order on cybersecurity that set out to establish new security requirements for software vendors that sell software to the U.S. government. One such requirement is that vendors provide a software bill of materials (SBOM) as part of the federal procurement process. In this blog, we break down what a software bill of materials is, why it is important, and provide SBOM examples.

Pulno - The Ideal Website Evaluator

If you’ve been working with SEO for some time, you’d know that although it’s a reliable way of improving your website’s searchability, it’s often marred by the downside of being very time-consuming. Moreover, manual SEO strategies could easily fail to achieve the desired results because of the ever-increasing level of competition. In such a scenario, an automated tool that helps you enhance your SEO efforts can prove to be a boon.

How to Grow Revenue with a 360-Degree Customer View

At the Modern Data Stack EMEA Conference, Fivetran Customer Success Manager Maeve Byrne is joined by Igor Chtivelband, Co-Founder and VP of Data & CRM at Billio.io and Bahadir Sahin, Director of Data & Analytics at Onfido. The panel shares their journeys toward better customer engagement, fueled by faster access to more data.

Discover Which Source Brings in The Most New Opportunities for Your Business

Calculating the return on your marketing investment can be challenging and time-consuming. As there are various marketing sources and channels that create new sales opportunities, it’s important to know which ones are working best to help you meet your business goals.

Connecting product and data: A conversation with Berit Hoffmann, Sisu's Chief Product Officer

Sisu’s mission of Operationalizing the World’s Data isn’t possible without major investment in our product and core user experience. Steering our product strategy and investments is Berit Hoffmann, Sisu’s Chief Product Officer.

3 Reasons Extract, Load & Transform is a Bad Idea

Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) technology makes it easy for organizations to pull data from databases, applications, and other sources, and move it into a data lake. But companies pay for this convenience in many ways. ELT solutions can have a negative impact on data privacy, data quality, and data management.

A Beginner's Guide To Test Automation With Javascript(Nightwatch.js). Part 3.

Welcome to the “A beginners guide to test automation with Javascript(Nightwatch.js)” blog series part 3! If you have missed out on the previous parts, make sure to read part 1: Introduction to Nightwatch.js and part 2: The most useful Nightwatch.js commands in our blog. In this article we will look at callback functions and command queue in Nightwatch.js, and as always – feel free to skip to any part you are the most interested in.

Building a Single Pipeline for Data Integration and ML with Azure Synapse Analytics and Iguazio

Across organizations large and small, ML teams are still faced with data silos that slow down or halt innovation. Read on to learn about how enterprises are tackling these challenges, by integrating with any data types to create a single end-to-end pipeline and rapidly run AI/ML with Azure Synapse Analytics with Iguazio.

Appian Community Edition is Here!

Appian is excited to announce the launch of Appian Community Edition! Appian Community Edition is our free version of the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform for Appian Community members who want to learn how to build business applications or improve their skills. Appian Community Edition provides hands-on experience for everyone, including developers, IT professionals, automation professionals, university students, prospective customers, current Appian customers, and Appian partners.

A Complete Guide To Use Git For Beginners

Writing code might be complex but it is easier to control with the right support tool. How do you know a new build of your software has shipped successfully? How do you know a single feature added to your website is working as you want it to? To ease the pain of tracking down all the issues, version control systems are useful tools that help you keep monitoring the changes that you make to your code.

Automotive Industry Trends 2021: What Software Developers Need to Know

The automotive industry has been experiencing a great deal of change within the past several years. More software is being added to vehicles, along with a greater number of electric and autonomous vehicles are in production and on the road. By learning about the emerging trends, you will be more capable of keeping pace with them. Read along or jump ahead to the section that interests you the most.

The Multi-Model Database Dilemma

In 2009, as the world became increasingly data driven, organizations began to accumulate vast amounts of data -- a period that would later be characterized as the Big Data revolution. While most organizations were used to handling well structured data in relational databases, this new data was appearing more and more frequently in semi-structured and unstructured formats.

Get a Complete View of Salesforce Data with MongoDB

Teri will show you how you can incorporate Salesforce (relational data) into a MongoDB collection (non-relational data) to give your customers a unified customer experience. The webinar will focus on the piece of the puzzle where we read Salesforce data and format it into the shape needed to go into a Mongo collection (a collection is the term MongoDB uses for a data set like a table in a relational database). We’re showcasing the ability to go back and forth from NoSQL to SQL for a unified customer experience.

Build/Buy in MLOPs for R&D Does "off-the-shelf" exist yet?

What kind of tools and infrastructure does a company need in order to build, train, validate and maintain data-based models as part of products? The straight answer is - “it depends.” The longer one is: “MLOps.” It is far too early to determine the “best” patterns and workflows for Data-Science, Machine- and Deep-Learning products. Yet, there are numerous examples of successful deployments from businesses both big and small.

Comprehending ClearML and MLOps - Enabling the New A-Z (ODSC East '21)

ClearML is an industry leading MLOps suite, fully open source and free in the best sense. Designed to ease the start, running and management of experiments and orchestration for every day practitioners, we will also see how it provides a clear path to deployment. Starting with a high level overview of the parts built into ClearML, we will then journey into what is and also, importantly, what is not part of ClearML's mandate. Along the way we will demonstrate how-to integrate into your PyTorch code, as well as the capabilities of reporting and possible workflows that could be made easier by pipeline usage.

[MLOps] The Clear SHOW - S02E10 - Everything You Wanted To Know About Model Stores*

Ariel (ft. G. Raffa) discusses the reasoning behind model stores, why you might want to build one, and reviews a model store library vs. ClearML to understand what needs to be built "on top" of our open-source MLOps Engine. + Operator AI ClearML is the only open-source tool to manage all your MLOps in a unified and robust platform providing collaborative experiment management, powerful orchestration, easy-to-build data stores, and one-click model deployment.

Bridging the Gap: From Model Development to Machine Learning Management

As the sophistication of machine learning projects grow, teams are struggling to take successful proofs-of-concept into production. Algorithmia CEO Diego Oppenheimer will host a panel with industry experts to discuss key strategies for taking ML projects from development to deployment and management. In the panel, we will discuss how to establish fast development cycles to help teams get value from their data and deploy rapidly and at scale.

Community Creations: Bitrise Open Source & the API - Introducing the Bitrise Wall mobile app

Being able to extend the functionality that Bitrise provides, by writing your own Apps that exploit the openness of the API is an added value feature of Bitrise. And, good use of this possibility has already been made by existing Bitrise users. A case in point is Bitrise Wall, created by Jas Manigundan. This is an app for both iOS and Android that allows you to monitor the activity of your builds and even download the latest app version directly from your mobile phone.

BigQuery row-level security enables more granular access to data

Data security is an ongoing concern for anyone managing a data warehouse. Organizations need to control access to data, down to the granular level, for secure access to data both internally and externally. With the complexity of data platforms increasing day by day, it's become even more critical to identify and monitor access to sensitive data.

Inside Zephyr - a celebration of the people behind your favorite tools

Have you ever wondered about the story behind the word ‘Zephyr’? Or how does one actually test a test management tool? Recently, we held “Inside Zephyr,” a special online community event to celebrate the Zephyr family of products. It was a sneak-peak behind the curtain, and the team of extraordinary people that make Zephyr tools so great – from original founders to developers, testers, and support agents.

Navigating the 8 fallacies of distributed computing

The fallacies of distributed computing are a list of 8 statements describing false assumptions that architects and developers involved with distributed systems might make (but should undoubtedly steer away from). In this blog post, we’ll look at what these fallacies are, how they came to be, and how to navigate them in order to engineer dependable distributed systems.

Rails Security Threats: Authentication

Authentication is at the heart of most web development, yet it is difficult to get right. In this article, Diogo Souza discusses common security problems with authentication systems and how you can resolve them. Even if you never build an authentication system from scratch (you shouldn't), understanding these security concerns will help you make sure whatever authentication system you use is doing its job.

Getting By With A Little Help From My Visual Tracing

When working with Rookout customers, one of the most commonly heard requests we hear is a plea for “context”. When trying to debug a complex applications, setting a Non-Breaking Breakpoint and fetching a full view of local variables and stack trace is a necessary first step. But in a complex, distributed environment, this first step is not always enough.

How to Modernize Your Analytics Department

At the Modern Data Stack EMEA Conference, Fivetran Solution Architect Niamh O'Brien is joined by Jonathan Rankin, Data Manager, Guardian News and Media; Donas Rashedi, Head of Data, Douglas; and Pete Williams, Chief Data Officer, Penguin Random House UK. This group discusses the future of the modern data stack and its implications for business in 2021.

Pinboard Design Best Practices - ThoughtSpot Success Series #6

Join ThoughtSpot's Customer Success team and other users like yourself as we discuss various topics in our new Success Series. During this event, we shared best practices one can follow when creating pinboards that will help yourself, your teams and your customers get maximum value out of what their data is telling them.

Welcome to Test Automation Day | Mobile Testing (EMEA)

To kick off Test Automation Day Online | Mobile Testing, Ashwini Sathe, Product Marketing Manager at Sauce Labs, provides an introduction to Sauce Labs and our commitment to creating a world of digital confidence. She also discusses the importance of building a comprehensive mobile testing strategy, and how Sauce Labs can help.

An Alternative to Native Apps: How to Test Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are often seen as the easier alternative to native applications. During this session Wim Selles, Senior Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, will look at why PWAs are seen as an alternative for native apps, the pros and cons and especially, are they easier to test than native apps.

Test automation for 2FA-enabled authentication with Testsigma

It is a common protocol for companies to disable two-factor authentication in their QA and Test Automation processes, the reason being the effort and cost required to carry it out. At Testsigma we recognize the importance of application security in a modern world, where releases are accelerating and the frequency of data breaches is increasing.

Google's Page Experience Update: How to Better Prepare Your Agency and Clients According to Pepperland Marketing

In this episode of Metrics and Chill, Sean Henri, Founder and CEO at Pepperland marketing, shares the latest Google Page Experience update details, including how his agency prepared themselves and their clients and the changes they implemented.

Simplifying Data Management at LinkedIn Part 2

In the second of this two-part episode of Data+AI Battlescars, Sandeep Uttamchandani, Unravel Data’s CDO, speaks with Kapil Surlaker, VP of Engineering and Head of Data at LinkedIn. In part one, they covered LinkedIn’s challenges related to metadata management and data access APIs. This second part dives deep into data quality.

Parameta Solutions elevates its analysts with ThoughtSpot

At Parameta Solutions, clients have come to expect our data, and our data products, to be robust and reliable. The way we really stand out in this specialist arena is through the quality and sophistication of our client services. I was delighted recently to share my experiences of how ThoughtSpot is supporting us in both of these aims during a webinar hosted by Cindi Howson during the Chief Data & Analytics Officers UK, 2021 event last February.

Why User-Level Security Is Crucial for Business Intelligence

Picking the right business intelligence (BI) tool is essential to helping you beat your competitors, better serve your customers, and make smarter data-driven decisions. However, there's no one-size-fits-all tool for every enterprise. Not all BI users are created equal, and not all users should have the same level of access to sensitive and confidential data.

ETL with Apache Airflow

Written in Python, Apache Airflow is an open-source workflow manager used to develop, schedule, and monitor workflows. Created by Airbnb, Apache Airflow is now being widely adopted by many large companies, including Google and Slack. Being a workflow management framework, Apache Airflow differs from other frameworks in that it does not require exact parent-child relationships.

How to ensure a quality live stream performance

Globally, the overall consumption of online video is trending up while television watch time is trending down. In a study of 4,500 consumers from 9 major countries, online video viewing grew 85% between 2016 and 2020. Meanwhile, television view time fell 10%. Previously, the onus of live stream testing and success was on networks and cable providers. But with OTT (over-the-top) streaming on the rise, media organizations face increased demand to deliver high video quality experience.

Loadero quickstart tutorial. Part 3. Adding participant groups to a test.

Part 3 of our quickstart tutorial series will guide you through the process of adding a participant group to your test in Loadero and explain how group structure can be helpful. Follow the steps described to create and configure test participant groups for your needs.

Complexity Reigns, rein it in with Kong Konnect - APAC Meetup - Brad Drysdale

We live in a connected world, and our digital experiences are formed by thousands of services acting as building blocks. As the world becomes more decentralized and services take over, cloud connectivity becomes the key differentiating factor of digital experiences for any organization.

Rollbar + Logrocket (Benefits & Demo)

Take your frontend error monitoring to the next level by integrating Logrocket with your Rollbar project. Enjoy the benefits of rich contextual data and the benefits of 1-click workflows. Set it up now in 3 minutes or less! Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging.

Simplifying Data Management at LinkedIn Part 1

In the first of this two-part episode of Data+AI Battlescars, Sandeep Uttamchandani, Unravel Data’s CDO, speaks with Kapil Surlaker, VP of Engineering and Head of Data at LinkedIn. In this first part, they cover LinkedIn’s challenges related to Metadata Management and Data Access APIs. Part 2 will dive deep into data quality.

Should You Leave Your Company's PII Data Unprotected?

Personally identifiable information (PII) is some of the most valuable data that organizations can have. It's also some of the most dangerous if you don't follow data security best practices. If you don't treat this data with care, you could end up in the headlines as the victim of the latest data breach, costing you money and damaging your reputation. Of course, you should never leave PII data unprotected. So what is the best way to protect the confidential and sensitive PII that you handle?

Grafana Labs Brings Modern Open Source Load Testing to Observability with Acquisition of k6

NEW YORK, June 17, 2021 - On the final day of GrafanaCONline 2021, CEO Raj Dutt today announced Grafana Labs’ acquisition of k6, the Stockholm-based startup behind the open source load testing tool for engineering teams. With k6, Grafana Labs adds extensible testing to its open and composable Grafana observability stack.

Geolocation Testing: How can I test my website in different locations?

A few years back, I gave my friend a keyword to search on Google and asked him to open the third link that pops up in the results. After five minutes of confusion, I realized we are not talking about the same website and even though the keyword was the same, the results appeared in a different order.

Beyond Vaccinations: 3 COVID-19 Lessons for Tomorrow's Workplace

Creating a healthy workplace is not just the right thing to do for employees. It’s also essential to a successful business. Healthcare costs associated with employee illness were staggering even before the COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent study, the Integrated Benefits Institute estimated that US employers spent over half a trillion dollars ($575 billion) annually on poor employee health. Out of every dollar companies spent on healthcare, they lost $0.61 due to illness or injury.

Scalable event streaming with Redis and Golang

A common problem that our customers have is event streaming spikey traffic to their clients. For example, imagine a server which needs to stream details on cryptocurrency trades. The quantity of trades happening each second is likely to fluctuate, sometimes nothing could happen, other times perhaps thousands. In order to ensure reliable communication, it’s important that rate limits are in place on how many messages are to be sent to subscribed clients.

Web Security Attacks You Must Know - Part 1

As developers, we know the pitfalls of the internet – the gateways that malicious actors can exploit to steal private data, siphon money and generally wreak havoc. But if we’re going to build watertight applications, it’s essential that we keep updating our knowledge base and prepare for every possible assault. In this post, we’re going to discuss five particularly common forms of attack.

Recruiting and Building the Data Science Team at Etsy

In this episode of Data+AI Battlescars (formerly CDO Battlescars), Sandeep Uttamchandani talks to Chu-Cheng, CDO at Etsy. This episode focuses on Chu-Cheng’s battlescars related to recruiting and building a data science team. Chu-Cheng leads the global data organization at Etsy. He’s responsible for data science, AI innovation, machine learning and data infrastructure. Prior to Etsy, Chu-Cheng has led various data roles, including at Amazon, Intuit, Rakuten and eBay.

Accelerating AI-based search in the cloud with ThoughtSpot for Snowpark

We’re all familiar with how Google Search revolutionized information processing for consumers. The ingenious combination of AI with a new way to organize content on the web created a user-friendly experience that forever changed how the world finds relevant information on the internet.

PII Substitution: 4 Ways to Protect Your Sensitive Data

News of the latest massive data breach is always in the headlines. How can you avoid being next on the list? In order to function, businesses of all sizes and industries need to collect personally identifiable information (PII) about their employees and customers—but they also need to take proactive steps to keep this information secure and defend against PII breaches. PII substitution is an effective tactic to shield your sensitive and confidential data from prying eyes.

Asking Developers to Do QA Is Broken. Here's Why We Built a Product to Let Anyone Own QA.

Many software companies have no formal quality assurance strategy, and those that do take one of two inherently flawed approaches: Either they (a) ask developers to do QA or (b) delegate QA to a siloed team, whether it’s internal or outsourced. Having been in the QA space for a decade, we’ve learned that both approaches are deeply flawed.

Appian Accelerates App Development by 17x According to New Forrester Study

The data is in: Appian accelerates application development by 17x and provides a 389% return on investment (ROI) with less than six months payback. These findings come from the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Appian, which examines enterprises’ return on investment after deploying the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform.

Organizations Grapple with Skyrocketing Cloud Costs, Anodot Survey Finds

The pandemic upended business for many or at the very least cast a grim shade of uncertainty, so, as many took to working from home, they also were commissioned with cutting waste. Among the biggest sources of misspend in 2020 – cloud services. And remote work may have actually spurred the problem, as organizations migrate more applications to the cloud to support these workers.

Interview with Cybersecurity Specialist Jen Ayers

For our latest specialist interview in our series speaking to technology leaders from around the world, we’ve welcomed the COO of DNSFilter, Jen Ayers to share her insights from the world of cybersecurity including the latest trends she is seeing on the rise and what business leaders need to keep in mind for the rest of 2021.

How Modern BI is Transforming Today's Businesses

An exclusive fireside chat on the opportunities and challenges facing many organisations today. Hear from innovative Looker customers and Google Cloud’s Robbie McKiernan for an insightful discussion on how BI modernisation is transforming organisations – delivering more than reports and dashboards by unlocking data to drive timely and business critical decisions.

A Sneak Peek at Scaling Without (So Much) Pain [Destination: Scale]

Lens, the Kubernetes IDE, is an open source Kubernetes dashboard that enables users to easily see what objects are running in their cluster and interact with them. In that way, it has been helping to take some of the pain out of Kubernetes operations and development, but now it includes features specifically aimed at those of us with large environments.

Automated Deployment of CDP Private Cloud Clusters

At Cloudera, we have long believed that automation is key to delivering secure, ready-to-use, and well-configured platforms. Hence, we were pleased to announce the public release of Ansible-based automation to deploy CDP Private Cloud Base. By automating cluster deployment this way, you reduce the risk of misconfiguration, promote consistent deployments across multiple clusters in your environment, and help to deliver business value more quickly.

Welcome to Snowpark: New Data Programmability for the Data Cloud

At Snowflake Summit 2021, we announced that Snowpark and Java functions were starting to roll out to customers. Today we’re happy to announce that these features are available in preview to all customers on AWS today. These features represent a major new foray into data programmability, enabling you to more easily make Snowflake’s platform do more for you. Snowflake started its journey to the Data Cloud by completely rethinking the world of data warehousing to accommodate big data.

The Complete Guide to Student Data Privacy

Are you handling students' education records or personally identifiable information (PII)? If so, it's crucial that you're familiar with what student privacy laws such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) have to say. In this article, we'll go over what educators and administrators need to know about FERPA and student data privacy.

Create a Salesforce ETL Pipeline in 30 Minutes

Salesforce is one of the world’s most popular CRM (customer relationship management) software platforms, helping businesses of all sizes and industries beat their competitors and better serve their clients. But instead of keeping your Salesforce data inside the CRM platform itself, you can make better use of this information by moving it into a target data warehouse.

Tools for successful implementation of insprint test automation

Evolution is perhaps the most common norm in the world of software development. Of course, automation is no stranger to this process of evolution. Globally businesses have evolved from the conventional Waterfall model to the modern Agile and DevOps, thereby embracing digital transformation. We’ve come quite far in terms of automation testing too.

DreamFactory 4.8.0 Released

Break out the party hats, DreamFactory 4.8.0 has been released! This release focuses on user experience, notably with regards to database API generation. The most popular database connectors (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, and Oracle) have long included a lengthy list of options, and it hasn’t been obvious which are required and which are optional. To remedy this we’ve broken the service creation form into three sections: Basic, Caching, and Optional Advanced Settings.

Creating a MongoDB API in Minutes with DreamFactory

Handwriting code for database APIs can be a time consuming and expensive process that often exposes organizations to a variety of risks relating to quality, consistency, and developer effort. DreamFactory specialises in REST API generation for a range of databases that gives you the ability to generate a secure, fully documented API in minutes.

Interview with AI Ethicist, Alice Thwaite

For our latest expert interview on our blog, we’ve welcomed Alice Thwaite to share her thoughts on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as the reasons behind founding technology ethics company Hattusia. Alice Thwaite is an AI ethics philosopher and ethicist who specialises in creating democratic information environments.

[MLOPS] The Clear SHOW - S02E09 - All your "stores" are belong to us!

G. Raffa describes our new arc: We are going to build a "model store" using the open-source MLOps engine! Tell us what you think of his plan in the comments below! ClearML is the only open source tool to manage all your MLOps in a unified and robust platform providing collaborative experiment management, powerful orchestration, easy-to-build data stores, and one-click model deployment. ClearML is the foundation of your data science team. Don’t see the functionality you need? Build on top of it in a snap.

Appian for Retail

Appian is an enterprise software company that delivers low-code automation to some of the largest organizations in the world, including 2 of the top 3 biggest retailers. Learn how Retailers are using Appian for automation initiatives, including the areas of Merchandising Management, Supply Chain Orchestration, Store Operations, Customer Experience, Safety, Risk & Compliance, and Corporate Systems. For more information, visit appian.com/retail.

Creating an Interactive Developer Portal with GraphQL

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to get to the next level of API documentation using Kong Developer Portal with GraphQL. In my example, I’ll be using Kong Konnect Enterprise Version 2.4, but the version number does not really matter. I also configured my workspace with one service that points to a Star Wars API endpoint with a GraphQL interface (swapi-graphql.netlify.com). We’ll also be using an open source tool called GraphiQL for interactive documentation of a GraphQL endpoint. With GraphiQL, we’ll see requests, responses and automated generation of documentation based on the endpoint.

Telecommunications and the Hybrid Data Cloud

As the inexorable drive to cloud continues, telecommunications service providers (CSPs) around the world – often laggards in adopting disruptive technologies – are embracing virtualization. Not only that, but service providers have been deploying their own clouds, some developing IaaS offerings, and partnering with cloud native content providers like Netflix and Spotify to enhance core telco bundles.

Why and how to create modular LookML models

Modular programming in software design is not a new technique, but it is an extremely powerful one. It makes your files smaller and easier to understand than they would be otherwise, which eases collaboration and simplifies the process of finding out where an error originated. With modular programming, the functionality of a project is separated into independent, interchangeable modules. Each module contains everything necessary to execute only one aspect of the functionality you are building toward.

Get control over your data pipelines with data orchestration

Enterprises are tapping and leveraging big data to get ahead of the competition. As Peter Sondergaard, ex-Executive Vice President at Gartner said: The problem with the combustion engine is that it does not scale well. As companies grow, the data platforms they previously relied on for analytics start to break apart.

The full stack solution for data democratization

Speed and agility are vital in today’s dynamic economy. But moving fast in the dark is dangerous. Decision makers need the insights and guidance they can only get from reliable data. But despite massive efforts from their internal BI teams, getting that data when and how they need it has been problematic.

The day the dashboard died

For more than 20 years, dashboards served as a foundational element of business intelligence, helping leaders visualize and share valuable data across their organization. At inception, dashboards were the perfect vehicle for delivering key report KPIs without data workers needing a background in coding or IT. But much has changed over the last two decades, including the appetite and needs of your business users.

Amazon Redshift Database Developer Guide

Amazon Redshift is one of the most prominent data warehousing leaders across companies of all industries and sizes, providing applications in analytics, reporting, business intelligence, etc. Using Amazon redshift will allow you to retrieve, compare, and evaluate large amounts of data in multiple-stage operations to deliver the desired outcome.

Plastic SCM vs. Perforce Helix Core: Which Is Best for Your Team?

When Plastic SCM was acquired by Unity, game dev and VFX studios already using the Unity Engine started considering it more seriously for version control. Why? On the surface, Plastic SCM is an attractive solution. It offers a friendly UI for artists and handles the basics of version control at low scale. But if you are starting to build the next great game or immersive cinematic experience, you’re eventually going to need to push the bounds of scale and performance.

Interview With CTO Charles Edge

For the third interview in our series speaking to technology and IT leaders around the world, we’ve welcomed experienced CTO Charles Edge of Bootstrappers.mn to share his journey on becoming a CTO twice over as well as his work as an author of twenty books and host to three podcasts, The MacAdmins Podcast, Jamf After Dark & The History of Computing.

Rollbar Integrations: Okta

Integrate Okta with your Rollbar in 5 minutes or less! Save time on administration and increase security by bringing Okta’s world-class authentication and secure access management to your Rollbar account. Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging.

Insprint Test Automation - what features should your automation tool have?

Most software development organizations now follow agile scrum methodology. In most cases, they divide their work in sprints – a repeatable fixed time-box during which all tasks for a deliverable are planned and executed. After each sprint, the target is to complete as many planned tasks as possible and come up with a deliverable. A user story is the smallest unit of work in an agile framework. A user story is further divided into tasks to be taken up in a sprint.

Monitoring BigQuery reservations and slot utilization with INFORMATION_SCHEMA

BigQuery Reservations help manage your BigQuery workloads. With flat-rate pricing, you can purchase BigQuery slot commitments in 100-slot increments in either flex, monthly, or yearly plans instead of paying for queries on demand. You can then create/manage buckets of slots called reservations and assign projects, folders, or organizations to use the slots in these reservations. By default, queries running in a reservation automatically use idle slots from other reservations.

SOA vs. Microservices

Most individuals who work in technology — and in particular, cloud computing — are likely aware of how service-oriented architecture (SOA) and microservices work. There is much discussion, however, regarding the best approaches for various situations. There are crucial differences in data governance, component sharing, and the architecture between SOA vs. microservices. In this article, you'll learn the basics of SOA vs.

Getting Started with Performance Testing in CI/CD Using k6

In this article, we’ll showcase how to use k6 for performance testing within CI/CD pipelines. We’ll be using a playground we set up for this purpose and lead you through the necessary steps to get a feel for how it works, and hopefully by the end you’ll start thinking about how to implement this in your own projects.

Top 9 Scripting Languages that You Should Learn in 2021 to Improve Yourself

When it comes to automating specific processes, scripting languages are the most common. In addition, as compared to traditional programming languages, scripting languages require less code. They don't need to be compiled and can easily be understood. Scripting languages are a special kind that is used to send instructions to web browsers or standalone applications via code. They simplify and speed upcoding, which is why they're so popular in web development.

Interview With Scrum Master David Rutter

For our second specialist interview in our series speaking to technology and IT leaders around the world, we’ve welcomed Scrum Master David Rutter to share his thoughts on the topic of agile and Scrum as well as where he sees the future of work evolving in this area. David has over thirty years of experience working in IT and works as a Scrum Master across two teams, development and operations. He also blogs about teamwork and agile at the Art Of Team Work website.

Is your data healthy?

It’s no secret that what companies need from their data and what they can actually get from their data are two very different things. According to our recent survey, most executives work with data every day, but only 40% of them always trust the data they work with. We also discovered that 78% of them have challenges making data-driven decisions. Virtually every business is collecting more data than ever before, so lack of data can’t be the issue.

How to use Apache Spark with CDP Operational Database Experience

Apache Spark is a very popular analytics engine used for large-scale data processing. It is widely used for many big data applications and use cases. CDP Operational Database Experience Experience (COD) is a CDP Public Cloud service that lets you create and manage operational database instances and it is powered by Apache HBase and Apache Phoenix.

Tested Recipe for Optimizing and Securing Your Hybrid Cloud Environments

Enterprises are quickly evolving from a posture that approached the cloud as a kind of playground to one that goes all in to achieve cloud-first, cloud-native IT. With this transition from free-for-all to mature-business-service architecture, usually involving multiple public cloud providers, comes the need to answer some thorny questions. It’s no longer sufficient to endlessly pile on additional cloud services to a growing hybrid or distributed cloud infrastructure.

The Official 2021 Checklist for HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a U.S. federal law. It sets national standards for health care providers to maintain the privacy of patients' protected health information (PHI), including electronically protected health information (ePHI). If you collect, store, or process any kind of patient or medical data, you need to be aware of HIPAA and how it affects your operations. But what does it really mean to be HIPAA compliant?

The Value of an Enterprise Data Warehouse

Every organization has data. From financial data to customer information to operational data, every company has a wealth of information at its fingertips to store, organize, reference, and analyze for decision-making purposes. Unfortunately for many organizations, this data exists in department or business unit silos where only a few people can access it. This can lead to several business challenges: To overcome these challenges, many organizations build an enterprise data warehouse.

Parallel Testing vs. Traditional Testing | All You Need To Know

It is no surprise that the integration of digital technology into all areas of business operations is creating a high demand for software. To increase the effectiveness of their operations, enterprises rely more heavily on software, which means that software is now more complex, and there is little tolerance for failure. To ensure software readiness meet business demands, available testing technologies validate software to verify it does what it is supposed to do.

Crashes in Neobank, eBank, and Crypto-trading Apps Are Unforgivable-Crash Analytics is the Answer

Regardless of how technically sound the engineering of an app is, bugs, errors, and crashes can happen. So when they do, you must recover from it by doing a deep analysis of the technical aspects and the impact on the overall customer experience. If your crypto-exchange or banking app is not getting the right insights you need from the crashes, your churn rate and your customers will definitely let you know sooner than you think.

Insights from Booz Allen: Mission Advancers accelerate IT modernization projects through low-code

IT modernization used to be an overwhelming concept, often evoking fears of spending billions of dollars with no guarantees of success. While it used to pose the threat of taking years to implement, that is no longer the reality. Low-code has changed the game, allowing agencies to accelerate modernization timelines to the point where they can see an impact in a matter of months, not years.

Incoming Webhooks: scale data flow to connected applications without a hitch

Webhooks are the easiest way to integrate your various business applications, but they can create challenges and complexity when you are scaling. If you’re an Ably user, you don’t have to worry about this. What’s more, with ‘Incoming Webhooks’ it is now easier than ever to receive messages from a 3rd party integration, with no risk of bottlenecks when you’re rapidly scaling.

Google PageSpeed Insights: Everything You Need To Score 100/100

Tools like Google PageSpeed Insights lets developers, site owners, and webmasters gauge and understand their website’s performance. The speed of your website is an essential and most crucial factor responsible for its overall growth and success. Once you build your website to optimize and build its conversion rate, speed plays an important role.

HTML vs HTML5: Learn the Difference Between Them

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the basic language for creating websites. Since its introduction in the late 1980s, HTML, like anything else in the tech world, has grown tremendously. Many that are new to coding should become acquainted with HTML5, the most recent version. However, having a detailed understanding of the language's evolution will provide insight into the past, current, and future of web creation for both new and experienced coders.

5 Tips to Improve Kubernetes Understandability

When you talk to an enterprise development team these days, there is a good chance they are in the midst of either migrating applications to the cloud or building a Cloud Native greenfield application. While there are many approaches to running those applications in the cloud, Kubernetes often comes to the forefront as the platform of choice. It provides a powerful container orchestration platform, which provides plenty of room for growth as your application evolves.

What Is ISO 5055?

ISO/IEC 5055:2021, titled “Information technology — Software measurement — Software quality measurement — Automated source code quality measures”, is a software quality standard. Software flaws at the technology and system level account for 8% of total errors, but consume over half the effort spent fixing problems that lead to 90% of the most serious production issues. ISO 5055 has been designed to directly measure those critical software flaws.

Okta and Kong Konnect Part 3: Implementing Introspection Flow

In our third Kong and Okta tutorial, we’ll go through the introspection flow implementation. The introspection flow is part of the token validation process. Kong Gateway evaluates the injected token at the request processing time to see if it's still valid to the upstream services. The evaluation hits a specific Okta endpoint, passing the received token. Based on the response provided by Okta, Kong Gateway accepts or rejects the request.

Best practices for rapid bug reproduction and issue resolution

Learn how to extract vital testing session information to identify the cause of defects. Most QA and engineering teams are missing out on critical app testing session data. Access to these insights helps rapidly increase bug triage and issue resolution. With instrumented testing, software teams have rich, nuanced, and contextual issue causation and testing environment data at their fingertips. In addition to revealing new test data, teams can reduce their dependency on multiple diagnostic tools or processes.

What is PII Masking and How Can You Use It?

Imposter fraud is the second-most common type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission, with around one-fifth of all cases resulting in financial loss to the victim. This often occurs because of a failure on the part of organizations to protect personally identifiable information (PII). Fraud is only one type of attack that may occur. Phishing is another exceptionally common data security threat. It often results from crawlers collecting email addresses, one type of PII, on the open web.

5G Meets Low-code: Innovation Backbone for the Post-COVID World, Part 2

The 5G hype train is generating a lot of buzz about a technology revolution that promises to pump a staggering $12 trillion into the global economy by 2035 and add over 20 million new jobs in the US alone. But behind the buzz, low-code automation is making the 5G hype legit as network operators turn to low-code platforms to deploy new 5G connectivity that’s exponentially faster and more powerful than 4th generation mobile.