March 2021

Cloudera Data Platform extends Hybrid Cloud vision support by supporting Google Cloud

CDP Public Cloud is now available on Google Cloud. The addition of support for Google Cloud enables Cloudera to deliver on its promise to offer its enterprise data platform at a global scale. CDP Public Cloud is already available on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. With the addition of Google Cloud, we deliver on our vision of providing a hybrid and multi-cloud architecture to support our customer’s analytics needs regardless of deployment platform.

Choosing Open Wisely

Since Snowflake’s inception we’ve had the needs of our customers as our North Star, with a clear focus on security and governance of data, continuous advances on performance and reduction of latencies, and relentless capabilities innovation. As part of our product development, we constantly evaluate where open standards, open formats, and open source can help or hinder our progress towards those goals. In short, it is a matter of degree.

How BigQuery helps scale and automate insights for baseball fans

When looking at data, business decision makers are often blocked by an intermediate question of "What should I take away from this data?" Beyond putting together the numbers and building the results, data analysts and data scientists play a critical role in helping answer this question. Organizations big and small depend on data analysts and data scientists to help “translate from words to numbers, and then back to words” as sports analytics pioneer Dean Oliver once said.

Spring forward with BigQuery user-friendly SQL

Spring is here. Clocks move forward. The Sakura (cherry blossom) festival in Japan marks the celebration of the new season. In India, the holi festival of colors ushers in the new harvest season. It’s a time for renewal and new ways of doing things. This month, we are pleased to debut our newest set of SQL features in BigQuery to help our analysts and data engineers spring forward.

Celebrating World Backup Day!

Today, we’re joining people around the world to recognize World Backup Day! This holiday encourages both businesses and individuals to “not be an April Fool” and build good data backup habits. To celebrate, we’re sharing a look at how we approach backups at Sisu. Over the last 15 years, we’ve digitized much of our personal and professional lives — from photos, home movies, and correspondence with loved ones to important documents like leases and loan paperwork.

Leveraging ETL to Enable your Domain Driven Design

How much do you know about Domain-Driven Design (DDD)? It's a design approach to software development where the language and structure of software code match the business domain. The concept comes from a 2003 book by Eric Evans. And it influences software architects, information architects, data engineers, and computer science professionals who organize code and solve some seriously stressful software problems. Domain-Driven Design is a super-successful concept with brilliant business logic benefits.

Networked testing: economic considerations and financial impacts

Should you build an in-house QA team, or should you rely on software testing companies? The conversation around insourcing versus outsourcing looks very different for quality assurance than for other teams like engineering or product management. These teams offer very clear ROI from insourcing unless we’re talking about some side project that keeps getting deprioritized in the backlog, like a new API.

Delivering high-performing global APIs with Apigee X and Cloud CDN

Organizations are increasingly investing in digital businesses ecosystem strategies to foster innovation and operate efficiently. These ecosystems connect various stakeholders--such as partners, developers, and customers--via application programming interfaces, or APIs. APIs allow various software systems to interface, and are thus the primary mechanism of value exchange within these ecosystems.

RabbitMQ vs Apache Kafka: Comparing Message Brokers and Event Streaming Platforms

In an event-driven architecture, event routers are the components that connect event consumers to event producers. Not all implementations of event routers are the same, nor do any of them offer an all-purpose solution, so deciding which one to use depends on your use case and project's needs. Understanding their capabilities and limitations provides key insights that empower you to confidently decide which one to use and prepare you to navigate its shortcomings.

Why Is Traceability Important?

Full traceability is critical for many organizations, particularly those who need to meet regulatory compliance in their industry or minimize risk. In this blog, we discuss the importance of traceability by examining four real examples of where a lack of traceability caused issues for organizations, in some cases proving very costly. Related blog >> What Is Traceability?

Avoiding npm substitution attacks using NCM

NodeSource is excited to announce its latest NodeSource Certified Modules - NCM - release. NCM, provides developers and software teams with actionable insights into the risk levels that are present in your use of third-party packages. This release includes updates to avoid npm substitution attacks and also a GitHub Integration: Code risk, compliance and security action for PRs on Node.js.

The new Google algorithm update and what you need to do before May

In May 2021, Google will be putting their new algorithm live which will have a direct impact on your page rankings in their search engine. Unfortunately, no one can hide from this new algorithm change, it will affect everyone who owns a website, especially those that don’t adhere to the new changes that are coming. Google’s update is to further improve user experience on the web.

Bigleaf with Big Problems: Does It Have the Solutions?

Your business seeks a high-performance, flexible, cost-effective, and more secure alternative to Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). Welcome to software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs)! An improvement over legacy dedicated MPLS circuits, SD-WAN solutions deliver easily manageable networks with a high quality of service (QoS). Yet, your IT team tells you that SD-WANs aren’t cloud-optimized or mobile-device friendly.

Top Configuration Management Tools: Chef vs Puppet & More

In this latest consideration guide created to assist IT operators in which tools they choose for a range of different processes and activities, we’ve gathered a range of insights from some of our favourite specialists to take you through the essentials tools of configuration management. Configuration management is a systems engineering practise that ensures consistency of the configuration supporting both software and hardware of a company or product.

Tech Talk : Sauce Performance

This is a Tech Talk around Sauce Performance with one of our main Software Engineers on the Sauce Performance product, Farhan Iqbalhusain Chauhan and the Product Manager, Ada Bogatek. Farhan goes into a full demo in detail of exactly how Sauce Performance works within the Sauce platform and Ada explains the benefits this will bring to your business and exactly why front-end performance testing is important.

Selling amid the ecommerce explosion: 4 success factors to consider

The new normal brought digital commerce to the forefront, with customers preferring remote sales, online ordering and payments, and contactless purchases. The question is, are organizations equipped to cater to these constantly evolving buyer habits? Let’s see how the right solution and strategic application development can help fuel growth in the digital economy.

How to build modern data applications

With the steep rise of data, smart businesses have started capitalizing on this new oil to build a new type of products and services: data applications. Admittedly, the engineering and business development of data apps overlaps with their cousins - the trusty desktop app and the well-known web app, … But there is a core difference that sets data applications apart: they are first and foremost about the data they use to deliver value.

How Xplenty Unlocked a Global Sales Brand's Post-Pandemic Potential

When COVID hit, multinationals went into a tailspin, scrambling for solutions to pandemic-related problems like suspended flights, social distancing, and stay-at-home orders. How could global brands function when operations are so interconnected? One global sales and marketing brand stayed calm in the crisis, innovating localized strategies that strengthened remote regional teams.

The NeoLoad Story Starts a New Chapter

Neotys is joining Tricentis! The leader in automated continuous testing now has the leader in automated continuous performance testing in its portfolio. Rarely is it so obvious that there’s such a perfectly snug fit between two companies. Neotys and Tricentis have had a strong partnership for many years, and we keep hearing from our customers that our offerings dovetail so seamlessly that this alliance should go further.

Accelerating software projects using the feature design process

Every agile software engineering team wants to do these three things: The reality is that as we focus on improving one thing, sometimes it is at the expense of another. If we focus on accelerating feature development, feature quality could suffer. If we focus on improving feature quality, development could slow, potentially delaying the release. But what if we could have it all?

Balancing act: the current limits of AWS network load balancers

At Ably we provide a service that handles high volumes of client connections – multiple millions of concurrent WebSocket and HTTP streaming connections. Said connections are terminated by a set of frontend compute instances; distributing the connections among available instances is the role of one or more load balancers.

NEW Lenses: PostgreSQL & metadata to navigate your Kafka galaxy

When you’re one of many developers commanding streaming applications running in Apache Kafka, you want enough data observability to fly your own data product to the moon. But you also want to boldly go where no developer has gone before to discover new applications. At the same time, you don’t want to be exposed to sensitive data that summons you to your compliance team, crashing you back down to earth.

Data Lake Opportunities: Rethinking Data Analytics Optimization [VIDEO]

Data lakes have challenges. And until you solve those problems, efficient, cost-effective data analytics will remain out of reach. That’s why ChaosSearch is rethinking the way businesses manage and analyze their data. As Mike Leone, Senior Analyst for Data Platforms, Analytics and AI at ESG Global, and Thomas Hazel, ChaosSearch’s founder and CTO, explained in a recent webinar, ChaosSearch offers a data analytics optimization solution that makes data faster and cheaper to store and analyze.

What is data storytelling? The value of context & narrative in BI

By 2025, Gartner predicts data stories will be the most widespread way of consuming analytics. It’s far from a fad - it’s a part of modern analytics you can’t afford to overlook. However, are you still unsure of what data storytelling is, or why there's a sudden buzz?

Accelerated integration of Eventador with Cloudera - SQL Stream Builder

In October 2020, Cloudera made a strategic acquisition of a company called Eventador. This was primarily to augment our streaming capabilities within Cloudera DataFlow. Eventador was adept at simplifying the process of building streaming applications. Their flagship product, SQL Stream Builder, made access to real-time data streams easily possible with just SQL (Structured Query Language).

How to build products that shine

Have you ever looked at clouds with a friend and seen patterns, shapes, and animals that they just can’t make out? The images appear so obviously to you but no matter how hard you try to show them, your friend sees an entirely different shape, or perhaps nothing at all. Building product features can be a similar exercise in frustration. As designers and builders, sometimes we see our own “cloud shapes” in the product.

3 Best Logging Add-Ons for Heroku as of 2021

Heroku is a powerful PaaS that helps developers easily and quickly launch and scale modern applications. In addition to its base features, it also offers Heroku Elements Marketplace, which has add-ons for expanding the functionality of the base platform. While Heroku has built-in logging for your applications in this platform, you may find that the default interface leaves something to be desired.

OctoPerf v12.2 - Flexible license sharing, improved VU validation, XPath and JQuery

We’ve been working a lot behind the scenes for this release because we wanted to address the license sharing issue. Up until today it was only possible to ask us to share the license for you and sharing could only share every license you own. We had to completely refactor the way we handle licenses to allow you to decide on your own to share all or a fraction of your subscriptions. But that’s not all, we also worked on a VU validation with multiple iterations.

Best Practices for API Rate Limits and Quotas with Moesif to Avoid Angry Customers

Like any online service, your API users expect high availability and good performance. This also means one customer should not be able to starve another customer’s access to your API. Adding rate limiting is a defensive measure which can protect your API from being overwhelmed with requests and improve general availability. Similarly, adding quota management also ensures customers stay within their contract terms and obligations ensuring you’re able to monetize your API.

How to Optimize Server Performance

Optimizing server performance is important in supporting end-user requirements. Using server optimization, actively monitor: Web server monitoring and optimization helps you to troubleshoot bottlenecks as they emerge and optimize server performance. In this post, we will discuss how to optimize performance and why it is important.

Virtual Production Setup: The Entertainment Technology Center Case Study

When the world went remote, studios needed to limit the number of people on set. To support the shift to remote work, teams needed to learn and implement new software tools. Game technology — like Unreal Engine and Unity — were powerful enough to meet the demands for this rapidly changing industry. But what else does a virtual production setup need?

Optimizing the Docker Container Image for C++ Microservices

In previous posts, we covered the basics of a C++ Microservices deployment including: With those basics in place, this blog will focus on optimization of the container in a C++ Microservices deployment. We'll examine how to structure the Dockerfile and the resulting Docker image to reduce the number of layers and disk space used.

Data Lake Challenges: Or, Why Your Data Lake Isn't Working Out [VIDEO]

Since the data lake concept emerged more than a decade ago, data lakes have been pitched as the solution to many of the woes surrounding traditional data management solutions, like databases and data warehouses. Data lakes, we have been told, are more scalable, better able to accommodate widely varying types of data, cheaper to build and so on. Much of that is true, at least theoretically.

Appian RPA - A Key Capability in Your Automation Toolbox

Introducing Appian RPA - a cloud-native technology for robotic task automation that increases efficiency, reduces errors, and lowers costs. Appian RPA is part of Appian’s full-stack automation, which combines RPA, workflow, decision rules, AI, and case management, giving you the right technology for the right use case.

The Data Chief: ThoughtSpot's Ajeet Singh on design thinking and disruption

At this point, we can pretty confidently project that the cloud isn’t going anywhere. In the last few years, we’ve seen critical production workloads move to the cloud en masse—and that’s only going to continue. Now that the shift has occurred, other companies will need to get on board as well. The question is no longer if a company should adopt cloud but when and how. Ajeet Singh, ThoughtSpot’s Co-founder and Executive Chairman, is no stranger to embracing change.

Retailers must leverage data to survive this pandemic

Jamie Kiser, COO and CCO at Talend, explains why retailers, striving to ensure they’re not missing out on future opportunities, must leverage one thing: data. By utilizing customer intelligence and better data management, retailers can collect supply chain data in real-time, make better orders to suppliers based on customer intelligence. While major industries from tech to the public sector felt COVID’s pain points, not many felt them as acutely as retail.

Democratizing Data Across a Dynamic Business With Qlik

The retail and manufacturing industries have had many new challenges due to COVID-19. As a leading action sports apparel company, La Jolla Group has persevered during this time. Now more than ever we rely on a holistic view of our forecasting, sales and production data. We have democratized this data empowering users from across the business to make well-informed business decisions, quickly. That’s where Qlik has shown real superiority over other platforms like Power BI and Tableau.

Why Is Your Crypto App Not Measuring NPS (Properly)?

Crypto trading and exchange apps have surged in recent years as a direct consequence of the exponential growth in the number and market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. With ever-growing press coverage and heightened visibility, the crypto ecosystem gets more and more crowded every second. This constant influx of players has clearly been beneficial, as the assets traded continue to grow.

What is Sauce Labs? - The Automated Testing Platform

This is an introductions to the Sauce Labs platform for automated testers in January 2021. Learn about the different options for automated testing on Sauce Labs, and the power of running tests in parallel. Explore the different types of tests you can run, and understand how Sauce Labs' platform gives you options and insight to bring you automated testing to the next level

[Webinar] Automated Web UI and Visual Testing - Getting around the obstacles

Coming across challenges on your path to enhancing User Interfaces? What if we tell you we got the valuable insights to help you with the sheer pain of visual defects from top-notch experts? Watch the recording of this Katalon x Applitools webinar to have a more comprehensive understanding of commonly-faced issues in automated visual testing and useful tips for a brighter view of solving them.

Will Data Privacy drive an Enterprise Data Strategy?

Data privacy is an increasingly complex and contentious topic. The appropriate use of data and transparency to the potential uses of the data are at the center of debate amongst the largest Big Tech companies. The protection and controls around data become increasingly complex when used in the context of banking and insurance activities. Personal and confidential information carries heightened sensitivity in the light of financial, health and insurance activities.

Using BigQuery Administrator for real-time monitoring

When doing analytics at scale with BigQuery, understanding what is happening and being able to take action in real-time is critical. To that end, we are happy to announce Resource Charts for BigQuery Administrator. Resources Charts provide a native, out-of-the-box experience for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of your BigQuery environments.

Why CDOs need a people change management champion on their team

CDOs are charged with leading their organizations to become more data-driven. In 2021, this mission is more critical as the distance between data-driven organizations and laggards widened. For many, this means accelerating digital transformation plans.. Last year, ten-year plans got compressed into a single year. Companies raced to implement new technologies - everything from digital payments, store fronts, chat bots, cloud databases, and augmented analytics solutions

ETLG: ETL for Data Governance and Better Security

Most enterprises are leveraging vast reserves of data to improve their business insights and decision-making. However, as companies manage larger stores of data and move more and more information from operational databases to data warehouses, it creates an ever-mounting threat of data breaches.

Profiling Schrödinger's Code

In modern software development and operations, everything can be monitored. This isn’t a matter of technology. If you want to monitor something, you can. However, modern monitoring tools come with a price, and while sometimes that price isn’t too high, at other times the cost can be unbearable. For example, an APM tool that monitors your server’s health with CPU and memory metrics is pretty cheap and non-intrusive.

Top 5 Helix ALM FAQs

When it comes to learning a new software, there are often more questions than answers. Getting started, setting up your environment, and learning how and when to use the tool are just the beginning. To top it off, many of us now work from home with limited access to our teams. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Listed below are the top questions that have come through our customer care center over the last few months, as well as the solutions. Don’t see your question?

Qlik Sense SaaS Data Cataloging - Demo

Qlik Sense now includes an initial set of data catalog capabilities that will be the foundation for additional, related functionality in the future. Integrated Data Cataloging allows users to spend less time finding data and more time getting value out of it. And users can now assign tags and alternative business names to any dataset within the hub, as well as view sample data, making it easy for them to find and determine which data is best to use within a new or existing app.

How to get Observability for Apache Airflow

Observability of Apache Airflow presented by Ry Walker, Founder & CTO at Astronomer. Apache Airflow has become an important tool in the modern data stack. We will explore the current state of observability of Airflow, common pitfalls if you haven't planned for observability, and chart a course for where we can take it going forward.

DataOps Unleashed Things You May Not Know About Apache Kafka but Should

Things You May Not Know About Apache Kafka but Should presented by Patrick Druley, Senior Solution Engineer at Confluent. In this session, you will learn about some of the common misconceptions, best practices, and little-known facts about Apache Kafka. Event Streaming has changed the way businesses think about data movement and integration. If you are new to Kafka or having been creating topics and developing clients for years, there's something for everyone in this fun and informative session.

DataOps Unleashed Dataops Automation and Orchestration With Fivetran, Dbt, and the Modern Data Stack

Dataops Automation and Orchestration With Fivetran, Dbt, and the Modern Data Stack presented by Nick Acosta, Developer Advocate at Fivetran. Many organizations struggle with creating repeatable and standardized processes for their data pipeline. Fivetran reduces pipeline complexity by fully managing the extraction and loading of data from a source to a destination and orchestrating transformations in the warehouse.

Your Framework for Success: Introduction to JavaScript Testing at Scale

There are countless ways to set up your automated testing environment. When it comes to stability and maintainability, it’s crucial to choose the right frameworks at the beginning of the journey, to set yourself up for success and save yourself time and headaches further down the road.

Filter more pay less with the latest Cloudera Data Warehouse runtime!

One of the most effective ways to improve performance and minimize cost in database systems today is by avoiding unnecessary work, such as data reads from the storage layer (e.g., disks, remote storage), transfers over the network, or even data materialization during query execution. Since its early days, Apache Hive improves distributed query execution by pushing down column filter predicates to storage handlers like HBase or columnar data format readers such as Apache ORC.

Why COVID makes a CIO's tech strategy THE strategy

The global pandemic continues to impact our world in so many ways. But it has also served as a catalyst for technological change—a forcing function that is accelerating cloud migration. Every company wants to create better products or services, differentiate offerings, price strategically, grab more market share, retain customers, and grow in a sustainable manner.

Google BigQuery is a Leader in The 2021 Forrester Wave: Cloud Data Warehouse

We are thrilled to announce that Google has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Data Warehouse, Q1 2021 report. For more than a decade, BigQuery, our petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse, has been in a class of its own. We're excited to share this recognition and we want to thank our strong community of customers and partners for voicing their opinion. We believe this report validates the alignment of our strategy with our customers’ analytics needs.

Android UI Testing: 14 best practices

An application is focused on the perspective of the end-user. We develop, observe and re-iterate as the end-user wants because they are the ones who keep our product, the application, alive in the market. But if I think and act like an end-user, I am sure that the first thing that creates an impression of the product is how the product looks, how I accept it and how it feels to interact. This is called a user interface and arguably, is the first impression of your product.

How APIs Can Support Enterprise IT Transformation

As stakeholders in more organizations look toward digital transformation strategies, they need to take a closer look at how to modernize their software. An overhaul of an IT system can be expensive and risky, even if the results pay off. What is not often examined however is the role of APIs in supporting enterprise IT transformation initiatives.

Types of APIs & Popular REST API Protocol

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are everywhere, and with good reason. These bits of software join apps and microservices together in spite of different programming languages, operating systems, and data formats. An API can integrate services that otherwise can’t communicate with each other. They lay the groundwork for most successful digital transformation strategies and composable enterprises.

Implementing HIPAA Technical Safeguards in your API Platform

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA for short, is a set of laws around handling health-related data in information systems. It defines safeguards, which are rules you have to follow when handling health data for your customers. There are three safeguard categories: All three categories have to be handled correctly if you want your API to be HIPAA compliant. In a companion article we covered those key requirements and how to build HIPAA complaint API platforms.

Yellowfin does it again - Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant

Once again, Yellowfin has been recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. This is the eighth time that we have been recognized and for the second year, we are in the visionary quadrant. Yellowfin is also the only Australian vendor to be included. Gartner has recognized Yellowfin for three things in particular - innovation, breadth of capability and openness.

Exploring Data & Dashboard Creation on CDP Public Cloud

In this video, we'll walk through an example on how you can use Cloudera Data Warehouse to both easily run ad hoc queries against data as well as turn the results of those queries into beautiful, interactive, data visualizations and dashboards that show off the results of your data exploration.

How to use Snowflake Guides & Labs | Behind The Data Cloud

Developers, in this episode, you’ll learn how to kick off quickly with Snowflake Guides as well as how to access a repository of open source projects in Snowflake Labs. We’ll also reveal Snowflake’s Awesome List which contains key resources, learning opportunities, and open source demos. We switch things up with Daniel Myers from Developer Relations taking a turn as our guest, with Snowflake Community Manager Elsa Mayer acting as host. If you enjoy this episode, make sure to subscribe and share this video with a colleague.

Sisu achieves ISO 27001 certification

Almost one year after we unveiled our comprehensive security program at Sisu, I’m excited to announce that we have reached the next milestone in our maturity as a trusted, enterprise-grade platform – Sisu has earned our ISO 27001 certification, verified by PECB MS. ISO 27001 is the most widely recognized international security standard, and this certification demonstrates our commitment to protecting our customers and their data.

Integrate Amazon RDS With Other Data Sources

How do you integrate data from Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) with data from other sources such as S3, Redshift, or even MongoDB? The answer is Xplenty. Our data integration on the cloud lets you join data from various sources and then process it to gain new insights. What about storing the results back to RDS? No problem; Xplenty does that as well.

Decentralized Data Teams Helped With Low Code

When a company is small, having a fully centralized data team may not be an issue. As you grow, however, problems can start to arise. You have one structure that’s supporting all of your business units, and they may not be able to dedicate sufficient time and resources to individual business units. This can lead to delays in surfacing important insights and decisions made on old or inaccurate data.

Android Device Testing: A No-hassle Guide For Testers

We don’t even need a moment to gather which operating system is the most used one. Android development is a booming business because of the number of users it has. It is open source and its development can be ported across devices with relative ease. Plus, it has good backwards compatibility across versions. And, precisely due to this diversity, the need for testing on many devices is paramount.

Maximizing the Value of Testing in Retail and e-Commerce

Spending via smartphones is going up. According to Forbes, smartphones accounted for 46.5% of all holiday sales on Thanksgiving Day 2020, and 40% of sales on Black Friday. This means close to half of all purchases were made not only online, but on a smartphone—which makes the mobile shopping experience all the more critical. Customers expect their transactions and experiences to go off without a hitch. And if that doesn’t happen?

7 B2B web application testing challenges and solutions

Testing web applications comes with many challenges like covering the entire platform, testing with real devices, and protecting data security. B2B customers have high expectations for the web apps they use. They rely on them for their day-to-day jobs or small business functions. The failure of a consumer app can be frustrating.

Would a Top-Down API Strategy Deliver Results for Your Organization?

There are many reasons why you should incorporate API management within your business strategy and why the development of a ‘top-down’ API strategy could benefit your organization. Vikas Anand (formerly of Oracle, now with Google) listed four enterprise benefits associated with effective of API management in an interview with CubeConversation: APIs also work to unify legacy systems with new technology, helping with the modernization of your software stack.

6 Examples of APIs We Use in Our Everyday Lives

There’s a lot of talk about the nuts and bolts of building APIs. With all this focus on the technical aspects, it’s sometimes hard to imagine how people use APIs. You may be more familiar with this bit of technology than you think. In this article, we’ll take a look at some common examples of APIs in practice. Did you know you can generate a full-featured, documented, and secure REST API in minutes using DreamFactory? Sign up for our free 14 day hosted trial to learn how!

Service Discovery: Solving the Communication Challenge in Microservice Architectures

Whether you're breaking up a monolith or building a green-field application, you may consider using a microservice architecture. Like all app architectures, this model brings opportunities and challenges that a developer must be aware of in order to make the most of this app design. One such challenge is ensuring communication between your microservices.

Debugging Tips for Developers on IntelliJ IDEA

Developers are often discouraged by the amount of time spent debugging code. Time spent debugging is time away from developing interesting new features. So how can this pain point be alleviated? The first way to cut down on time spent debugging is to write better code. Code without any of those tricky, off-by-one errors and null object dereferences. Ideal code. But we all know it’s impossible to write perfect code on the first try. Besides, requirements change.

Announcing the Rollbar Terraform Provider For Managing Rollbar Automatically

It can be really exciting when your development team is growing fast! But then you soon realize that managing all the developer tools to constantly create new projects or add users is becoming a full-time job. Well, not anymore. At least, not for Rollbar. We’re releasing our HashiCorp Terraform Verified Provider for Rollbar today, built in partnership with HashiCorp.

Prepare Your Data - The Self-Service Data Roadmap, Session 2 of 4

In this webinar, Unravel CDO and VP Engineering Sandeep Uttamchandani describes the second step for any large, data-driven project: the Prep phase. Having found the data you need in the Discover phase, it's time to get your data ready. You must structure, clean, enrich, and validate static data, and ensure that "live," updated or streamed data events are continually ready for processing.

White label analytics: What it is, why it matters & 5 key benefits

Today’s best embedded BI platforms support the ability to freely customize and rebrand the user interface (UI) to seamlessly blend analytics with your own software and brand identity, rather than stick out like a third-party add-on. This capability is referred to as white-label analytics, and it's a feature that's still not quite clear for many businesses. Don’t quite know what white label analytics is yet, or how it even benefits you? Read on.

CDP Endpoint Gateway provides Secure Access to CDP Public Cloud Services running in private networks

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Public Cloud allows users to deploy analytic workloads into their cloud accounts. These workloads cover the entire data lifecycle and are managed from a central multi-cloud Cloudera Control Plane. CDP provides the flexibility to deploy these resources into public or private subnets. Nearly unanimously, we’ve seen customers deploy their workloads to private subnets.

Our Shared Responsibility Model

There’s a common misconception that as soon as a business signs up for a solution from a cloud service provider (CSP), that the CSP will automatically ensure all their dealings in that cloud environment are safe and secure. As dedicated as Cloud Service Providers are to cybersecurity, that’s simply not possible. Your cloud provider has no control over the customer data you share, the aptitude of your employees, or how you optimize your own on-premises security and firewalls.

Combat the Risks of an Aging Banking System

Recent headlines have highlighted some of the severe risks of older core banking systems, namely aging user interfaces and a lack of governance. The accounting foundation of an older core remains solid, but the ability to provide good governance, enforce business rules and present a user-friendly interface to the business person is often lacking.

Tips for Javascript Perfomance Testing

No user likes to spend time waiting for a web page to load. No web developer likes a website or app to fail either. It’s important to focus on creating quick loading pages with error-free code. JavaScript is used to build the majority of the dynamic, real-time applications. JavaScript’s strength is in the context of apps that update content dynamically with minimal latency. JavaScript performance testing should be a priority for ensuring a good end user experience and optimal performance.

Powering Algorithmic Trading via Correlation Analysis

Finding relationships between disparate events and patterns can reveal a common thread, an underlying cause of occurrences that, on a surface level, may appear unrelated and unexplainable. The process of discovering the relationships among data metrics is known as correlation analysis. For data scientists and those tasked with monitoring data, correlation analysis is incredibly valuable when used for root cause analysis and reducing time to remediation.

A Beginner's Guide To Test Automation With Javascript (Nightwatch.js). Part 2.

Welcome to the “A beginners guide to test automation with Javascript(Nightwatch.js)” blog series part 2! If you have missed out on the first part, you can read it here. In this article we will look into the following and as always – feel free to skip to any part you are the most interested in: Code used in this article can be found in Loadero’s public GitHub examples repository here.

Ep #6: Radar's CEO on Building an API-First Company

Nick Patrick, the CEO of API-first location platform company Radar cut his teeth in PM roles at Microsoft, Foursquare and Handy, before starting Radar in 2016. As cofounder and leader of Radar, Nick shares his experience on how to fuel growth, choose your partners, ship products faster & with confidence, and many more invaluable perspectives for professionals in the API platform ecosystem.

FRTB: Will 2023 Finally be the Year?

The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB), introduced by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), will transform how banks measure risk. FRTB is designed to address some fundamental weaknesses that did not get addressed in the post-2008 financial crisis regulatory reforms. In order to help make banks more resilient to drastic market changes, it will impose capital requirements that are more closely aligned with the market’s actual risk factors.

AppsFlyer gets creative with analyzing and delivering mobile app marketing metrics

AppsFlyer provides marketers of mobile apps with the metrics that drive their success. We measure and track every data point within their apps, including clicks, installs, and purchases — and then aggregate and present that data in attractive and easy-to-use dashboards. Our tools allow them to get exceptionally granular on analyzing the performance of their ad campaigns.

Analyzing Python package downloads in BigQuery

The Google Cloud Public Datasets program recently published the Python Package Index (PyPI) dataset into the marketplace. PyPI is the standard repository for Python packages. If you’ve written code in Python before, you’ve probably downloaded packages from PyPI using pip or pipenv. This dataset provides statistics for all package downloads, along with metadata for each distribution. You can learn more about the underlying data and table schemas here.

Why DataOps is Critical for Your Business

Data is often compared to oil – it powers today’s organizations, just like the fossil fuel powered companies of the past. Just like oil, the data that companies collect needs to be refined, structured, and easily analyzed in order for it to really provide value in the form of gaining actionable insights. Every organization today is in the process of harnessing the power of their data using advanced analytics, which is likely running on a modern data stack.

Creating Your First Custom Lua Plugin for Kong Gateway

This tutorial shows you how easy it is to build a custom Lua plugin for Kong Gateway. My Kong Lua plugin example will automatically add a custom header to any response sent out, indicating the current plugin version. Kong Gateway is built on OpenResty, which extends the NGINX proxy server to run Lua scripts. It sits as a proxy between a client’s requests and routes them to defined services.

Top Java Software Errors: 50 Common Java Errors and How to Avoid Them

Imagine, you are developing Java software and suddenly you encounter an error? Where could you have possibly gone wrong? There are many types of errors that you will encounter while developing Java software, but most are avoidable. Some errors are minor lapses when writing codes but that is very much mendable. If you have an error monitoring tool such as Stackify Retrace, you can write codes with ease.

How To Keep Developers Moving Fast From The First Line Of Code To Production (And Beyond)

Troubleshooting customer issues in production is a difficult job. These are the issues that impact the business the most, so consequently, stress levels are almost always at a high. And it’s never fun to be measured against an SLA, which feels like you’re stuck in a losing battle. And it’s especially hard in the world of microservices and Kubernetes, because it’s so difficult to recreate a reliable replica of production in your local development environment.

Ep #4: Mike Amundsen on Building, Maintaining & Growing APIs

Mike Amundsen is a prolific writer on all things APIs. His latest book is entitled Design and Build Great Web APIs: Robust, Reliable, and Resilient. When he’s not writing, Mike helps companies capitalize on opportunities in APIs, Microservices, and Digital Transformation. Mike shares his perspectives on why organizations think about APIs in three levels, how AWS’s Werner Vogel does deprecation, what the future holds for API automation tools.

Ep #7: AmEx/LoungeBuddy ex-VP Eng Jessica Lam Builds Resilient Products

Jesscia Lam was the Chief Architect and VP Engineering at LoungeBuddy, which was acquired by American Express. At LoungeBuddy she designed their APIs, many of which continue to be in use today. As a CTO, architect and engineering lead at multiple companies, Jessica shares her experience on how to build products to be more resilient, why error handling is so important and how to treat internal APIs vs. external APIs.

Visualize your model with the LookML Diagram Application

Getting started with LookML can feel overwhelming. Imagine you have a request to incorporate a new data source into your LookML model. How do you figure out which Explore you should join your new view onto? Or maybe you just downloaded a Block from the Marketplace. You want to make some customizations to the model, but where do you begin?

Qlik Launches Order-to-Cash Solution Accelerators for SAP: Modern Real-time Analytics to Optimize Your Working Capital

Today, more than ever, line-of-business users responsible for managing working capital need actionable insights in real-time. At the same time, IT/data teams want to accelerate projects, as well as modernize and integrate their data architectures and analytics, while managing risks and costs.

What is a Reusable API?

You don’t always need to generate a new API when you want to connect applications and other digital assets to your network. Instead, reusable APIs let you connect multiple applications and systems. As a result, you save time, improve functionality, and make information easier to track. During your application development process, you might think that you need to add innumerable APIs so your assets can communicate with each other.

The Easiest Way to Monitor Ruby: Automatic Instrumentation

Setting up a proper monitoring overview over your application’s performance is a complex task. Normally, you’d first need to figure out what you need to monitor, then instrument your code, and finally make sense of all the data that has been emitted. However, with a few things set in place, and an APM that natively supports Ruby, it’s easier than ever to take this step. In this post, we’ll show you how you can do it too.

The Rise of DataOps: Governance and Agility with TrueDataOps

The velocity of change is accelerating. The rate of change businesses are experiencing is just astounding. As many organizations have experienced during the pandemic, especially in their supply chain, the need for the data environment to be able to deliver faster is now mission-critical for all! We need better data—but at a rate that’s much faster than before. Businesses need their data teams to become more responsive to changing data demands. That means they need agility.

9 reasons why Microservices Architecture is the superior development approach

Unless you've been living on Mars for the past few years, I'm sure you’ve heard the buzzword “microservices”, also known as microservices architecture. A distinctive development approach, this natural evolution in software engineering came about due to the ever-increasing complexities of enterprise applications. Traditional applications are usually monolithic in design, which makes them bulky and very difficult to adapt to the changing needs of the business.

Xplenty's X-Console: A How-To Guide

One of Xplenty's most rewarding features is its ability to enact low-code and no-code digital transformation. Even with no experience in ETL or data integration, non-technical users can take advantage of Xplenty’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build robust, complex data pipelines to a data warehouse or data lake in the cloud.

Authorizing Microservice APIs With OPA and Kuma

Many companies are leveraging DevOps, microservices, automation, self-service, cloud and CI/CD pipelines. These megatrends are changing how companies are building and running software. One thing that often slips through the cracks is security. With microservices, there’s an increase in the number of APIs companies have to protect. YouTube An error occurred. Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.

New to APIs? Here's How To Start

As technology invades nearly every facet of our lives, businesses need to keep up. Digital transformation is a new normal for today’s business strategy, but you’ll need a solid foundation to work with. The solution to that is a solid application programming interface – or API for short. Did you know you can create an API in minutes without writing a line of code? Let DreamFactory show you how. Our 14-day free trial comes with a guided tour. Sign up today!

Tutorial to Set Up Usage-Based API Billing with Moesif and Chargebee

Modern API businesses are migrating towards usage-based billing models which enables automatic expansion revenue while removing barriers to adopting a new API. With Moesif you can integrate with subscription management solutions like Recurly and Chargebee to quickly add advanced usage-based billing in a few minutes. In this guide, we’ll walk through integrating Moesif with Chargbee and some recommendations for usage-based billing.

What is a Docker Container?

The rapid pace of updates and upgrades to operating systems, software frameworks, libraries, programming language versions – a boon to the future of fast-paced software development, has also come to slightly bite us in the back because of having to manage these very many dependencies with their different versions across different environments.

A Fast Way to Debug Remote Applications

Today's applications are more distributed, and today's world is more remote, than ever. But developers just don't have the same freedom and comfort that they’ve become accustomed to when developing in remote environments. One of the biggest challenges of remote environments is having the ability to debug applications.

Infographic: The State of Software Code

We surveyed nearly 1,000 developers across the U.S. to uncover key development trends and insights. Today’s businesses are software businesses. If there was any positive in 2020, it’s the power software has to allow us to continue in some “normal” sense. Learn how this survey uncovers how too many companies and their development teams still have a major blind spot when it comes to errors in their code.

Creating your managed Kafka shortlist

You’ve been handed the not-so-easy task of scoping a managed Kafka for your team. How do you start the shortlist? Post something on Reddit? Skim read a gazillion review blogs? Crash Google Chrome opening a thousand tabs to compare feature lists? If you’re going to run a Kafka POC with two or three vendors, or you’re trying to find the best Kafka for your business, how can you narrow down your selection? Let’s get to it.

The Easy Ways to Migrate Jira to an on-Prem Solution

By now you've heard that Atlassian is deprecating its server products. For Jira users who cannot or do not want to move to the Cloud, this is troubling news. Data Center is an option, but it's quite an expensive alternative if you do not need its minimum 500 users. Then again, it's quite disruptive to migrate to a new tool, isn't it? No one wants to interrupt their workflow by changing tools — especially one that is so central to daily operations. But it does not have to be so scary.

DevSecOps Checklist for Reliable, Automated Software Security

The purpose of a DevSecOps checklist is not to list every single action and practice you should take to ensure that DevSecOps pipeline is effective. Rather, the purpose is to help you establish the right sort of DevSecOps mindset. DevSecOps is more than a collection of best practices, it’s a shared mindset that security is the responsibility of everyone on your team.

Building a Data Value Chain

Join, Looker & Fivetran for this insightful Webinar. Why do we place so much value on data-driven decision-making? At we believe it leads to efficient and predictable growth, by helping us make sense of the complexities of our business. To enable data-driven decision-making, we have developed a data value chain—a stepwise approach to align the operational day-to- day to the work of analysts. Key to this framework is the technology that allows us to stay agile and respond to the rapidly changing business environment.

Analytics best practice: 5 key dashboard design principles

Simply put, a lot of effort is going into creating dashboards that the intended audience don’t even look at. The main purpose of a dashboard is to communicate business data in a visual form that highlights to the reader what is important, arranges it for clarity and leads them through a sequence that tells the story best so they can make better data-led decisions. Design and an understanding of how humans make decisions exist to assist this purpose.

Migrating to Atlassian Cloud with Zephyr Test Management

As you may or may not know, Atlassian is accelerating their journey to Cloud. This has some important implications to anyone who uses Atlassian Server based products, including apps. Read on to learn how we support customers of Zephyr for Jira and Zephyr Scale as they transition to Cloud. As of February 2, 2021, Atlassian customers can no longer purchase or request a quote for new Server licenses. Existing customers can continue purchase Server apps on Marketplace until February 2, 2023.

Multi-layer API security with Apigee and Google Cloud Armor

Information security has become headline news on a daily basis. You have probably heard of security risks ranging from malicious bots used in schemes both big and small, to all-out "software supply chain attacks" that involve large-name enterprises and their customers, and that ultimately affect numerous governments, organizations, and people.

Launching API Programs in Non API-First Companies

Ep. 11: Jeannie Hawrysz, leader of API Programs at SAS Joining us is Jeannie Hawrysz, the Lead API Architect at SAS, a 22,000 person business analytics company. Before that she was an 18-year veteran at IBM and was the Technical Development Manager for IBM’s API Connect Micro Gateway. In our podcast she shares how to successfully launch API programs in non API-first companies.

Introduction to Synchronous and Asynchronous Processing

Synchronous and asynchronous, also known as sync and async, are two types of programming models. At an abstract level, programming models define how software is designed and executed. The basic programming models are synchronous, but asynchronous models are critical for performance reasons and to more efficiently use computing resources. Programming languages usually have built-in primitives to deal with asynchronous programming.

Python Optimization: 3 Easy Steps

Python is one of the best programming resources available for designing machine learning systems. With a variety of technical abilities and potentially time-saving loops and processes, it can be an invaluable tool. However, it’s these capabilities that also make Python difficult to use. In many cases, Python may seem sluggish as it tries to navigate intricate, complicated strings of code.

ClouderaNow 21 - Automate Data Enrichment Pipelines

See this demo of Cloudera Data Engineering which builds upon Apache Spark and allows us to load, transform, and enrich our datasets and has built-in workload orchestration to automate these pipelines at scale. The demo will also illustrate how easy it is to go from streaming to enrichment and data pipeline automation all in an end-to-end data platform.

Why to choose Testsigma as your cross browser compatibility testing tool?

Needless to say, there has been significant growth in the usage of web-sites to gain information in the past few years. Consequently, there has also been an increase in the range of channels or media through which these websites are accessed. When we speak about the medium, we talk about the variety of devices (desktop and handheld), the different types of browsers that the users use to access these websites, etc.

8 signs you need to implement mobile test automation

A mobile application is more than just an application for businesses today. Some businesses, such as Uber that rely heavily on their mobile application for business, earned over 1 billion USD in the fourth quarter of 2020. On the other hand, some companies like Facebook, are seeing their mobile app usage grow as much as 67% year on year. With a widening gap between mobile browsers and mobile applications, users are spending 90% of their overall mobile internet time on mobile applications.

RPA Vs Test Automation

Robotic Process Automation and Test Automation are two confusing terms in testing processes. Similar to TDD and BDD processes, RPA and test automation seem like a single branch of the test segment which is common to be exchanged in communication during planning. The word “automation” seems to be a culprit in this case. When both the terms end with automation and someone knows any one of them, it is not hard to presume another one based on primitive knowledge.

Appian 21.1: New features make building apps and workflows easier and faster than ever

Appian is the leader in enterprise low-code automation. We didn’t get there by being complacent, but rather from continuous, industry-leading innovations. With each release, we reinforce our commitment to helping you build apps and workflows rapidly on our low-code automation platform to help you maximize your resources and improve business results.

The death of the dashboard: What it really means for analytics

Let’s get this out of the way: To understand the much discussed ’death of the dashboard' proclamation, the phrase needs to be viewed under a different lens beyond the literal. Firstly, it's not a new concept at all: Yellowfin have been saying it for years. The problem is in the current confusing interpretation around what it means for business intelligence. In short, dashboards aren’t actually dying, nor is their usefulness for certain users spent.

Top Three Requirements for Data Flows

Data flows are an integral part of every modern enterprise. No matter whether they move data from one operational system to another to power a business process or fuel central data warehouses with the latest data for near-real-time reporting, life without them would be full of manual, tedious and error-prone data modification and copying tasks.

The Dashboard Is Dead, Long Live the Dashboard

There is a lot of talk these days about the dashboard being a thing of the past. After all, simply displaying KPIs and visualizations in a dashboard is something everyone can do, right? If monitoring KPIs is all you need to do, then we would agree: The dashboard is largely dead. We can deliver those singular data points to you anywhere, monitoring what you’re interested in, alerting you to changes and triggering action.

How a data analyst came to understand what Keboola has to offer to ease his frustrations

In their quest to find out if Keboola could be of wider benefit to a company that has so far been using the platform only as their ETL solution, Michal Hruska, a senior data consultant at Keboola, and Pavel Dolezal, Keboola’s CEO, met with Tim, the company’s data analyst. They sat down to talk about the beaten tracks of working with data and its challenges and the ways Keboola can help solve them.

Developing Data Literacy and Standardized Business Metrics at Tailored Brands

In this episode of CDO Battlescars, Sandeep Uttamchandani, Unravel Data’s CDO, speaks with Meenal Iyer, Sr. Director of Enterprise Analytics and Data at Tailored Brands. They discuss battlescars in two areas, data and metrics: Growing Data Literacy and Developing a Data-Driven Culture and Standardization of Business Metrics.

5 B2B web app trends and what they mean for software developers

Not many areas feature as much innovation as the area of app development. Recently we explored various mobile app trends from social media to virtual experiences. App development has become more innovative over time—and we have effective technologies and platforms helping us develop, test, and release successful applications. Most companies think of creating a B2B native app without considering other options available – namely, the web app.

Iguazio Receives an Honorable Mention in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms

We’re proud to share that Iguazio has received an honorable mention in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms, 2021. This is the second year in a row that Iguazio receives this recognition. The 2021 report assesses 20 vendors of platforms enabling data scientists and engineers to develop, deploy and manage AI/ML in the enterprise, across a wide array of criteria relating to their capabilities, performance and completeness of vision.

The CI/CD War of 2021: A Look at the Most Popular Technologies

In modern software development practices, it’s imperative to understand continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery/deployment (CD). The goal of a CI/CD pipeline is to allow developers to apply new software changes to a production environment quickly and safely in order to generate business value. Understanding the difference between continuous integration, delivery, and deployment is important for both engineers and business leaders.

Developer Tooling for Kubernetes in 2021 - Development Machines (Part 5)

Over the last year, we have witnessed a shift in engineering working habits. COVID-19 forced many of us into lockdown. Instead of working from the office, coffee shops, and airport lounges, I found myself mostly working out of my (hastily built) home office. For many of us, this meant shifting back to a workstation over a trusty laptop. Not surprisingly, this did nothing to abate the heated discussion over which computers and operating systems are best for developing software.

Announcing Worker Threads Monitoring for Node.js in N|Solid

NodeSource is very excited to announce the addition of Worker Threads support in N|Solid, it’s an amazing new feature for our customers on their journey with Node.js. Worker Threads are a very powerful feature in Node.js that allows developers to build more complex and robust applications.

10 AWS Data Lake Best Practices

A data lake is the perfect solution for storing and accessing your data, and enabling data analytics at scale - but do you know how to make the most of your AWS data lake? In this week’s blog post, we’re offering 10 data lake best practices that can help you optimize your AWS data lake set-up and workflows, decrease time-to-insights, reduce costs, and get the most value from your AWS data lake deployment.

The Snowflake Data Cloud for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Learn how the Snowflake Data Cloud helps Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations deliver improved care, products, services, and therapies. Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations are under increasing pressure to leverage data to deliver improved care, services, and therapies. The Snowflake Data Cloud can help these organizations centralize, unite and securely share sensitive health and life sciences data to help deliver comprehensive, equitable, and individualized care and services.

What's New in k6 v0.31?: Output extensions and expected HTTP status codes

The v0.31 release brings several improvements, including the ability to create your own output extensions, set expected HTTP status codes globally or per request, and significant performance modifications. In this video, we also call out some breaking changes we intend to make in the future.

Appian Workforce Safety

Appian Workforce Safety is designed help your organization deliver a safe onsite work experience in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. See how this solution provides contact tracing, vaccination tracking, capacity management, health status reporting, and return-to-workplace certification. Plus, built on Appian's low-code automation platform, and available in our HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified cloud, you can trust your organization's information is secure.

Considering Hybrid Cloud? Four Top Questions, Answered.

2021 is set to be the year of hybrid cloud. In fact, Forbes has even listed it as one of the top 10 digital transformation trends of the year, declaring it the “winning enterprise architecture.” A multiple cloud approach does provide greater choice and greater flexibility – two major benefits at a time when agility and adaptability have never been more important. But this approach comes with greater operational complexity.

A view from inside: How Keboola benefits from using Keboola Connection - The show must go on!

It’s been almost a year since I wrote about using Keboola Connection in Keboola. A lot of things have happened since then: my Bloodborne board game finally arrived, I'm a double uncle… oh, and I got engaged. I also celebrated another anniversary this month - seven years of working at Keboola! And I believe that we’ve made some great progress yet again. Last time, I gave somewhat of an intro to our internal reporting.

Introducing Learning, Unsupervised: Explore ML with the Sisu team

Today I’m thrilled to introduce Learning, Unsupervised, an inside look at the latest ML research we’re reading at Sisu. Since we first started in 2018, members of the Sisu team from across the organization have been meeting every other week to discuss papers and technical readings on the latest in ML to help inform our work. We want to share what we’re learning, what we’re discussing, and how it informs what we’re building with excerpts and takeaways from each session.

Amazon RDS: The Best Relational Database Service?

Companies these days are handling more data than ever: an average of 163 terabytes (163,000 gigabytes), according to a survey by IDG. Efficiently storing, processing and analyzing this data is essential in order to glean valuable insights and make informed business decisions. Yet the question remains: What is the best way to store enterprise data? For many use cases, the most appealing choice is a relational database.

Multi-Cloud Data Analytics: What, Why, and How

What is multi-cloud data analytics and why are so many companies getting on board? Cloud computing itself is now a well-established best practice, but a multi-cloud strategy is nearly as common these days. While 94 percent of organizations are now using cloud computing, 84 percent are using a multi-cloud data strategy. Multi-cloud is an especially fruitful data strategy for companies pursuing data analytics.

Xplenty: The AWS Solution Architect's Secret Weapon

AWS Solution Architects are in red-hot demand, and the AWS Certification is the highest-paying certification in the United States. As such, you wear many hats as a Solution Architect for Amazon Web Services. You're a problem-solver, a creative genius, a multitasker, and a big-picture thinker. And you design AWS implementations better than anyone else you know. But there are some things about being an AWS Solution Architect that aren't so rosy. Amazon's ever-changing recommendations.

Introducing DreamFactory's MQTT Service

MQTT is a communication protocol for the publish-subscribe architecture. You can use DreamFactory as a MQTT client for your IoT projects. It’s easy to connect to any MQTT-based message broker using DreamFactory and easily publish and subscribe to any topic. DreamFactory’s MQTT client service is native to the platform, supporting role-based access controls, live API documentation, and more.

Powerful Caching with Redis for Node.js Applications

Regardless of the tech stack used, many developers have already used Redis or, at least, heard of it. Redis is specifically known for providing distributed caching mechanisms for cluster-based applications. While this is true, it’s not its only purpose. Redis is a powerful and versatile in-memory database. Powerful because it is incredibly super fast. Versatile because it can handle caching, database-like features, session management, real-time analytics, event streaming, etc.

Non-Breaking Breakpoints: The Evolution Of Debugging

Since the beginning of time, back to before humans invented fire, there were two traditional ways to debug applications: one way -after having invented hieroglyphics, of course - was by reading log lines and the other was by using the common debuggers that surrounded a cave dev’s cave. It’s safe to say that society has progressed since then and, luckily, so too has traditional debugging.

Building Custom Servlets for C++ Microservices in Docker

In a previous post, C++ Microservices in Docker, we worked through the steps for creating a docker container that exposes a HydraExpress servlet container. We successfully deployed our HydraExpress server instance in Docker, however all that was available were the default example servlets. User application code wasn’t exposed. Let’s fix that and look at deploying custom C++ Servlet instances within the HydraExpress Docker container.

Data governance beyond SDX: Adding third party assets to Apache Atlas

Governance and the sustainable handling of data is a critical success factor in virtually all organizations. While Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) already supports the entire data lifecycle from ‘Edge to AI’, we at Cloudera are fully aware that enterprises have more systems outside of CDP. It is crucial to avoid that CDP becomes the next silo in your IT landscape.

7 ways to improve your eCommerce customer data collection.

In the last year, businesses have lost $756 billion because of poor eCommerce personalization. Customers have become accustomed to a tailored digital service. Unless you start gathering data about your customers and improving their online shopping experience, customers will walk their wallets to your competitor, who will offer them a better service. We will look at 7 use cases of how to better collect customer data in your eCommerce and put it to good use. Don’t worry.

How we designed and built Sisu's new product experience

We recently launched a project that’s been months in the making—a completely redesigned Sisu experience. Our vision for Sisu is to be a decision-making hub for our users—whether they’re technical analysts, growth marketers, or product managers. To accomplish this, we needed to reimagine the end-to-end product experience to be simple and intuitive. Read on for an in-depth view of how we built this new experience and some key takeaways.

How to Offload ETL from Redshift to Xplenty

Amazon Redshift is great for real-time querying, but it's not so great for handling your ETL pipeline. Fortunately, Xplenty has a highly workable solution. Xplenty can be used to offload ETL from Redshift, saving resources and allowing each platform to do what it does best: Xplenty for batch processing and Redshift for real-time querying. Redshift is Amazon’s data warehouse-as-a-service, a scalable columnar DB based on PostgreSQL.

5 Customer Data Integration Best Practices

For the last few years, you have heard the terms "data integration" and "data management" dozens of times. Your business may already invest in these practices, but are you benefitting from this data gathering? Too often, companies hire specialists, collect data from many sources and analyze it for no clear purpose. And without a clear purpose, all your efforts are in vain. You can take in more customer information than all your competitors and still fail to make practical use of it.

Kong Mesh 1.2 Is Here With Embedded OPA Support, FIPS 140-2 Compliance and Multi-Zone Authentication

We are truly excited to release Kong Mesh 1.2 today and introduce three new security capabilities that make it the most secure enterprise service mesh available today. Kong Mesh is built on open source Kuma which Kong created in 2019 and has since donated it to the CNCF. Kuma is a universal control plane for service mesh that is based on Envoy.

4 Excellent API Tools That Will Improve Your Integrations

Developers need excellent API tools that help them improve the quality of integrations and at the same time, reduce the time required to develop these integrations. Ideally, API tools should reduce the risk of integration and performance issues when developing new applications and should provide an effective means of accessing data that is often locked up in a variety of organisational databases.

Introduction to Unified Data: What Is It and Why Is It Important

Today’s businesses rely on data to operate. Everything from collecting customer data to recording data points from business processes contributes to reaching goals. Big data doesn’t mean much, though, when you keep it separated in silos. When you unify data, you create more data analytics opportunities that lead to valuable insights. Before you spend a lot of money on a robust ETL (extract, transform, load) solution that you don’t need, consider the benefits of API-led data unity.

PostgREST for PostgreSQL; Pros and Cons

PostgREST is a web server that can turn your PostgreSQL database into a REST API. This removes the need to manually create your CRUD endpoints and decreases the complexity of your backend systems. While PostgresREST does the API generation well, it may lack other features for more complex projects. Many users still need to have the ability to customize the API, send emails, and add any additional custom business logic.

Comparing Top Container Software Options for 2021

Each day, more and more companies consider opting for cloud-based solutions, and they almost always end up adopting them to some extent. While the increasing popularity of cloud services may be a significant factor in accelerating the adoption rate of cloud-based solutions, some individuals remain skeptical of migrating their applications to the cloud due to unfamiliar territory.

8 Emerging Web Development Trends in 2021 and Beyond

What’s trending in web design and development? Like humans, technology also continues to evolve as we find new innovations, doing things faster and make them work flair than they did before. This increasing attention to responsive web design is partly because of the increased usability and the performance it brings to the users. Each year, developers are always discovering new technologies that can keep them in the competition.

Now Generally Available, Snowflake's Search Optimization Service Accelerates Queries Dramatically

Snowflake customers want to discover insights from their data faster than ever, which is challenging because data volumes are growing at a breakneck pace. Effective searches are critical to customer satisfaction. Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of search optimization, which significantly improves the performance of selective queries on large tables.

Reports empower customer success, packaged in Wix's signature, easy-to-use platform

At Wix, we help our customers create, manage, and grow their business online with a website builder our customers can use to make stunning websites — all without coding. Our 200 million users span 190 countries and 31 languages, and range from novices to experts. From bloggers, musicians, and law firms to medical businesses, event planners, and store owners, our customers are exceptionally diverse and constantly growing.

4 Steps to Authorizing Services With the Kong Gateway OAuth2 Plugin

In this tutorial, I’m going to walk through adding OAuth2 authorization and authentication to your service with the Kong Gateway OAuth2 plugin. First, I’ll cover the fundamentals. If you’re already familiar with how Kong Gateway and OAuth2 work, skip ahead to the tutorial. Interconnected. Shared. That’s the norm for today’s applications, networks and data.

Logging in Ruby with Logger and Lograge

Logging is tricky. You want logs to include enough detail to be useful, but not so much that you're drowning in noise - or violating regulations like GDPR. In this article, Diogo Souza introduces us to Ruby's logging system and the LogRage gem. He shows us how to create custom logs, output the logs in formats like JSON, and reduce the verbosity of default Rails logs.

How to Use Bugfender with a Vue.JS Application

It is an exciting era for web developers with so many open-source frameworks and libraries around to help them. Of all the frameworks that have emerged in recent years, Vue.js stands out for its simplicity, adaptability and rapid load times. In this article, we will learn how to get started with Vue.js. We will also go through the steps to integrate and use Bugfender with a Vue.js application. We will build a simple TODO application, which will enable us to add, fetch, edit, and delete TODO items.

Inspiring Women in AI and Data Science

The gender gap in technology is real. As per the World Economic Forum, women represent just 22% of AI professionals worldwide. It is vital to address the gender diversity problem in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) fields. The only way to bridge the gender gap and eliminate gender bias in AI is to encourage more women to pursue tech subjects. Women role models play a vital role in breaking gender stereotypes and inspiring young girls to take up STEM subjects.

What Is Perforce?

Many development teams today know that the Perforce name has roots with version control. But the company does so much more. Today, Perforce helps enterprises succeed by delivering world-class solutions and support they need to accelerate digital transformation, innovate at scale, and achieve DevOps success. In this blog, we cover how the company has evolved. Read along or jump to the section that interests you most.

The Route to Automated Remediation

An abundance of information can be daunting for any company. If internal teams do not know where the data is, it might hamper their efficiency at the cost of data quality and cleanliness. From a cost-effectiveness viewpoint, organizations are likely to waste excessively by hanging on to redundant data or storing varied data in one location irrespective of their sensitivity level.

The Road to Zero Touch Goes Through Machine Learning

The telecom industry is in the midst of a massive shift to new service offerings enabled by 5G and edge computing technologies. With this digital transformation, networks and network services are becoming increasingly complex: RAN, Core and Transport are only a few of the network’s many layers and integrated components. Today’s telecom engineers are expected to handle, manage, optimize, monitor and troubleshoot multi-technology and multi-vendor networks.

5 Best Software Management Tools for 2021

Seeing someone manage big projects makes it seem like an easy job. How long would it take to send emails to employees? It probably takes a minute to check your inbox or call a member of your team to give them an assignment. Actual project managers will tell you that this cannot be further from the truth. Sure, all those small tasks take a small amount of time but group them all and you get a shocking amount of time.

This is Appian for Energy & Utilities

Realize your digital potential, from upstream production and refining to utilities and energy services. The Appian low-code platform helps you deliver powerful applications that streamline integrated operations, improve asset performance, and innovate customer management. Watch this video to see how Alabama Power, GRDF, Ocean Winds, EDP Renewables, and other leading Oil & Gas and Energy & Utilities customers are realizing business value from Appian worldwide.

How to Use Kong Gateway OAuth2 Plugin

Learn how to add OAuth 2.0 authorization and authentication to your service by integrating Kong Gateway and its OAuth 2.0 plugin. What Does the Kong Gateway OAuth2 Plugin Do? As Kong Gateway sits in front of a resource server, the OAuth 2.0 plugin adds authorization server functionality to that resource server — handling authorization requests, inspecting and refreshing tokens, and permitting or forbidding access to resources.

Creating Read Only APIs with DreamFactory

As a best practice, you should take care to provide clients with the minimal API access privileges required to successfully complete their tasks. DreamFactory's role based access control manager ensures administrators never leave your data sources unnecessarily vulnerable, offering a point-and-click interface for quickly defining and reviewing privileges. In this video we'll walk through the configuration of a role-based access control, demonstrating how a client's API access privileges can be easily updated so as to allow only read access to a select set of API endpoints.

Correlation Analysis Explained

When you detect that something is off in your business, how long does it take you to find the root cause? The longer it takes, the more it can cost you. Correlation analysis identifies relationships between KPIs, which business teams use to accelerate root cause analysis (RCA) and mean time to remediation (MTTR). Doing it manually however can be tedious and limit your visibility.

What Is NullReferenceException? Object reference not set to an instance of an object

“Object Reference Not Set to an instance of an object.” Cast the first stone those who never struggled with this error message when they were a beginner C#/.NET programmer. This infamous and dreaded error message happens when you get a NullReferenceException. This exception is thrown when you try to access a member—for instance, a method or a property—on a variable that currently holds a null reference. But what is a null reference?

Architecting Apache Kafka for GDPR compliance

Once upon a time (2017), in an office far far away, you may have been cornered in a conversation with someone from Legal about GDPR. It could have gone something like this: “You there, Data Engineer” “Yep, that’s me” “What PII do we have residing in this Apache Kafka database?” You probably mumbled something about Kafka not being a database. “And who can read/ write the data?