HR Continues to Take Center Stage With HR Data and Analytics in Forward-thinking Companies

The 2021 holiday season is over, and, with a bump we’ve landed in 2022, with something of a repetitive tune playing. The COVID pandemic continues; we are a full two years post the first cases being reported; and the statistics are no less shocking today than they were at the outset.

A Better Approach to Controlling Modern Data Cloud Costs

As anyone running modern data applications in the cloud knows, costs can mushroom out of control very quickly and easily. Getting these costs under control is really all about not spending more than you have to. Unfortunately, the common approach to managing these expenses—which looks at things only at an aggregated infrastructure level—helps control only about 5% of your cloud spend.

Unlocking Data Literacy Part 3: Choosing Data Analytics Technology

Ringing in the new year with new goals for data literacy? The right data management strategy can help democratize access to analytics across your entire team, without the need for a data scientist or data engineer to act as an intermediary or bottleneck. As you examine your people’s data skills and related data literacy training processes, it might be time to consider a new approach to data analytics technology that facilitates data democratization in 2022. That’s right, your platform.

Unify Data Sources for Improved Data Management and Deeper Insights

As digital ecosystems become more complicated, some organizations assume that they need expensive ETL (extract, load, transform) platforms to unify data sources. While an ETL platform can offer robust features, you probably don’t need an entire system dedicated to unifying data from diverse CRMs. The right API solution can simplify your approach to real-time data unity. Plus, you don’t have to spend extra money on a high-cost platform.

Keep Your Data Moving With Qlik & Confluent

I have written many a post about the importance of keeping your data moving. As Mathew Wilder sang in “Break My Stride,” it’s “got to keep on moving” to enable you to act within the business moment. Real-time data analytic pipelines are the solid foundation to achieving the state of Active Intelligence, and you can only start that when you work on the freshest data available to you.